CFN Ranking Of Every Team - Week 1
Alabama's Roy Upchurch
Alabama's Roy Upchurch
Posted Sep 8, 2009

How good are the teams right now? The CFN rankings go on how the teams are performing at the moment, and then, and right now, Alabama might be playing as well as anyone. Check out the first week of the 2009 CFN Rankings.


2009 CFN Rankings

Week 1, Sept. 6

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1. Florida 1-0
Last Week: W, Charleston Southern 62-3
Why this is too high: It was Charleston Southern. As the season goes on, there will be many who'll point to this waste of a game as a reason why the Gators might not be as mighty as they'll appear.  
Up next: Troy

2. USC 11-0
Last Week: W, San Jose State, 56-3
Why this is too high: San Jose State doesn't have the best running game while the defense was helpless to stop the Trojans. The real test comes this week.
Why this is too low: The team might be better than past years with Matt Barkley under center. It could be a steadier, more complete team since the quarterback won't be asked to carry the load.
Up next: at Ohio State

3. Texas 11-0
Last Week: W, ULM, 59-20
Why this is too high: There's still a question mark about the secondary and ULM is rebuilding. A superior team shouldn't give away 20 points to a team this mediocre.
Why this is too low: There might be a running game now to take the heat off of Colt McCoy. It's only one game, but the Longhorns really do appear to have more answers.
Up next: at Wyoming

4. Alabama 11-0
Last Week: W, Virginia Tech, 34-24
Why this is too high: Even though the Tide dominated the Hokies, it took too long to put the game away. Can Bama beat a good team when everything isn't going well with the ground game?
Why this is too low: The run defense stopped Virginia Tech cold, and if possible, the offensive line, retooled though it might be, appears to be better for the ground game than last year.
Up next: FIU

5. Oklahoma State 11-0
Last Week: W, Georgia, 24-10
Why this is too high: The vaunted offense looked extremely pedestrian. Zac Robinson was mediocre, Kendall Hunter was held in check, OT Russell Okung got dinged up, and Dez Bryant, two touchdown grabs and all, got rattled by the Dawg secondary.
Why this is too low: The team didn't play its best and it still beat a team the caliber of Georgia by two touchdowns. The defense found a pass rush.
Up next: Houston

6. California 1-0
Last Week: W, Maryland 52-13
Why this is too high: It's California. Let's just wait to see when the bizarre distraction game comes. 
Why this is too low: The team really is this good. With a veteran passer in Kevin Riley, a superstar in RB Jahvid Best, and with a defense that's possibly the best in the Jeff Tedford era, this is the clear No. 2 team, and possibly the No. 1, in the Pac 10.
Up next: Eastern Washington

7. Penn State 1-0
Last Week: W, Akron, 31-0
Why this is too high: The Nittany Lions aren't exactly going to be tested, so it'll be tough to gauge just how good they are. The team might get plenty of scrimmages, but will it be battle-ready?
Why this is too low: The receiving corps, the big question coming into the season, blew through the Zip secondary like it wasn't there. Penn State quickly reloaded.
Up next: Syracuse.

8. Missouri 1-0
Last Week: W, Illinois, 37-9
Why this is too high: This might be a bit ambitious off of one win, but the Tigers were every bit as impressive, if not more so, than the teams over the last few years. The reloading might be done.
Why this is too low: There's more speed and talent than the last few years. The defense stuffed the high-end Illinois offense, while QB Blaine Gabbert looked like the real deal and a future all-star.
Up next: Bowling Green

9. BYU 1-0
Last Week: W, Oklahoma, 14-13
Why this is too high: It's not like the Cougars destroyed OU. The Sooners were zombies after the loss of Sam Bradford, but ...
Why this is too low: ... that's no excuse. BYU's retooled O line held up against the Sooner defensive front, and Max Hall came up with the drive he had to have. This wasn't a cheap win in any way.
Up next: at Tulane

10. Ohio State 1-0
Last Week: W, 31-27
Why this is too high: Yeeeeesh. Ohio State needed a tremendous play to finally put away Navy. Any team looking to play for the national title can't have that many problems with a service academy.
Why this is too low: Ohio State does this every year. There are always close calls, but they always turn out to be in Ohio State's favor. There are no real expectations for the USC game, so the team can be loose.
Up next: USC

11. Georgia 0-1
Last Week: L, at Oklahoma State, 24-10
Why this is too high: The Dawgs really do miss their playmakers. They were supposed to reload, but not having Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno killed the offense against Oklahoma State. Now the line is without Trinton Sturdivant to a knee injury.
Why this is too low: The defense kept the high-powered Cowboy offense in check and stuffed the running game. If the offense can come around, this could quickly become a dangerous team that makes a ton of noise in SEC play.
Up next: South Carolina

12. LSU 1-0
Last Week: W, at Washington, 31-23
Why this is too high: Washington hasn't won a game since 2007, and new era or not, this is a team that a top team has to put away without a problem. Even though LSU played well, it was still a fight to get the W.
Why this is too low: The parts were working. Even with RB Charles Scott held in check, the passing game came through. There weren't a slew of mistakes and getting out of the longest road trip ever with a win is a plus no matter what.
Up next: Vanderbilt

13. Oklahoma 0-1
Last Week: L, BYU, 14-13
Why this is too high: This doesn't appear to be the same team without Sam Bradford. There was little energy and not enough crisp execution without its Heisman winner under center, and this might not be Oklahoma without him.
Why this is too low: This really still might be Oklahoma. Bradford might not be there for a few weeks, but there's still an NFL-caliber running game and the best defensive line in the country. Watch how the rest of the team steps up for a few weeks.
Up next: Idaho State

14. Virginia Tech 0-1
Last Week: L, Alabama 34-24
Why this is too high: Where's the run defense? Alabama might be fantastic, but the Hokies were supposed to be a rock up front and got shoved all over the place. 
Why this is too low: Even though they didn't have anything going their way, and even though the offense sputtered and the defense was flattened, they found a way to stay alive until late.
Up next: Marshall

15. Miami 1-0
Last Week: W, at Florida State, 38-34
Why this is too high: Where was the defense? Oh sure, it was fantastic in the final moments when it had to hold firm, but it got torched way too often by the FSU passing game. If QB Jacory Harris gets hurt, it's over.
Why this is too low: There's a ton of speed and athleticism. It still might take a full year for all the young players to figure out what they're doing, but once again, Miami can fly and can beat almost anyone on raw talent alone.
Up next: Georgia Tech (Sept. 17)

16. Ole Miss 1-0
Last Week: W, at Memphis, 45-14
Why this is too high: Don't be fooled by the final score. Ole Miss was in a dogfight until late thanks to sloppy play from Jevan Snead and the offense. However ...
Why this is too low: ... when you play on the road against a rival, struggle, and still win by 31 points, it shows how much fight there is. This looked like a team in need of some cupcake, tune-out games. That comes. That'll come next against SE Louisiana.
Up next: Southeast Louisiana

17. Georgia Tech 1-0
Last Week: W, Jacksonville State, 37-17
Why this is too high: The defense was fine against Jacksonville State, but it didn't dominate. It didn't have to, but it would've been nice if there weren't 17 points allowed (it's nitpicking).
Why this is too low: Look out. Jonathan Dwyer and the running game appear to be in midseason form, and now there's an even more efficient passing attack. After one week, Georgia Tech is ninth in passing efficiency to go long with its 335 rushing yards.
Up next: Clemson

18. Florida State 0-1
Last Week: L, Miami 38-34
Why this is too high: Where was the defense? Where was the running game? For all the good things Christian Ponder and the offense did, it was an incomplete game in the classic loss to the Canes. There needs to be a better balance.
Why this is too low: If Jarmon Forston makes the catch, Florida State might be in top ten, or at least in the top 15. There are playmakers and there appears to be a ton of talent and athleticism, but it all needs to come together. When it does, this could still be the class of the ACC.
Up next: Jacksonville State

19. Notre Dame 1-0
Last Week: W, Nevada, 35-0
Why this is too high: Nevada's pass defense was the worst in America last year and it wasn't supposed to be any better coming into the season. All the big passing numbers might have been a mirage.
Why this is too low: Nevada might have a lousy secondary, but the stars from last year's tremendous pass rush were back and the Irish did a great job of keeping Jimmy Clausen clean. The Michigan game will be the test, but the team really does appear to be close to complete.
Up next: at Michigan

20. Cincinnati 1-0
Last Week: Q, at Rutgers, 47-15
Why this is too high: Maybe beating Rutgers isn't that big a deal. Cincinnati is still rebuilding and retooling a bit and might need a few games to be what it's supposed to be. The Bearcats had a problem with the Scarlet Knight power game, but it had to be abandoned once the score got out of hand.
Why this is too low: Tony Pike was magnificent. He was in total command of an offense that, outside of an interception, was nearly perfect with the midrange passing game. The backs were making plays, the receiving corps got the work spread around, and the defense did its part to keep it from being ashootout.
Up next: SE Missouri State

21. Boise State 1-0
Last Week: W, Oregon, 19-8
Why this is too high: The win was at home and was talked about as the program's BCS Championship. It was a dominant performance, but Oregon was clearly not itself compared to last year. Wait and see if Oregon really does turn out to be good.
Why this is too low: The defense stopped the Ducks cold, while the offense did what it had to do against a D that's coming into the season thinking it could lead the way to a sleeper run for the Pac 10 title. All Boise State can do is play the teams on the schedule, and it's one down, one dominant statement win.
Up next: C

22. Kansas 1-0
Last Week: W, Northern Colorado, 49-3
Why this is too high: The defense isn't going to be anything special. It held Northern Colorado to three points, but it gave up some yards in the process. 
Why this is too low: Todd Reesing and company might have the best Big 12 offense outside of Stillwater. The Jayhawks are going to be able to throw on anyone, but they were able to run wild this week with 328 yards.
Up next: UTEP

23. West Virginia 1-0
Last Week: Liberty 33-20
Why this is too high: Final score, West Virginia 33, Liberty 20. Liberty. There was a little bit of work needing to be done late to ensure the win and the offense wasn't consistent. There might not be that luxury over the next few weeks against East Carolina, Auburn, and Colorado.
Why this is too low: It's not like the Mountaineers were in any real danger. There might not be a Steve Slaton or a Pat White around, but there are plenty of good playmakers who appear ready to have big seasons. Noel Devine is a star in the making, while Jarrett Brown ran extremely well as the full-time starter.
Up next: East Carolina

24. TCU 0-0
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
Why this is too high: Will the offense be rolling right out of the gate? It might not have to with Virginia and Texas State up first.
Why this is too low: The Mountain West has proven itself so far with a few really nice wins; TCU might be the best team in the lot. Remember, this is the team that beat Boise State in Poinsettia Bowl.
Up next: at Virginia

25. Wisconsin 1-0
Last Week: W, Northern Illinois
Why this is too high: Can the Badgers put together a complete game? They let Northern Illinois back in it late and had to restart the engine to finally come away with the win. The defense wasn't nearly as tight as it should've been. 
Why this is too low: Don't be fooled by the final score; Wisconsin owned this game. This appears to be the Badger team everyone was waiting for last year, except with much, much better quarterbacks. Scott Tolzien was terrific through the air, while backup, Curt Phillips, showed the extra element with a ground game. Wisconsin threw for 281 yards and ran for 152. Wisconsin.
Up next: Fresno State

26. Nebraska 1-0
27. Oregon State 1-0
28. Auburn 1-0
29. Pitt 1-0
30. Clemson 1-0
31. Michigan State 1-0
32. Arizona 1-0
33. North Carolina 1-0
34. Tennessee 1-0
35. Texas Tech 1-0
36. Arkansas 1-0
37. Oregon 0-1
38. Iowa 1-0
39. Utah 1-0
40. Michigan 1-0
41. Illinois 0-1
42. Arizona State 1-0
43. South Carolina 1-0
44. Colorado State 0-1
45. South Florida 1-0
46. NC State 0-1
47. Connecticut 1-0
48. Colorado 0-1
49. Baylor 1-0
50. Boston College 1-0
51. Northwestern 1-0
52. East Carolina 1-0
53. Kentucky 1-0
54. UCLA 1-0
55. Rutgers 0-1
56. Stanford 1-0
57. Vanderbilt 1-0
58. Fresno State 1-0
59. Minnesota 1-0
60. Purdue 1-0
61. Texas A&M 1-0
62. Wake Forest 0-1
63. Maryland 0-1
64. Mississippi State 1-0
65. Washington 0-1
66. Navy 0-1
67. Louisville 1-0
68. Houston 1-0
69. Southern Miss 1-0
70. Air Force 1-0
71. Syracuse 0-1
72. Northern Illinois 0-1
73. Nevada 0-1
74. Kansas State 1-0
75. Iowa State 1-0
76. Bowling Green 1-0
77. Indiana 1-0
78. Arkansas State 1-0
79. UNLV 1-0
80. San Jose State 0-1
81. Toledo 0-1
82. Memphis 0-1
83. Central Michigan 0-1
84. Louisiana Tech 0-1
85. Western Michigan 0-1
86. Ohio 0-1
87. Virginia 0-1
88. Wyoming 1-0
89. Troy 0-1
90. Tulsa 1-0
91. Buffalo 1-0
92. Army 1-0
93. Duke 0-1
94. Marshall 1-0
95. Washington State 0-1
96. Akron 0-1
97. North Texas 1-0
98. New Mexico 0-1
99. San Diego State 0-1
100. Kent State 1-0
101. Ball State 0-1
102. Florida Atlantic 0-1
103. Middle Tennessee 0-1
104. UAB 1-0
105. UTEP 0-1
106. Eastern Michigan 0-1
107. UCF 1-0
108. Utah State 0-1
109. Hawaii 1-0
110. Miami Univ. 0-1
111. Louisiana-Lafayette 1-0
112. FIU 0-0
113. Rice 0-1
114. Tulane 0-1
115. SMU 1-0
116. ULM 0-1
117. Idaho 1-0
118. Temple 0-1
119. Western Kentucky 0-1
120. New Mexico State 0-1