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Stream-of-Consciousness - 2010 Senior Bowl
Cincinnati WR Mardy Gilyard
Cincinnati WR Mardy Gilyard
Posted Jan 30, 2010

How did Tim Tebow do in the all-star showcase? Who were the stars of the 2010 Senior Bowl, and who struggled? Pete Fiutak breaks it all down play-by-play in the Stream-of-Consciousness Notes for the key post-season scrimmage.

Stream-of-Consciousness Notes

2010 Senior Bowl

By Pete Fiutak
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By Pete Fiutak  

Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 


- I'm expecting nothing. Basically, the buzz around the Senior Bowl practices this year was that just about everyone sucked. The quarterbacks were bad, Tim Tebow was worse, and outside of a few players that aren't going to be taken in the first round like Troy's Brandon Lang, Cincinnati's Mardy Gilyard, and Ole Miss's Dexter McCluster, there hasn't been much of a WOW factor outside of the blubber on Terence Cody's junk in the front (the dude weighed in at 370 pounds).

- The rule of thumb is that you can’t really help yourself in the game if you were a dog in practices, but you can certainly lose ground if you look lost when the bullets start flying. However, an unknown can make a huge name for himself with one big play or a few big moments.

- Tebow: "Just one team has to like you." The team that likes him and hopes to rely on him to do something special will be bad. Very bad. To a man, everyone who actually matters is saying that he can't play quarterback in the NFL.

- I'm waiting for Mike Mayock to destroy Tebow. It'll be interesting to see if he can keep it relatively nice.

- It's all about the Combine. This is step one in the whole process. If you're really good, you're probably not here.

First Quarter

- Bob Papa, it's Ole Miss. Dexter McCluster is from Ole Miss, not Old Miss.

South on its own 26
- Tebow under center. It just looks weird.
- McCluster isn't Chris Johnson, but there are a lot of people looking at him like a lesser version.
- The South is in a hurry-up with Tebow. There's no reason to use any Wildcat; it's all about seeing if Tebow can make something happen.
- Tebow can make that throw. He had an open Chris McCoy to throw to, but he didn't drill it. He was a bit tentative.

North on its 38
- Cincinnati's Tony Pike starts. He's been a big bowl of suck this week and needs a huge game.
- C'mon ... a reverse to Jacoby Ford? There's no reason to get cute in a game like this.
-- USC's Taylor Mays blew a tackle that he needs to start making on a more regular basis to make more money. He has everything you want, but there's a big question mark about his basics when it comes to his tackling ability.
- Wayne State's Joique Bell is an X factor in the process. He runs hard and in a few carries looks like he belongs.
- Pike has hit his first three throws, but he has to show he can fire. Yeah, he can dink and dunk it, but in this game, he has to drive a throw down the field and show a bit more pop in the gun.
- NICE ... Tennessee DT Dan Williams occupied two blockers without much of a problem, but the North still got the first down.
- Idaho's Mike Iupati gets nailed for a hold that negates a touchdown after getting beaten on the inside. Even so, Pike did a fantastic job of checking off his first receiver and threw a nice pass to Wisconsin's Garrett Graham for the score. And then Pike screws up and misfires on an easy throw that he needed to put on a rope.
- Mayock is right ... Iupati is a holding machine.
- There's no excuse for Pike to not be on the same page as Gilyard. He had a free play and he air-mailed his deep throw.
- Pike is in the shotgun. This doesn't do anyone any good; he needs to show he can operate on a regular basis under center.
- In windy conditions, Michigan State PK Brett Swenson nails a 43-yard field goal.

North 3 ... South 0

South on its own 28
- Alright Tebow. Show SOMETHING. Give us a reason to care about you as a potential pro.
- Auburn's Ben Tate gets two straight carries. He wasn't able to make much happen with no room to move, but he escaped and avoided a tackle for loss. I love him as an early third round pick. He'll be someone's rock-solid No. 2 back.
- Tebow gets time and makes a strong, accurate deep curl throw against Boise Staet's Kyle Wilson for a first down.
- Neither offensive line has been able to show much of a push so far, but LSU's Ciron Black showed some athleticism on a reverse and USC's Jeff Byers moved extremely well.
- Tebow has room to run, should've been able to get the first down, and TCU's Daryl Washington put an end to that forcing a Leigh Tiffin field goal attempt. Washington read the play and exploded to the ball. Tiffin will nail this ...
- He does.

North 3 ... South 3

North on its own 41
- Sneaky-nice return by Gilyard. It wasn't a big run, but he should've been stopped on the 25 and instead he did just enough to get out past the 40.
- Again, Pike is in the shotgun. He almost needs to ask if he can be under center.
- He runs a little option and shows some mobility for the first down.
- Oregon's LeGarrette Blount has had a nice week. He has shown that he's not the monster everyone made him out to be after the Boise State game and he has looked good. He made a strong run with a great juke on USF's George Selvie to make something out of nothing.

First Quarter Score: North 3 ... South 3

Second Quarter

- Pike looks a little unsure of himself and didn't force a throw he needed to try to make. He and Tebow have been way, way too cautious.
- I really, really like Blount. He got a little hole, showed a nice burst, and got his way into the end zone. Iupati erased the left side of the line to give Blount room to run for his 14-yard score finishing it off nicely with a dive for a score. I'm not sure he's a feature back for a full season, but he can be Jonathan Stewart.

North 10 ... South 3

South on its own 25

- West Virginia's Jarrett Brown has had a strong week and showed that he's worth a longer look. He replaces Tebow.
- McCluster is in the Wildcat. Every general manager is quietly ticked off that McCluster is getting so much hype; everyone wants him.
- Now that's a true pro quarterback play; the first of the game. Brown is under center, reads the defense, finds his target, and fires a strong, decisive throw for a first down.
- USC's Stafon Johnson gets his first carry and comes up with a nice run with a good cut to make something happen that wasn't there.
- Brown doesn't want to risk a timing pattern, pulls it down, and tries to buy himself some time. As good as his first throw was, that's how indecisive he was on his second throw ...
- ... and then he air mails an open target after not setting his feet on a throw he should be able to make 99 out of 100 times.

North on its own 20
- Dan Williams ... again. As if he needs more reason to be a first round pick, he held his own against two blockers and batted down a Pike pass.
- Slippery run for Fresno State's Lonyae Miller. He's a forgotten player after working behind Ryan Mathews, and he needs to have a decent showing. That first run will make many do some more work on his 2008 season when he was able to show off his speed a bit more.
- Missouri's Danario Alexander has had a rough week in all areas, and he didn't make things better by not getting his head in the game on a timing play and Pike misfired.
- Pike isn't having much luck. No one around him is making enough plays to give him any time.
- Williams sniffed out a running back screen and blew up the play.
- The guy in the game who'll have the longest career? Michigan punter Zoltan Mesko, who rolled up a decent kick.

South on its own 21
- And there's an all-star game. NC State's Ted Larsen threw the shotgun snap ten miles over Jarett Brown's head, Austen Lane from Murray State fell on it, got up, and scored. No one remembered that this is a pro game now; you have to touch the man. He's not down just by falling down.

North 17 ... South 3

South on its own 41
- Brett Swenson has been awful on kickoffs. It would be interesting to see if he's being asked to put it in play on purpose.
- Michigan's Brandon Graham just obliterated West Virgina's Selvish Capers. Capers had a nice week, but no one blocked Graham this week and he came up with a blur-in-the-backfield sack on Jarett Brown.
- Arkansas guard Mitch Petrus all but tackled Penn State's Jared Odrick for a drive-killing holding call.
- Brown simply isn't trusting his reads. The North defense is playing well, but Brown has to show he can make a throw to a covered man.

North on its own 40
- Oregon State's Sean Canfield has nice upside as a pro backup, but he struggled this week.
- Terrence Cody blew into the backfield and forced Joique Bell to fumble. Bell got it back, but it was a great play by the overweight Tide star.
- Troy's Cameron Sheffield rips past Virginia Tech's Ed Wang and Canfield didn't have a chance. The South gets the recovered fumble.

South on the North 33
- With Sheffield on one side and Brandon Lang on the other, Troy should've had a stronger defense this year.
- Brown hangs in the pocket and rifles a throw over the middle for a first down. He patted the ball and double clutched, but it was a strong throw.
- Terrific play by Brandon Graham. The South tried a little trick pitch play, Stafon Johnson had Graham on an island, and the play went nowhere.
- Everyone loved Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon before, and that play just made him even more money. He managed to not only stay with Dexter McCluster on a pass into the end zone, but he looked like a corner batting the play away.
- Leigh Tiffin nails the chip shot field goal.

North 17 ... South 6

North on its own 41
- Again, Mardy Gilyard with a sneaky-good return. He won't have the measurables, but he's a playmaker.
- Sean Canfield is back under center ...
- ... NICE throw. Canfield makes a strong, accurate throw on the run to Oregon's Ed Dickson.
- Canfield has a nice way of keeping his focus and his head down the field when things break down. Everyone else so far is looking to just survive. Canfield is trying to find ways to make something happen.
- LeGarrette Blount again comes up with a  strong, NFL run. He has a little bit of a crease, breaks through it, and uses his power to tack on three extra yards.
- Florida State's Patrick Robinson gets flagged for a pass interference. He and the rest of the defensive backs will have to be used to not being able to touch receivers.
- Robinson is hurt ... nothing serious, it looks like a hamstring.
- He's jogging off the field.
- Blount is running really, really hard. He's always going forward and he's dragging tacklers with him. Alabama's Javier Arenas didn't have a chance one-on-one.
- Canfield didn't look like he believed Georgia's Geno Atkins could close. Atkins blew past Mike Iupati for a sack.
- USC's Taylor Mays baits Canfield into a bad deep throw. There was only one option, Canfield tried to lay it in there, and Mays was sitting there waiting for the pick. Great play by Mays, poor read from Canfield.

South on its own 18
- Oklahoma State's Zac Robinson needs to have a nice drive and a few good throws. He had a so-so week.
- Good first play, but that was more a big play from Tulane WR Jeremy Williams than it was a big throw from Robinson. Robinson rolled to his right, hung it up, and let Williams make a big play.
- This is going to sound strange. Robinson almost got picked off and he badly missed his target, but he showed a gun firing the ball to the outside. It was actually a positive play off a bad throw.
- And then he rolls to his left and made a good, accurate throw to Florida's Riley Cooper. This is exactly the drive Robinson needed to have in the final moments of the first half.
- Terrific, terrific play by Robinson. He was looking off his target, looking off, looking off, looking off, and then boom, he came back to his open receiver hitting Alabama's Colin Peek for a 21-yard touchdown. Unlike Taylor Mays on the previous drive, Nebraska's Larry Asante didn't read the play and got beaten for a touchdown, even though he blasted Peek.
- Robinson just got on the radar.

Second Quarter Score: North 17 ... South 13

Third Quarter

North on its own 46
- Terrific return from Devin McCourty from Rutgers. He'll get a look at corner, but he'll make his mark at the next level as a special teamer.
- Sean Canfield is back under center and throws a good, quick pass getting the ball out of his hands ina hurry for a 2nd and short.
- You have to really be holding to be nailed for a penalty in this game.
- Lonyae Miller is producing. He's getting positive yards on every run even when there's nothing there.
- They're not calling a horse-collar. Florida State's Dekoda Watson flies to Miller and made a stop.
- I just praised Miller, and then he gets tackled by Watson and then gets stuffed on fourth and short by Lamarr Houston of Texas.

South on its own 35
- Wooooooo. Brandon Graham blows up the play getting to the Dexter McCluster run, and Sean Weatherspoon cleans it up. Graham is having a terrific day.
- Robinson buys time, scrambles a bit, and throws a dart across the middle between four defenders to Citadel's Andre Roberts. It was a throw Robinson should get yelled at for trying in any game other than an all-star scrimmage.
- I might have an accident over Graham. He's unblockable flying around LSU's Ciron Black, getting to Robinson and forced a fumble.

North on the South 49
- Central Michigan's Dan LeFevour in ... welcome to the NFL. He gets his arm hit on the first play and should've been picked off.
- He's taking shotgun snaps. I want to see him under center.
- LeFevour gets the ball out of his hands quickly and tries to throw a dart, but the receiver isn't on the same page.

- Javier Arenas time. It'll get called back, but he was able to burst through and come up with an excellent punt return for 62 yards.
- It was flagged for a block in the back, but wow.

South on its own 11
- Zac Robinson is back in. He comes out wining, but he's showing too long a throwing motion. It needs to be a bit more compact.
- Robinson gets buried. North Carolina's Cam Thomas keeps working and working and working and makes the sack. Someone's going to fall in love with him in the second around.
- Clemson's Jacoby Ford gets an easy ball to return, and he takes it 40 yards. That was a horrible punt by East Carolina's Matt Dodge. That was the type of punt that gets you cut in camp.

North on the South 29
- Again, I don't want to see LeFevour running a spread.
- Now he's under center ...
- And the timing is off. He had to do a three step drop and make a timing throw, but that's going to be tough in a game like this.
- That's what he can bring. The play broke down, he had a wide open field, and he took off for an easy first down out running Miami's Darryl Sharpton.
- LeFevour comes up with a good fake and finds Wisconsin's Garrett Graham for another positive play. The South defenders can't get to LeFevour.
- Woooooooooooooo. LeGarrette Blount blew through the hole and drove over LSU's Harry Coleman and put him on skates. It should've been called a touchdown, but instead he's down at the one.
- LeFevour fumbles the snap, picks it up, and walks in for the score. It was like his own personal Fumblerooski.

North 24 ... South 13

South on its own 35
- Tim Tebow gets kissed as he floats a pass out to UAB's Joe Webb. Webb isn't an NFL quarterback, but he could end up being a poor man's Joshua Cribbs.
- Larry Asante makes up for his misread for a score at the end of the first half with a textbook stick of Dexter McCluster to force a fumble.

North on the South 42
- There's an NFL throw. The scouts are looking to see a quarterback throw a rope and drive the ball to a spot, and LeFevour did that to Jacoby Ford. Kentucky's Trevard Lindley didn't read the play right.
- LeFevour connects with Mardy Gilyard for a 44-yard play, but the deep arm didn't look all that great. He got time, stepped into the throw, and underthrew it. Gilyard made a great adjustment.
- Lindley has lost a lot of money on the last two plays.
- Lonyae Miller is making up for some soft earlier runs by finishing his last two runs well to get down to the goal line.

Third Quarter Score: North 24 ... South 13

Fourth Quarter

- Terrific penetration by the defensive interior of the South and LeGarrette Blount never had a chance. Dekoda Watson forced his way into the backfield from the outside and Terrence Cody and the inside guys cleaned it up.
- Fourth and goal from the one. LeFevour rolled to his right and didn't have anyone to go to or anywhere to go. Florida State's Patrick Robinson covered Gilyard like a blanked. LeFevour got stuffed at the one.

SouSouth on its own 1
- The focus of the necessity of this game is gone. Now it's about trying to win the game and not about trying to showcase pro prospect.
- Ben Tate gets the South out of trouble. Again, he's going to be a productive back as someone's No. 2 for a long time.
- Tebow has yet to do anything that screams NFL starter.
- He hits Tulane's Jeremy Williams after working out of the shotgun, and he actually showed a better throwing motion than normal. It just takes a while.
- Yeah, if you're going to commit to the shotgun, Tebow could be effective. But you're limited in what you can do.
- Oh Tebow. Utah's Koa Misi forces the fumble and Iowa's A.J. Edds gets it.

North on the South 32
- My kingdom for a deep ball ...
- As I type that, Dan LeFevour, who sort of has a Phil Rivers shotput style delivery, throws a perfect deep ball to Mardy Gilyard for a touchdown. Javier Arenas got torched.
- Again, Gilyard isn't going to time well and he's not going to measure the right way, but he can certainly play.

North 31 ... South 13

South on its own 10
- Arenas got out to the 29 yard when any other returner might have been stopped cold. That was an impressive return that got brought back thanks to a hold.
- Oh sweet lord ... Tebow is having a disastrous time. Cal's Tyson Alualu ripped into the backfield and got to Tebow and forced a fumble recovered by the South.
- That play just showed why Tebow's mobility won't matter at the next level. At Florida, with the seas open up like they just did for Tebow, he gets that first down on 3rd and 11. That doesn't fly anymore against NFL speed. He's not going to make anyone miss and he's not going to run over an NFL linebacker.

North on its own 45
- Patrick Robinson had a chance to make a big play with an open field tackle and got run over.
- The South players aren't tackling nearly as well as North defenders.
- Auburn's Antonio Coleman fought off a block to get in a position to make a play, but Joique Bell fought through it for the first down.
- Robinson got away with a hold on Dorin Dickerson or LeFevour would have another deep touchdown pass.
- Coleman isn't having a great game production-wise, but he's always in position.
- Nice punt by Zoltan Mesko to force Arenas to make a fair catch.

South on its own 15
- Zac Robinson back under center for the South.
- The South front four is pinning its ears back.
- The ball slipped out of Robinson's hand, and now hand size will be a must-check by all the scouts.
- Robinson is now pulling the string on his throws. They aren't as decisive as they were at the end of the first half.
- Brandon Graham made yet another big play. That motor is always running.
- Robinson continues to roll one way and throw back into the middle of the field.
- If you're a South running back, you're ticked that the score is so lopsided and the coaches are trying to make this about the score.
- I'd like to see Joe Webb under center a little bit.
- Robinson just isn't consistent enough. He's spraying the ball a bit because he's not in any sort of a rhythm like he was in the two-minute drill. The North is hanging back and letting the South dink and dunk to run the time off the clock.
- At this point, with two minutes to play, the evaluation process all but stops. All that matters is that no one gets hurt.
- The South keeps fighting, though. Dexter McCluster takes a short pass and makes something big happen.
- Speaking of making something big happen, Sean Weatherspoon reads Robinson and picks him off. Robinson never, ever looked off his primary target.

North on its own 39
- Five turnovers from the South, and now, three turnovers from the North. A fumble, picked up by Jamar Chaney, he fumbled, and George Selvie gets it.

South on the North 38
- Jarrett Brown back in. One minute to play ... time to bomb away.
- Brown does a nice job of feeling the pressure, gets away from it, and throws a strike to Miami's Jimmy Graham.
- And then Brown gets picked off. A.J. Edds gets a gift as Brown overthrew Graham and it was an easy play.

North on its own 29
- Victory formation. Brandon Graham gets MVP honors.

Final Score: North 31 ... South 13