2009 CFN Fantasy & Stat Rankings - RBs
Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount
Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount
Posted Aug 18, 2009

The 2009 CFN Fantasy and Statistical Running Back Rankings.

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College running backs are always difficult to figure out. Redshirt freshmen emerge, freshmen blow up, JUCO transfers come in, and quarterbacks tend to run for touchdowns more in college taking points away. Just as in NFL Fantasy Football, the top running backs are at a premium. Always be very careful of some of the top backs as bad lines, backup running backs, rushing quarterbacks, and other factors always come into play. According to the CFN Scoring System, touchdowns are important, but the points rack up quickly for the guys who put up the yards and can catch the ball as well. Go for the guys you know aren't going to be subjected to the RB-by-committee format.

Blue Chip Stat Stars
This elite of the elite group will fill up the stat sheet all season long.

1. Jahvid Best, Jr. California
CFN 2008 Point Total (note: these don't include two-point conversions): 206 ... 17.13 ppg
Jeff Tedford might be known for his ability to develop passers, but his teams have cranked out some fantastic runners (J.J. Arrington and Marshawn Lynch), too. Best is better. The one question mark is his lack of durability, but when he's on the field, he's devastating. He ran for 311 yards and four scores against Washington as part of a four-game run of close to 900 yards with nine scores.

2. Jonathan Dwyer, Jr. Georgia Tech
CFN 2008 Point Total: 174 ... 13.40 ppg
Now that he knows what he's doing, and the Paul Johnson offense should be more in sync, Dwyer should go ballistic. Yes, he'll be a marked man, but he's good enough to overcome the attention and better the 1,395 yards and 12 rushing scores of last year.

3. Kendall Hunter, Jr. Oklahoma State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 207 ... 15.94 ppg
Slightly unsung with all the attention paid to Dez Bryant and the passing game, Hunter should break through this year after ripping off 1,555 yards and 16 scores. A home run hitter who's great around the goal line, he has the offense, the line to work behind, and the workload that should make him a statistical superstar once again.

4. Eugene Jarvis, Sr. Kent State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 124 ... 13.83 ppg
After a disappointing year, Jarvis should be the focal point of the KSU offense once again. He split rushing duties with QB Julian Edelman, who's now a jack-of-all-trades for the New England Patriots, and now the workload will be all his. Watch out for a run for 2,000 yards if he can stay healthy.

5. Bryce Beall, Soph. Houston
CFN 2008 Point Total: 207 ... 15.89 ppg
Not just a great runner, Beall has has good hands, too, and will be one of the nation's best combinations of rushing and receiving yards. While the Houston offense will revolve around Case Keenum and the passing game, the multi-talented Beall should rush for over 1,300 yards and close to 15 scores.

These players might not be among the elite, but they won't be far off and will put up huge numbers.

6. C.J. Spiller, Sr. Clemson
CFN 2008 Point Total: 127 ... 10.60 ppg
He ran for 629 yards despite missing a good chunk of the year hurt and with James Davis taking some of the carries. if Spiller can stay healthy, he'll run for 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns. He might be the most talented back in college football.

7. John Clay, Soph. Wisconsin
CFN 2008 Point Total: 107 ... 8.24 ppg
The Badger running backs always produce. Clay will have to split a little time with Zach Brown, but P.J. Hill left early opening up the door for Clay to become a superstar.

8. James Starks, Sr. Buffalo
CFN 2008 Point Total: 204 ... 16.97 ppg
One of the toughest calls on the board, Starks is a legitimate pro prospect who could do more than the 1,333 yards and 16 touchdowns of last year now that the passing game won't be as strong. However, everyone will load up to stop the run.

9. Andre Anderson, Sr. Tulane
CFN 2008 Point Total: 112 ... 15.99 ppg
When healthy last year, Anderson was unstoppable at times. Bob Toledo fed the ball to Matt Forte giving him way too much work, and he'll do the same with Anderson.

10. MiQuale Lewis, Sr. Ball State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 256 ... 18.26 ppg
He finally stayed healthy and he was incredible. He found the open spaces and blew through them for huge run after huge run, and while he's a top five statistical talent, possibly No. 1, there's too much turnover in the program to rank him much higher.

11. Vai Taua, Jr. Nevada
CFN 2008 Point Total: 214 ... 16.45 ppg
It's one thing to have to share carries with a 1,000-yard rushing quarterback like Colin Kaepernick, but he'll also have to share carries with Luke Lippincott, the star of two years ago who's back from a knee injury.

12. Derrick Washington, Jr. Missouri
CFN 2008 Point Total: 193 ... 13.77 ppg
Very quietly, Washington has been of the Big 12's better, more productive backs. He ran for 17 touchdowns and 1,036 yards last year, and he should be able to do more now that Chase Daniel is gone and the running game will carry things early on.

13. Victor Anderson, Soph. Louisville
CFN 2008 Point Total: 123 ... 10.24 ppg
Anderson burst on to the scene last season with a nice 1,047-yard season, and now he'll get the ball fed to him more often. He's the star the offense will revolve around.

14. Evan Royster, Jr. Penn State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 155 ... 11.96 ppg
There's a chance Royster will be the No. 1 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.  Penn State has a nice young receiving corps, but with the loss of all of last year's stars, and with an easy schedule, Royster will get the carries and the stats.

15. LeGarrette Blount, Sr. Oregon
CFN 2008 Point Total: 162 ... 12.38 ppg
The 1,002-yard thumper will have to split carries with Jeremiah Masoli, but he's a touchdown machine with 17 scores last year. He should get into the end zone 20 times.

These are great statistical quarterbacks who are at a slightly lower level because of a QB controversy, lack of rushing skills, or some other reason to keep them from the top ranks.

16. Charles Scott, Sr. LSU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 182 ... 14.04 ppg

17. Harvey Unga, Jr. BYU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 177 ... 14.75 ppg

18. Reggie Arnold, Sr. Arkansas State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 121 ... 10.05 ppg

19. Jacquizz Rodgers, Soph. Oregon State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 162 ... 14.73 ppg

20. Damion Fletcher, Sr. Southern Miss
CFN 2008 Point Total: 160 ... 13.30 ppg

21. Chris Brown, Sr. Oklahoma
CFN 2008 Point Total: 206 ... 14.70 ppg

22. Da'Rel Scott, Jr. Maryland
CFN 2008 Point Total: 129 ... 10.77 ppg

23. Jewel Hampton, Soph. Iowa
CFN 2008 Point Total: 70 ... 5.37 ppg

24. Michael Smith, Sr. Arkansas
CFN 2008 Point Total: 142 ... 14.22 ppg

25. DeMarco Murray, Jr. Oklahoma
CFN 2008 Point Total: 192 ... 14.76 ppg


26. Toby Gerhart, Sr. Stanford
CFN 2008 Point Total: 165 ... 13.75 ppg

27. Ryan Matthews, Jr. Fresno State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 93 ... 11.64 ppg

28. Darrell Scott, Soph. Colorado
CFN 2008 Point Total: 33 ... 2.99 ppg

29. Roy Helu, Jr. Nebraska
CFN 2008 Point Total: 106 ... 8.16 ppg

30. Frank Goodin, Soph. ULM
CFN 2008 Point Total: 106 ... 9.60 ppg

31. Brandon West, Sr. Western Michigan
CFN 2008 Point Total: 144 ... 12.03 ppg

32. Mark Ingram, Soph. Alabama
CFN 2008 Point Total: 119 ... 8.49 ppg

33. Darius Marshall, Jr. Marshall
CFN 2008 Point Total: 102 ... 8.49 ppg

34. Nic Grigsby, Jr. Arizona
CFN 2008 Point Total: 151 ... 11.61 ppg

35. Jake Sharp, Sr. Kansas
CFN 2008 Point Total: 147 ... 11.28 ppg

36. James Wright, Soph. New Mexico
CFN 2008 Point Total: 33 ... 4.70 ppg

37. Brandon Minor, Sr. Michigan
CFN 2008 Point Total: 102 ... 9.23 ppg

38. Daniel Porter, Sr. Louisiana Tech
CFN 2008 Point Total: 141 ... 11.73 ppg

39. Ashton Leggett, Soph. Michigan State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 6 ... 0.54 ppg

40. DaJuane Collins, Sr. Toledo
CFN 2008 Point Total: 74 ... 7.42 ppg

41. Daniel Dufrene, Sr. Illinois
CFN 2008 Point Total: 68 ... 6.19 ppg

42. Mike Ford, Jr. South Florida
CFN 2008 Point Total: 56 ... 5.07 ppg

43. Matt Asiata, Sr. Utah
CFN 2008 Point Total: 127 ... 9.78 ppg

44. Curtis Steele, Soph. Memphis
CFN 2008 Point Total: 127 ... 9.74 ppg

45. Graig Cooper, Jr. Miami
CFN 2008 Point Total: 91 ... 7.02 ppg

46. Alexander Robinson, Jr. Iowa State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 88 ... 8.78 ppg

47. Dan Herron, Soph. Ohio State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 64 ... 5.83 ppg

48. Anthony Dixon, Sr. Mississippi State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 113 ... 9.43 ppg

49. Noel Devine, Jr. West Virginia
CFN 2008 Point Total: 112 ... 8.65 ppg

50. Montario Hardesty, Sr. Tennessee
CFN 2008 Point Total: 54 ... 4.88 ppg

- Jeremy Avery, Jr. Boise State
- Delone Carter, Jr. Syracuse
- Andre Crenshaw, Sr. Oregon
- Jeffrey Demps, Soph. Florida
- Shaun Draughn, Jr. North Carolina
- C.J. Gable, Jr. USC
- Anthony Harding, Sr. Fresno State
- Deonte Jackson, Jr. Idaho
- Cody Johnson, Soph. Texas
- Stefon Johnson, Sr. USC
- Patrick Mealey, Jr. Army
- Jordan Todman, Soph. Connecticut
- Jamad Williams, Jr. Tulsa
- Darius Willis, Fr. Indiana
- Kordell Young, Jr. Rutgers