2009 CFN Preview - Unit Rankings ... QBs
Florida QB Tim Tebow
Florida QB Tim Tebow
Posted Aug 12, 2009

CFN 2009 Preview Unit Rankings - Quarterbacks Ranked 1 to 120

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1. Florida
Tim Tebow will be the front-runner for the Heisman, John Brantley is a superstar waiting to bust out, and the passing game should be special even with some new starters at receiver. Brantley is so good that he might be the better pro prospect than Tebow, while Tebow is, well, Tebow, and he's looking to lead the way in what the Gators hope is an all-timer of a season.

2. Texas
Talk about an abundance of riches, Texas is already stockpiled with superstar quarterback talent and then it gets Garrett Gilbert to groom for the future. Colt McCoy will end up in New York come Heisman time, John Chiles would start for about eight other Big 12 teams right now, and Sherrod Harris could emerge as an even better player going into next year’s battle for the No. 1 job. McCoy has had to do too much over the last three seasons, and this year the reserves will get in the games a little earlier.

3. Oklahoma
The talent level is tremendous, but more has to be shown from the backups to make the quarterback situation rock-solid. As long as Sam Bradford is under center, OU has a shot at the national title. However, he has to prove he can shine behind a lesser offensive line and with a new slew of receivers. He'll be more than fine, but Drew Allen and Landy Jones have to prove they're ready in an emergency.

4. Oklahoma State
Zac Robinson is one of the nation's best quarterbacks and will finally start being talked about in the same category as Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford. He's a total offense star who's ultra-efficient, but now he needs to use his experience to cut down on his interceptions. Alex Cate and Brandon Weeden need as much game time as possible.

5. Kansas
It’ll take a limb to fall off for Todd Reesing to be taken out of a game, and he’ll have to do everything possible to stay on the field. As long as he’s under center, the Jayhawks will put up huge offensive numbers and will be in every game. He has to guard against pressing too much, but with his experience and knowledge of the attack, and with WR Kerry Meier a nice emergency option, the situation is strong.

6. Ohio State
Everyone in America knew that Terrelle Pryor was the team's best quarterback going into last year, but the Buckeye coaching staff didn't get the memo until right after Todd Boeckman melted down against USC. Now this is Pryor's program to run for the next few years, and he should be fantastic. Todd Bauserman isn't bad, and he could start for at least half of the other Big Ten teams, but he's a clear No. 2. There will be a season-long battle for the No. 3 slot.

7. Illinois
Juice Williams led the Big Ten in passing yards per game, showing the weakness of the league's quarterbacks, averaging 264.4 yards. He'll dominate this year and should be a lock for post-season honors, while Eddie McGee is a solid backup who can step in and produce if needed. Jacob Charest was an excellent recruit last year and will be in the hunt for the starting nod next year.

8. Nevada
With Nick Graziano leaving for Arkansas Tech, this is Colin Kaepernick’s job and Kaepernick’s offense. He’s a special player who needs to take another leap up in his production now that he has two years of experience, and he has to be more accurate. Luke Collis and Tyler Lantrip are promising, but now they need to be reliable.

9. Ole Miss
Jevan Snead is the real deal and a playmaker the offense desperately needed, and now he needs to do more. He had a good, clutch season, but if he's going to be a next-level caliber star, he needs to show he can keep the interceptions to a minimum and start to produce even more wins when the spotlight is on. Getting Billy Tapp and Nathan Stanley meaningful work is a desperate need.

10. Penn State
Daryll Clark might turn out to be the Big Ten MVP if he can lead the Nittany Lions to the Rose Bowl again, but he'll have to prove he can come up big late in tight games. While he's a great runner, he needs to do everything possible to avoid the big hits and to stay on the field. Kevin Newsome is promising, but the team would be extremely happy if he's not a part of the equation until next year.

11 USC
12 BYU
13 Central Michigan
14 Baylor
15 Houston
16 Cincinnati
17 Oregon
18 NC State
19 Minnesota
20 West Virginia
21 Notre Dame
22 Western Michigan
23 South Florida
24 Texas Tech
25 Florida Atlantic
26 Boise State
27 Michigan State
28 Missouri
29 Washington  
30 East Carolina
31 Eastern Michigan
32 Oregon State
33 Florida State
34 Virginia Tech
35 LSU
36 California
37 Miami  
39 Colorado  
40 South Carolina
41 Nebraska
42 Texas A&M
43 Iowa State
44 Iowa
45 Southern Miss
46 Arkansas
47 North Carolina
48 Georgia
49 Arkansas State
50 Bowling Green
51 Wake Forest
52 Navy
53 Arizona State
54 Duke
55 UAB
56 Alabama
57 Arizona
58 Northern Illinois
59 Kentucky
60 Virginia  
61 Hawaii
62 Clemson
63 TCU
64 Georgia Tech
65 Utah  
66 Toledo
67 New Mexico  
68 Ohio  
70 Stanford
71 Air Force
72 Wisconsin
73 Michigan
74 Troy
75 Maryland 
76 Northwestern
77 Tulsa
78 Colorado State
79 Akron
80 Vanderbilt
81 Pitt
82 Rutgers 
83 Indiana 
84 Connecticut
85 San Diego State
86 Tennessee
87 Purdue
88 San Jose State
89 Miami Univ.
90 Fresno State
91 Auburn
92 Louisville 
93 Middle Tennessee
94 Kansas State
95 Mississippi State
96 Syracuse
97 Washington State
98 SMU
99 UCLA 
100 Buffalo
101 Louisiana Tech
102 Kent State
103 Memphis
104 North Texas
105 Rice
106 FIU
107 Wyoming
108 Utah State
109 Boston College
110 Ball State
111 Marshall
112 Tulane
113 Temple
114 UL Lafayette
115 Idaho
116 UL Monroe
117 UCF
118 Army
119 New Mexico State
120 Western Kentucky