CFN 5-Year Program Rankings - No. 5 Florida
Florida TE Aaron Hernandez
Florida TE Aaron Hernandez
Posted Aug 27, 2009

CFN's 2009 Five-Year Program Rankings and Analysis ... No. 5 Florida

5. Florida 
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Total Five-Year Program Score: 117.50

You'd think the Gators would be much higher, possibly No. 1, with two national titles in the last three years and with all the tremendous success since Urban Meyer took over, but that's coming later. If 2009 is the season everyone is planning for, Florida will be a serious contender for the top spot, or will at least be in the top three, as all the scores will jump off the charts. Don't forget that there's a 7-5 2004 season still in the equation as Ron Zook finished up his time in Gainesville, while the Draft score isn't nearly what it's going to be with only six players total taken in the 2005 and 2006 drafts, and just five over the last two seasons. There are at least 15 draftable players in this year's mix, and all that talent will mean more wins, bigger scores, and a possible third national title in four years.

The players are going to class, the APR is impressive for a football factory like Florida, and Elite Win score is third behind USC and Texas. But beyond everything else, Florida is the hot program at the moment. USC is the gold standard, but Florida has done more over the last few years and appears to be getting better and better. Urban Meyer was signed on and will be around for the next several years, the recruiting classes, last year's disappointment aside, are still strong, and Florida is becoming the place to go. Expect a big jump up the rankings next year, and for there to be a long-term residence in the top three.

Attendance Score: 9.00
2004: 88,409, 2005: 90,406, 2006: 90,409, 2007: 90,388, 2008: 90,544

APR Score: 9

Draft: 20
2005: LB Channing Crowder, RB Ciatrick Fason, DB Reynaldo Hill
WR Chad Jackson, DE Jeremy Mincey, DB Dee Webb
DE Jarvis Moss, DB Reggie Nelson, DT Ray McDonald, DT Marcus Thomas, DT Joe Cohen, DB Ryan Smith, WR Dallas Baker, RB DeShawn Wynn, LB Brandon Siler
DE Derrick Harvey, WR Andre Caldwell
WR Percy Harvin, WR Louis Murphy, TE Cornelius Ingram

FBS Wins: 48

Quality Wins: 29
2004: South Carolina, Florida State
Louisiana Tech, Georgia, Florida State, Iowa (Outback Bowl)
Southern Miss, at Tennessee, Kentucky, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida State, Arkansas (SEC Championship), Ohio State (BCS Championship)
Troy, Tennessee, at Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, Florida State
Miami, LSU, Kentucky, Georgia, at Vanderbilt, South Carolina, at Florida State, Alabama (SEC Championship), Oklahoma (BCS Championship)

Elite Win Score: 7
2004: at Florida State
LSU, Ohio State (BCS Championship)
Georgia, Alabama (SEC Championship), Oklahoma (BCS Championship)

Bad Loss Score: 1
2004: at Mississippi State

Elite Losses: 6
2004: Georgia
at Alabama, at LSU
at Auburn
at LSU, Georgia

Bad Wins: 8
2004: Kentucky, at Vanderbilt
at Kentucky, Mississippi State
Western Carolina
Western Kentucky, at Ole Miss

Conf. Score: 7.00
2004: 4-4, 2005: 5-3, 2006: 7-1, 2007: 5-3, 2008: 7-1