CFN Ranking Of Every Team - Week 2
Auburn RB Ben Tate
Auburn RB Ben Tate
Posted Sep 13, 2009

How good are the teams right now? The CFN rankings go on how the teams are performing at the moment. Right now, Ben Tate and the unstoppable Auburn running game have earned their way up the charts. Check out the second week of the 2009 CFN Rankings.

2009 CFN Rankings

Week 2, Sept. 13

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1. Florida 2-0
Last Week: W, Troy 56-6
Why this is too high: As easy as the first two wins have been, Tim Tebow hasn't been razor-sharp. He has been good, and the Gators are third in the nation in passing and third in passing efficiency, but there have been some misfires. Also, he was rocked by Troy; he tool some big-time shots.   
Up next: Tennessee

2. USC 2-0
Last Week: W, at Ohio State 18-15
Why this is too high: The offense wasn't exactly crisp against the Buckeyes. If you don't believe that Ohio State is that great, then you don't believe in the Trojans. 
Why this is too low: Other than one big pass play, the D stuffed the Buckeyes. Now the team knows it has a leader in Matt Barkley to count on.
Up next: At Washington

3. Texas 2-0
Last Week: W, at Wyoming 41-10
Why this is too high: Beating up ULM and Wyoming isn't anything to chirp about. The defense ahs been surprisingly soft, and it's not just because the WarHawks and Cowboys were in comeback mode.
Why this is too low: 100-30. Texas was pushed for a few seconds by Wyoming, but everything is clicking going into the Texas Tech game. The offense is rolling with several different rushing options to take the pressure off of Colt McCoy.
Up next: Texas Tech

4. Alabama 2-0
Last Week: W, FIU 40-14
Why this is too high: The line has been a killer for the ground game, but it has hardly been special in pass protection. That's nitpicking, though. The Tide is humming and is playing like a true national title contender.  
Why this is too low: Very quickly, Bama has the best backfield in the nation. There are too many productive, talented backs to keep happy. Trent Richardson was the star this week after Mark Ingram rumbled over Virginia Tech.
Up next: North Texas

5. California 2-0
Last Week: W, Eastern Washington 59-7
Why this is too high: The secondary has been beaten a bit too much. While Maryland and Eastern Washington were bombing away to try to keep up, Cal's pass defense wasn't exactly a brick wall. 
Why this is too low: Jahvid Best. In two games, the junior running back has rushed for 287 yards and three touchdowns, averaging more than ten yards per carry, and he has caught four passes for 42 yards and a score. He's the key part of an offense that's destroying everything in its path.
Up next: at Minnesota

6. Penn State 2-0
Last Week: W, Syracuse 28-7
Why this is too high: The offensive line isn't playing up to Penn State snuff. The Syracuse run defense isn't bad, thanks to tackle Arthur Jones, but the Nittany Lions should be be better at pounding the ball. At the moment, Penn State is last in the Big Ten and 94th in the nation in rushing. 
Why this is too low: The defense is back to form. The tune-ups against Akron and Syracuse sharpened up the slightly rebuilding D, while Daryll Clark and the passing game have been fantastic. There's yet another scrimmage, Temple, before dealing with Iowa.
Up next: Temple

7. Ohio State 1-1
Last Week: L, USC 18-15
Why this is too high: The offense still hasn't shown anything. Not producing against USC isn't anything to be upset about, but the Buckeyes couldn't move the ball on Navy. 
Why this is too low: Losing to USC is no reason to be punished. If USC is a top three team, Ohio State might be No. 4.
Up next: Toledo

8. Virginia Tech 1-1
Last Week: W, Marshall 52-10
Why this is too high: Oh yeah, the running game. The Hokies did whatever they wanted to against Marshall on the way to 444 yards. There's no reason to punish Tech for losing to Alabama.
Why this is too low: There's no passing game whatsoever. There's a chance that Nebraska stuffs the run next week and there won't be anything that Tyrod Taylor and the Hokie O can do about it.
Up next: Nebraska

9. BYU 2-0
Last Week: W, at Tulane, 54-3
Why this is too high: Should the Cougars be given full and total credit for beating Oklahoma without Sam Bradford for a half? That's going to be one of the big questions all year.  
Why this is too low: That's exactly what you do if you're BYU. If you're trying to prove the Oklahoma win wasn't a fluke, then you destroy a bad Tulane team on the road.
Up next: Florida State

10. Oklahoma 1-1
Last Week: W, Idaho State 64-0
Why this is too high: Oooooohhhh. Idaho State. Biiiiig man. QB Landry Jones still ahs to prove he can play, while the O line needs to be able pave the for the backs on the goal line. 
Why this is too low: It's holding pattern time. Bradford is expected to be back in a few weeks, and then this might be the No. 2 team in America. However, that might take a few weeks and Miami is looming.
Up next: Tulsa

11. Auburn 2-0
Last Week: W, Mississippi State 49-24
Why this is too high: The jury is still out on whether or not the team really is any good, and the passing game is a serious question mark after the win over Mississippi State, but ...
Why this is too low: ... the Gus Malzahn offense is rolling on the ground. Louisiana Tech and Miss State have decent run defenses, and Auburn ripped off 691 yards in the first two games. Ben Tate is seventh in the nation in rushing and Onterio McCalebb is ninth.
Up next: West Virginia

12. Ole Miss 1-0
Last Week: Didn't Play
Why this is too high: The Rebels were awful in the opening week, even though they beat Memphis 45-14. The shaky performance wasn't an indicator of the final score, and that was to a team that got whacked by Middle Tennessee.  
Why this is too low: The team might have simply had an off week. The Rebels weren't great and still won in a blowout. They get another tune-up game before diving into SEC play at South Carolina.
Up next: SE Louisiana

13. Michigan 2-0
Last Week: W, Notre Dame 38-34
Why this is too high: It's possible that beating Notre Dame isn't that big a deal. The defense didn't exactly slow down the Irish offense; the secondary was a disaster. 
Why this is too low: With Tate Forcier at the helm, the Wolverine offense all of a sudden has a major spark and looks far, far different than it ever did last season. The expectations are now jacked through the roof ... and rightly so.
Up next: Eastern Michigan

14. Cincinnati 2-0
Last Week: W, SE Missouri State
Why this is too high: Rutgers might be awful and SE Missouri State isn't exactly going to challenge Florida as the nation's most dominant team. Next week, the Bearcats will have to play someone decent, Oregon State, to earn this spot.
Why this is too low: The offense has yet to be stopped, or even slowed down. UC is No. 1 in the nation in passing efficiency, fifth in total offense, and sixth in scoring offense. The defense has taken it away seven times, and there has been just one turnover.
Up next: at Oregon State

15. Missouri 2-0
Last Week: W, Bowling Green 27-20
Why this is too high: Growing pains, growing pains, growing pains. The Tigers were fantastic in week one in the blowout over Illinois, and wildly inconsistent against Bowling Green. Call this a wait-and-see ranking. 
Why this is too low: On talent and athleticism, the Tigers have the playmakers to do some big things in the Big 12. Once QB Blaine Gabbert and the offense settles in, this could be a more dangerous team than the past two North winners.
Up next: Furman

16. LSU 2-0
Last Week: W, Vanderbilt 23-9
Why this is too high: The Tigers haven't shown anything yet to suggest that they're back to national title-level form. The offense continues to putter along, even though Washington and Vanderbilt are Washington and Vanderbilt, while the defense has hardly been dominant. LSU has been fine, but nothing special.
Why this is too low: On talent and athleticism, the team should be better. At some point, the offensive line will show up and the defensive front will start to play like an LSU defensive front. At least that's the hope around Baton Rouge.
Up next: Louisiana-Lafayette

17. Houston 2-0
Last Week: W, at Oklahoma State 45-35
Why this is too high: Name recognition. Houston doesn't have the brand to be a top 20-caliber team, even if the players are in place and the offense is hot enough to be ranked even higher. The defensive line has yet to show up in the first two games. 
Why this is too low: If you believe Oklahoma State was a top five-caliber team, then you have to give the Cougars more respect. Case Keenum and the offense will hang up 400 passing yards per game every game.
Up next: Texas Tech (Sept. 26)

18. Oklahoma State 1-1
Last Week: L, Houston 45-35
Why this is too high: Something doesn't seem quite right. The offense hasn't been in sync, RB Kendall Hunter is hurt, and QB Zac Robinson has been stunningly mediocre. OSU is tenth in the Big 12 and 68th in the nation in total offense?!
Why this is too low: Beating Georgia is still impressive, even if the Dawgs aren't as good as originally expected. The offensive talent is still there to get it all together and start rolling. This still could turn out to be the Big 12 South champion ... with a lot of work.
Up next: Rice

19. Georgia 1-1
Last Week: W, South Carolina 41-37
Why this is too high: The Dawgs couldn't generate any offense against Oklahoma State, and couldn't come up with any defense against South Carolina. This is an uneven team that could be in for a long year.
Why this is too low: At least the offense works ... sort of. Georgia isn't exactly rolling, with no real running game to speak of and the last ranked SEC offense, but there might be an easy fix if the defense can start to force turnovers and if the line can get into the backfield.
Up next: at Arkansas

20. Miami 1-0
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
Why this is too high: Beating Florida State doesn't seem like that big a deal now after Jacksonville State almost tagged the Noles. Miami will need to show some rushing offense and the defense will have to quickly emerge.
Why this is too low: This is a rested and ready team that has has two weeks to prepare for Georgia Tech. With the Yellow Jackets this week and Virginia Tech to follow, the Canes might not see a forward pass until the Oklahoma showdown.
Up next: Georgia Tech

21. Georgia Tech 2-0
Last Week: W, Clemson 30-27
Why this is too high: The Yellow Jacket passing game wasn't just abysmal against Clemson, it was a disaster. They got away with the win on a few big Josh Nesbitt throws, but they won't be that fortunate if someone else has success at stopping the ground game.
Why this is too low: When the running attack is humming, Tech can beat anyone in the country. The O line is playing extremely well and the punt return game is fantastic, averaging 43 yards per try with two scores.
Up next: at Miami

22. Notre Dame 1-1
Last Week: L, at Michigan 38-34
Why this is too high: The run defense has been good, but not great. If you don't think Michigan is the real deal, then you don't believe that the Irish really are back among the living.  
Why this is too low: It's not like anyone has stopped the passing game yet. Jimmy Clausen has been beyond terrific, currently ranking third in the nation in passing efficiency and leading an unstoppable passing game. At least it has mostly been unstoppable.
Up next: Michigan State

23. Nebraska 2-0
Last Week: W, Arkansas State 38-9
Why this is too high: It's not. This might be a glaring mistake for a team that's a great matchup for a much higher ranked Virginia Tech team. However, the tour of the Sun Belt, beating Florida Atlantic and Arkansas State at home, isn't a reason to book tickets to Pasadena. 
Why this is too low: Arkansas State will end up having one of the nation's best statistical ground games, and the Huskers shut it down. If Virginia Tech can't throw a little bit, the Huskers will pull off the upset in Blacksburg. Offensively, QB  Zac Lee is finding his stride at the right time.
Up next: at Virginia Tech

24. Boise State 2-0
Last Week: W, Miami University 48-0
Why this is too high: Beating Oregon doesn't appear to be that big a deal now. Beating Miami University isn't a big deal. As good as the results have been, the pass rush has been mediocre and the ground game has been average. 
Why this is too low: At home, Boise State would beat most of the teams ranked higher. The run defense has been fantastic and QB Kellen Moore has been nearly flawless.
Up next: at Fresno State

25. Kansas 2-0
Last Week: W, UTEP 34-7
Why this is too high: Considering the first two games were against Northern Colorado and a horrible UTEP team, only winning by a total of 83-10 doesn't seem that impressive. The special teams have been mediocre, at best, while the secondary has given up a few too many yards. But ...
Why this is too low: ... whatever. Todd Reesing and the passing game have been on fire, the offensive balance has been nearly perfect, and there are three more tune-ups against Duke, Southern Miss, and Iowa State before going on the road to face ... Colorado?! KU will start out 6-0 before hosting Oklahoma.
Up next: Duke

26. West Virginia 2-0
27. TCU 1-0
28. Wisconsin 2-0
29. Pitt 2-0
30. Arizona 2-0
31. Texas Tech 2-0
32. South Carolina 1-1
33. Florida State 1-1
34. Oregon State 2-0
35. Clemson 1-1
36. North Carolina 2-0
37. Arkansas 1-0
38. Iowa 2-0
39. Utah 2-0
40. UCLA 2-0
41. Central Michigan 1-1
42. Michigan State 1-1
43. Fresno State 1-1
44. Arizona State 1-0
45. Tennessee 1-1
46. South Florida 2-0
47. NC State 1-1
48. Oregon 1-1
49. Purdue 1-1
50. Connecticut 1-1
51. Baylor 1-0
52. Boston College 2-0
53. Wake Forest 1-1
54. East Carolina 1-0
55. Kentucky 1-0
56. Rutgers 1-1
57. Stanford 1-1
58. Vanderbilt 1-1
59. Illinois 1-1
60. Minnesota 2-0
61. Bowling Green 1-1
62. Air Force 1-1
63. Northwestern 2-0
64. Texas A&M 1-0
65. Colorado State 2-0
66. Mississippi State 1-1
67. Washington 1-1
68. Navy 1-1
69. Louisville 1-0
70. Southern Miss 2-0
71. Northern Illinois 1-1
72. Toledo 1-1
73. Nevada 0-1
74. Iowa State 1-1
75. Colorado 0-2
76. Maryland 1-1
77. Indiana 2-0
78. Arkansas State 1-1
79. UNLV 1-1
80. Syracuse 0-2
81. San Jose State 0-2
82. Louisiana Tech 0-2
83. Western Michigan 0-2
84. Ohio 1-1
85. UCF 1-1
86. Wyoming 1-1
87. Troy 0-2
88. Tulsa 2-0
89. Buffalo 1-1
90. Army 1-1
91. Duke 1-1
92. Marshall 1-1
93. Akron 1-1
94. North Texas 1-1
95. San Diego State 1-1
96. SMU 2-0
97. Louisiana-Lafayette 2-0
98. Florida Atlantic 0-1
99. Middle Tennessee 1-1
100. Memphis 0-2
101. Kent State 1-1
102. Kansas State 1-1
103. UAB 1-1
104. UTEP 0-2
105. Eastern Michigan 0-2
106. Utah State 0-1
107. Hawaii 2-0
108. Virginia 0-2
109. Washington State 0-2
110. FIU 0-1
111. Rice 0-2
112. ULM 1-1
113. New Mexico 0-2
114. Idaho 1-1
115. Miami Univ. 0-2
116. Temple 0-1
117. Tulane 0-2
118. Ball State 0-2
119. Western Kentucky 0-2
120. New Mexico State 1-1