2010 BCS Champ. SOC Notes - 2nd Quarter
Alabama DT Marcell Dareus
Alabama DT Marcell Dareus
Posted Jan 7, 2010

A quarter-by-quarter, play-by-play look at the 2nd Quarter of the 2010 BCS Championship - Texas vs. Alabama


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- Terrence Cody is in the game to pound away for Ingram, but the Heisman winner gets stuffed.
- But not on this play. Ingram walks into the end zone as Cody does a high step because there's no one to block.
- No ... DON'T. Don't make the Mark Ingram dad story out to be a nice touchy-feeling thing. He's a convicted criminal who screwed up, and screwed up again by his own choice.
Alabama 7 ... Texas 6

Texas on its own 25
- It seems like the air has completely gone out of the Texas balloon. This game is over and this is going to be ugly unless Gilbert can show he can actually play college football.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Texas, you can't win this by running Tre Newton.
- Alabama doesn't think that Gilbert can play.
- People, pack it up. It's over until Gilbert shows something.
- Chop block and now it's 2nd and 23. Take a knee, burn some clock, and get to the locker room as fast as possible.
- Yes, there's 13 minutes to play.
- A little end around play to get creative, but the bag of tricks is about empty.
- And now Gilbert is hurt. Can Ryan Perrilloux get recruited again?
- I love Brent, but ... "That would be the second quarterback knocked out." To go back to 3rd grade, no doy.
- Arenas gets a shot but he can't do anything with it.

Alabama on its own 40
- The Alabama running game isn't having any problems now that the O line has taken charge.
- Texas is playing like a totally deflated team that ...
- ... caught a nice break thanks to the Alabama coaching staff. Instead of running the ball down the Longhorns' throat, they choose to throw the ball and McElroy gets erased again.
- It's miraculous that McElroy is still in this game after the beating he took.
- I'm just guessing here, but here's what appears to be happening and here's how these things work. McCoy is screwed up but wants to play, the trainers and doctors are saying no, and McCoy is saying yes, I'm going in. McCoy's dad just got brought into the locker room.

Texas on its own 15
- Alright ... Gilbert throws over the middle and misses a covered Shipley, but Texas is going to lose unless it tries to get him moving.
- Texas, figure out the Bama blitzes, and now. Guess and see if Gilbert can find the hot read and the open man in the vacant spot.
- Gilbert gets his second pass knocked down.
- He's locking on to his targets ... and hard.
- If McCoy comes running back on the field, that would trump the overrated Willis Reed moment with a resounding splat.

Alabama on the Texas 49
- If you're Mack Brown, you take Gilbert aside for a few moments, and you tell him this, word for word: "Don't worry about losing this game. Don't worry about mistakes. Don't worry about anything but going out there and having more fun than you've ever had in your entire life. This is what you came to Texas for, and if we win we win, and if we lose we lose. Now go out there, let it all out, and do whatever you need to do.
- And what he might need to do is play defensive tackle. The left side of the Bama line obliterated the Texas defensive tackles opening up a ten-mile wide hole for Trent Richardson, who tears off a 49-yard run for a score.
- Drew Davis is literally sitting on the UT lineman's head after Mike Johnson blew open the hole.
- Brent and Kirk, get the filler material ready.
- Phone call to Boise State. Yeah, can you get here at halftime?
- If you're Alabama, go onside kick. Why not? Texas can't get a first down.
Alabama 14 ... Texas 6

Texas on its own 41

- Nice, nice, nice throw. Malcolm Williams goes up and Gilbert put the ball on his hands, but it didn't happen. If Tim Tebow had a throwing motion like Gilbert, he'd be a top ten pick.
- And then Gilbert gets picked off. Arenas jumps the short route and comes up with the pick. That's okay ... keep gunning it.

Alabama on its own 23
- Ingram is cranking out yards in huge chunks. He's getting to the second level WAY too easily.
- The Texas defensive tackles are getting buried. Give credit to the Bama line, but Texas could not be playing more deflated.
- Six minutes to go in the first half. Texas, find something now and you can possibly get out of this only down eight.
- But Texas isn't tackling, the Bama O has a spring in its step, and everything is rolling the Tide's way.
- For the first time all game long, McElroy gets all the time in the world. The UT defensive front appears to be cashed after getting beaten on.
- 3rd and 5 ... run it Bama, run it.
- NICE play by Earl Thomas to read the play and get to Richardson. Big third down stop to make it 4th and 4.
- Bama, on the 39, go for it. Again, why not? Texas can't get a first down, so why not try to end this thing now?
- P.J. Fitzgerald rolls it up to the two.

Texas on its own 2
- How butt-dumb does that decision to go for the field goal early on look now?
- From Lisa Salters, McCoy won't be back this half. Uh, duh. There are three minutes to play. He'll be "reevaluated," which means they need time to see if he can throw the ball after "the shot" kicks in.
- Texas now just isn't getting any luck. Shipley was open, Gilbert hung it up, and it simply didn't connect.
- Now the little poochy kicking thing isn't working. Air it out and take your chances with Arenas.

Alabama on the Texas 29
- People, we're just going through the motions now. Texas can't get a first down, much less eight points.
- If Bama tries a pass play at any point on this drive, I'm going to break something tasteful.
- 1:29 to play and Texas players walking to the sidelines are looking like they were run over by a truck.
- Gilbert is sitting on the bench looking like he's waiting for his turn to go back out on the field to suck.
- 3rd and 7 and McElroy runs a bootleg to make it 4th and short on the ten with :33 to play. Of course you go for it ...
- But Bama lost about ten seconds. Neither coaching staff is having a stellar game.
- On the flip side, 17-6 makes it insurmountable. Texas could luck its way into a touchdown, but at this point, it's not scoring twice.
- 26 yarder is automatic for Tiffin.
- Brent appears bored. This just sucks all the way around. No one really wins because now Bama will have to answer the "yeah, but" questions for the rest of their lives.
- The most unhappy people in the world right now are Brent and Kirk. You can hear Herbstreit in his head yelling, "someone try something! Someone scream or something! Please! Someone come up with an answer!"
- Upon further review, McCoy looks like he might have popped a collarbone.
Alabama 17 ... Texas 6

Texas on its own 25
- Texas, uh, why are you calling a timeout with 15 seconds to go? What are you going to do, complete a pass?
- Mack Brown needs to be docked a million a year off that five-mildo salary if that really is an interception return for a touchdown. Gilbert tried a shovel pass on the Texas 35 with 15 seconds to play and wasn't going to go anywhere.
- Yup. It bounced around, Marcell Dareus takes the ball away, and he takes it into the end zone for a score.
- Oh relax, hair boy. Nick Saban runs up the sideline yelling, "What the (bleep) are you doing?" after Dareus threw the ball in excitement after the touchdown. Ooooooh, an unsportsmanlike penalty with three seconds to play.
Alabama 24 ... Texas 6

- Brown: "That's about as safe a play as there is." Obviously not.
- Brown: "It's just a shoulder." Just? Obviously not.

Second Quarter Score: Alabama 24 .... Texas 6