2010 BCS Champ. SOC Notes - 3rd Quarter
Texas QB Garrett Gilbert
Texas QB Garrett Gilbert
Posted Jan 8, 2010

A quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the 3rd Quarter of the 2010 BCS Championship - Texas vs. Alabama


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Texas on its own 34
- McCoy isn't coming back. Go find something else better to do.
- Nice Tre Newton run on first down to get nine yards.
- No, Kirk, all the talking to Gilbert, all the players' saying they believe in him, all the pep talks won't matter.
- This might be slightly more interesting drive if Brown didn't allow Bama to pull a Jack Squirek.
- Deer, Gilbert, meet the headlights.
- Is Sherrod Harris really that bad?
- Wow ... a nice 37-yard play by Marquise Goodwin for another first down.
- Bama doesn't quite seem to be frothing at the mouth like it was before halftime.
- Gilbert tries to go downfield in a one man route. There's no hope.
- Gilbert pats the ball and gives Mark Barron time to jump up and knock down the ball. There's no hope.
- Someone runs on the field in an attempt to bring more speed to the Texas offense.

Alabama on its own 20
- If you're Alabama, do you need to run another play? Could you simply keep taking a knee over and over again? The only way Texas has a chance to score is on a turnover for a score.
- There's 11:19 to play in the third quarter.
- So there's no second guessing later, after the way Ingram just got upended, maybe someone in the Tide coaching staff might want to think about sitting Mr. Heisman for next year. Two words: Willis McGahee.

Texas on its own 41
- At this point, run the normal offense. Try to do whatever you'd normally do with McCoy.
- Like that. Shipley comes open and Gilbert connects for a nice first down.
- The Longhorn receivers have been a complete and utter failure. They're not catching the ball, they're not running through their routes, and they're not making plays. Gilbert isn't playing well, but he's not the total problem.
- If you're Texas, you have to have a triple option quarterback somewhere on the roster. Some former high school quarter who switched positions. Texas, you're still playing for the national championship, and what you have isn't working.
- I mean, seriously, why is Texas still playing? They're zombies at this point and they've lost all the focus.

Alabama on its own 20
- It looks like it's just a cramp (there's a Jason Mellon line to be used here), but watching Ingram walk off the field with the trainers should be enough to scare the Tide into playing him again.
- The Texas defense is stuffing the ultra-conservative Bama attack. At 17-6, this would've been a dangerous plan. Texas could play this game for 29 more quarters and it wouldn't be able to put up 18 points.

Texas on its own 49
- Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, if McCoy's shoulder X-ray is negative and it's just a sprain, then why isn't he in this game? I'd understand the idea of sitting a player for his NFL future if this was the Sugar Bowl, but this is THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. McCoy was begging to get in the game, but everyone around him wouldn't let him go back in. I'm all for protecting a player, and I would be in 100% agreement if this was a concussion or any other game, but if you're coming back for your senior year, you're already taking a chance and this, again, IS FOR THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.
- How much of a butthead does Urban Meyer look like now with the whole Tebow concussion thing.

Alabama on its own 20
- Kirk: "They've got to change it up a little bit on this series." Why?
- That's why not. Bama does try to change it up and McElroy gets sacked.

Texas on its own 41
- Seriously, Texas, try something different. Anything.
- Let this be a lesson to every team out there. PREPARE YOUR BACKUP QUARTERBACK.
- See, why not do that? Texas starts to run its normal offense and it gets a first down. Pretend that's McCoy under center, call the gameplan, and see what happens.
- Unofficial count: that's the fourth batted down pass.
- Well, wake up little snoozy. Gilbert gets ten minutes to throw, Shipley gets free, and Gilbert throws a strike for a 45-yard touchdown.
- Really, how bad does that decision look to go for the field goal early on? How much worse is that Mack Brown braincramp to go with the shovel pass.
- Alright now, Bama, D UP FOR THE ONSIDE KICK. Texas is going to try to keep the momentum.
Alabama 24 ... Texas 13

- Texas football. It wasn't an onside kick as much as it was a pinball play off the Bama player. Was he trying to squid it?

Texas on its own 41
- Again, Texas sort of isn't getting any real luck. That should've been a pass interference call.
- 3rd and 11. At this point, let Gilbert throw the rest of the game.
- Wowwwwww. Texas is NOT getting a break from the officials. Kareem Jackson should've been tagged with another pass interference call.
- Terrific punt by John Gold pinning the Tide deep.

Alabama on its own 6
- Bama, do not alter the plan. :39 to play and Texas is jazzed up, but now you keep pounding away. Get this to the fourth. Texas still doesn't have 11 points in it without a lot of luck.
- Alabama went three-and-out on its three third quarter possessions. And there's your national champion, America

Third Quarter Score: Alabama 24 ... Texas 13