News Roundup - The ACC Bowls 5/12
Posted May 12, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* The ACC has made some changes to its bowl lineup. The EagleBank Bowl, which had the ninth pick of ACC teams last season, has moved up to the eighth slot, while the GMAC Bowl joins the team in the new ninth hole. Come up with your excuse now why you can't go to your wife's office holiday parties to stay home and watch these.

* The retirement of Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen and the hiring of Larry Scott, one of the stronger anti-playoff voices, has given hope that the BCS's powerful, profit-driven grip on college football will be loosened. The sky's the limit, really... maybe Scott can also beef up the conference's bowl alliances and get them into more prestigious games like the EagleBank Bowl.

* Andre Kates, a cornerback from Erie (NY) Community College, is heading to Bloomington to ply his trade for Indiana despite interest from several Sunshine State powers. "I'm trying to bring some swagger to IU. People say, 'It's a basketball school. Why'd you pick Indiana over Miami and Florida State?' I don't want to go to a program that's already built. I want to build something." He is already helping to build something: Indiana's reputation as a giant-slayer on the recruiting trail.

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