News Roundup - The New Tenn. QB? 5/15
Former Miami QB Robert Marve
Former Miami QB Robert Marve
Posted May 15, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* Here's a fun betting proposition: which will happen first: a college football playoff or an end to the Reggie Bush saga? LenDale White, Bush's former backfield mate, has spoken out on the hypocrisy of the whole situation, saying he believes college athletes should be paid: ""I mean they sold my jersey, the #21 jersey at USC and god only knows how much they made off that jersey. God knows how much revenue they made off the Reggie Bush #5 jersey. Now if you go back and you look at every USC game from here on out and you look in that crowd, you see what number jerseys those people have on in that crowd. You can't wear #5 anymore because it's retired." You may find it hard to believe that a guy who once "threw" himself off a building for a Pete Carroll prank, is now the voice of reason, but there you go.

* The world waits breathlessly for Robert Marve to announce where he's going to throw passes next, and now you can put - surprise, surprise - Lane Kiffin's team on the short list. Marve is considering walking on at Tennessee instead of accepting a scholarship to Purdue. Paying to play at Tennessee instead of playing at Purdue for free? Great - finally those soft-spoken, downtrodden SEC fans will have something to trash-talk their Big 10 rivals about.

* Charlie Weis has joined the ranks of, well, pretty much every coach in America: he's now a Twitterer. So the next time there's a Tweet from someone named DecidedSchematicAdvantage, now you'll know who it is.

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