CFN Ranking Of Every Team - Week 6
Nebraska QB Zac Lee
Nebraska QB Zac Lee
Posted Oct 11, 2009

Now what happens with Nebraska? Zac Lee and the Huskers came up with an impressive fourth quarter comeback to beat Missouri in Columbia, and now they might be more in the national title hunt than you'd think. Based on how good the teams are right now, here's the sixth week of the 2009 CFN Rankings.

2009 CFN Rankings

Week 6, Oct. 11

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1. Alabama 6-0
Last Week: W, at Ole Miss 22-3
This Week: South Carolina
Why the ranking is too high: For the first time, the passing game showed a few holes. Greg McElroy wasn't razor-sharp against Ole Miss and the offense had to settle for too many field goals. It didn't matter in the easy win, but now isn't the time to start slipping in any way. It's nitpicking, though. Bama is playing better than anyone in America.

2. Florida 5-0
Last Week: W, at LSU 13-3
This Week: Arkansas
Why the ranking is too high: This might sound crazy for an offense that's among the top five in the nation in scoring, yards, rushing, and efficiency, but does Florida really have what it takes to keep up the pace in a true shootout? The best offense the Gators have faces this is ... Tennessee?! Arkansas might have a puncher's chance to pull off the upset.
Why the ranking is too low: Defense and the lines. The offensive and defensive fronts manhandled LSU, and while the offense might not have the wideouts or quite enough explosiveness through the air, it has dominant lines. Hog QB Ryan Mallett should be under pressure all game long.

3. Texas 5-0
Last Week: W, Colorado 38-14
This Week: Oklahoma
Why the ranking is too high: That was a way too shaky start against Colorado. The Buffs were driving when a pick-six turned the game around. Chalk up to a lack of focus with next week's huge game looming, but this isn't the same Texas team as last year. At least not at the moment; there was no running game against CU. Colt McCoy has been fine, and he was accurate against Colorado, but he's not playing at a Heisman level.
Why the ranking is too low: Boo-hoo. The running game might not be firing on all cylinders and that was way too shaky a performance against Colorado, but the Longhorns have won every game by double digits and have found ways to make the close games into blowouts in a blink of an eye. The defense is playing better than it has in years.

4. Virginia Tech 5-1
Last Week: W, Boston College 48-14
This Week: at Georgia Tech
Why the ranking is too high: The Hokies were way too close to losing to Nebraska a few weeks ago, and might have lost that game if it was in Lincoln, while the Duke win was a big too tight for a team ranked this high. The passing game rocked against Boston College, but it's going to be mediocre all season long.
Why the ranking is too low: The defense, when it wants to be, is stifling. Boston College QB Dave Shinskie completed just 1-of-12 passes for four yards with two interceptions. If you buy the belief that Alabama is the No. 1 team in the country, Virginia Tech might be No. 2.

5. Nebraska 4-1
Last Week: W, at Missouri 27-12
This Week: Texas Tech
Why the ranking is too high: The offense took a while to show up against Missouri. So far, that's the only win of note, and while it's a good one, for about three quarters this looked like a team that didn't belong anywhere near the top ten. There's still more to prove, but that chance likely won't come until the Oklahoma game on November 7th.
Why the ranking is too low: The Husker defense has become special. It was special to start the season, but after what Ndamukong Suh and the D did to Missouri, now it looks Big 12 title good. If the Big 12's No. 1 pass defense stops Texas Tech next week, then the Huskers might be a lock for the Big 12 Championship. Would a 12-1 champion have a shot at Pasadena? It's not too early to think big for a team with a D this good.

6. Miami 4-1
Last Week: W, Florida A&M 48-16
This Week: at UCF
Why the ranking is too high: The offense has been merely average. While Jacory Harris has been efficient, the running game hasn't been consistent. There are way too many turnovers and the run defense has been fine, but nothing special. The Oklahoma win might be overrated since No. 14 wasn't slinging it for the other side.
Why the ranking is too low: It's not. The Canes will have a great record because of the schedule, and the Georgia Tech win will look better and better as the season goes on, but this isn't a top five team right now.

7. USC 4-1
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
This Week: at Notre Dame
Why the ranking is too high: Notre Dame might win in South Bend. If that gets into any sort of a shootout, can USC keep up? The passing game hasn't exactly exploded. The Washington loss is an issue that will cost the team all season long.
Why the ranking is too low: The defense has been fantastic. The Ohio State win is looking better and better, and with the time off, the offense might be stronger with Matt Barkley getting time to heal up. Winning the last two games by a combined score of 57 to 9 isn't bad.

8. Ohio State 5-1
Last Week: W, Wisconsin 31-13
This Week: at Purdue
Why the ranking is too high: Uhhhhh, the offense? Terrelle Pryor was awful against Wisconsin and the passing game has gone bye-bye. Can the Buckeyes keep up if anyone, like Purdue, gets up early? The offense is tenth in the Big Ten.
Why the ranking is too low: The defense is special. That's a very, very good Wisconsin team that the D kept out of the end zone, while Ohio State proved to be Ohio State yet again with a kick return for a score and two defensive touchdowns. The Buckeyes found a way. The defensive line has been fantastic.

9. Iowa 6-0
Last Week: W, Michigan 30-28
This Week: at Wisconsin
Why the ranking is too high: The Hawkeyes are probably going to lose at Wisconsin. The offense finally showed up in the win over Michigan, but it's hardly a consistent attack and the running game is mediocre at best. As good as the defense has been at times, there isn't any pressure being generated while the run defense got rumbled on a bit by the Wolverines.
Why the ranking is too low: With a ten-game winning streak, the Hawkeyes have been doing something right. The defense makes the big plays when needed while Ricky Stanzi is doing a nice job with the offense to capitalize on mistakes. However, this is about as high as the team can be considering the problems with Northern Iowa and Arkansas State.

10. Oklahoma 3-2
Last Week: W, Baylor 33-7
This Week: Texas
Why the ranking is too high: The best win so far was against ... Tulsa? Yeah, the two losses were by a total of two points, but the defense, as good as the stats might be, hasn't shown it can come up clutch. Texas should be able to hit on big plays down the middle of the field as much as it wants to.
Why the ranking is too low: No. 14 is back. He might have thrown a slew of incompletions against Baylor, but he looked great and the receivers were the main problem with too many drops. It's not fair to do this, but yeah, OU might be at least two points better if Sam Bradford had been healthy all season.

11. Georgia Tech 5-1
Last Week: W, at Florida State 49-44
This Week: Virginia Tech
Why the ranking is too high: The defense has been surprisingly bad. Florida State's Christian Ponder threw the ball at will against one of the nation's worst pass defenses. There isn't enough pressure into the backfield to give Virginia Tech's Tyrod Taylor any problems last week.
Why the ranking is too low: If you really believe in Miami, then Georgia Tech might be a top ten ranked team with an offense that no one appears to have a prayer of stopping at the moment. The Virginia Tech game will be the big test. If the ground game rolls for close to 300 this week, then it's look out time for everyone else on the schedule.

12. Wisconsin 5-1
Last Week: L, at Ohio State 31-13
This Week: Iowa
Why the ranking is too high: Uhhhhh, didn't the Badgers just get whacked by Ohio State by 18 points? While the Badgers might have dominated throughout the year, they have had a bad time playing a full 60 minutes with too many foot-shooting incidents. They gave up two pick sixes and a kickoff return for a score in Columbus, but ...
Why the ranking is too low: ... they thoroughly outplayed OSU outside of the three miscues. Actually, the OSU defensive line played pinball with UW QB Scott Tolzien, but the offense kept moving and was able to get it deep time and again. There weren't any offensive touchdowns, but it was a better performance than the final score indicates.

13. Boise State 5-0
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
This Week: at Tulsa
Why the ranking is too high: That was a far different Oregon team that the Broncos beat on opening day. That's not necessarily fair when ranking BSU, but considering that's the only game to go by this year, it's important to note just how much crisper and better the Ducks are. After the UC Davis performance, anything less than a blasting of Tulsa will hurt.
Why the ranking is too low: Isn't it possible the team really is good and is simply playing bad teams? Boise State will get to the BCS if it goes unbeaten, but it's going to be hard to get too much respect without winning every game by four touchdowns. The WAC is awful, and there shouldn't be a real test until the Nevada game in late November.

14. Oregon 5-1
Last Week: W, at UCLA 24-10
This Week: at Washington (Oct. 24)
Why the ranking is too high: This isn't quite the same team with Jeremiah Masoli hurting. The passing game is non-existent and it was a bit too much of a struggle to get past UCLA, but that's nitpicking. The Ducks are playing as well as anyone in the Pac 10 and has USC coming to Autzen in a few weeks.
Why the ranking is too low: Would you take Oregon or Boise State on a neutral field right now? It might be a coin flip, but Oregon lost when it had its chance to start the season and blew it. The running game has been dominate and the special teams have been excellent.

15. Cincinnati 5-0
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
This Week: at South Florida
Why the ranking is too high: The Bearcats have to be sharper than they were against Fresno State and Miami University. They couldn't go on many long drives and have been a disaster in time of possession. The team is way overdue for a clunker, and it could be walking into a buzzsaw in a nationally televised game at South Florida.
Why the ranking is too low: The win at Oregon State is looking better and better. The Bearcats lead the nation in sacks and tackles for loss, and they're third in scoring offense. They're really good, and they need to show it off this week to show a skeptical nation what they can do.

16. LSU 5-1
Last Week: L, Florida 13-3
This Week: Auburn
Why the ranking is too high: The offense wasn't just bad against Florida because Florida is fantastic; the offense was bad because it's bad. The Tigers are last in the SEC in total offense, which is tough to do in a conference with Vanderbilt, while the defensive line hasn't been anything to write home about. LSU ... LSU ... is last in the SEC in sacks and tackles for loss. 
Why the ranking is too low: The athletes are there and the talent is there to do far more. Yeah, the Florida game could've been played for 25 quarters and LSU probably wouldn't have scored more than three points, but the defense held the Gators to just 13 points. The defense, despite the shoddy play on the line, is doing a decent job overall.

17. Arkansas 3-2
Last Week: W, Auburn 44-23
This Week: at Florida
Why the ranking is too high: The defense isn't going to stop anyone all year. Turnovers were the only reason the Hogs kept the Auburn attack under wraps, and they're going to have a nightmare of a time with the efficient Florida passing game. The offense will bog down at times when Ryan Mallett is under pressure. Alabama proved that.
Why the ranking is too low: But if the offense is moving, it has a puncher's chance against anyone. Mallett might be the best pro QB prospect in the SEC, while the running game got going against Auburn with Michael Smith coming up with a big day. The win over Auburn was better than you think.

18. TCU 5-0
Last Week: W, at Air Force 20-17
This Week: Colorado State
Why the ranking is too high: To be considered among the best teams in America, you have to do better than 20-17 against Air Force. The Horned Frog offense has been fine, but it hasn't exactly faced a slew of killer defenses, while Clemson might have the best offense the defense has faced. Basically, it's time to see more.
Why the ranking is too low: Do you want to face this defense? When it's time to turn it on, this ultra-aggressive group can annoy anyone in America. The 4-2-5 is almost perfect to stop the spread, and it's going to get its chance to shine against BYU in a few weeks and with Utah in mid-November.

19. Auburn 5-1
Last Week: L, at Arkansas, 44-23
This Week: Kentucky
Why the ranking is too high: This is still a work in progress. The Tigers looked terrific over the first five games of the season, but the turnovers started coming and Arkansas took advantage. There's still a question mark about the team's consistency after the loss, and the run defense could use some work.
Why the ranking is too low: The win at Tennessee looks a lot better now. The Arkansas offense is going to do bad things to a lot of teams, and there's plenty of time to make amends with a trip to LSU coming up and the Alabama game to end the season. The offense really is good ... when it's not turning the ball over. Auburn is still 15th in the nation in turnover margin after fumbling it away three times.

20. Kansas 5-0
Last Week: W, Iowa State 41-36
This Week: at Colorado
Why the ranking is too high: Uhhhhhhh, 41-36 at home against Iowa State? Is it really time to start taking KU seriously after struggling so much with a mediocre Cyclone team? The secondary has been lousy even though there's been a strong pass rush, and uh oh, Oklahoma and Texas Tech are coming up soon.
Why the ranking is too low: As strange as this might sound, the Duke win is looking a whole bunch better. The offense is humming averaging 519 yards per game with Todd Reesing in total command. Kerry Meier caught 16 passes, while Dezmon Briscoe caught 12.

21. South Florida 5-0
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
This Week: Cincinnati
Why the ranking is too high: Is the team ready for primetime? The win over Florida State doesn't appear to be the program-changer it did at the time, while there's still a lot of proving to do with a mediocre rest of the schedule. The offense had better be perfect with Cincinnati coming to town for a huge Thursday night game.
Why the ranking is too low: The offensive line has been terrific, the offense keeps on humming with B.J. Daniels at the helm, and it seems like the team is just scratching the surface. If the Bulls beat Cincinnati, then a top ten ranking isn't out of the question.

22. Penn State 5-1
Last Week: W, Eastern Illinois, 52-3
This Week: Minnesota
Why the ranking is too high: Ooooooh. Eastern Illinois ... ooooooh. Penn State is still trying to do damage control after the loss to Iowa, and so far, the best win is over, um, uh, ahhh, ummmmm, Temple? It's time the Nittany Lions show they can produce against someone with a pulse.
Why the ranking is too low: Yeah, the team is playing a lot of lightweights, but it's getting chances to tune things up. The offensive line needs the time, and the passing game got in some good work against Eastern Illinois. The defense really is good.

23. West Virginia 4-1
Last Week: W, at Syracuse, 34-13
This Week: Marshall
Why the ranking is too high: The Colorado win doesn't appear to be any big deal now, and with East Carolina stinking it up, the best win so far might be against Syracuse. The defense is fine, but it's giving up too many passing yards while the turnovers keep on flowing.
Why the ranking is too low: The offense is moving the ball. Jarrett Brown is growing into an ultra-efficient passer while Noel Devine has somewhat quietly been terrific. If the turnovers stop, the poins should be coming in bunches. So far, WVU has scored 33, 35, 30, 35, and 34.

24. Missouri 4-1
Last Week: L, Nebraska 27-12
This Week: at Oklahoma State
Why the ranking is too high: It's not. Losing to Nebraska isn't anything to be dogged for. The defense is far better than it was last year, and now the Nevada win is looking fantastic. However, the Tigers have to beat Oklahoma State to show that they're the real deal.
Why the ranking is too low: This is still a young team that's going to only get better and better. Call the Nebraska loss a learning experience. The Tigers are going to be more effective once they figure out how to stop a negative momentum run. That will come as QB Blaine Gabbert sees more time.

25. South Carolina 5-1
Last Week: W, Kentucky 28-26
This Week: at Alabama
Why the ranking is too high: The four-game winning streak might not be that impressive. Beating Ole Miss is expected now, while there was too much of a struggle to get by Kentucky. Now the four game homestand is over with a trip to Alabama up next. Playtime might be over.
Why the ranking is too low: Past South Carolina teams would've been 3-3 right now with the games this team has had to play. The secondary is playing extremely well. There haven't been a slew of nasty passing games to deal with, but the Gamecocks are getting the job done. Winning all the close games have been a major plus; this is a seasoned team that has an outside shot of giving Bama a hard time.

26. Notre Dame 4-1
27. Michigan State 3-3
28. Michigan 4-2
29. Oregon State 4-2
30. Ole Miss 3-2
31. Washington 3-3
32. Houston 4-1
33. Oklahoma State 4-1
34. BYU 5-1
35. California 3-2
36. Pitt 5-1
37. Texas Tech 4-2
38. Arizona 3-2
39. Utah 4-1
40. Stanford 4-2
41. Connecticut 3-2
42. Boston College 4-2
43. Florida State 2-4
44. Arizona State 3-2
45. Wake Forest 4-2
46. Central Michigan 5-1
47. UCLA 3-2
48. Tennessee 3-3
49. Georgia 3-3
50. Minnesota 4-2
51. Nevada 2-3
52. Air Force 3-3
53. North Carolina 4-2
54. Fresno State 2-3
55. Texas A&M 3-2
56. Mississippi State 2-4
57. Duke 3-3
58. NC State 3-3
59. Clemson 2-3
60. Kentucky 2-3
61. Louisville 2-3
62. Northwestern 4-2
63. Tulsa 4-1
64. Idaho 5-1
65. Navy 4-2
66. Baylor 3-2
67. Rutgers 4-1
68. Northern Illinois 3-2
69. Purdue 1-5
70. Syracuse 2-4
71. Southern Miss 3-3
72. Colorado State 3-3
73. Colorado 1-4
74. Virginia 2-3
75. Wyoming 4-2
76. Ohio 4-2
77. Illinois 1-4
78. Indiana 3-3
79. Marshall 4-2
80. Troy 3-2
81. Arkansas State 1-3
82. San Jose State 1-4
83. Louisiana Tech 2-3
84. UCF 3-2
85. SMU 3-2
86. East Carolina 2-3
87. Western Michigan 3-3
88. Toledo 3-3
89. Kansas State 3-3
90. Middle Tennessee 3-2
91. Maryland 2-4
92. Bowling Green 2-4
93. UNLV 2-4
94. Iowa State 3-3
95. Akron 1-4
96. North Texas 1-4
97. Kent State 2-4
98. Louisiana-Lafayette 3-2
99. UAB 2-3
100. ULM 3-2
101. Temple 3-2
102. Buffalo 2-4
103. Tulane 2-3
104. Army 3-3
105. Vanderbilt 2-4
106. Hawaii 2-3
107. Memphis 2-4
108. Washington State 1-5
109. UTEP 2-4
110. New Mexico State 3-3
111. Utah State 1-4
112. FIU 1-4
113. San Diego State 2-3
114. Florida Atlantic 0-4
115. Eastern Michigan 0-5
116. Miami Univ. 0-6
117. Rice 0-6 
118. Ball State 0-6
119. New Mexico 0-6
120. Western Kentucky 0-5