Stream-of-Consciousness - 2010 Rose Bowl
Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor
Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor
Posted Jan 1, 2010

Ohio State gets the BCS monkey off its back with an impressive 26-17 win over Oregon to win the Rose Bowl. Terrelle Pryor has his coming out party, the Pac 10's bad bowl season continues, and the Big Ten gets a huge win. Check out Pete Fiutak's play-by-play, quarter by quarter analysis of the 2010 Rose Bowl between Ohio State and Oregon.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2010 Rose Bowl - Ohio St. vs. Oregon

By Pete Fiutak

- 2009 Rose Bowl Stream-of-Consciousness Notes


- It might not have a superpower like recent USC teams, and it might not have the intrigue of the Sugar Bowl coming up later on, but Ohio State vs. Oregon is as much of a toss-up as any recent Rose Bowl and it should be good theater one way or another.

Either Ohio State wins and all is right in the world in Columbus, or Oregon wins, Ohio State can't win a big game, and it'll be another offseason of Jim Tressel and Big Ten bashers going crazy.

The Big Ten might be 2-2 so far, but it has been strong this bowl season with Northwestern coming within a few feet on a missed field goal away from beating Auburn in the Outback and Minnesota losing by one to Iowa State in the Insight (along with wins by Wisconsin and Penn State), while the Pac 10 needs this win to save face after a rough start to the post-season. All along I've picked Ohio State for no good reason other than I like the defense, but I wouldn't be the least bit shocked if Oregon's offense went ballistic and roared to a win. Basically, a flipped a coin on my pick.

- Terrelle Pryor kneeling, praying in the middle of the field: "Please make my offense better ... please make my offense better."

- Enough with the whole Sully Sullenberger thing. Calmness in the basic instinct of self-preservation doesn't necessarily make a hero.

- Considering Oregon changes its outfits more than a slew of six-year-old girls at a princess birthday party, you'd think head coach Chip Kelly would be better dressed. 

First Quarter

Ohio State on its own 25
- Pound away. You know what you are, Ohio State. Don't pretend to be Texas Tech.
- Ohio State pretends to be Texas Tech, Pryor almost gets picked off, and now comes Tressel Ball. Run the ball, miss the third down conversion throw, punt. Live to fight another day.
- The short pass goes nowhere. Third and long.
- Uh oh ... Pryor takes off and runs for the first down, but he can't run. A healthy Pryor tears up the field and has a shot at taking it home, but he ran for 24 on third and six. He was hobbling, struggled with his cut, and got out of bounds. Watch Oregon quickly adjust to make Pryor try to take off. The big hitting linebackers will tee off on him.
- Five straight pass plays and Pryor is on.
- Kirk Herbstreit is so excited about OSU's hot start that you can hear him jumping up and down in the booth.
- If you're a golfer, you know how sometimes when you have a slight injury you tend to play better because you're more focused? That might be the case with Pryor throwing the ball.
- Dan Herron gashes the Oregon defense with a big run. Oregon's defensive front is getting flattened early on.
- Pryor is on. He hits DeVier Posey in the hands in the end zone and it's dropped. Oregon is hanging on by a thread. 3rd and 10.
- Here comes the "he's got to make that catch" comment ... wait for it ... wait for it ... wait for it ...
- Herbstreit: "He's got to make that play."
- Pryor shot-puts his throw to Brandon Saine, Saine blows up Talmadge Jackson, who should've made the tackle, and it's touchdown OSU.
- That was a drive a month in the making. The OSU coaching staff is basically saying, "Pryor, time to earn your salary." So to speak ... ahem.
Ohio State 7 ... Oregon 0

Oregon on its own 26
- Oregon, come out throwing. Ohio State will be frothing at the mouth to stop the run and will overpursue.
- Two plays, two easy big plays.
- After two plays of the read-option running game, Ohio State has it. The defensive front destroyed the Oregon O line on both plays and there was nothing there. If Cameron Heyward and the Buckeye defensive line plays like this all game long, Oregon will be shut down cold. The penetration is too great.
- TERRIFIC punt by Jackson Rice..

Ohio State on its own 3
- Oregon gets nailed with a facemask and gets hit by a dumb play. LB Eddie Pleasant just bailed out the Buckeyes.
- Uhhhhhh, Oregon. You'd better get something  out of your defensive line in a big hurry.
- Pryor can't move. He ran for a first down on 3rd and 3 showing as much burst as me getting off the couch after a morning of getting my butt on the treadmill.
- This looks like an Ohio State team that's as mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore. On every play, and at this tempo, you can almost hear the team saying, "BCS this."
- Oregon doesn't have an answer on defense. Jeremiah Masoli, get your track shoes on.
- Surprisingly, the OSU power running isn't working quite as well as the quick timing throws.
- Kenny Rowe was able to get to Pryor, who almost pulled a Vince Young and busted out of a sack.
- Nice stop, Oregon. Rowe got good pressure on Pryor and the deep ball missed. It's an overstatement, yeah, but Rowe on the last two plays might have saved the game, at least early on.

Oregon on its own 9
- The OSU defensive line is dominating the interior and is blowing up the read-option. The option doesn't work on smart, quick, disciplined defensive fronts. 
- Heyward is KILLING LT Bo Thran.
- OOOOOHHHHHH. Anderson Russell dropped an interception that would've gone for a score.
- Rice has to bust out the punt of his life ... nice. He cranks it out to midfield.
- Nothing puts me in a bad mood faster than a Beatles song ... except an ad that covers a Beatles song.

Ohio State on the 50
- Oregon ... welcome to the adult table.
- Brandon Saine blows past Rowe for a 44-yard pass play, but he might had stepped out of bounds ... he's in.
- that was an NFL throw from Pryor.
- Bad snap ... Pryor saves the play by getting to the ball and preventing a disaster.
- There was a flashback to Vince Young when Pryor got an opening, but he just doesn't have the one-cut burst to blow past the Oregon linebackers. Third and goal. Let him throw. he's on.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no. The passing game is working, Pryor is making the right decisions, and OSU tries to run wide on third and goal. Oregon's quickness in the back seven makes the stop.
- C'mon OSU, make a statement and go for it.
- Devin Barclay comes in for Aaron Pettrey to hit the field goal. Pettrey must be dinged up.
Ohio State 10 ... Oregon 0

Oregon on its own 42
- Kenjon Barner is such a weapon. he's going to break a kickoff return big before this game is over. However, he might get lots of chacnces with the way the Buckeyes are playing.
- Barner explodes on an end around for 37 yards, and now the Ducks are in it. That's Oregon. That's the high-tempo attack.
- Masoli rumbles for a nice gain. Alright, alright ... no we have a game.

First Quarter: Ohio State 10 ... Oregon 0


- Don't get cute, Oregon. Go with the run to LaMichael James on the option ...
- Oregon gets stuffed, Masoli misses a pass, and the end of the first quarter time out killed the momentum. Field goal.
Ohio State 10 ... Oregon 3

Ohio State on its own 15
- The success of the Oregon offense appears to have helped out the D. The D is now playing with more tempo and is more active.
- The defensive line is starting to get more penetration, and now it's third and long.
- Pryor isn't getting as much time to work, and now all the momentum is on Oregon's side. The D was waiting for Pryor to try to take off.

Oregon on the OSU 30
- Barner has changed this game around. He came up with a 28-yard punt return.
- Now the Ducks are running the offense. Start to run wide and get away from the defensive front. Everything inside is getting stuffed.
- 3rd and 7 and Masoli has yet to do anything with the passing game. He's 1-of-5.
- HUGE mistake ... false start. Oregon isn't going to convert many, if any, 3rd and 12s against this D.
- Masoli had time, there was nothing there, and he dumped it off to James. Again, Heyward is in the backfield.
- Going for it on 4th and 9 and Masoli throws a strike to Jeff Mahle. GREAT catch toeing the sideline. First down and it wasn't reviewed. Thank you up tempo offense.
- In the red zone, now it's time for the hammer. LeGarrette Blount will get in soon ...
- ... but James comes up with a big run up the middle. The Oregon interior is finally getting a bit of a push.
- And here is Blount. He punches it in from four yards out, stretching his hand over the goal line.
- Huh? He was called down? He looked like he got in. That was absolutely a touchdown; he was sitting on Kurt Coleman.
- Reviewed ... touchdown. Oregon has now officially weathered the storm.
Ohio State 10 ... Oregon 10

Ohio State on its own 20
- Why isn't Ohio State going back to what worked? The O has slowed to a standstill and lost the tempo and rhythm that worked so well before.
- The Buckeyes got a first down on a Herron run, but the offense has started to creep back into the old conservative mode.
- For the first time all game long, Oregon got pressure and hit Pryor. Pryor was off.
- The running game is working the left side over Justin Boren, who's burying the right side.
- Oregon had the stop, sacked Pryor, but Brandon Bair got nailed for a fasemask call. OSU was giving away the drive by running and got bailed out.
- Pryor is getting time, is able to buy more on the move, and he's keeping the offense moving.
- The OSU offense is trying to work over T.J. Ward. Posey can beat him, and it seems like the Buckeyes are setting things up for a big play.
- Nice answer so far to the Oregon score.
- Pryor is taking some chances with his throws. He's going to get picked at a key time before this is over.
- Pryor isn't getting much room to run, and he's not taking off.
- That's the best he has looked all game ling running the ball. He tore off to his right and simply outran the Ducks.
- 4th and 1. You're Ohio State. You go for it and you show your power game. Oregon is going to keep scoring and this is a big chance for OSU to keep up the pace.
- How many people watching this right now will watch Cougar Town because Lisa Kudrow is making a guest appearance?
- Wooooo ... right guard Bryant Browning collapsed the Oregon line and Saine gets an easy first down.
- KEEP POWERING IT. 1st and goal, this is where you use the bulk.
- Instead, Pryor air mails it out of bounds on a timing pattern.
- Dumb, dumb, dumb. Why are you EVER throwing it wide? Don't let the fast Oregon back seven be able to run to the ball. OSU has completely botched this drive, and if it doesn't get into the end zone, these last two drives will be second-guessed for a long time. Two straight power runs makes it 3rd and goal from three instead of from 12.
- Field goal. Pryor didn't have anyone open and almost gets picked off by Javes Lewis.
- Barclay nails the 30-yard field goal. This should've been a soul-crushing drive, but instead it turns out to be a win for the Ducks.
- How many people watching this are going to care that there's a bonus Better Off Ted tonight with the Sugar Bowl on at the same time?
Ohio State 13 ... Oregon 10

Oregon on its own 30
- I want to see that again. Cliff Harris got blasted and fumbled the ball and Ohio State got it, but on sight it looked like the ball was out.
- His hip was down, but was the ball moving a bit? OSU isn't going to win this, but it's close.
- 1:01 to play. How much does Masoli get to throw?
- Herbstreit and Musburger are obviously having a lot of fun with this game. They're the best, the absolute best.
- Fantastic throw in between coverage by Masoli. He powered a ball over the top of two linebackers to Lavasier Tuinei for a 23-yard gain.
- Ohio State's defense has become shockingly soft. I'm stunned that the safeties aren't making more of an impact.
- Oregon isn't taking it easy, and now it's 3rd and 7 with the potential to get burned. If Masoli doesn't hit this, OSU gets the ball ...
- Interception. Doug Worthington gets a tip, Ross Homan picks it off, and now OSU has a chance for some late, cheap points.

Ohio State on the Oregon 46
- Pryor gets 19 days to throw and he has no clue whatsoever what to do with the ball.
- He makes up for the gaffe with a missile to Dane Sanzenbacher for a 25-yard gain.
- Ten seconds to play. Pettrey is working up, not Barclay.
- On the 28, Pryor has to get rid of the ball in a hurry, but he almost pulls a Colt McCoy in the Big 12 Championship and waits too long.
- Two seconds to play and Pettrey nails the 45-yarder.
- That's as well as Ohio State can play on offense and it's only up six. Oregon, if it knew the Buckeye attack would play this well, would be ecstatic to only be down 16-10.

Second Quarter Score: Ohio State 16 ... Oregon 10

Third Quarter

Don't kick it to Barner ... don't kick it to Barner ...

Oregon on its own 45
- They kicked it to Barner, and they went to Jared.
- James tears off a big run on the left side. He's not getting much room to move, but he's slippery enough to make things happen when he's on the move. OSU can't seem to find him.
- Pass interference. Oregon is moving the ball and is doing a great job of mixing it up.
- The OSU defensive front continues to control the game. Oregon isn't getting the consistent big runs, and Masoli isn't doing anything on the ground.
- 4th and 3, and Masoli throws a nice, safe pass for the first down.
- After all the good things OSU did in the first half, one good finish to this drive and Oregon has the lead.
- Barner is KILLING the OSU D. Masoli draws in the defensive front, throws a nice short pass to Barner, and it's first and goal.
- I always seem to write this ... why wouldn't OSU take a time out right here? Oregon is going in for a score, the offense is up tempo and in a perfect rhythm, and the Buckeyes need to do something to break it up.
- On the goal line, and here comes Blount, but ...
- Masoli just gives Brian Rolle reason to hit the weights this offseason after barreling over him for a one-yard score.
- Ohio State is not being outphysicaled. Yes, I'm making that a word. The scary part is that Oregon isn't even humming offensively.
Oregon 17 ... Ohio State 16

Ohio State on its own 20
- Scoring points for OSU is like pulling teeth, while Oregon makes it look too easy.
- OSU has take at least one shot deep. In a perfect world, the Buckeyes would have a dangerous tight end who can take away the linebackers over the middle.
- There isn't any mention of it, but Pryor isn't being used enough to run the ball. He has turned into just another passer.
- Now the Buckeyes go deep to Posey. He gets behind Cliff Harris, Pryor throws a great ball, and that's the play that will be there all game long as long as the Duck back seven keeps cheating up.
- I'm shocked. A stretch run worked well. Oregon wasn't able get to Saine and it was an easy downhill run.
- Ohio State tries a slow, sad version of Oregon's read option and it got erased by Brandon Bair.
- Oregon's linebackers are overcommitting a bit. A naked bootleg might spring something big ... if Pryor can run.
- This drive screams field goal.
- Pryor makes his worst throw of the game. He had Sanzenbacher on a post for an easy touchdown and he threw it behind him. It was a misread that he would love to have back.
- Yup. Field goal. Ohio State's defense had better come up with something to answer; the offense is struggling a bit to much in the red zone because it can't find a running game that consistently works.
- Is Luke Wilson fat?
Ohio State 19 ... Oregon 17

Oregon on its own 36
- Don't kick it to Barner ... don't kick it to Barner ...
- Seriously, it's called a squib. I don't think Ohio State's coaches believe the special teams could possibly tip in Oregon's favor.
- Eventually, Jeff Maehl is going to come up with a big play. OSU is cheating up a bit.
- But it doesn't matter, James pants Coleman and tears off a big run and now Oregon is on the verge of getting in for a score. OSU is totally confused and has no answer for Barner.
- It's a little chickenspit, but OSU should have a player gets a bit dinged up here and there just to slow things down.
- And there's the first really big mistake. Blount never gets the ball with his eyes looking at the defenders bearing down, he drops the ball and kicks it out of the end zone. OSU survives a sure touchdown drive and must come up with another long, sustained drive like it got at the end of the first half.

Ohio State on its own 20
- Pryor is growing up. He would've NEVER been allowed to chuck it like this in mid-October. No matter what happens the rest of this game, Pryor will go into the offseason with the expectations jacked through the roof (even more than before).
- Fantastic play by Rowe. He's having a whale of a game bothering Pryor more than anyone else on the Oregon line.
- The Oregon defenders are dialed in to No. 2. They Oregon D is basically going to pop Pryor every chance it gets and will force someone else to make a play.
- Pryor got greedy. On 3rd and 8, he not only blew off a wide open Herron for a sure first down to go deep for Posey, and if he had thrown a dart, he'd have had a chance. He hangs it up, John Boyett gets there, and Oregon erases the turnover from Blount.

Oregon on its own 43
- Uh oh. James runs into the locker room with a dinged up shoulder. Masoli will have to start running more.
- OSU is letting Masoli get rid of the ball and is focusing on stopping him. The linebackers have to take their chances with No. 2 running it.
- Again, Maehl is overdue for a big play.
- Masoli takes an unnecessary chance down the middle of the field. Both teams are throwing haymakers and both are missing.
- The Oregon jerseys, beyond being just an ugly nod to Icarus, have unreadable numbers.

Ohio State on its own 13
- There's only a minute left in the third. At some point the OSU offensive line has to take over against the smallish Oregon defensive front.
- OSU has gone back to its old ways, but it's working. Crank out yards and time, make it a manageable third down (it's 3rd and 3), and keep the Oregon offense off the field.
- Excellent game. It's so nice not to have USC around.

Third Quarter Score: Ohio State 19 ... Oregon 17


- WHY? OSU could've run for a first down on 3rd and 3, tried a slant pass that didn't work, and now it's back to the Ducks.

Oregon on its own 32
- Oregon is going to power it a bit. Blount is an NFL back and he needs to play like it with James dinged up. He doesn't have blazing speed, but the last thing the linebackers want to deal with right now is the combination of Masoli's quickness and Blount's power.
- Masoli has just eight yards rushing on six carries.
- Again, it seems like Oregon is setting something up for Maehl. But for now, the Ducks appear content to run and get the normal offense on track.
- Masoli and Pryor are getting impatient. They're trying to make plays that aren't there.

Ohio State on its own 19
- Not to beat this into the ground, but this is where a good Big Ten team is supposed to beat a Pac 10 team into the ground.
- Wisconsin would go on a long, brutal march right now.
- Pryor comes up with the play he needs to make. There was nothing there, he takes off, improvises, and gets the first down.
- James comes out of the locker room for Oregon.
- Just like it was big for Oregon to stay in the game after all the things OSU did in the first half, for all the fireworks and all the good things Oregon has done, OSU can go up nine with a long touchdown drive.
- 11 minutes to play.
- 3rd and 5 and OSU connects on the slant throw to Sanzenbacher that didn't work before. Oregon blew it by laying off Sanzenbacher too far. That was easy.
- Pryor has no feel whatsoever. He's not reading the second option at all, and he's not getting the pressure from the back. Rowe is phenomenal.
- Now it's 3rd and 12 because Ohio State went away from the power running game that would've made it 3rd and four. Yes, there are times when Tressel Ball really works.
- MIRACULOUS. The play of the Rose Bowl. Pryor, again having no feel and within a hair of getting brought down, Pryor hangs it up for TE Jake Ballard for a jump ball first down.
- 8:40 to play and OSU is still throwing, and then it tried to run on 2nd and 10 with nothing happening.
- Herbstreit is dead on right. A field goal would be the norm for OSU in a Big Ten game, but the O has to take a chance.
- Pryor's knee must be loose. He's running smoothly taking off for a first down.
- Offsides Oregon.
- A field goal doesn't really help OSU. Being up five isn't going to get it done.
- There we go. Herron for three yards on first down. That's fine. Masoli can't hurt OSU on the sidelines.
- It's a coming out party for Pryor, and it's a coming out party for Posey. Pryor throws a brilliant pass, Posey makes the twisting grab for a touchdown. It's under review, but he has it.
- 8 catches, 101 yards, 1 TD for Posey.
Ohio State 26 ... Oregon 17

Oregon on the Ohio State 38
- How fricking brilliant was that? Everyone was focusing on stopping Barner, and Oregon runs a reverse on the kickoff to Harris for a huge gain.
- James is back in and slips and slides for a five-yard gain.
- Heyward is having a big game, but so is Doug Worthington. The much-maligned tackles of last year are putting on a shot.
- GREAT tackle on James to force a 4th and 1. Now you HAVE to kick the field goal with 5:25 to play.
- BTW, this piece is really, really hard to do when Oregon is playing. There's just no time to type.
- Missed it. Rose Bowl.
- Chip Kelly was probably sick to kick the field goal, and now this will eat at him all offseason.

Ohio State on its own 26
- This is where Justin Boren has to be an NFL guard. Run behind him and pound away the clock.
- Great penetration from the Oregon D. 2nd and 12 with 4:33 to go.
- Ooooooh. Pryor took a chance making a dangerous pitch on the option. 3rd and 2.
- That's why you have a 6-6, 235-pound quarterback. OSU simply runs right, Pryor runs downhill, easy first down.
- Three minutes to play.
- I don't know the time of possession, but it has to be at least 40-20 OSU.
- Fox has to love this. It's going to end just as Tim Tebow starts yelling at someone.
- First down Pryor with the ball at midfield on a pounding run by Saine.
- It's not Jim Tressel with 2:32 to play, but Oregon is selling out. Posey can get wide open for an easy score if OSU wants to take one shot deep.
- Instead, Tressel is letting Pryor become the favorite for the 2010 Heisman.
- 1:30 to play
- Knee time.
- The Buckeyes pour Gatorade on Tressel and his circuits spark and blow up.
- Dork on Tressel. He runs to meet Kelly at midfield with his headset  still on.
- Ohio State held on to the ball for 41:37.

FINAL SCORE: Ohio State 26 ... Oregon 17