News Roundup - Spurrier, Urban, & ND 5/18
South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier
South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier
Posted May 18, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* This will shock and amaze you, but Steve Spurrier is tweaking a fellow SEC head coach. This time, though, it's the guy who took his dream job: Urban Meyer. Spurrier spoke to radio host Paul Finebaum about the persistent rumors that Meyer will eventually bolt Gainesville for the laid-back subtropical vibe of South Bend, Indiana: “They still got that rumor going down there, Paul, that if he has one more big year, he might be the Notre Dame coach... It’d be surprising if he left, but who knows? He’s accomplished so much. I left after 12 years because I just said 'Hey, I’ve done enough. Try something else.' He may get to the point where he needs to try something else. Who knows?” This will no doubt ruffle the feathers of Urb, who is already a legend but is also the most thin-skinned legend in college football history. We can't wait until he strikes back and says the Old Ball Coach is not a true Gator.

* Speaking of thin-skinned, L.A. sports fans aren't known for being the most diehard group. Want proof? USC averaged 57,000 fans per game the year before Pete Carroll arrived. Today, they're averaging over 90,000. Actually, it's not certain which fact is more shocking: that roughly 33,000 fans in the Coliseum each week are bandwagon-jumpers, or that in a city with as many entertainment options as L.A. boasts, 57,000 people used to show up to watch Paul Hackett work.

* Joltin' Joe is at it again. The legendary Joe Paterno spoke at a banquet last week and said, "It makes sense that we have a playoff. I don't know what the problems are, but I don't like to hear the phony reasons why they don't have it. 'The kids are going to spend too much time away from class.' Aw, come on. Look what they do with the basketball [NCAA Tournament]. All the other divisions in NCAA football have playoffs. I really think a playoff is fairer." For those who have called for Joe Pa to retire, we ask you: how is it that, on this topic at least, he's eminently more sensible than some guys half his age?

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