Tuesday Question - The Young QB You Want
Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert
Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert
Posted Sep 15, 2009

You have your choice of seven of college football's superstar young quarterbacks. Which one would you select? The CFNers give their opinions and ranking of players like Missouri's Blaine Gabbert in the latest Tuesday Question.

Tuesday Question ... Sept. 15

Ranking the young QBs

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Pete Fiutak

Q: Assuming you're building a program for the next few years, which young quarterback would you most want (rank 1 for the most, 7 for the least)?

A: 7: Stephen Garcia, South Carolina - I really, really like him and believe he'll grow into the type of playmaker who can carry the program on his back, but I'm worried about the off-the-field issues. He has had problems in the past, and while he appears to have matured and he's been given the keys to the Steve Spurrier car, on this elite list, he ranks at the bottom ... but barely.

6. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas - Anyone with an arm like his and his NFL size can carry a team a long way, and he should take Arkansas to another level under Bobby Petrino. At the moment, he's not quite as good as he thinks he is and he'll get in trouble because he'll trust his arm too much. He might end up being the best pro QB on this list, but for my college team, I want more mobility.

5. Andrew Luck, Stanford - He could be the next Trent Edwards, but better. He has all the pro tools and is as mature and as smart as any young quarterback going, but I'm not quite sure he can carry a team like the top four guys. However, his upside is limitless.

4. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri - It's not necessarily fair or correct to say he'll make Mizzou fans forget about Chase Daniel, but he could come close. Combining his athleticism with the versatility to run the spread, or at least run a bit, or a pro-style attack, he'll be an interesting prospect to keep an eye on over the next few seasons.

3. Matt Barkley, USC - If we're talking about who the best pro prospect on the list is, it's Barkley. He might not be tall, but he has the arm, the command, and the ice water in his veins to lead USC to a lot of wins. He appears to be unfazed by all the attention, and he'll work hard to improve and be the star everyone is expecting him to be.

2. Tate Forcier, Michigan - We're not starting a pro team. Forcier isn't an NFL prospect, but he's the type of college baller who grows into a legend. Now we're going to see what the Rich Rodriguez offense can really do with a star quarterback surrounded by next-level talent.

1. Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State - Give him time. Remember, if the OSU defense comes up with a key stop on two late drives, Pryor becomes known as the quarterback who beat Texas in the Fiesta Bowl and toppled USC. He has the ability and the potential to be another Vince Young, but faster. Don't let the passing issues at the moment fool you. This could be a step back in the learning curve to take a gigantic leap forward in his development. Remember, Young couldn't throw worth a lick before his transcendent junior season.

Richard Cirminiello

Q:  Assuming you're building a program for the next few years, which young quarterback would you most want (rank 1 for the most, 7 for the least)?

A: 7. Stephen Garcia, South Carolina – I haven't seen anything from Garcia over the last couple of years that would make me comfortable entrusting the program to him. Plus, he's had enough off-field issues to make me wonder when the next transgression is coming.

6. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri – He has tremendous upside as a pocket passer, yet also surprising mobility for a 6-5, 240-pounder. He's good enough to succeed Chase Daniel the way Daniel followed Brad Smith.

5. Tate Forcier, Michigan – Hey, how can you not love where he's headed after just a couple of games? However, he lacks the arm strength of some of the other quarterbacks on this list, which makes him a good fit for some systems, but not for all.

4. Andrew Luck, Stanford – Yeah, he throws a nice ball and looks the part at 6-4 and 235 pounds, but what I love most about Luck is his feel for the position at such a young age. He's also extremely coachable, which often happens when you grow up with a former NFL quarterback as your dad.

3. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas – At 6-7 and 238 pounds, he possesses a rifle, arguably the strongest arm in this discussion. He can stretch a defense as well anyone in the country, yet still shows nice touch on his passes when its needed.

2. Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State – Raw or not, I'd love to get my hands on a 6-6, 235-pounder, who can fly like a wide receiver. The possibilities would be endless. He made some nice throws early on Saturday night, and should only get better as a passer over the next two seasons.

1. Matt Barkley, USC – He's special, and that's not just hype born out of Saturday night's final drive. Heck, the fact that he's the Trojan starting quarterback as a true freshman pretty much screams once-in-a-generation talent. In terms of the tangibles and the intangibles, he has just about everything you'd want at the position. And he just celebrated his 19th birthday.

Matt Zemek

Q: Assuming you're building a program for the next few years, which young quarterback would you most want (rank 1 for the most, 7 for the least)?

Tate Forcier - 1. The lad said he never gets nervous. Judging by his heroics against Notre Dame, the boyo is an honest soul. What's not to love about his nimble feet and agile mind?

Matt Barkley - 2. Not so much for this year, but definitely for 2010. USC's offense will continue to struggle for awhile, but after Saturday's win in Columbus, it is clear that this kid has a very level head on his shoulders. He doesn't own uncommon talent, but he does possess poise far beyond his 19 years.

Blaine Gabbert - 3. Waiting for the Big 12 gauntlet. Nice, steely comeback against Bowling Green, though.

Terrelle Pryor - 4. Came up small again in a big game. Where's the stage presence seen in last season's win at Wisconsin? Where's the improved decision-making and dynamic, get-out-of-my-face running that should leave opposing defenses gasping for breath. Pryor needs to make his legs more of a factor. MUCH more of a factor.

Stephen Garcia - 5. One game does not a resurrection make. Really encouraging, to be sure, but only one game.

Andrew Luck - 6. Came up kinda small in the second half in Winston-Salem this past weekend. Gifted, but still green.

Ryan Mallett - 7. The "7" rating should really be an "I" for incomplete. Arkansas needs to play somebody first this season.

Michael Bradley

Q: Assuming you're building a program for the next few years, which young quarterback would you most want (rank 1 for the most, 7 for the least)?

1. Matt Barkley, USC: He has just two games under his belt, but the young man has a big future.
2. Tate Forcier, Michigan: Never nervous and able to deliver in big situations, he is perfect for Rich Rodriguez's system.
3. Blane Gabbert, Missouri: Illinois probably wishes Chase Daniel was still around after Gabbert's opening-day performance.
4. Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State: All the potential in the world, but he has to cut back on mistakes to become a big-time force.
5. Andrew Luck, Stanford: He hasn't dazzled yet, but his potential and physical skills will be big parts of the Cardinal turnaround.
6. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas: A big debut against Missouri State doesn't show much, but Mallett's big arm will make Razorback fans happy.
7. Stephen Garcia, South Carolina: He looked good against Georgia, but that was one game of several for a QB who still doesn't get the ball downfield so well.