Stream-of-Consciousness - 2010 Sugar Bowl
Florida QB Tim Tebow
Florida QB Tim Tebow
Posted Jan 1, 2010

Play-by-play, quarter by quarter analysis of the first half of the 2010 Sugar Bowl

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2010 Sugar Bowl - Florida vs. Cincinnati

By Pete Fiutak

- 2009 Sugar Bowl Stream-of-Consciousness Notes


- I'm having a good day. A happy day. All four games so far in 2010 have been fantastic and I'm in a great mood. I'm just not ready for four hours of Tim Tebow suck up garbage.

- Brian Billick might be an insufferable bag of pompous gas, but he's a whale of an analyst.  

- Was the Florida loss to Alabama really "heartbreaking," as Thom Brennaman put it?

- Urban Meyer runs out on the field without having a grabber. That's a positive sign.

- Meyer just retired again.

- Oh dear lord. The Bull(bleep) Meter is off the charts. First, Meyer says that Florida is happy to be here, when everyone knows that the team has no interest in being in New Orleans, and then he come up with this. "Tim (Tebow) is great for every young person in the world." I have two young daughters. Their lives, unlike Thom Brennaman's, are not better by one lick because of Tebow's existence (unless he's wearing a Disney princess dress).

- Meyer just unretired again.

First Quarter

Cincinnati on its own 28
- Cincinnati comes out with a few easy pitches and catches for a first down. Florida is edgy. Really edgy. Brandon Hicks gets tagged with a personal foul penalty.
- Apparently, according to Billick, Florida has athletes.
- Oh no ... this is going to be a long, bad game. Four plays, three penalties. Two on Cincinnati, and now it's third and long
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number two.

Florida on its own 16
- It's nails on a chalkboard to me at this point. Just call him Tebow. Not TimTebow.
- Uh oh ... Cincinnati doesn't have it. Florida is going to go through the motions and do whatever it wants to offensively.
- Just as I write that, the Bearcat defensive front mans up and stops a inside running play .
- And just as I write that, Tebow has a sandwich behind his line and makes an easy throw for the first.
- Uh oh ... Florida is trying.
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number three.
- Cincinnati is going to have to sell out and beat Tebow up. He gets as long as he wants to behind his excellent line ...
- But he gets way too comfortable and gets sacked.
- Billick: "This is not TimTebow's game." He's referring to throwing to a covered receiver on a third read. Billick won't say it during the broadcast, and he can't, but in his own way he just said that TimTebow can't play in the NFL.
- Cincinnati got screwed. A whistle went off and the Bearcats stopped while Tebow rumbled down to the five.
- Shot of Meyer on the sideline. He didn't retire yet.
- Yeeeesh ... Jeffrey Demps' arm just went a direction it's not supposed to.
- TimTebow to Aaron Hernandez for a touchdown.
- Isn't Cincinnati supposed to be the No. 3 team in the country?
- That was AWESOME. Walter Stewart jumped through a lazy gap on the Florida line and blocked the extra point.
- For some reason, I don't think that's going to matter.
Florida 6 ... Cincinnati 0

Cincinnati on its own 45
- Please, my Fox brothers, please stop showing shots of Demps' arm going the wrong way.
- The short-range passing game has worked so far, but the penalties were the killers on the first drive.
- I have a man-crush on Joe Haden, the best defensive back in America with no apologies to Eric Berry. Cincinnati ran a beautiful trick play that would've worked on about 115 other teams, but Haden didn't fall for it.
- UC interim head coach Jeff Quinn just yelled at RB Isaiah Pead on the sidelines. If you're a Bearcat player getting honked at, just tell Quinn to save it for Buffalo and the MAC. The big boys are playing tonight.
- Ugh. Nothing is there, Pike tries to run for a first down, gets stuffed, and Meyer decides to retire.

Florida on its own 19
- And I'm wondering if Tebow Cam is in any way related to my latest physical.
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number four.
- 44-3. That's the final score if Florida quits trying right now.
- Seriously, how pervy do you have to be to be locked in on Tebow Cam?
- Alright, alright ... Cincinnati is using its quickness to generate a little bit of inside pressure.
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number five.
- Beavis-like laugh. Billick: "This is as big and as physical a unit as I've seen."
- After a penalty, Florida kicks a field goal. America looks to see what else is on.
Florida 9 ... Cincinnati 0

Cincinnati on its own 23
- Oh heavens. Cincinnati isn't even close.
- Florida knows Cincinnati doesn't have a chance, Cincinnati knows that it doesn't have a chance, and Florida knows that Cincinnati knows that Florida knows that Cincinnati doesn't have a chance.
- And there's the first quarter that we'll never have back.

First Quarter Score: Florida 9 ... Cincinnati 0


Florida on its own 35
- Jake Rogers hits a bomb of a punt to get the Bearcats out of a jam.
- The inside running will work as long as Florida wants to be sort of dull. The Gators can probably win this game without throwing a ball.
- TimTebow is 12-for-12. He's having few problems.
- Billick, go ahead and break down Tebow as an NFL prospect. Go ahead and use this to criticize the elongated throwing motion, the inability to throw under pressure, and the questionable deep arm.
- Third and 1 ... you know exactly what's coming ...
- WOW. And so does Cincinnati. The defensive line and the linebackers stuff TimTebow.
- And there's a shot of Meyer on the sidelines thinking about sitting on a beach.
- Florida goes for it on fourth and one on the 35. Guess who ran it for a first down.
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number seven.
- Cincinnati is popping and the effort is there, but Florida is putting on a clinic.
- Alright, enough being a Negative Nelly. (Yes, I used Negative Nelly. I'm punchy and this game sucks.) If Cincinnati can hold the Gatos to a field goal then it's only 12-0 with a chance to get back into the game with one decent drive or one big play ...
- Touchdown. Deonte Thompson on a brilliant catch on a very, very nice throw from Tebow. He put it in a perfect spot because he has no fear of getting touched by the non-existent Bearcat pass rush.
Florida 16 ... Cincinnati 0

Cincinnati on its own 25
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number eight.
- Tony Pike has to get the ball out of his hands much, much quicker. Florida is way too good (Fiu "Florida has athletes" reference number one) in the secondary. Haden is erasing Mardy Gilyard, while the Gators are popping the Bearcat receivers.
- Pike is throwing well, but nothing is happening.

Florida on its own 34
- Beyond being overmatched (yes, Cincinnati is the No. 3 team in the country), the Bearcats are playing dumb. That was a dumb horsecollar tackle by Andre Revels.
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number nine.
- Tebow is razor sharp and Hernandez is making himself a ton of money. These two are playing catch.
- Emmanuel Moody touchdown run. And no, Brian Kelly wouldn't have made a difference.
Florida 23 ... Cincinnati 0

Cincinnati on its own 29
- In the "Ya Think?" department. Billick: "This is an uphill battle for Cincinnati right now."
- Florida doesn't seem to like Gilyard. Every time he's getting the ball he's being swarmed on and beaten up.
- Finally, Cincinnat is moving the ball a bit. However, there's no rhythm and no tempo to the up-tempo attack.
- Ohhhhhhhh. Major Wright just blew up his teammate, Janorris Jenkins with a kill shot.
- Cincinnati is starting to get was too chippy and is starting to jaw it up a bit.
- Billick: "This is an uphill climb." Again.
- I'm dogging Billick (playfully ... really), but I really do think he can be a strong analyst. His strength is pointing out the X and O side of things and explaining it well. He did a great job of explaining how a little screen pass didn't work, how and why.
- This is going to be a penalty fest. These two teams are pushing after the whistle way too much and players are getting hurt left and right.
- Cincinnati really and truly is in a position to score! Happy New Year everyone!
- Three straight misfires forces the Bearcats to kick a field goal from 47 yards out ... good! It's good! It's good! Whoopee!!!
Florida 23 ... Cincinnati 3

Florida on its own 20
- Meyer has a look on his face like he'd rather be anywhere else in the world than pacing the sidelines.
- Oh nice throw. Tebow fakes the inside hand off, Riley Cooper blows past the cheating corner, there's no help from the safety, and it's an 80-yard touchdown.
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number nine.
Florida 30 ... Cincinnati 3

Cincinnati on its own 23
- The Bearcats aren't going to run the ball the rest of the game.
- Don't you try Zach Collaros at this point? Pike isn't the problem, but you have to try something.
- Seriously, can we match up 2007 Hawaii with 2009 Cincinnati and see if we can have a fun, competitive Sugar Bowl?
- Billick "Florida has athletes" reference number ten.
- Florida is the No. 2 team in America. If this team showed up against Alabama, it might be a whole different story.

Florida on the Cincinnati 45
- Tebow has 307 yards in the first half.
- The Gators keep on firing to put the pressure on to really and truly end the fun, but Tebow is off just enough to force a field goal attempt ...
- No good. Woo-hoo! A break for Cincinnati.
- Oh come on. I'm trying not to be fair, but Brennaman and Billick are having a disastrous game. Don't make apologies for Brian Kelly. Don't make excuses for him. He left. He chose to leave.
- Ugh ... a promo for the Cotton Bowl and Daryl Johnston called Ole Miss, "Old Miss" three times. Heavy sigh.

First Half Score: Florida 30 ... Cincinnati 3