2010 BCS Champ. SOC Notes - 4th Quarter

Posted Jan 8, 2010

A quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the 4th Quarter of the 2010 BCS Championship - Texas vs. Alabama


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- Interesting ... Ingram can't seem to loosen up. Richardson runs for a first down, anyway.
- Uh, Julio Jones, aren't you supposed to be an NFL receiver? Shouldn't there be one deep ball thrown your way with the way Texas is selling out to stop the run?
- McElroy is having a tough game. He can't find anything to work with Longhorns in his face all game long.
- Alabama is struggling, but it's slowwwwwwly chipping away at the clock.
- 13:20 left.
- That is complete and utter crap. How did Kareem Jackson get away with two pass interference calls on the previous drive and Chykie Brown gets hit with THAT on a deep ball to Marquis Maze? There was bumping on both sides.
- Penalties are penalties, but Texas hasn't received one break so far ...
- And that includes a hands to the face call when the Tide should've been hit by a hold.
- I'm never one to blame the officials in a game like this for being one-sided, but the Texas coaches are going to look at the film of this game and go ballistic.
- 12 minutes to play.
- 3rd and five on the Texas 35. Run it and make this two down territory.
- McElroy and Jones can't connect, and here comes Tiffin ...
- Misses the 52-yarder.

Texas on its own 35
- McCoy looks really, really pissed.
- Texas is sort of hanging around and now the receivers are helping the cause. Shipley and Newton each come up with nice catches at the right time to make it 3rd and short.
- Again, Texas can't catch any real breaks. Newton made the catch, got up to the line, got the first down, but the play was whistled dead as it went to the booth for a review.
- Texas gets its first break as McClain goes offsides.
- At midfield with under ten to play, now it's up to Gilbert to find a little rhythm. He hasn't been close.
- When he gets time, though, he has a nice, accurate arm.
- 3rd and 4 and another Texas penalty. This is Texas causing its own bad breaks on a false start.
- Again, when he gets time, he throws darts. Gilbert hung well in the pocket, let Shipley work open, and connected for the first down.
- Bama sees this and brings the blitz from the outside to hurry him. He misfires.
- Gets time, gets Shipley.
- Uh, kids, there's seven minutes to play and Texas is on the Bama 25 and Gilbert looks like a totally different ...
- Wow. Gilbert hangs in the pocket, sees the single coverage on Shipley, and connects on a strong throw for a score. Now comes the two point conversion.
- Holy CRAP. That was an NFL strike from Gilbert to Dan Buckner to make this a three point game.
- Again, Mack Brown will have to answer for that field goal in the first quarter.
- Can the Tide turn it back on all of a sudden? To be fair, there was nothing, NOTHING to suggest that Gilbert would suddenly settle down and become a real, live player.
- Uhhhhh, this thing is going to overtime, isn't it?
- Watch, now Texas blows it and gives Arenas a shot.
Alabama 24 ... Texas 21

Alabama on its own 34
- I get it, but I don't like it. With six minutes to play and with a real shot to pull this off, why not try to blast it through the end zone?
- Ingram is back in.
- Oh is that smart. Ingram cranks out a fantastic first down run and manages to get down in bounds.
- Alabama has brought in Mariano Rivera saying Mr. Heisman, close this.
- 4:30 to play.
- Texas has to sell out to stop Ingram and take its chances on the short pass ...
- ... and it stops Ingram and forces a 3rd and long.
- McElroy gets all the time he needs ...
- ... and he can't connect with Darius Hanks.
- McElroy is confused.
- 3:21 to play.
- Fine, I'll be the one to say it. 1) Biggest gag job ever if Bama blows this? 2) Now, it's really disappointing that we didn't get to see what Texas could've done with McCoy.

Texas on its own 7
- Hey, freshman, go 93 yards against one of the best defenses in America to win the national title.
- Texas gets the call with Mark Barron getting nabbed for a holding call in the Tide secondary.
- The UT O line is playing its guts out.
- Until that. Eryk Anders blindsides Gilbert, forces a fumble, Alabama wins the national title.

Alabama on the Texas 3
- Ingram, go get your title moment.
- Stuffed on the two.
- The substitution time out Texas took before the last Bama punt was a killer now.
- Nope. The second wave of Texas defenders hold Ingram to the one.
- With the entire state of Texas focused on stopping Ingram, McElroy could walk in on a quarterback keeper.
- Ingram on the second, third, and fourth effort wins Alabama the national title.
- "We hope that Mark, Senior, was able to watch." He would've been able to if he wasn't a criminal.
- Texas S Aaron Williams has his motivation to hit the weights even harder next year.
Alabama 31 ... Texas 21

Texas on its own 20
- Gilbert throws a perfect strike to Arenas to put an official end to all the fun.

Alabama on the Texas 28
- Ingram is out and Bama is still running.
- C'mon, Chuckles, take a knee.
- 1:41 to play and on the five. Bama is looking to add more points.
- Saban gets 400K for winning tonight. Meanwhile, his players probably couldn't afford Taco Bwll.
- Greatest Gatorade moment ever. The Tide hits Saban in the head with the Gatorade bucket and he looks really, really, really mad. Notice how none of the players are near him offering a hug of congratulations. I got ripped on by LSU fans for suggesting that the miserably grouchy Saban makes college football joyless. Saban makes college football joyless.
- Would they have dumped Gatorade on Bear Bryant?
- The extra point doinks off the upright.
Alabama 37 ... Texas 21

Texas on its own 20
- A ricocheted interception that wasn't Gilbert's fault. Saban will probably throw deep.

Alabama on its own 31
- Yeah, but ...

FINAL SCORE: Alabama 37 ... Texas 21