CFN 5-Year Program Rankings - No. 7 LSU
LSU OT Ciron Black
LSU OT Ciron Black
Posted Aug 27, 2009

CFN's 2009 Five-Year Program Rankings and Analysis ... No. 7 LSU

7. LSU
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Total Five-Year Program Score: 112.45

If the 2003 national championship season counted in the rankings, LSU would be in the top five, maybe even the top three, with two titles in the last six years. There's no question that Les Miles has taken what Nick Saban started and done even more with it by winning a championship and coming up with three double-digit win seasons; Saban only had one in Baton Rouge. The recruiting has been as strong as any program in America, the program is among the few that can go into every season honestly thinking that it can get to the BCS Championship, and with a ton of young talent that's starting to mature, this year is no different.

Last year's 8-5 disappointment appears to be an aberration. The APR score is impressively high, the Attendance is always going to be great, and the Draft score shows just how well Miles and Saban have been able to keep the top talent home and make them ready to make a whole bunch of money. If you're winning 70% of your games in the SEC, you're a power program, and LSU, even with the rise of Alabama, Ole Miss, and Arkansas, is in for the long haul.

Attendance Score: 9.20
2004: 91,209, 2005: 91,580, 2006: 92,212, 2007: 92,619, 2008: 92,383

APR Score: 8

Draft: 28
2005: DE Marcus Spears, DB Corey Webster, DB Travis Daniels
RB Joseph Addai, OT Andrew Whitworth, DT Clause Wroten, WR Skyler Green, DT Kyle Williams, DE Melvin Oliver, WR Bennie Brazell
QB JaMarcus Russell, DB LaRon Landry, WR Dwayne Bowe, WR Craig Davis, DE Chase Pittman
DT Glenn Dorsey, DB Chevis Jackson, FB Jacob Hester, WR Early Doucet, DB Craig Steltz, QB Matt Flynn, TE Keith Zinger
DE Tyson Jackson, FB Quinn Johnson, OT Herman Johnson, DB Curtis Taylor, WR Demetrius Byrd, DT Ricky Jean-Francois

FBS Wins: 49

Quality Wins: 22
2004: Oregon State, at Florida, Troy
at Arizona State, Florida, Auburn, at Alabama, Miami (Peach Bowl)
Kentucky, at Tennessee, Arkansas, Notre Dame (Sugar Bowl)
at Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, Florida, Auburn, at Alabama, Tennessee (SEC Championship), Ohio State (BCS Championship)
at South Carolina, Troy, Georgia Tech (Chick-fil-A Bowl)

Elite Win Score: 4.5
2004: None
at Alabama, Miami (Peach Bowl)
Notre Dame (Sugar Bowl)
Ohio State (BCS Championship)

Bad Loss Score: 0

Elite Losses: 7
2004: at Auburn, at Georgia, Iowa (Capital One Bowl)
at Auburn, at Florida
at Florida, Alabama

Bad Wins: 12
2004: Arkansas State, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt
2005: at Mississippi State, North Texas, Appalachian State, at Ole Miss
Mississippi State
at Ole Miss
Appalachian State, North Texas, Tulane

Conf. Score: 7.00
2004: 6-2, 2005: 7-1, 2006: 6-2, 2007: 6-2, 2008: 3-5