2010 BCS Champ. Stream-of-Conciousness Notes
Alabama RB Mark Ingram
Alabama RB Mark Ingram
Posted Jan 7, 2010

Alabama wins the national championship in a game that should've been easier than it was with Colt McCoy out. Check out Pete Fiutak's quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the 2010 BCS Championship.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2010 BCS Championship - Texas vs. Alabama

By Pete Fiutak

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- I'm in the minority on this, but this game should've been played a few days ago. Rose and Sugar on the first, the Fiesta on the second, the Orange on the third, and the BCS Championship on the fourth. The extra time doesn't mean more drama or more build up, it gives the NFL playoffs and the baseball Hall of Fame announcement a chance to take over part of the spotlight.

- Who is saying Alabama is going to win big? Every analyst is saying the exact same thing. It's going to be close, it's going to be low scoring, and Alabama will probably win, unless Colt McCoy goes crazy and carries the Longhorns to the title. I wouldn't be stunned if this is a wild shootout with both offenses opening it up a bit. I would be stunned, though, if this is a dull blowout.

- Considering they're both uber-powers, I like both teams and both programs. It's never fun to root for Goliath, but the sports info types at both schools are great, McCoy is genuinely a good guy, the Bama players are solid, and while there will always be obnoxious fan bases to get annoyed by, these two aren't quite as insufferable as those at other powerhouses.  

- Mark Ingram walking in with his headphones on. What's playing? "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows/Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together ... "

- Wow, Roger Clemens showed up with the Texas baseball hat specifically made to fit his gigantic chemically-enhanced head.

- Mack Brown: "No one remembers second. No one remembers who loses." Uh, yeah they do. It's easy. It's usually a team that begins with the letter O.

- Why isn't anyone in the college football media thumping that corporate boob Bill Hancock, leader of the BCS. Five-part question. 1) If you're so concerned about academics as the reason why you don't want a college football playoff, then why do you allow December bowl games? 2) Are you aware that there's no school on Christmas or New Year's Day, when you could easily hold the first and second rounds of an eight-team playoff? 3) If you're that worried about injuries, then why do you let every other division have a playoff? 4) Why do you feel the need to flat-out lie, when we'd all believe, although not necessarily accept, that you don't want a playoff because it might hurt the job security of college administrators and the relevance of the bowls? 5) Can I have a follow-up question when you don't answer the first four?

- Alright, time to put 'em on the glass. Here's what I think will happen. 1) Trent Richardson will emerge as the star for Bama with Ingram held in check, 2) Rolando McClain will make 15 tackles, 3) Nick Saban will look grumpy, 4) Colt McCoy will have finish his career as a true college football legend by coming up with a brilliant final drive for the Texas national championship.

- Do any of the players actually know who Keith Jackson is other than being the dude who hocks Gatorade?

First Quarter

Alabama on the 30
- Interesting. Bama wins the coin flip and takes the ball.
- Start off running Ingram. Show the Horns you're not afraid ...
- ... and then hand off to Ingram, get stuffed, and be slightly afraid.
- False start, Bama. The Tide was supposedly tight this week, and it looks like it in the first two plays.
- Lamarr Houston blows past All-America guard Mike Johnson for a huge sack. 3rd and 23.
- Take a knee and punt.
- Or just throw it away. Nice call taking the ball first.
- We're less than two minutes into the game and I cant'
- Moronic. Simply moronic. Believe in your defense and don't go all Boise State. Bama panics and goes for the fake punt, it's easily snuffed out for a turnover. Alabama, act like you can actually win this game because you're better.
- Gideon, all is now completely forgiven for the drop against Texas Tech last year.

Texas on the Alabama 39
- McCoy hits Shipley for a short gain. There won't be any yards after the catch, so McCoy has to accept the 3-to-5 yard gains.
- Short pass to Malcolm Williams. Third and short.
- Texas wants to show that it can be physical, and it just blew Bama's defensive front off the ball for a first down.
- This just feels like a heavyweight fight early. Thank God we don't have to deal with Cincinnati in this game.
- Yeeeessshh. If Tre Newton gets going and is able to get the running game going, Bama is in big, big trouble.
- And that's the last option we'll see McCoy keep. He got POPPED. It looks like he hurt his shoulder ...
- ... McCoy is on the sideline ...
- ... Colt, you do NOT lead with your throwing shoulder when going into the line.
- Garrett Gilbert, your table is ready.
- Come on ESPN/ABC. It's okay to put Tiger Woods in your Masters promos.
- That just screams separated shoulder on McCoy.
- Offensive line and defense, this game is on you.
- End around to D.J. Monroe for a huge gain to get down to the one ...
- ... Gilbert sneaks it in, but penalty flags are flying. Neither team appeared to be set.
- Illegal formation on Texas and personal foul on McClain for unnecessary roughness.
- Graham is a big-time talent, but this is sad at every level if McCoy can't play. McCoy deserves a better fate than this.
- The Tide D is PUMPED, but it's getting beaten up up front.
- But not on that play. Lorenzo Washington came up with a huge play against Cody Johnson on the one.
- Third and goal. Two down territory. With McCoy out, you HAVE to try for the touchdown now when you get the chance.
- Gilbert throws it through the end zone as McCoy goes into the locker room.
- Bad coaching move No. 2 in this game. Texas, if you really do have the be-all-end-all defense, you have no problems with Bama possibly having the ball on the one. You're not going to be able to get the offense rolling with Gilbert and you have got to give this a shot for seven. But instead, Brown goes for the field goal.
Texas 3 ... Alabama 0

Texas on the Alabama 30
- Alabama isn't just playing tight, it's playing dumb. Texas gets the squid kickoff after Julio Jones doesn't go after the ball.
- Run the normal offense and throw the ball. Show right away that Gilbert can actually throw a little bit.
- Two straight running plays. The tempo has slowed considerably. Buy time until McCoy can get shot up/get the shoulder popped in.
- Everyone else will have to pick up their games. Dan Buckner dropped a pass right in his hands, but he wouldn't have gotten the first down anyway.
- Hunter Lawrence 42 yarder ....
- Good. However, Alabama made two critical, devastating mistakes and it's only down six.
- Take a deep breath, Bama, run the offense, gt a few first downs, and play some football.
- McCoy has his pads off.
Texas 6 ... Alabama 0

Alabama on its own 40
- Texas, act like you can actually stop Javier Arenas and kick it off next time.
- Texas gets fantastic coverage from the secondary, Greg McElroy isn't decisive, and he gets sacked again. Sam Acho gets the sack.
- Someone needs to get fired if they don't realize there's a certain Heisman winner to hand off ...
- Ingram rips off 12 yards over the left side. He shows excellent speed. That's the quickness he showed earlier in the year.
- Sacked again. The Tide O line's ability to pass protect was a question mark, and it's failing miserably.
- McElroy isn't picking this up at all, but his line isn't providing any help.
- Trent Richardson in the Wildcat. Why in the world would you run this on 2nd and long?!
- Texas obviously doesn't believe McElroy can play. They're selling out to get to him and the Bama receivers aren't helping the cause.
- McCoy's right shoulder is being X-rayed.

Texas on its own 20
- Texas, you can't win the national title with six points. You have to let Gilbert throw now, or else ...
- The Tide defense will pin its ears back and will stuff the run, like it did the first two plays.
- And you can't do that, either. McClain is WAY too smart to try to run a little screen like that.
- Very, very nice punt from Justin Tucker to get it out of bounds and deep. Arenas isn't going to get a chance.
- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the college football equivalent of the four corners stall from Texas.

Alabama on its own 42
- Alabama (clearing throat ... ahhhhem, ahhhhhhem) ... RUN MARK INGRAM UNTIL TEXAS STOPS HIM.
- Ingram gets the carry and he gets eight yards. Easily.
- Ingram gets the carry and he powers the ball for another big game. Easily.
- Ingram is on the sideline. Now you run Roy Upchurch and Trent Richardson until Texas stops him.
- McElroy finally gets time, all the time in the world, and finally Julio Jones shows up.
- Right now, the Texas coaches need to be furiously reworking the offensive game plan. Alabama is going to score, and Texas needs to figure out something that Gilbert can do.
- I'm going to make this mistake and I won't catch it. I want to call him Garrett Graham.
- Ingram gets the carry and he rips off a big gain to get close to the goal line, getting tripped up at the last second. Easily.
- Entertaining first quarter, but it stinks that there's this big No. 12 cloud hanging over the game.

First Quarter Score: Texas 6 ... Alabama 0