CFN Ranking Of Every Team - Week 7
Iowa S Tyler Sash
Iowa S Tyler Sash
Posted Oct 18, 2009

Is Iowa the real deal? After the way Tyler Sash and the Hawkeyes got past Wisconsin in Madison, then yeah, its time to start giving them their due. After a wild week there are plenty of big changes. Based on how good the teams are right now, here's the Week Seven of the 2009 CFN Rankings.

2009 CFN Rankings

Week 7, Oct. 18

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1. Alabama 7-0
Last Week: W, South Carolina 20-6
This Week: Tennessee
Why the ranking is too high: All of a sudden, the passing game has gone flat. Even with the turnovers and the problems through the air (Julio Jones, where are you?), Mark Ingram and the running game have been able to pick up the slack while the defense has allowed seven points or fewer in four of the last five games. 

2. Florida 6-0
Last Week: W, Arkansas 23-20
This Week: at Mississippi State
Why the ranking is too high: The offense not producing against LSU's defense is one thing, Tim Tebow was trying to get his head back, but the O put it on the ground four times and sputtered at home against Arkansas. One bomb to Deonte Thompson aside, there are plenty of reasons to worry about the passing game.
Why the ranking is too low: The Gators are finding ways to win even when things aren't going well. Call this a mere rough patch with Tebow still trying to clear up his head and Brandon Spikes on the sidelines. If this was the midseason lull, then everything is fine.

3. Texas 6-0
Last Week: W, Oklahoma 16-13
This Week: at Missouri
Why the ranking is too high: Would Texas be three points better than OU if Sam Bradford played the whole game? The Longhorn defense dominated Landry Jones and the Sooner attack, but the Texas offense was shaky. Really, really shaky. OU is good on defense, but there's little running game and Colt McCoy hasn't been his 2008 self.
Why the ranking is too low: The defense really is good. The run defense embarrassed the OU backfield, keeping the Sooner ground game to -16 yards, and the offense did what it had to do to survive a nasty rivalry game. How bad can the offense be if Texas leads the nation in scoring?

4. USC 5-1
Last Week: W, at Notre Dame 34-27
This Week: Oregon State
Why the ranking is too high: The defense finally faced a quarterback who can throw consistently (we're aware of Jake Locker's work) and the secondary struggled late. The team had a 20-point lead over the Irish and needed a late goal line stand to close. The Irish running game worked, but it wasn't used enough; what will Oregon do in two weeks? What will Jacquizz Rodgers and Oregon State do next week?
Why the ranking is too low: Matt Barkley is growing into a superstar by the week. He was tremendous against the Irish with big play after big play. The D might have had problems late, but it came up with the stop and got out with the win. And yeah, Notre Dame really is pretty good.

5. Iowa 7-0
Last Week: W, at Wisconsin 20-10
This Week: at Michigan State
Why the ranking is too high: It doesn't always look pretty. If you don't believe in the Big Ten, then you don't believe that the Hawkeyes are for real. The Northern Iowa and Arkansas State games are still too fresh, but those memories could start to fade if Iowa keeps doing this.
Why the ranking is too low: Winning at Penn State and winning at Wisconsin are two fantastic wins. Down ten in Madison, the defense put the clamps down while the offense moved the ball extremely well when needed. The Hawkeyes don't make mistakes and they capitalize on every error. It's no coincidence that Iowa is 7-0 and is fourth in the nation in turnover margin.

6. Georgia Tech 6-1
Last Week: W, Virginia Tech 28-23
This Week: at Virginia
Why the ranking is too high: Georgia Tech completed 1-of-7 passes against Virginia Tech, the defense has been awful, and there's still the matter of the 33-17 loss to Miami a few weeks ago. If Tech doesn't win the time of possession battle, it's in big trouble.
Why the ranking is too low: No one's stopping this offense the rest of the way. Teams, especially tired ones in the second half of the season, need two weeks to prepare, and no one will get the time. Just assume the Yellow Jackets will rumble for 300 yards per game and go from there.

7. Virginia Tech 5-2
Last Week: L, at Georgia Tech 28-23
This Week: North Carolina
Why the ranking is too high: The run defense was awful against Alabama, got rumbled on by Nebraska, and couldn't handle Georgia Tech. Throw in the struggles against Duke and its passing game, and yeah, the Hokie defense might be really overrated.
Why the ranking is too low: Tyrod Taylor is playing better and better, and Ryan Williams might be the best running back in America. The offense was fine against Georgia Tech, but it didn't have the ball enough. Taylor has quickly turned into one of the nation's most efficient passers; he is magical when he gets to dance around the pocket.

8. Miami 5-1
Last Week: at UCF 27-7
This Week: Clemson
Why the ranking is too high: The offensive line is merely average. There weren't any problems against UCF, but the Georgia Tech win was a month ago and the Oklahoma win was with Landry Jones at quarterback. Yes, that does matter. Consistency will be the key the rest of the way, but will the team be able to produce at a high level with a bull's-eye on its back?
Why the ranking is too low: Jacory Harris. He's showing more and more why he's a special player, coming up with a nearly perfect game against UCF. The Canes are better, far better, than anyone else on the schedule, and if they win out, they'll likely be in the national title hunt. The win over Georgia Tech will mean everything in the tie-breaker.

9. Oklahoma 3-3
Last Week: L, Texas 16-13
This Week: at Kansas
Why the ranking is too high: Huh? The Sooners are 3-3, still have to answer for the loss to BYU, are likely going to be without Sam Bradford for the rest of the year, ran for -16 yards against Texas, and are having problems with injuries. It's a shame that all the parts aren't healthy, but that's part of the deal.
Why the ranking is too low: The defense. On D alone, OU almost beat Texas and should be good enough, if focused, to beat everyone else on the schedule. Eventually the running game has to come around, while Landry Jones really isn't that bad. If the defense can overcome a few bad Jones mistakes per game, then all will be fine the rest of the way.

10. Oregon 5-1
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
This Week: at Washington
Why the ranking is too high: Is there going to be any improvement to the passing game after a week off? Jeremiah Masoli has to try to be healthy, while the running game has to deal with solid run defenses the rest of the way. USC is obviously a problem, while Arizona State, coming in mid-November, has the defense to pull off the win. It's not going to be an easy second half.
Why the ranking is too low: There isn't a hotter team in the Pac 10, and the spotlight will now be on. That's a plus considering this is a far better team than the one that melted down at Boise State to start the season. The defense was just starting to come into its own before the break, while the running game is producing no matter who's running the attack.

11. LSU 5-1
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
This Week: Auburn
Why the ranking is too high: Is the offense going to be appreciably better after a week off? LSU is last in the SEC in total offense and last in both sacks and tackles for loss. That's hard to do in a league with an offense like Vanderbilt's and with several defenses looking for some consistency.
Why the ranking is too low: Even with all the issues, the Tigers are still 5-1 with the lone loss to Florida. There's no shame in losing to the Gators, and the Tiger D held Tim Tebow and the boys to just 13 points. This is a stingy team with the ball with better overall results than the stats might indicate.

12. Penn State 6-1
Last Week: W, Minnesota 20-0
This Week: at Michigan
Why the ranking is too high: Penn State beat Minnesota 20-0. That was the team's best win so far this year, and it wasn't even that impressive. The special teams, particularly the return game, have been awful, while the offense needs to show it can produce against a defense with a pulse.
Why the ranking is too low: The defense has been phenomenal. The schedule might not be that great, but the Nittany Lions have allowed just two teams to score more than seven points allowing a grand total of 23 points in wins over Akron, Syracuse, Temple, Eastern Illinois, and Minnesota.

13. Arkansas 3-3
Last Week: L, at Florida 23-20
This Week: at Ole Miss
Why the ranking is too high: The secondary continues to have problems. It's making too many big mistakes and is getting beaten on too many key plays. Next up is Jevan Snead of Ole Miss, who might be struggling, but is overdue to start producing.
Why the ranking is too low: The Hogs were this close to pulling off the win over the Gators and being the hot team in the SEC. Ryan Mallett is a special player who fought through some rough patches against Florida to come up with some big plays. The team is still a work in progress, and when it all comes together, look out.

14. Cincinnati 6-0
Last Week: W, at South Florida 34-17
This Week: Louisville
Why the ranking is too high: How big is the loss of Tony Pike? The Bearcats were able to spring Zach Collaros on South Florida, but now, everyone will be ready for him. Can he throw the ball effectively on a regular basis? Can the rest of the team pick up the slack? The hope will be to get through the easy part of the slate against Louisville and Syracuse to be ready for the nasty home stretch.
Why the ranking is too low: The Bearcats lost their starting quarterback, weren't playing well, and had to deal with a hostile crowd, but they still managed to double up USF 34-17. The defense leads the nation in tackles for loss and is second in sacks.

15. Ohio State 5-2
Last Week: L, at Purdue 26-18
This Week: Minnesota
Why the ranking is too high: The Buckeyes were struggling on offense two weeks ago against Wisconsin and were bailed out by the defense. They weren't so lucky against Purdue. The running game is non-existent when Terrelle Pryor wasn't taking off, and he made too many mistakes in key moments. The offense is tenth in the Big Ten and last in passing.
Why the ranking is too low: Call it an unfocused aberration. The defense was playing extremely well before the gaffe to Purdue, and now there's time to sharpen up again with Minnesota and New Mexico State at home before dealing with Penn State.

16. TCU 6-0
Last Week: W, Colorado State 44-6
This Week: at BYU
Why the ranking is too high: It's not. The offense is starting to roll at just the right time. The running game rumbled over Colorado State, while the defense came up with one of its best efforts of the season. However, the D hasn't faced anything like it's about to deal with against BYU. It's prove it time.
Why the ranking is too low: It's not just the defense. The running game is working extremely well and the offense is almost perfectly balanced. The return game is the best in America with Jeremy Kerley making a big play week after week as an All-America caliber punt and kick returner.

17. Notre Dame 4-2
Last Week: L, USC 34-27
This Week: Boston College
Why the ranking is too high:  It's not like the Irish won. They were able to fight back, and they were able to take their cuts late, but they didn't come through. The secondary is awful and is going to get burned the rest of the way by anyone who can consistently throw. Fortunately ...
Why the ranking is too low: ... Washington State and Navy are up soon, and Boston College is up next. The Irish were able to throw well against USC, and no one throws on USC. The wins over Nevada, Michigan State, and Purdue look far, far better now than they did last week.

18. Wisconsin 5-2
Last Week: L, Iowa 20-10
This Week: Purdue
Why the ranking is too high: The Badgers have faced two big tests and failed them both. All of a sudden, QB Scott Tolzien has turned into an interception machine, while the running game didn't do nearly enough to impose its will against Ohio State or Iowa. At some point, the team has to grow up and play up to its potential. With the way the Buckeyes played at Purdue, last week's loss isn't as excusable.
Why the ranking is too low: It's almost like the Badgers are this close to turning a corner, but just can't. The defense has turned it on and played reasonably well against Ohio State and Iowa, but the offense needs to be more consistent. The Badgers might not lose the rest of the way.

19. Texas Tech 5-2
Last Week: W, at Nebraska 31-10
This Week: Texas A&M
Why the ranking is too high: Which team is going to show up next week? Is it the one that couldn't get the offense moving against Nebraska, or the one that blew up Kansas State? Is it the one that hung around the Husker backfield all game long, or the one that struggled to put away New Mexico? The offensive line is having problems, and if QB Steven Sheffield gets hurt, good night.
Why the ranking is too low: Texas Tech beat Nebraska at Nebraska. It might not have been pretty and it might not have been perfect, but it was an impressive win. Call the loss to Houston an aberration; the loss to Texas is more than forgivable.

20. South Carolina 5-2
Last Week: L, at Alabama 20-6
This Week: Vanderbilt
Why the ranking is too high: The best win is over Ole Miss, and that has lost its luster now. The supposedly great defense got hammered on by Alabama and had problems with Kentucky the week before. The offensive line is having a nightmare of a time, and it shows. QB Stephen Garcia is banged up, while top WR Moe Brown suffered a scary concussion against the Tide.
Why the ranking is too low: The Gamecocks were close to making things very, very interesting against the No. 1 team in America. The run defense might have been beaten up, but the D nly allowed 13 points (the other touchdown came on a pick six).

21. Boise State 6-0
Last Week: W, at Tulsa 28-21
This Week: at Hawaii
Why the ranking is too high: It's time to stop the excuses. Being mediocre against UC Davis was forgivable one-week gaffe, but it was too tough to get by a mediocre Tulsa team that got obliterated by Oklahoma. Boise State fans don't like to hear it, but the Oregon team on September 3rd is far different than the one that's rolling through everyone now.
Why the ranking is too low: It's time to stop the excuses; Boise State really might be that good. Unfortunately for the Broncos, they don't get the benefit of the doubt, but they did actually beat Tulsa. The offensive line is the real deal, and it can play and hang around with anyone.

22. Pitt 6-1
Last Week: W, at Rutgers 24-17
This Week: South Florida
Why the ranking is too high: The best win so far was at home against Connecticut, and the Panthers needed a big comeback to make it happen. The pass defense hasn't played anyone who can throw, outside of NC State's Russell Wilson, and the Panthers lost that game.
Why the ranking is too low: Dion Lewis. He's one of the nation's most exciting young backs, and he's becoming a playmaker the rest of the offense can build around. The defense has been terrific at getting into the backfield. It's third in the nation in sacks and 12th in tackles for loss.

23. Michigan State 4-3
Last Week: W, Northwestern 24-14
This Week: Iowa
Why the ranking is too high: Has the team really turned a corner? Does beating Illinois and Northwestern mean much of anything? The Spartans are still having problems winning the turnover battle and the secondary is mediocre.
Why the ranking is too low: The loss to Central Michigan was a fluke and the other two losses were to strong Notre Dame and Wisconsin teams. Now, the Spartans are right back in the hunt for the Big Ten title, and if they can pull off the win over Iowa next week, look out. The passing game is coming together at just the right time.

24. Nebraska 4-2
Last Week: L, Texas Tech 31-10
This Week: Iowa State
Why the ranking is too high: The offense was great against the three Sun Belt teams on the schedule, but outside of a 20-point burst in the fourth quarter against Missouri, it hasn't produced much against the BCS league teams. The Texas Tech loss had better be nothing more than a bad week.
Why the ranking is too low: The defense really is that good. It did a great job of keeping Texas Tech under wraps after an early burst. If the offense can get back on track against Iowa State and Baylor, the Huskers have an honest shot of beating Oklahoma.

25. Kansas 5-1
Last Week: L, at Colorado
This Week: Oklahoma
Why the ranking is too high: The team was just begging to get tagged. The secondary had struggled and the special teams were just average enough to be a problem. The best win so far was against Southern Miss, and losing to Colorado, even on the road, is inexcusable for a team with dreams of winning the Big 12 North.
Why the ranking is too low: If Dezmon Briscoe can make the grab at the end of the game, Kansas might be in the top ten. No one's stopping this offense, and no one has a chance to shut down the passing game. If KU can beat Oklahoma, then it might be fine to blow off the Colorado loss ... for a week.

26. South Florida 5-1
27. Houston 5-1
28. Oklahoma State 5-1
29. Michigan 5-2
30. Oregon State 4-2
31. Ole Miss 4-2
32. BYU 6-1
33. California 4-2
34. Kentucky 3-3
35. Auburn 5-2
36. West Virginia 5-1
37. Arizona State 4-2
38. Missouri 4-2
39. Washington 3-4
40. Arizona 4-2
41. Utah 5-1
42. Stanford 4-3
43. Connecticut 4-2
44. Boston College 5-2
45. Florida State 2-4
46. Central Michigan 6-1
47. UCLA 3-3
48. Tennessee 3-3
49. Georgia 4-3
50. Minnesota 4-3
51. Clemson 3-3
52. Wake Forest 4-3
53. Purdue 2-5
54. Navy 5-2
55. Nevada 3-3
56. Colorado 2-4
57. Air Force 4-3
58. North Carolina 4-2
59. Fresno State 3-3
60. Mississippi State 3-4
61. Duke 3-3
62. NC State 3-4
63. Louisville 2-4
64. Northwestern 4-3
65. Tulsa 4-2
66. Idaho 6-1
67. Rutgers 4-2
68. Syracuse 2-4
69. Iowa State 4-3
70. Southern Miss 4-3
71. Virginia 3-3
72. Wyoming 4-3
73. Kansas State 4-3
74. Indiana 4-3
75. Texas A&M 3-3
76. Colorado State 3-4
77. Ohio 5-2
78. Northern Illinois 3-3
79. Baylor 3-3
80. Illinois 1-5
81. East Carolina 3-3
82. Marshall 4-3
83. Troy 4-2
84. Louisiana Tech 3-3
85. UCF 3-3
86. SMU 3-3 
87. Western Michigan 3-5
88. Toledo 4-3
89. Middle Tennessee 3-3
90. Maryland 2-4
91. Bowling Green 2-4
92. UNLV 2-5
93. ULM 4-2
94. Akron 1-5
95. San Jose State 1-5
96. Arkansas State 1-4
97. Kent State 3-4
98. Louisiana-Lafayette 4-2
99. UAB 2-4
100. Temple 4-2
101. Buffalo 3-4
102. Tulane 2-4
103. Army 3-4
104. Vanderbilt 2-5
105. Hawaii 2-4
106. Memphis 2-5
107. Washington State 1-5
108. UTEP 2-4
109. San Diego State 2-4
110. Florida Atlantic 1-4
111. North Texas 1-5
112. New Mexico State 3-4
113. Utah State 1-5
114. FIU 1-5
115. Eastern Michigan 0-6
116. Miami Univ. 0-7
117. Rice 0-7
118. Ball State 0-7
119. New Mexico 0-6
120. Western Kentucky 0-6