2009 CFN Fantasy & Stat Rankings - QBs
Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick & CMU QB Dan LeFevour
Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick & CMU QB Dan LeFevour
Posted Aug 17, 2009

When it comes to the top statistical stars in college football, the QB steal the show. Big guns like Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy will put up big numbers, but Nevada's Colin Kaepernick and Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour will likely have the better all-around stats. Check out the 2009 CFN Fantasy and Statistical Quarterback Rankings.

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When picking a college quarterback you're presented with a strange choice. Do you go with the passer who'll throw for 32 touchdowns, or go with the running quarterback who might throw 11 TD passes, but run for ten TDs? The rushing yardage element puts some quarterbacks head and shoulders above the others, and as the numbers show, you should go with the runners. Keep in mind that this is FANTASY football and not a ranking of how good these players are. These are the projections based on how they should do statistically according to the CFN Scoring System.

Blue Chip Stat Stars
This elite of the elite group will fill up the stat sheet all season long.

1. Dan LeFevour, Sr. Central Michigan
CFN 2008 Point Total (note: these don't include two-point conversions): 190 ... 17.29 ppg
Don't be fooled by last year's dip; LeFevour is the king. He put up a 343 according to the CFN Scoring System two years ago, and while he might not push for 20 rushing touchdowns, he'll score his share on dashes and has a loaded receiving corps to work with. Throw in the mediocre Chippewa D that'll lead to plenty of shootouts, and LeFevour will close out his career with a bang.

2. Colin Kaepernick, Jr. Nevada
CFN 2008 Point Total: 293 ... 22.52 ppg
Remember, quarterbacks who can run are every bit as dangerous, if not more so, than the bombers. Kaepernick can do each with 22 touchdown passes last season to go along with 1,130 rushing yards and 17 scores. His numbers might dip slightly with a lesser receiving corps to work with an Vai Taua and Luke Lippincott to hand off to, but he'll still be terrific. 

3. Case Keenum, Jr. Houston
CFN 2008 Point Total: 288 ... 22.13 ppg
The junior bomber threw for over 5,000 yards with 44 scoring passes last season. There's no reason to think he'll stop winging the ball around this year in what should be another crazy year in Conference USA. A good runner, Keenum also scored seven times on the ground.

4. Colt McCoy, Sr. Texas
CFN 2008 Point Total: 279 ... 21.45 ppg
Don't expect McCoy to run as much as he did last season, when he lead the Longhorns with 561 yards along with 11 scores, but his passing numbers should be better. Getting Jordan Shipley back for another year, and with the expected maturity of a great young group of receivers, should mean a 4,000-yard season.

5. Tim Tebow, Sr. Florida
CFN 2008 Point Total: 257 ... 18.38 ppg
Quick, name the star running back for the Gators. Tebow will talk about how there will be more passing, in an attempt to become more NFL-ready, but the receiving corps loses Percy Harvin and Louis Murphy while someone will have to pound it in from inside the red zone. Tebow should roll for close to 20 rushing scores, but his passing numbers should dive with the Gators likely to win most games in blowouts.

These players might not be among the elite, but they won't be far off and will put up huge numbers.

6. Juice Williams, Sr. Illinois
CFN 2008 Point Total: 203 ... 16.88 ppg
Always a great runner, Juice has improved his passing by leaps and bounds over the last few years and now has, arguably, the nation's best receiving corps to work with.

7. Sam Bradford, Jr. Oklahoma
CFN 2008 Point Total: 277 ... 19.8 ppg
No argument here if you want to put him in the top five. However, the line won't be as good, the receiving corps is starting from close to scratch, and there won't be 50 scoring passes again.

8. Zac Robinson, Sr. Oklahoma State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 219 ... 16.87 ppg
The do-it-all playmaker has Dez Bryant and a fantastic receiving corps to throw to, but his statistical worth is also as a runner with eight scores and 562 yards last season.

9. Todd Reesing, Sr, Kansas
CFN 2008 Point Total: 211 ... 16.25 ppg
He should be higher. With Dezmon Briscoe and Kerry Meier to throw to, and with a like-the-back-off-his-hand knowledge of the KU offense, Reesing should throw for over 40 scores (he threw 32 last year).

10. Robert Griffin, Soph. Baylor
CFN 2008 Point Total: 215 ... 17.95 ppg
An efficient passer, Griffin will certainly throw for more than 15 scores. However, it's his running skills that set him apart. He ran for 843 yards and 13 scores last year and now will likely blow past those numbers.

11. Joe Webb, Sr, UAB
CFN 2008 Point Total: 205 ... 17.05 ppg
He might be inconsistent and he might make too many mistakes, but he carries the Blazer offense with his leg as well as his arm. He'll run for over 1,000 yards again.

12. Taylor Potts, Jr. Texas Tech
CFN 2008 Point Total: 11 ... 1.12 ppg
He's not going to be Graham Harrell, but the Texas Tech starting quarterback is always good for pinball game numbers. He'd be higher if there wasn't so much turnover in the receiving corps.

13. Max Hall, Sr, BYU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 215 ... 16.54 ppg
Even though Hall loses his star target in Austin Collie, he should be in for a better year with a stronger line to work behind, the return of McKay Jacobson from a mission, and another year of tight end Dennis Pitta.

14. Bo Levi Mitchell, Jr. SMU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 127 ... 10.58 ppg
The light should go on soon, and then look out. There's a perfect storm brewing for Mitchell to come up with a ridiculous season: 1) veteran receivers, 2) horrendous defense that'll lead to shootouts, 3) the June Jones attack.

15. Andy Schmitt, Sr., Eastern Michigan
CFN 2008 Point Total: 138 ... 12.56 ppg
Yeah, there's a new coaching staff, but there will still be plenty of passing. Schmitt threw for 1,000 yards and eight scores, and ran for three more, in the final two games of last year.

These are great statistical quarterbacks who are at a slightly lower level because of a QB controversy, lack of rushing skills, or some other reason to keep them from the top ranks.

16. Ricky Dobbs, Jr. Navy
CFN 2008 Point Total: 85 ... 10.62 ppg

17. Jeremiah Masoli, Jr. Oregon
CFN 2008 Point Total: 177 ... 14.75 ppg

18. Terrelle Pryor, Soph. Ohio State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 155 ... 11.92 ppg

19. Tim Hiller, Sr. Western Michigan
CFN 2008 Point Total: 189 ... 14.51 ppg

20. Trevor Vittatoe, Jr. UTEP
CFN 2008 Point Total: 169 ... 14.05 ppg

21. Blaine Gabbert, Soph. Missouri
CFN 2008 Point Total: 2 ... 0.44 ppg

22. Tyler Sheehan, Sr. Bowling Green
CFN 2008 Point Total: 176 ... 14.65 ppg

23. Corey Leonard, Sr. Arkansas State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 150 ... 12.49 ppg

24.Jimmy Clausen, Jr. Notre Dame
CFN 2008 Point Total: 134 ... 10.31 ppg

25. Matt Grothe, Sr. South Florida
CFN 2008 Point Total: 173 ... 13.27 ppg


26. Jevan Snead, Jr. Ole Miss
CFN 2008 Point Total: 157 ... 12.10 ppg

27. Daryll Clark, Sr. Penn State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 186 ... 14.29 ppg

28. Jarrett Brown, Sr. West Virginia
CFN 2008 Point Total: 21 ... 2.68 ppg

29. Russell Wilson, Soph. NC State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 137 ... 12.49 ppg

30. Greg Alexander, Sr. Hawaii
CFN 2008 Point Total: 106 ... 13.28 ppg

31. Josh Nesbitt, Jr. Georgia Tech
CFN 2008 Point Total: 106 ... 9.61 ppg

32. Adam Weber, Jr. Minnesota
CFN 2008 Point Total: 138 ... 10.63 ppg

33. Tyrod Taylor, Jr. Virginia Tech
CFN 2008 Point Total: 113 ... 9.42 ppg

34. Diondre Borel, Jr. Utah State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 135 ... 11.25 ppg

35. Jake Locker, Jr. Washington
CFN 2008 Point Total: 42 ... 10.51 ppg

36. Kellen Moore, Soph. Boise State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 149 ... 11.46 ppg

37. Rusty Smith, Sr. Florida Atlantic
CFN 2008 Point Total: 144 ... 11.04 ppg

38. Boo Jackson, Sr. Ohio
CFN 2008 Point Total: 136 ... 11.34 ppg

39. Ryan Mallett, Soph. Arkansas
CFN 2008 Point Total: 0 ... 0 ppg

40. John Thomas Shepherd, Jr. Rice
CFN 2008 Point Total: 2 ... 0.25 ppg

41. Zac Lee, Jr. Nebraska
CFN 2008 Point Total: 2 ... 0.56 ppg

42. Tony Pike, Sr. Cincinniati
CFN 2008 Point Total: 114 ... 9.50 ppg

43. Jerrod Johnson, Jr. Texas A&M
CFN 2008 Point Total: 139 ... 11.58 ppg

44. Matt Barkley, Fr. USC
CFN 2008 Point Total: 0 ... 0 ppg

45. Mike Kafka, Sr. Northwestern
CFN 2008 Point Total: 38 ... 4.73 ppg

46. Corbin Louks, Jr. Utah
CFN 2008 Point Total: 35 ... 3.90 ppg

47. Kyle Reed, Sr. San Jose State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 87 ... 8.71 ppg

48. Jacob Bower, Jr. Tulsa
CFN 2008 Point Total: 18 ... 1.29 ppg

49. Aaron Corp, Soph. USC
CFN 2008 Point Total: 0 ... 0 ppg

50. Tim Jefferson, Soph. Air Force
CFN 2008 Point Total: 69 ...  6.30 ppg


- Tate Forcier, Fr. Michigan
- Jordan Jefferson, Soph. LSU
- Stephen Garcia, Soph. South Carolina
- Kevin Riley, Jr. California
- Matt Scott, Soph. Arizona