SEC Bloggers Week Nine Review
Week Nine under the gun
Week Nine under the gun
Posted Nov 2, 2009

Each Monday, CFN's SEC Bloggers put the previous weekend under the microscope, looking for the Lucky 7.

BG is Billy Gomila, BH is Brian Harbach, GH is Gabe Harris , RM is Russ Mitchell, and BS is Barrett Sallee.

1. OFFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE WEEK: Anthony Dixon, RB, Mississippi State

BG: Anthony Dixon, RB, MSU – He's carried the Dogs O despite being the only real playmaker; it was on his shoulders that MSU got its 2nd SEC win.
BH: Anthony Dixon, RB, MSU – Dixon is the reason MSU is still playing meaningful games this November.
GH: Anthony Dixon , RB, MSU – 252 yards was a school record, plus 2 TDs for extra measure. 15th highest rushing game in SEC history.
RM: Anthony Dixon, RB, MSU – Arguably the most underrated SEC player in the past 50 years.
BS: Anthony Dixon, RB, MSU – A school record 252 rushing yards and two touchdowns in upset win at Kentucky.

BG: Rico McCoy, LB, UT – Had 10 tackles and forced a pair of fumbles leading the Vol D, which held South Carolina to just 13 points.
BH: Walter McFadden, DB, Auburn – Two picks (one returned for a TD); kept Jevan Snead in check all game.
GH: Antonio Coleman, DE, Auburn – Had 4 TFL , 2 sacks, 1 blocked kick and forced fumble, and was unblockable most of the game.
RM: Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU – 13 tackles for the 3rd game in a row (plus 2 TFL and 1 sack); watch for him in the LSU v. Alabama game.
BS: Walt McFadden, DB, Auburn – Two huge INTs... 1 returned for a TD and 1 sealing the upset win over Ole Miss.

BG: Warren Norman, KR, Vandy – Hey how often does a Vandy player make the list? Returned his 3rd KO for a TD this season in loss to GT.
BH: Caleb Sturgis, K, Florida – 56 yard field goal against Georgia that would have been good from 60.
GH: Warren Norman, KR, Vanderbilt – Tied an SEC record with his 3rd KOR for a TD this season.
RM: Drew Butler, P, UGA – 4 bombs (& we mean BOMBS) for 210 yards (53 /per), plus 2 inside the 20, in a losing effort. This kid is being wasted.
BS: Jesse Grandy, KR, Miss – 82-yard KO return for TD, giving Ole Miss a punchers chance in a wild 3Q vs. Auburn.

BG: Gene Chizik, Auburn – Pulled his team off the mat for a big win over Ole Miss; held fractured AU club together in a situation similar to last year. Tommy Tuberville couldn't do that.
BH: Lane Kiffin, UT – Raise your hand if you thought UT would win 8 games after the UCLA loss.
GH: Gus Malzahn/Ted Roof, Auburn –Malzahn outcoached Houston Nutt in his own personal "revenge game", and Ted Roof had the D tackling well and flying to the football.
RM: Lane Kiffin, UT – You realize how much more fun the off-season is going to be! ;)
BS: Lane Kiffin, UT – W over S. Carolina has the Vols looking like a real football team, after a painfully slow start to the season.

BG: Ole Miss v. Auburn – Back and forth, back and forth, who will make the last big play. Now what happens to Ole Miss?
BH: MSU v. Kentucky – Two evenly matched teams fighting for 60 minutes, wish we would have had some other games like this Saturday.
GH: Auburn v. Ole Miss – The 3Q alone could have won this honor. Long TDs, blocked kicks for points and defensive TDs helped make this an entertaining/exciting game.
RM: MSU v. Kentucky – MSU's two Ws came on the road – ‘course, LSU, Florida and ‘bama are all in Stark-vegas. Run Dixon like a red-headed step mule.
BS: Ole Miss v. Auburn – That 3rd quarter was crazy! Big plays on both sides made this a fun game to watch.

BG: Auburn's offense – Able to generate big plays against a talented Ole Miss defense after 2 weeks of stalling.
BH: The Black Helmets – Are you kidding me? We're running out of words to explain how dense it is for Mark Richt to keep messing with the frickin' uniforms. Coach, Richt!
GH: Tennessee's turnaround – Maybe, just maybe, Kiffin knows what he's doing (on the field anyway), as he has the Vols playing well every week since UCLA, and they have a good chance to finish 8-4.
RM: People still believing in UGA – Shocked by the number of CFB "experts" that thought UGA had a chance in that game.
BS: Tennessee's resurgence – I predicted a Gamecock win by at least 10; boy was I wrong. Right now, the Vols look like the second-best team in the SEC East.

BG: Brandon Spikes – He's too good of a player to resort to a cheap tactic like eye-gouging.
BH: South Carolina – Down 14 points before they had a first down; yuck. Three fumbles in the first five drives. (RM Note: Helloooooo mediocrity.)
GH: Georgia wearing black uniforms – When are the Dawgs gonna learn? That just doesn't work. Play some football.
RM: Ole Miss – Yeah, you were overrated. But y'all are breaking some of the cutest hearts in the SEC with this "heartless" play. (BG – I had the complete opposite take on Spikes – thought UGA (particularly FB Shaun Chapas) had their hands inside his facemask the entire game. Felt he was defending himself.)
BS: Georgia – It shouldn't be a shock that they lost to Florida, since they do that seemingly every year. But 2009 for Mark Richt is starting to look a lot like 2007 for Tommy Tuberville (force a coordinator change, or else).

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