Stream-of-Consciousness - 2010 Fiesta Bowl
Boise State RB Doug Martin
Boise State RB Doug Martin
Posted Jan 4, 2010

Boise State wins a defensive slugfest beating TCU 17-10 in a game that might have been ugly, but it got good late. Check out the play-by-play, quarter-by-quarter analysis of the 2010 Fiesta Bowl.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2010 Fiesta Bowl - TCU vs. Boise State

By Pete Fiutak

- 2009 Fiesta Bowl Stream-of-Consciousness Notes


- Let's not worry about what this game isn't. It's isn't for the national title, and no, the winner doesn't deserve a nod or votes for the national championship. It's not the 2007 Fiesta Bowl made magic against Oklahoma with every gimmick ever devised. And it's not a matchup of nice, cute stories. TCU and Boise State have been good for a long time and they deserve to be given more consideration by the human pollsters during the season, but for now, just enjoy what should be one of the best bowl games of the season. At least that's the hope.

- However, No. 4 TCU should be playing No. 3 Cincinnati in this game for the right to finish the year third, or even second depending on what happens in Pasadena. Boise State should've played Florida in the Sugar.

- How does Michael McDonald still have a career after the 40-Year-Old Virgin?

- Sorry, but an eagle flying through University of Phoenix Stadium doesn't quite compare to the jets flying over the Rose Bowl.

- I know I'll get hammered on this on several different levels, but the Verbal Kint hand crimp of a horned frog sign that TCU fans do is just plain silly.

- (Warning ... this only works if you can read it in his voice.) I'm Sam Rosen coming to you from lovely Glendale, Arizona, where the sunsets are lovely in the Valley of the Sun. I think the weather here is gorgeous, as I was telling that alter cocker Maury over there in 3B. He hasn't left Boca in 25 years and he's all ferdrayt.

- Really, why don't we have a playoff?

- I'm Sam Rosen and I'm excited for this game, but not as excited as I was over the nice piece of fish I had over at Max & Benny's, where they have the delightful bowl of pickles sitting on the table for you as the perfect complement to a corned beef sandwich with a shmeer of gravy so mouth-watering that it'll make you plotz.

- Why does Gary Patterson need a visor inside an enclosed stadium?


TCU on its own 23
- I think TCU is winning this game because of its defense. The offense doesn't have to do anything crazy and it doesn't have to take too many chances. Establish the run right away behind the big, talented line and wait for the defense to do the rest.
- TCU comes out throwing on the first play and swarming on the second against the run.
- QB Andy Dalton has to get on the move early.
- Fantastic punt pinning Kyle Wilson deep. He can't have the ball in his hands on the move.

Boise State on its own 15
- OHHHHHH. Kellen Moore, overshot his target by ten yards for what would've been a 85-yard touchdown.
- Moore is too pumped up. This game is in his hands, but he's way wild for him.
- How did Jerry Hughes not get nailed with a penalty for pushing Moore after the whistle?
- Three and out. Had Moore misfired on three straight passes at any time this year?
- Do NOT punt the ball to Jeremy Kerley. Punt it out of bounds, take a knee, whatever. Don't let him kill you.
- The Broncos do a nice job of stringing him out.
- TCU is establishing a chippy tone early. This is an attitude game for the Horned Frogs so far.

TCU on its own 31
- Go to what you do with the zone read. Run the offense.
- Boise State can run to the ball, but Oregon game aside, I think it can be powered over. TCU has to pound away and see early on if the Broncos have an answer up front for the massive front five.
- Am I insane that I sort of like the porkier version of the Taco Bell diet chick better?
- I still believe the Taco Bell diet ads are done by The Onion.
- Touchdown Boise State on a misfire from Dalton. Brandyn Thompson took advantage of a horrible, horrible play by Dalton, who locked in on his target starting last Tuesday and took the pick for an easy score.
- If nothing else, maybe this will stop the steady diet of Andy Dalton For Heisman e-mails that fill up my inbox on a weekly basis.
- I don't think TCU believed before this game that it could lose this game, or even be challenged. It'll be interesting to see if the offense comes out conservative.
- Dalton is honking on the sideline, obviously ticked about the broken off route by Antoine Hicks, but Dalton never took his eyes off him.
Boise State 7 ... TCU 0

TCU on its own 24
- Dalton comes back trying to make up for his pick six by forcing a throw into triple coverage.
- TCU, RUN YOUR NORMAL OFFENSE. Make Boise State stop the rushing aspect of the zone read.
- That's a third straight awful decision by Dalton. He had Ryan Christian wide open but didn't show any touch, allowing Kyle Wilson to easily bat it away.
- Three plays, three passes. Boise State didn't stop the run on the previous drive.
- 11 of the 12 things Tim Ryan have said so far have been excuses for TCU.
- TCU is playing like a bully who needs to try to do some pushing because it's insecure. The Horned Frogs are so much better than they played in the first five minutes.
- I'll be Ryan ... TCU needs to settle down.

Boise State on its own 26
- Kelly Griffin blows up a BSU running play. And there are the TCU fans with their Verbal Kint quotation marks.
- BSU, run right at Hughes. Don't let him chase down plays.
- No, no, no, no, no. That's not going to work. Delays aren't going to fly against this defense. Everything has to be decisive, quick-hitting ...
- Like that. Moore throws a strike to Austin Pettis for the first down.
- BSU has had two open target on both bomb attempts with Moore being off on each one. The offense isn't afraid of the TCU corners.
- And the TCU fans rejoice ..."Back when I was picking beans in Guatemala, we used to make fresh coffee, right off the trees I mean. That was good. This is sh** but, hey, I'm in a police station."
- The BSU receivers are abusing the TCU corners. The Horned Frogs can't cover Titus Young or Pettis. 
- Moore is locked in. He's making the right reads, he's in a rhythm, and he's throwing darts.
- Don't look now, but the impenetrable TCU D is getting picked on. Why? There's no pass rush. Moore is getting time and he's making the right reads.
- 36-yard field goal try...
- Nope. Kyle Brotzman pushed it wide.
- And the TCU fans rejoice ... "Where's your head, Agent Kujan? Where do you think the pressure's coming from?"
- I'm now annoyed by Ryan calling last year's Poinsettia Bowl the "Poin-seeee-et-tia Bowl" twice now.

TCU on its own 21
- Dalton isn't getting any open targets to throw to. He has had to try to make things happen so far.
- I'm Sam Rosen, and this is one of the things I love about college football: the bands. You know who had a good band? That Benny Goodman. The first time I heard him I had to fend off that schmendrick Herschel Weinstein to get dances with all the pretty girls.
- Dalton ... TURN YOUR HEAD. He's not reading the Bronco defense at all and he just got mashed by Kyle Wilson on a corner blitz.
- Uh oh ... Dalton is down. He got laid out by Wilson who nailed him with a perfectly clean hit. Wilson could've blown him up with a kill shot, but didn't.
- It's third down and TCU might want to get this drive over with, but if it's Marcus Jackson under center, he needs to connect on a pass right away or the Bronco safeties will cheat up and erase the run.

Boise State on its own 27
- Dalton got the wind knocked out of him.
- This is just about as bad as TCU can play, and Boise State has had a lot to do with that. But it's only 7-0.
- Again, I guarantee you that TCU is stunned that it's not winning this game easily.
- No, no, no, no, no, no. Again, that's not going to work. Don't string out the TCU defense and try to stretch out an option play.
- Moore reacted to pressure that wasn't there, threw off his back foot, and missed.
- The Boise State offense didn't go back to what worked on the last drive. It got way too cute.

TCU on its own 26
- The punters are doing a great job.
- TCU isn't sharp. Lots of ticky-tack, false start-type of mistakes.
- Dalton is back in.
- Nice play call to settle Dalton in. He flairs a quick pass out to Christian who gets free and close to a first down.

First Quarter Score: Boise State 7 ... TCU 0


- ANOTHER TCU false start.
- TCU, you have running backs. Use them.
- It's almost like both teams are trying to empty their playbooks instead of going at the opposing team's relative weaknesses.
- That's the third shot of the Boise State pep chicks or the band that showed someone yawning.
- Dalton makes a magnificent throw between three defenders and it's dropped. No one's making plays.

Boise State on its own 23
- Both of these teams would be down 21 to Florida by now.
- No. You can't use Misirlou to promote The Hangover. That song is forever associated with the opening of Pulp Fiction.
- For the first time all game, BSU gets a little bit of running room. I'm a big fan of Doug Martin. He's a tough, decisive runner who's always making something positive happen.
- Finally, a Jerry Hughes sighting.
- Hughes jumps. He's misreading Moore's cadence.
- Moore throws a perfect strike to Titus Young. He's getting the time and he's delivering.
- Brenel Myers moved outside and is now handling Hughes well.
- The Broncos are using Young in every way possible.
- THERE'S Hughes. Just as I praise Myers, Hughes flies into the backfield and sits on Moore's head. Boise State might have to start providing more help on him.
- 4th and three and Boise State is going for it on the TCU 25. This seems like more of a statement that the Broncos don't believe in Brotzman at the moment from 42 yards out than a statement trying to be made against the TCU D.
- Yes, I'm questioning TCU's defense. What are you doing giving Austin Pettis a five-yard cushion on 4th and 3?!
- Boise State needs to get a TD on this drive. TCU is too good not to start playing better.
- No, no, no, no, no. I'm still not sure why Boise State thinks it can use delays and thinks it can run wide on this swarming D.
- Has TCU's offense had the ball this half?
- Oh Kellen ... Moore had a wide open Chris Potter and airmailed his throw. He's way, way too good to be struggling with his consistency.
- Brotzman easily nails the field goal.
Boise State 10 ... TCU 0

TCU on its own 20
- Does TCU panic? There might be a feeling setting in that it needs to do something big soon to change the momentum.
- Boise State is playing far faster right now.
- Bad Tostitos promo shot. Someone's holding a bad of chips and it looked like he pulled one out of a Boise State player's butt.
- That's fine. It only went for a five yards, but a Joseph Turner power run got things moving. Keep at it, don't go for the home run, and get that running game working.
- And is all goes down the toilet. Dalton takes his eyes off the snap and loses it for a huge nine-yard loss.
- Dalton isn't even thinking about going to a second read. The Broncos are going to pick him off again for a huge play before this game is over.
- MVP ... TCU P Anson Kelton.
- And the TCU fans rejoice ... "Keaton always said, "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him." Well I believe in God, and the only thing that scares me is Keyser Soze."

Boise State on its own 4
- This is where Hughes has to earn his money.
- Again, Boise State doesn't really seem to believe that the TCU corners, with Rafael Priest out, can stop Young and the Bronco receivers.
- And yet again, the TCU fans rejoice ... "Are you trying to get a rise out of me, Agent Kujan?"
- TCU CB Greg McCoy has wheels, but he's getting ripped apart.
- Moore is getting all the time he wants to throw.
- HOW IS THAT DEFNESIVE PASS INTERFERENCE?! Young pulls down Jason Teague on a Moore pop fly. The Horned Frogs got totally screwed on that call.
- Hughes isn't getting to Moore, but he's making plays. He came up with a nice batted down pass on third down.
- Kerley is way overdue to do something interesting.
- Ryan had it right when he said, "uh oh." Kerley should've done more with a bad punt.

TCU on its own 38
- Two minutes to play and TCU has done nothing offensively. Dalton is having an awful game. He's not reading the BSU D at all ...
- ... and then he makes an excellent read and gets a first down play on a nice read an throw to Antoine Hicks.
- Dalton isn't getting much help from his targets.
- If TCU scores on this and it's 10-7 at halftime, TCU might as well be up by two scores. Again, this is as bad as it can play, and again, Boise State has had a lot to do with this.
- One minute to play. Dalton is playing better in the hurry-up, but he's still locked on to every primary target.
- Touchdown. This play has been set up all first half, and Dalton comes up with a fantastic throw to Curtis Clay on a slant and go. Brandyn Thompson gives with a pick six, and he gives back by biting on a fake and getting burned deep.
- This is devastating for the Broncos. Basically, it's 7-3 TCU even after the Broncos owned this half.
Boise State10 ... TCU 7

Boise State on its own 9
- With less than a minute to play, yeah, Titus Young was right to bring it out, even if it didn't work.
- Take a knee. You have the lead, Boise State. Get in the locker room ...
- ... but TCU has two timeouts left.
- .Uhhhhh, TCU, why aren't you calling a time out? Major gaffe here. With this defense, you make Boise State snap the ball deep in its own territory every chance you get.

Second Quarter Score: Boise State 10 ... TCU 7


Boise State on its own 32
- TCU has just 28 rushing yards in the first half. That's TCU's fault.
- I'm not sure why Boise State isn't going with more quick hitting passes. It's almost like the Broncos are playing into TCU's speed and aggressiveness instead of taking what's being given. Young and Pettis can catch 6-to-9-yard passes all game long.
- Three and out. Yes, I'll say it. Boise State's coaches are calling a dumb offensive game. 3rd and short and it ran wide?! On TCU?!

TCU on its own 24
- There we go. Fine. An inside hand-off only goes for a yard, but TCU has to establish something on the ground. Use the big beefy guys up front.
- But that only works if Dalton is making the right read on the option.
- Based on the way the offenses are playing, Florida, Texas, and Alabama would KILL these two teams.
- I've been overly critical of Dalton because he's better than this. This time, he makes a great play and fires a perfect pill for a first down with Broncos in his face.
- Basically, Dalton is looking at whoever isn't being covered by Kyle Wilson and going that way.
- I want a cute blond girl following me around with water at the ready like a head coach gets to have.
- BSU S George Hoka is killing the TCU quick passing game.
- No excuse. Dalton had all the time in the world to throw, he never turns his head to find a second receiver, and he misses on 3rd and 10.

Boise State on its own 17
- Again, I really like Doug Martin and he's the perfect player for what Boise State needs to do. There's no dancing, no finesse. Attack straight ahead and don't mess around.
- And the TCU fans rejoice ... "You tell me, Agent Kujan, if I told you the Loch Ness Monster hired me to hit the harbor, what would you say?"
- 3rd and 1 and Martin powers for the first down. Quick, decisive, and effective.
- The Broncos are WAY overdue to do something gimmicky, and Moore is WAY overdue to connect ...
- ... on a deep pass. As I wrote that. Kyle Efaw got open and Moore found him for a 28-yard play.
- Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how is that not TCU's ball?! Martin put it on the turf ...
- Yup, Hughes strips Martin and rips it out.

TCU on its own 44
- Late in the third quarter and TCU has to take advantage of this. This is the break it needed.
- TCU is having the same problem that Boise State is having with its play calls. Too much horizontal and not nearly enough vertical.
- Best play call of the day. Dalton comes up with a perfect fake and reads that Jeremy Kerley FINALLY gets a little room to breathe with Kyle Wilson backing off. Great call, great play great throw, first down. 
- TCU on the Boise 15.  
- Both defenses are way too disciplined. None of the misdirection stuff is working.
- It seems like there are five different levels of TCU cheerleader.
- Again, dumb. It's 3rd and long and it's a four-yard pass on a play that hasn't worked all game long and has no chance whatsoever this close to the goal line. It's one thing to take what a defense gives you, and it's another to try to make the play that needs to be made.
- Field goal. And for some reason, the TCU fans are rejoicing ... "It's all there. May I have a cigarette?"

Boise State on its own 27
-Two straight plays, two straight wide throws.
- Texas, please be watching this and realize this isn't going to work against Alabama.
- I'm sorry to be so harsh, but this is insane. BOISE STATE ... YOU ... CAN'T ... MOVE ... THE ... BALL ... ON ... TCU ... WIDE. My kingdom for a downfield throw.

TCU on its own 25
- With one minute to go in the third quarter, it's sort of too late to start establishing the run.
- (Heavy sigh) Dalton AGAIN fails to look off his receiver, locks on to Jimmy Young, Boise State swarms all over the throw and comes up with the pick ...
- Or not. The ball hit the turf.
- Another great punt from Kelton. If TCU wins this, he's the most valuable player by far.

Boise State on its own 27
- Boise State's best play call of the night. Everyone swarms to stop Martin and Jeremy Avery slips open for a 13-yard gain.
- Maybe, just maybe, Boise State has used the first three quarters to set up one big downfield pass play.

Third Quarter Score: Boise State 10 ... TCU 10


- Avery is starting to be used more. Fresh, speedy legs late in the game.
- 3rd and 3. Let Moore make a play down the field.
- He gets the chance and makes a nice throw, but Jason Teague makes a great play to force a punt.

TCU on its own 2
- Teague makes a big play, and then gets hit for a penalty to put TCU back deep.
- TCU, go vertical. Get one of your speedy targets on the outside and see what you can get deep.
- Dalton hits Jimmy Young wide for first down of ten yards.
- FINALLY ... Dalton connects with Young deep, but if he had floated it out a few yards more Young is gone for a touchdown. Instead it's at midfield.
- OHHHHHHHH. Boise State almost picked off a Dalton quick pass, but Jonathan Jones almost got the deflection for a big TCU play.
- Dalton has shown no deep arm whatsoever. Again, had he been able to push it deep, Antoine Hicks makes a big play, Instead, he underthrows him and gets picked off by Brandyn Thompson.

Boise State on its own 22
- This is SO headed for overtime. These two offenses have been too mediocre, and the defenses have been too good.
- TCU, get ready ... the trick play is coming. Sniff it out.
- Moore isn't having any luck. His receivers that were open in the first half are blanketed now.
- Nothing is happening for the Bronco attack and it's going to come up with something quirky to shake things up. It has to, but the third down play goes nowhere ...
- And there it is. A fake punt for 29 yards on a great throw by Kyle Brotzman with a man in his face. He calmly finds an open Kyle Efaw for a huge first down.
- When a kicker is the best passer in the game, there's a problem.
- Boise State is energized and Moore is on. The O line is doing a FANTASTIC job of keeping Moore clean.
- Where was this offense all game long? Moore is finding the right receivers, TCU has failed to come up with any pressure, and now it's down to the one.
- Jerry Hughes, time to get off the milk carton.
- Martin punches it in and the game has finally shown a sign of life after roughly 53 minutes of offensive futility.
Boise State 17 ... TCU 10

TCU on its own 24
- TCU needs to go back to the hurry up. It needs to find something to get into a groove.
- Thompson is getting picked on with Dalton not even thinking about going at Kyle Wilson, and he's coming up with a huge day.
- DALTON ... LOOK FOR A SECOND RECEIVER. He's getting the time and he's forcing it to his primary target every time with little luck.
- And again, Kelton bails the team out of a jam with a big kick.

Boise State on its own 36
- Doug Martin ... run him and get this clock, now at 6:47, down ...
- ... it's Avery on the run.
- Wow ... Ian Johnson and that cheerleader are still married after two years?! Everyone is making it sound like that's a big deal.
- Why?! The play calls have been awful. Simply awful.. On 2nd and 12 Boise goes to a short pass that would've gained two yards, at most, and then comes a moon shot pass out of bounds. There should be four minutes left in this game, but there's ...
- ... and then a bad line drive punt to Kerley, who comes up with a huge return.

TCU on the Boise State 32
- OHHHHH. Dalton finally comes up with a fantastic throw and Hicks drops a touchdown.
- Boise State comes up with a strong pass rush and forces a 3rd and 13.
- More pressure and Dalton comes up with a good, quick read to get in range for a fourth down play.
- And yes, 4th and 6 with 4:33 to play, with the offense struggling this much, you go for it.
- Please, TCU, throw it past the first down line.
- Dalton doesn't turn his head AGAIN, so he doesn't see an open post route for a touchdown. Instead he forces a short-range pass that doesn't work and Boise State takes over. The Bronco secondary is in Dalton's kitchen and is making biscuits.

Boise State on its own 27
- NOW YOU RUN THE BALL. Eat up clock. Your offense isn't going anywhere, anyway. with just over four minutes to play, force TCU to burn its two timeouts, and go and rely on the defense that has been so brilliant all game long.
- Kellen Moore makes a nice, cool throw to his brother for the first down. TCU has one time out left.
- Give the TCU fans credit; they're still doing the claw thing.
- 3rd and 5 for Boise State ... 1:30 to play. Moore has to make one throw for 14-0.
- Nice call be TCU bringing the house. Moore doesn't pick it up and throws it away.
- Great point by Ryan. Moore should've sat down to force TCU to burn its last time out.
- 1:16 to play, and ...

TCU on its own 1
- Alright, Andy Dalton. If you do this, your bad night gets wiped away.
- He's going to get all the ten-yard throws he wants.
- Out pattern to Hicks ... first down at the 12.
- Completion to Kerley short of a first down and the last time out is called.
- 54 seconds to play.
- First down on a nice throw by Dalton up to the 36.
- Downs don't mean anything. Take one shot deep to Hicks and see if your 6-2 target can make a play on the 5-10 Thompson.
- Or get the pass interference. Dalton goes to Jimmy Young and Jerrell Gavins comes up with a very questionable-looking pass interference call ... but two officials threw the flag.
- :36 to play at midfield. No timeouts.
- Great, great, great presence from Dalton. He doesn't panic, finds Kerley, first down with :29 to play.
- And then Dalton turns into Chad Pennington and noodle arms a long out throw that hangs up in the air for an hour and a half. Thompson bats it up, Winston Venable gets there and gets the win.
- That was a great TCU team that Boise State just manhandled.

FINAL SCORE: Boise State 17 ... TCU 10