2009 CFN Fantasy & Stat Rankings - WRs
SMU WR Aldrick Robinson
SMU WR Aldrick Robinson
Posted Aug 18, 2009

The 2009 CFN Fantasy and Statistical Wide Receiver Rankings.

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Receivers aren't nearly as strong as quarterbacks or receivers, but that doesn't mean there aren't good ones out there waiting to be plucked. Receivers tend to come out of nowhere, and are always helped by a hot QB and high-octane passing system. Touchdowns are critical in separating the best receivers from those that are merely good, as just about every leading receiver tends to gain around the 750 to 1,000 yards. Keep in mind that this is FANTASY football and not a ranking of how good these players are. These are the projections based on how they should do statistically according to the CFN Scoring System.

Blue Chip Stat Stars
This elite of the elite group will fill up the stat sheet all season long.

1. Dez Bryant, Jr. Oklahoma State
CFN 2008 Point Total (note: these don't include two-point conversions): 203 ... 15.60 ppg
Bryant might not put up the numbers of a Michael Crabtree, but he'll push for 20 touchdown catches (after making 19 grabs last year) and he should be one of the nation's leaders in receiving yards. Bryant should hit a Larry Fitzgerald-like level around the goal line.

2. Dezmon Briscoe, Jr. Kansas
CFN 2008 Point Total: 176 ... 13.50 ppg
Out of hot water after a tough offseason, Briscoe will be deadly in a variety of ways. Not only will have catch 15 TD passes or more (again), he'll make plays as a rusher and a returner.

3. Aldrick Robinson, Soph. SMU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 129 ... 12.88 ppg
Flip a coin. It'll either be Robinson or Emmanuel Sanders who'll be the star of the June Jones passing offense. Of course, if SMU does anything to approach the heyday of the Hawaii attack, they'll both be fantastic. Sanders is the better receivers, but Robinson should get into the end zone more.

4. Mardy Gilyard, Sr. Cincinnati
CFN 2008 Point Total: 143 ... 11.01 ppg
After coming back for another year, Gilyard should combine with QB Tony Pike to once again hit the double-digit mark for scores. He'll also be among the nation's leaders in yards and will be a devastating home run hitter.

5. Golden Tate, Jr. Notre Dame
CFN 2008 Point Total: 133  ... 10.23 ppg
Now the offense works. Tate and the Irish attack just scratched the surface last year, showing a glimpse of what it could become by blowing up in the Hawaii Bowl. Tate was good last year and should be phenomenal this season as Jimmy Clausen reaches his potential.

These players might not be among the elite, but they won't be far off and will put up huge numbers.

6. Dion Morton, Sr. Colorado State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 132 ... 10.13 ppg
The Colorado State offense might not be consistent, but it should put up big numbers overall. There are plenty of weapons, but it's Morton who's the most dangerous as both a runner and a receiver. Now he needs to crank out more yards.

7. Emmanuel Sanders, Jr. SMU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 111 ... 11.15 ppg
Again, flip a coin. It'll be either Sanders or Aldrick Robinson who becomes the shining star of the SMU passing game.

8. Kris Adams, Jr. UTEP
CFN 2008 Point Total: 141 ... 11.79 ppg
Someone has to catch off of Trevor Vittatoe's touchdown passes. Jeff Moturi will get plenty of passes his way, but it's Adams, who caught 14 touchdown passes last year, who'll get the looks around the goal line.

9. Eric Decker, Sr. Minnesota
CFN 2008 Point Total: 118 ... 9.81 ppg
Minnesota is shifting offensive coordinators and will be getting away from the spread a bit, but Decker will get the ball even more. The coaching staff will invent ways to get hi m the ball.

10. Naaman Roosevelt, Sr. Buffalo
CFN 2008 Point Total: 162 ... 11.58 ppg
With QB Drew Willy gone, UB will work around the running game more. That doesn't mean Roosevelt won't get the ball, but he's not going to hit the 1,400-yard mark again.

11. Detron Lewis, Jr. Texas Tech
CFN 2008 Point Total: 73 ... 5.60 ppg
Is he going to be the new star of the Red Raider passing game? He's not going to be Michael Crabtree, but after a good season as the running mate, he'll put up huge numbers as the possible No. 1.

12. Malcolm Lane, Sr. Hawaii
CFN 2008 Point Total: 73 ... 5.20 ppg
The potential is there for a breakout season. Greg Alexander is firmly entrenched as the starting quarterback, and he knows what he's doing. Lane is the No. 1 target.

13. Brandon Banks, Sr. Kansas State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 131 ... 10.88 ppg
Bill Snyder and his staff will use the smallish, speedy Banks in a variety of ways. While he might not go over the 1,000-yard mark again, he'll run more and will put up return yards.

14. Kerry Meier, Sr. Kansas
CFN 2008 Point Total: 115 ... 8.86 ppg
He should probably be higher. While not as explosive as Dezmon Briscoe, he'll be the go-to target for Todd Reesing on key downs. He'll come up with over 1,000 yards receiving and could put up numbers as the backup quarterback.

15. Jordan Shipley, Sr. Texas
CFN 2008 Point Total: 132 ... 10.12 ppg
With his return ability, Shipley will be one of the Big 12's top all-around yardage stars. He'll also be the go-to target for Colt McCoy for double-digit scores.

These are great statistical quarterbacks who are at a slightly lower level because of a QB controversy, lack of rushing skills, or some other reason to keep them from the top ranks.

16. Tyron Carrier, Soph. Houston
CFN 2008 Point Total: 124 ... 9.54 ppg

17. T.Y. Hilton, Soph. FIU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 121 ... 10.09 ppg

18. Arrelious Benn, Jr. Illinois
CFN 2008 Point Total: 99 ... 8.28 ppg

19. Antonio Brown, Jr. Central Michigan
CFN 2008 Point Total: 112 ... 8.61 ppg

20. McKay Jacobson, Soph. BYU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 0 ... 0 ppg

21. Adron Tennell, Sr. Oklahoma
CFN 2008 Point Total: 4 ... 0.34 ppg

22. A.. Green, Soph. Georgia
CFN 2008 Point Total: 109 ... 8.42 ppg

23. Damaris Johnson, Soph. Tulsa
CFN 2008 Point Total: 130 ... 9.30 ppg

24. Brandon LaFell, Sr. LSU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 104 ... 7.98 ppg

25. Damian Williams, Jr. USC
CFN 2008 Point Total: 109 ... 8.36 ppg


26. Jerrel Jernigan, Jr. Troy
CFN 2008 Point Total: 109 ... 8.86 ppg

27. Jeff Moturi, Jr. UTEP
CFN 2008 Point Total: 106 ... 8.86 ppg

28. Jeff Fuller, Soph. Texas A&M
CFN 2008 Point Total: 92 ... 8.35 ppg

29. James Rodgers, Jr. Oregon State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 115 ... 9.58 ppg

30. Dexter McCluster, Sr. Ole Miss
CFN 2008 Point Total: 119 ... 9.14 ppg

31. Randall Cobb, Soph. Kentucky
CFN 2008 Point Total: 102 ... 10.16 ppg

32. Cortez Gent, Sr. Florida Atlantic
CFN 2008 Point Total: 114 ... 8.75 ppg

33. DeAndre Brown, Soph. Southern Miss
CFN 2008 Point Total: 139 ... 10.69 ppg

34. Ryan Wolfe, Sr. UNLV
CFN 2008 Point Total: 110 ... 9.16 ppg

35. Stephen Williams, Sr. Toledo
CFN 2008 Point Total: 95 ... 7.91 ppg

36. Kevin Jurovich, Sr. San Jose State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 17 ... 8.55 ppg

37. Mike Williams, Jr. Syracuse
CFN 2008 Point Total: 0 ... 0 ppg

38. Brandon Gerau, Soph. Missouri
CFN 2008 Point Total: 0 ... 0 ppg

39. Mark Dell, Jr. Michigan State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 59 ... 5.34 ppg

40. Demaryius Thomas, Jr. Georgia Tech
CFN 2008 Point Total: 58 ... 4.82 ppg

41. Jimmy Young, Jr. TCU
CFN 2008 Point Total: 89 ... 6.87 ppg

42. Philip Livas, Jr. Louisiana Tech
CFN 2008 Point Total: 81 ... 6.20 ppg

43. Jacory Stone, Sr. Eastern Michigan
CFN 2008 Point Total: 75 ... 6.22 ppg

44. Bryan Anderson, Sr. Central Michigan
CFN 2008 Point Total: 88 ... 7.33 ppg

45. Austin Pettis, Jr. Boise State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 88 ... 6.77 ppg

46. DeVier Posey, Soph. Ohio State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 13 ... 1.09 ppg

47. Derek Moye, Soph. Penn State
CFN 2008 Point Total: 10 ... 1.03 ppg

48. Greg Little, Jr. North Carolina
CFN 2008 Point Total: 47 ... 3.62 ppg

49. Moe Brown, Sr. South Carolina
CFN 2008 Point Total: 29 ... 2.27 ppg

50. Scott Long, Sr. Louisville
CFN 2008 Point Total: 32 ... 5.27 ppg


- Freddie Barnes, Sr. Bowling Green
- Andy Brodell, Sr. Iowa
- Ryan Broyles, Soph. Oklahoma
- DeMarcus Conner, Soph. Oklahoma State
- Michael Floyd, Soph. Notre Dame
- Jacoby Ford, Jr. Clemson
- Rashaun Greer, Sr. Colorado State
- Aldarius Johnson, Soph. Miami
- Julio Jones, Soph. Alabama
- Juan Nunez, Jr. Western Michigan
- Greg Salas, Jr. Hawaii
- Slick Shelley, Sr. Tulsa
 -Ryan Tannehill, Soph. Texas A&M
- Kendall Wright, Soph. Baylor