CFN Ranking Of Every Team - Week 8
Texas QB Colt McCoy
Texas QB Colt McCoy
Posted Oct 26, 2009

Florida and Alabama, here's the deal: Play better, and you'll be moved back up. Until then, Colt McCoy and Texas, coming off a dominant win at Missouri, and with the nation's best run defense and top scoring offense, gets the top spot in the latest CFN Rankings.

2009 CFN Rankings

Week 8, Oct. 24

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1. Texas 7-0
Last Week: W, at Missouri 41-7
Next Week: at Oklahoma State
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The Big 12 stinks and rolling through it isn't any big deal. However, the Longhorns are playing better than anyone at the moment, with the SEC top teams struggling. The defense is dominant, Colt McCoy is coming off a good game, and the team is getting better and improving while the other top teams are showing signs of wear. If Alabama and/or Florida rebound, either one will take back the spot.

2. Alabama 8-0
Last Week: W, Tennessee 12-10
Next Week: LSU (Nov. 7)
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The defense really is playing well. It struggled in the last few moments against Tennessee, but the team found a way to pull off the tough win. That's what good teams do.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The passing game really isn't working. Tennessee is good, but it's not that good, and it's certainly not a good enough team to take a No. 1 team in America down to the wire. The one really good win on the schedule, Virginia Tech, is a distant memory.

3. Florida 7-0
Last Week: W, at Mississippi State 29-19
Next Week: Georgia
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The defense is playing at another level. It had its bad moments against Arkansas a few weeks ago, but it stuffed Mississippi State and it good enough to rise up to any occasion. Remember, two touchdowns came from pick-sixes thanks to Tebow.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The offense just isn't working. The numbers are there and Tebow always finds a way to get the job done, but the receivers aren't doing anything and the passing game would be in the tank without TE Aaron Hernandez.

4. USC 6-1
Last Week: W, Oregon State 42-36
Next Week: at Oregon
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The offense is finally starting to click. Allen Bradford ran extremely well vs. the Beavers, and outside of a bad pick, Matt Barkley had a strong performance. After weeks of sputtering, the attack is finally starting to look like a USC attack again.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The defense is picking the wrong time to struggle. Starting with the fourth quarter against Notre Dame, the Trojans have had major problems against the pass, making OSU's Sean Canfield look like Peyton Manning. The switch needs to be turned on again for Oregon.

5. Iowa 8-0
Last Week: W, at Michigan State 15-13
Next Week: Indiana
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The Hawkeyes came through when they had to under the toughest of circumstances. The offense hadn't been working all night, but the team showed its mettle by marching down the field and getting the game-winning score against the Spartans on the last play.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The offense didn't work all night, until the very end. Michigan State isn't that great, and forgetting that Iowa managed to come up with the most thrilling last-second win of the season so far, a better team wouldn't have needed the heroics.

6. Georgia Tech 7-1
Last Week: W, at Virginia 34-9
Next Week: at Vanderbilt Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: No one's stopping this offense (at least with a mere week to prepare). Would you take Alabama, Florida, or Texas over the Yellow Jackets if they played this week? The running game is humming on all\ cylinders.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The defense stuffed Virginia, but that's not a big deal. While the D might be improving, this isn't a national title level group. Yes, with one week to prepare, no one can stop the running game, but with time, athletic teams can figure out how to be disciplined enough to get the job done.

7. Virginia Tech 5-2
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
Next Week: North Carolina
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: Tyrod Taylor is coming into his own and the running game is playing at an elite level. The two losses came to Alabama and Georgia Tech, and both were battles. The Hokies can play with the elite.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: It can't be. The best wins are against Nebraska and Miami, and neither one appears to be that big a deal anymore. Even so, there's no one else on the schedule good enough to come within double digits of the Hokies if they're playing at their best.

8. Oregon 6-1
Last Week: W, at Washington 43-19
Next Week: USC
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: That's what you do to a mediocre team, even a fired up one on the road. Washington is fine, but nothing special, and Oregon opened up a can of whoop-butt in Seattle to set up the showdown against USC. Win that, and a top four spot might be a given.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: There's still the little matter of the 19-8 loss to Boise State to start the season. Jeremiah Masoli did a nice job against the Huskies, but his knee has to be 100% to deal with the Trojans.

9. Penn State 7-1
Last Week: W, at Michigan 35-10
Next Week: at Northwestern
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: And now the offense is working. After struggling through the first half of the season, the Nittany Lion offensive line is playing well and Daryll Clark was at a high level ripping up the Wolverine defense.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The win in Ann Arbor is the team's top victory this year. The second best win is against Minnesota. This is a team that needs to keep proving itself, and the big test will come in two weeks against Ohio State.

10. Oklahoma 4-3
Last Week: W, at Kansas 35-13
Next Week: Kansas State Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's a miraculous gift to be this high, but the defense is the real deal, pushing Texas to the wall two weeks ago, and it held a high-powered Kansas team to just 13 points.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: There's still the loss to BYU and there's still the loss to Miami on the résumé. Landry Jones is playing better and the defense is at a high level, but if you want the Sooners to be around 20, or lower, there's no argument.

11. LSU 6-1
Last Week: W, Auburn 31-10
Next Week: Tulane
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The Tigers control their own destiny. If they win out, and that would include wins at Alabama, Ole Miss, and against Florida in the SEC Championship, they'll almost certainly play for the national title. Beating Auburn by 21 points shows that they might be ready to be that type of team.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: Auburn might not be that great. The Tigers, the War Eagle version, have hit a wall and are struggling just to find some consistency. LSU took advantage. Alabama is in two weeks, and then we'll all know how good the team really is.

12. Cincinnati 7-0
Last Week: W, Louisville 41-10
Next Week: Connecticut
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The Bearcats lost their starting quarterback and got better, at least for one week. The attacking defense dominated the Cardinals, and Zach Collaros was fantastic in place of Tony Pike. There are no excuses; the Bearcats are playing at a high level.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: Beating South Florida in Tampa doesn't appear to be that big a deal now. Yes, UC is playing extremely well, but the best win is over Oregon State. That's good, but there needs to be more to go on. That might come against West Virginia in a few weeks.

13. TCU 7-0
Last Week: W, at BYU 38-7
Next Game: at UNLV Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: That was the win the Horned Frogs needed. By thrashing a fired up BYU in its own house, TCU showed that it really in worth of being the non-BCS league representative in the BCS. The defense all but shut down cold the high-octane Cougar offense.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: It shouldn't be. The Clemson win in Death Valley looks better now, as does the win at Virginia, and the team is playing up to its capability. There was the close call to Air Force, and the win over Clemson wasn't dominant, but this is probably one of the ten best teams in America right now.

14. Ohio State 6-2
Last Week: W, Minnesota 38-7
Next Game: New Mexico State
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: Now that's the Terrelle Pryor we've all been waiting for. While he wasn't Heisman worthy or anything, he was strong enough to quiet the doubters for a week. The defense had one bad run against Purdue, but it remains a rock.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: Ooooooh, the Buckeyes beat Minnesota at home. It's not exactly time to book tickets to Pasadena. The offense still has to prove it can move the ball more consistently, and playing New Mexico State isn't going to do that.

15. Oklahoma State 6-1
Last Week: W, at Baylor 34-7
Next Week: Texas
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The Cowboys have adjusted nicely considering all the injuries and QB Zac Robinson is playing extremely well. Granted, there hasn't been a truly strong win since the opener against Georgia, but beating Missouri and Texas A&M is a nice résumé filler.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: It shouldn't be. The scoring punch is still there, Robinson might be the best quarterback in the Big 12 at the moment, and the defense has had two straight nice performances. Everything will come out this week. If OSU is big time, it comes up with a great game at home against the Longhorns.

16. Wisconsin 5-2
Last Week: Didn't Play This Week
Next Game: Purdue
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: It shouldn't be. Being this high is a wait-and-see gift with the Badger offense needing to prove it can produce against a decent defense. The defense was more than fine against Ohio State and Iowa and showed that it's good enough to be a factor over the second half of the year.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The signature win is at home against Michigan State and it took too much of a fight to get by Minnesota. The two weeks off needs to sharpen the team up, and if there are any major problems with Purdue, the ranking will likely drop.

17. Notre Dame 5-2
Last Week: W, Boston College 20-16
Next Week: Washington State
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: If Florida gets credit for getting by Arkansas, and Alabama can have problems with Kentucky and Tennessee and be slam-dunk top three team, then the Irish should get more respect for finding ways to win close games. The defense is getting ripped on, but it only gave up 16 points to B.C.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The secondary is awful. Everyone's getting fat on the Irish pass defense, but the stats will be misleading over the next few weeks against Washington State and Navy, but it had better find a new wrinkle before facing Pitt.

18. South Carolina 6-2
Last Week: W, Vanderbilt 14-10
Next Week: at Tennessee
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The Gamecocks are doing a great job of surviving and moving on. The one loss in the last six games was at Alabama; that's hardly a negative. The defense continues to be terrific, ranking 14th in the nation in yards allowed.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: 14-10 against Vanderbilt. No one should be losing 14-10 to Vanderbilt. The offense isn't working and while struggling against Alabama is one thing, having problems against Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and South Carolina State is another.

19. Boise State 7-0
Last Week: W, at Hawaii 54-9
Next Week: San Jose State
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: Boise State might really be that good. Rip on the competition all you want, but while other teams are getting tagged in games they should be winning, the Broncos keep moving on. The defense, outside of a few touchdown runs from Fresno State's Ryan Mathews, has been a brick wall.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: It shouldn't be. Boise State can hang around with anyone in America, and while it might have problems beating the top teams on a regular basis, and the problems with Tulsa look even worse now, the overall production, from the punting game to the passing efficiency to the turnover margin, is fantastic.

20. Pitt 7-1
Last Week: W, South Florida 41-14
Next Week: Syracuse (Nov. 7)
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The offense is playing with balance, QB Bill Stull is coming into his own, and the defense has been terrific. There isn't a major flaw, outside of a somewhat inconsistent pass defense, and with only one gaffe coming to NC State, this is a team worthy of Big East title consideration.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The best win so far was against Connecticut. Dumping USF is impressive, but it took too much effort to beat a mediocre Rutgers and to get by Connecticut. It's prove-it time, but the Panthers won't be tested until the Notre Dame game in mid-November.

21. Michigan State 4-4
Last Week: L, Iowa 15-13
Next Game: at Minnesota Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The Spartans were one second away from beating an Iowa team that's deep into the national title hunt. The defense has been terrific over the last month and has allowed just 43 points in the last three games.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: Coffee's for closers only. MSU almost beat Notre Dame, and almost beat Wisconsin, and almost beat Central Michigan, and almost beat Iowa. If you're a believer that you are what your record is then MSU, despite losing four games by 15 points, is mediocre.

22. West Virginia 6-1
Last Week: W, Connecticut, 28-24
Next Week: at South Florida
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The only loss is to Auburn on the road, and that only happened because the Mountaineers couldn't hang on to the ball. The run defense has been fantastic and the running game is timely and explosive.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: The defense has been a bit too porous against the pass. There are a lot of wins over teams with nice names, but the last minute win over UConn is the best of the lot so far. Cincinnati comes up in a few weeks.

23. California 5-2
Last Week: W, Washington State 49-17
Next Week: at Arizona State
Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The offense is back and clicking again. Yeah, blowing up Washington State isn't any big deal, but 45 points on UCLA two weeks ago is impressive.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: There isn't a win over a sure-thing bowl team on the résumé. Minnesota might be close, but whoopee. Beating Arizona State and its solid defense in Tempe would move the ranking up.

24. Ole Miss 5-2
Last Week: W, Arkansas 30-17
Next Week: at Auburn Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: Everything is starting to come together. Jevan Snead is starting to play like he's supposed to, and the offense is starting to find its punch with 78 points in the last two games.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: It shouldn't be. Losing at South Carolina and to Alabama isn't all that bad, and while this isn't the national title contender originally expected, this might turn out to be one of the four best teams in the SEC.

25. Miami 5-2
Last Week: L, Clemson 40-37 OT
Next Week: at Wake Forest Why The Ranking Should Be Higher: The team is better than it's playing. When it's fully focused and it's playing up to its capabilities, Miami can hang with anyone in America. The speed and athleticism are there to do far more, but the team just needs a little more experience.
Why The Ranking Should Be Lower: Is Miami really that good? It beat Georgia Tech before the Yellow Jacket offense was really humming, and Oklahoma didn't have Sam Bradford. Wins are wins, but after the loss to Clemson, the Canes have to show once again why everyone was so excited about them a few weeks ago.

26. Houston 6-1
27. Oregon State 4-3
28. Tennessee 3-4
29. Michigan 5-3
30. Arkansas 3-4
31. BYU 6-2
32. Kentucky 4-3
33. Auburn 5-3
34. Stanford 5-3
35. Clemson 4-3
36. South Florida 5-2
37. Missouri 4-3
38. Arizona 5-2
39. Utah 6-1
40. Connecticut 4-3
41. Boston College 5-3
42. Florida State 3-4
43. Arizona State 4-3
44. Texas Tech 5-3
45. Kansas 5-2
46. Washington 3-5
47. Central Michigan 7-1
48. Nevada 4-3
49. Georgia 4-3
50. Kansas State 5-3
51. Nebraska 4-3
52. Iowa State 5-3
53. Duke 4-3
54. Minnesota 4-4
55. Purdue 3-5
56. Navy 6-2
57. Texas A&M 4-3
58. Wake Forest 4-4
59. Air Force 4-4
60. North Carolina 4-3
61. Fresno State 4-3
62. Mississippi State 3-5
63. UCLA 3-4
64. NC State 3-4
65. Northwestern 5-3
66. Idaho 6-2
67. Rutgers 5-1
68. Syracuse 3-4
69. Southern Miss 5-3
70. Virginia 3-4
71. Wyoming 4-3
72. Indiana 4-4
73. Louisville 2-5
74. East Carolina 4-3
75. Northern Illinois 4-3
76. Baylor 3-4
77. Marshall 5-3
78. Troy 5-2
79. UCF 4-3
80. San Diego State 3-4
81. Kent State 4-4
82. Colorado 2-5
83. Illinois 1-6
84. Temple 5-2
85. Ohio 5-3
86. Colorado State 3-5
87. Western Michigan 4-4
88. Toledo 4-4
89. UTEP 3-4
90. Tulsa 4-3
91. SMU 3-4
92. Middle Tennessee 4-3
93. Maryland 2-5
94. Bowling Green 2-5
95. UNLV 3-5
96. Army 3-5
97. ULM 4-3
98. Vanderbilt 2-6
99. Louisiana Tech 3-4
100. Akron 1-6
101. San Jose State 1-5
102. Arkansas State 2-4
103. Florida Atlantic 2-4
104. Louisiana-Lafayette 4-3
105. UAB 2-5
106. Buffalo 3-5
107. Tulane 2-5
108. Hawaii 2-5
109. Memphis 2-5
110. Washington State 1-6
111. New Mexico State 3-5
112. Utah State 2-5
113. North Texas 1-6
114. FIU 1-6
115. Ball State 1-7
116. Eastern Michigan 0-7
117. Miami Univ. 0-8
118. Rice 0-8
119. New Mexico 0-7
120. Western Kentucky 0-7