News Roundup - The Big 12 Tiebreaker 5/8
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Posted May 8, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* There's virtually nothing that Lane Kiffin could do at Tennessee that would raise eyebrows these days, except maybe this: he signed a Knoxville-area football player who was involved in the rape and kidnapping of a 14-year-old female relative six years ago. By many accounts the player has paid his debt to society and has made every effort to turn his life around... details I'm sure most opposing SEC fans will take into account in a mild-mannered and dignified way.

* Alabama kicker Leigh Tiffin was reportedly assaulted in downtown Tuscaloosa, and suffered injuries to his right hand, right leg and toes on both feet. This is unfortunate on many levels: first, that he was assaulted at all, and second, that the highest-scoring member of an SEC-West winning team was assaulted in his own college town.

* Tiffin's coach Nick Saban followed in Phillip Fulmer's footsteps and has appeared in his own scene in the upcoming film "The Blind Side." Considering that Saban was the LSU coach at the time, fans are giddy at the prospect of seeing the Nic-tator in the old purple and gold again.

* Big 12 coaches have rejected a proposal to change their now-infamous tiebreaker (don't remember? Just ask Texas, they'll tell you all about it). Responding to a national outcry for change by doing absolutely nothing? That sounds familiar... are these guys running the BCS, too?

* Former Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller is suing Electronic Arts and the NCAA for the "blatant and unlawful use" of student-athlete likenesses in video games. Keller reportedly knew the Nebraska QB in the game was him because the character shared his number, height, weight, hometown and tendency to force ill-advised passes into double coverage.

* Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen has lost 80 pounds since October. Maybe now we'll have to start calling him the Mini-Fridge. Or the Dorm Room Fridge. Or The Cooler.

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