News Roundup - Weis Never Lost At ND 5/21
Posted May 21, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* Tennessee is preparing to self-report a secondary NCAA violation: a post was made to Lane Kiffin's Twitter account saying, "It's a beautiful day in Knoxville, Tennessee today. I was so excited to hear that J.C. Copeland committed to play for the Vols today!" The post violates the rule that university employees cannot comment on prospects by name. It also probably violates some kind of rule that says that college football coaches shouldn't make public statements that read like 12-year-old girls' diary entries. This is just the latest step in the evolution of sports and technology: coming up next, schools will just report their NCAA violations via Twitter, too.

* Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany says of President Barack Obama's push for a playoff, "It's very hard to be disagreeable with a popular president. He's a scholar and a lawyer and a great politician, but I don't think he understands the complexity of the issue." Let's put aside Delany's whopping assumption that the president doesn't understand the complexity of "Power conferences + Greed = BCS", and focus on the first part of his statement: "It's very hard to be disagreeable with a popular president." Perhaps, Jim, but it's very easy to be disagreeable with the commissioner (of a BCS conference that has seen better days) who is sticking up for a tired, faulty, bankrupt system that the vast majority of fans and head coaches despise. To be fair, Delany did parrot most of the usual BCS talking points, but we ran out of ink to publish them.

* Notre Dame has omitted all of Charlie Weis's losing seasons from its media guide, including those during which he was an assistant. When it comes to his own campus's printing press, Charlie Weis has a decided schematic advantage over the truth.

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