News Roundup - Why OU Lost The BCS Title 5/27
Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray
Oklahoma RB DeMarco Murray
Posted May 27, 2009

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By Phil Guidry 

* Texas Rep. Joe Barton is still on the BCS warpath. He says he plans to investigate testimony from Alamo Bowl executive director Derrick Fox at this month's subcommittee hearing. What did Fox do that caused Barton's Spidey sense to tingle? Claiming under oath that "almost all the postseason bowl games are put on by charitable groups." Yes, that might sound erroneous and if so might constitute perjury, but let's not get crazy just yet. There is such a thing as due process in this country. You can't just arbitrarily come to a knee-jerk conclusion without investigating all the facts and using common sense. After all, our justice system isn't the BCS.

* Skip Holtz says he wants to stay at East Carolina. But then he adds, "I want to compete at the highest level. I want to compete for a national championship. Can you do that here?" If Joe Barton has his way, one day you might.

* Can Bob Stoops compete for national championships? Of course. Can he still win them? Quite likely. But Stoops wants to remind everyone that his team came this close to knocking off The Chosen One and Florida without DeMarco Murray. "I'm not going to use DeMarco's injury as an excuse. But there is no denying that he was a major factor for our team. Everyone knew that all year, and they were writing about it." In a related story, that sounds like an excuse.

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