2010 Pre-Preseason Rankings ... MAC
Temple RB Bernard Pierce
Temple RB Bernard Pierce
Posted Feb 11, 2010

The very, very early look at the teams before spring ball kicks in - The MAC

2010 Pre-Preseason Rankings

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CFN 2010 Pre-Preseason Rankings 

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75. Central Michigan
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 12
It’s now on to life after Dan LeFevour. New head coach Dan Enos will try to make the offense less about the spread and more about a pro-style balance, but no matter what changes will be made, losing a slew of stars like CMU does will be next to impossible to overcome right away, if at all. The offensive line and the running game will have to carry the team for a while until Ryan Radcliff is ready to shine at quarterback, while the defense will have to undergo a facelift after a strong season.

84. Temple
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 60
Head coach Al Golden is still running the show after being rumored for several other jobs, and all the young talent he brought in over the last few years should pay off in an even stronger season with even more pop on offense and just as much production on defense. While Ohio might be the early favorite to win the MAC East, Temple will be neck-and-neck in all the preseason prognostications with a team more than strong enough to win the conference title.

91. Northern Illinois
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 68
This was hardly a complete team, but it came up with a solid, successful season that should lead to much bigger things. Almost all of the key parts are back on offense while the defense can’t help but be better. With Central Michigan in a rebuilding mode, NIU should be the preseason favorite to win the West, and this year there won’t be any excuses. This team should be good enough to finally get over the hump to win the MAC title.

92. Toledo
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 91
There was some turning around needing to be done, and it was a solid first-step season for Beckman. However, there are just enough key personnel losses to keep 2010 from being special, even with so many young players ready to do more after a year of experience. This is a decent year to try to make some noise in the MAC West, and while Toledo won’t be the favorite to win the division, it’ll be good enough to be in the hunt.

93. Bowling Green
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 65
The defense might even be worse with the entire linebacking corps needing an overhaul to go along with the loss of three starters in the secondary. The offense will have to try to press on without long-time starter Sheehan under center and with Barnes off to the NFL. The offense will likely lean more on Willie Geter and the running game until possible starter Aaron Pankratz, a 6-6 bomber, gets settled in at quarterback, but overall, expect a step back with so much uncertainty.

94. Ohio
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 41
Boo Jackson got a medical redshirt and is back at the helm this season. While there are some key losses at wide receiver and in the linebacking corps, this should be one of the league’s best teams again and should be in the hunt for the MAC title. With Central Michigan likely to take a step back, the field is wide open. With a little bit of tweaking the Bobcats can be right there.

99. Western Michigan
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 94
It’s time for life after QB Tim Hiller as Drew Burdi and Alex Carder fight it out for the starting quarterback job. If last year was supposed to be a rebuilding job in several areas, then the payoff should come this season, at least defensively, with a defensive front that started five underclassmen in the defensive front seven. The MAC West will be tough to get through and win with Northern Illinois and Toledo each expected to be solid, but Central Michigan should be back down to earth and WMU should be just good enough to get seven wins and get to a bowl game.

100. Kent State
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 87
If Kent State could almost come up with a winning year with all the adversity it went through last year, getting through 2010 should be a breeze. The defense should continue to be among the best in the MAC, but it has to be better on a game-in-and-game-out basis. The key will be the emergence of Keith as even more of a star if QB Giorgio Morgan doesn’t return and take back the quarterback job by the horns. It’s a good situation for the coaching staff to have. Starting out with Murray State will help ease the way into the season, even with road games at Boston College and Penn State to follow.

101. Buffalo
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 81
The offense should be more interesting under new head coach Jeff Quinn, who puts a premium on accurate playmaking passers. QB Zach Maynard has a world of upside and should grow into the role over the next three years under the new coaching staff. Five losses on offense, most notably WR Naaman Roosevelt, will sting, but the young defense of last year should be fantastic with eight starters returning led by NFL-caliber safety Davonte Shannon.

112. Akron
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 102
New head coach Rob Ianello was a nice get. The former Notre Dame assistant under Charlie Weis, and the interim head man for about ten minutes, he should provide a nice jumpstart to an offense that’s still promising even with the loss of a few key players and after a horrible season like 2009. The defense gets back enough players to be among the best in the MAC with a little bit of tweaking and a lot more pass rush.

116. Ball State
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 116
Things can’t be any worse for Stan Parrish, and they won’t be. The lumps taken with all the turnover last year should pay off a wee bit with more experience this year. Considering there were so many close losses, the veteran team should be able to handle itself better in tough situations. This isn’t going to be a good enough team to contend for anything, but a winning season isn’t out of the picture if the offense can grow up in a hurry.

117. Miami University
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 114
For good or bad, almost everyone is back on both sides of the ball and if the team can show more fight, there could be a four-game turnaround If the experience counts as something. Coming up with a running game would be nice, but the key will be to get more out of the line play. If the offensive line isn’t better, and it gets the entire two-deep back, then the production won’t follow.

120. Eastern Michigan
2009 Final CFN Ranking: 119
Things can’t be any worse. Thanks to a miserable season with no positives to build on, the team is all but starting over in Ron English’s second season. The Eagles have to find something they can do well on offense, and there’s a chance for more production with seven starters returning including quarterbacks Alex Gillett and Kyle McMahon. The defense might not be night-and-day better, but with eight starters back there’s hope for more consistency.

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