Tuesday Question - Boise St or TCU in BCS?
TCU QB Andy Dalton
TCU QB Andy Dalton
Posted Oct 27, 2009

Who deserves the automatic BCS bid, TCU or Boise State?

Tuesday Question ... Oct. 27

Should Boise St. or TCU get the bid?

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Pete Fiutak

Q: If they both go unbeaten, should TCU or Boise State get the automatic BCS bid?

Both, and it could happen.

It's more of a numbers game than anything else. Where are the four spots going to come from outside of the automatic BCS bids? TCU, if it goes unbeaten, will get an automatic bid, leaving three spots open. Let's assume Notre Dame isn't in the equation even at 9-3. Let's say Penn State loses another game (Ohio State?), that might eliminate the idea of two Big ten teams getting in. Virginia Tech might get a second slot, if it wins out and if Georgia Tech wins the ACC. The USC - Oregon loser has a shot, but there isn't a second Big 12 team, at the moment, that appears able to get in, and the Big East isn't going to get two teams in. Of course, the SEC Championship loser will have a spot.

Are you still with me? Basically, out of three open spots, most likely, one will be taken by an SEC team, the Oregon - USC loser might get another big, and the third spot will be open for interpretation. At 12-0, again, Boise State deserves another day in the sun. It might not deserve a shot fro the national title, but spotlight game would be nice ... but not against TCU. That likely wouldn't happen. The BCS wouldn't want the two non-BCS teams, and would much rather have Notre Dame or a second Big Ten team, but if Boise State gets hosed, there will be plenty of justifiable screaming.

Richard Cirminiello 

Q: If they both go unbeaten, should TCU or Boise State get the automatic BCS bid?

A: TCU, and not just because its signature win happened a couple of days ago.

I have nothing but respect for the Boise State program, which is a worthy BCS participant if it winds up grabbing a bid. However, if it comes down to a battle between two non-automatic qualifiers, it should succumb to the Horned Frogs. As the rankings indicate, not much separates these two schools. Their schedules, however, are a slightly different story. Navigating the Mountain West is simply tougher than getting through the WAC. The Mountain West has BYU, Utah, and even Air Force. The WAC? Fresno State? Nevada? Ehh.

Boise State has the best win of the two, a 19-8 thumping of Oregon that just keeps looking better, but when your signature moment happens before Labor Day, you become a little naked in these sorts of granular comparisons. Plus, the Horned Frogs do have road wins at Virginia and Clemson, which also carry a little more weight today than when they occurred.

It's a close debate that's liable to rage on until early December. All things being relatively equal, give me the Mountain West champ that still has a ranked opponent left in November over the WAC champ that hasn't had a serious test since the opener.

Matt Zemek

Q: If they both go unbeaten, should TCU or Boise State get the automatic BCS bid?

The best and most responsible answer to this question is to say that both teams should play in a BCS game, at least if other BCS at-large candidates have two losses and not just one. (On the other hand, an 11-1 power conference team will create a very hard choice on the first weekend of December.) Boise State has proven itself worthy in big games over the years. The Broncos won their manly matchup with up-and-coming Oregon on Sept. 3, in the kind of conquest that should punch a BCS bowl ticket for a 12-0 team. TCU, in recent years, has produced 10-2 and 11-1 squads that didn't get invited to a BCS game, so a 12-0 mark--with victories over BYU and Utah as part of the equation--should certainly merit a premium postseason prize for Gary Patterson and Co.

If forced to give a direct answer to this question, one would have to side with TCU. (Moreover, the just-released BCS standings indicate that TCU has already leap-Frogged Boise State, and will only widen its lead in the ratings as long as it keep winning.)

Boise State's win over Oregon will remain the single best win between the two teams, but TCU has the balanced portfolio, with a pair of road ACC wins (Virginia and Clemson, with Clemson being a possible division champion) and the high-value Mountain West scalps of BYU and Utah. Boise State did beat Tulsa, but the Golden Hurricane quickly lost a measure of cachet by dropping a decision to UTEP a week later. All in all, Boise State--though thoroughly deserving of a BCS bowl in its own right--needs to boast a better batch of non-conference wins than Tulsa, Bowling Green, and especially UC-Davis. If both teams win out, TCU's 12 wins will buck the Broncos' season-long slate into second place.
Michael Bradley

Q: If they both go unbeaten, should TCU or Boise State get the automatic BCS bid?

A:  College football is being defined this season by defense, and plenty of it. No matter how shaky the Texas attack looks, the Longhorns' stingy stop troops allow UT to prevail. Alabama gives up yards as if they were last breaths. Florida returned two interceptions for touchdowns in the win over Mississippi State last Saturday. So, when you ask whether Texas Christian or Boise State deserves the one BCS berth that will go to a non-BCS conference (how generous!), you look at the fast, nasty TCU outfit and figure that it can hang with the better offenses around the nation and perhaps even stifle them. Yes, Boise State is fun to watch, and the Broncos looked good stifling Oregon back on Sept. 3, but its defense isn't as proven as the Horned Frogs' unit, which is ranked fifth overall and has played a better schedule than has the 12-rated BSU defense. (An aside: the combined record of the teams with the top five defenses? 36-1.) Yes, Boise is better at stopping teams than the squads that used to try to outscore them. But it doesn't have the speed or talent TCU's does. So, in the final analysis, in a college football climate that is being dominated by defense, you go with the better outfit. You go with Texas Christian.