2010 SEC West Team-by-Team Schedule Breakdown
Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett
Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett
Posted Feb 17, 2010

Which SEC West team has the toughest schedule (and the easiest)? Check out the analysis and breakdown for each SEC West team's slate.

2010 SEC West Schedules

East Florida | Georgia | Kentucky | South Carolina | Tennessee | Vanderbilt 
West Alabama | Arkansas | Auburn | LSU | Ole Miss | Miss State

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Toughest Schedules
Based on home games as well as who the teams play. when.

1. Miss State
2. Ole Miss
3. Alabama
4. LSU
5. Auburn
6. Arkansas

Games Against The East: Florida, at South Carolina, at Tennessee
Realistic Best Case Record: 12-0
Worst Case Record: 8-4
Likely Finish: 10-2

Summary: The Tide should be good enough to get through the schedule unscathed and play for a second straight national title if it can hold serve at home. There are plenty of landmines that might appear to be off the radar a bit, like a road trip to Arkansas before the showdown against Florida and a trip to South Carolina following the Gator game. The games against the East are nasty going on the road to deal with South Carolina and Tennessee to go along with the Florida game, and the West isn't a peach, either. There's a big break getting the final three games at home, and getting Ole Miss and Auburn at home is a bonus, but the Arkansas battle will be a shootout while the biggest bad boy of the division bunch, LSU, is in Death Valley. Throw in a non-conference game against Penn State, and this is one interesting schedule for the defending champs to deal with.

Sept. 4 San Jose State
Sept. 11 Penn State
Sept. 18 at Duke
Sept. 25 at Arkansas
Oct. 2 Florida
Oct. 9 at South Carolina
Oct. 16 Ole Miss
Oct. 23 at Tennessee
Nov. 6 at LSU
Nov. 13 Mississippi State
Nov. 20 Georgia State
Nov. 26 Auburn


Games Against The East: at Georgia, Vanderbilt, at South Carolina
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 8-4

Summary: If Arkansas wants to make some noise with Ryan Mallett and the high-powered offense, this is the year to do it. Going to Georgia isn't a plus in interdivisional play, but missing Florida helps and getting a home game against Vanderbilt is a layup. Against the West, the Hogs get Alabama, Ole Miss, and LSU at home ... Merry Christmas. Yes, a road date at Auburn isn't going to be easy and Mississippi State is getting nastier, but Arkansas has to win two of the three big division home games. Facing Texas A&M in Dallas should be a blast with 1,000 yards of total offense, and the rest of the non-conference slate should be a breeze.

Sept. 4 Tennessee Tech
Sept. 11 ULM
Sept. 18 at Georgia
Sept. 25 Alabama
Oct. 9 Texas A&M (in Dallas)
Oct. 16 at Auburn
Oct. 23 Ole Miss
Oct. 30 Vanderbilt
Nov. 6 at South Carolina
Nov. 13 UTEP
Nov. 20 at Miss State
Nov. 27 LSU


Games Against The East: South Carolina, at Kentucky, Georgia
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 8-4

Summary: If the Tigers are sharp out of the gate, there's no reason to not start the season 7-0 before dealing with the meat of the SEC West schedule. That might be asking for a lot with Clemson, South Carolina, and Arkansas to deal with, bout those three games are at home. Going to Mississippi State and Kentucky aren't going to be layups, but any team hoping to win the West should be good enough to get through those in a survive-and-move-on sort of way. The LSU games is at home, but going on the road to face Ole Miss could be the make-or-break moment in the Auburn season coming off the showdown against the Tigers. On the plus side there's a week off before playing Alabama, but the game is on the road.

Sept. 4 Arkansas State
Sept. 9 at Miss State
Sept. 18 Clemson
Sept. 25 South Carolina
Oct. 2 ULM
Oct. 9 at Kentucky
Oct. 16 Arkansas
Oct. 23 LSU
Oct. 30 at Ole Miss
Nov. 6 Chattanooga
Nov. 13 Georgia
Nov. 26 at Alabama


Games Against The East: at Vanderbilt, Tennessee, at Florida
Realistic Best Case Record: 11-1
Worst Case Record: 7-5
Likely Finish: 9-3

Summary: The schedule is way too tough to run through clean, but there are just enough home games against top teams to hope for an SEC championship. Starting out the year against North Carolina in Atlanta will test just how good the Tigers are; the Tar Heels are loaded with NFL talent on defense. While facing Mississippi State, West Virginia and Tennessee won't be easy, all three of those games are at home after going on the road to face Vanderbilt. So, essentially, if the Tigers can get past UNC, they'll almost certainly be 5-0 before going to Florida in what might be an SEC Championship preview. The biggest break on the schedule is getting Alabama at home, and it becomes even nicer coming off a bye week. However, playing on the road at Auburn and at Arkansas could produce one season-crippling landmine.

Sept. 4 North Carolina (in Atlanta)
Sept. 11 at Vanderbilt
Sept. 18 Miss State
Sept. 25 West Virginia
Oct. 2 Tennessee
Oct. 9 at Florida
Oct. 16 McNeese State
Oct. 23 at Auburn
Nov. 6 Alabama
Nov. 13 ULM
Nov. 20 Ole Miss
Nov. 27 at Arkansas

Mississippi State

Games Against The East: Georgia, at Florida, Kentucky
Realistic Best Case Record: 8-4
Worst Case Record: 3-9
Likely Finish: 6-6

Summary: The Bulldogs will have to do some work to get to a bowl game. There can't be any slips against Memphis, Alcorn State, or UAB or a 13th game is out of the question. There will have to be at least two home wins against Auburn, Georgia, Kentucky and Arkansas, and then there will have to be a road upset. That will be tough considering the five road dates are at LSU, Houston, Florida, Alabama, and Ole Miss … yeeeeeeesh. If there's a tougher road slate in the country, good luck finding it. However, four of the first five games are at home and there's a nice break from the road after the October 16th game in Gainesville with the next away game at Alabama on November 13th.

Sept. 4 Memphis
Sept. 9 Auburn
Sept. 18 at LSU
Sept. 25 Georgia
Oct. 2 Alcorn State
Oct. 9 at Houston
Oct. 16 at Florida
Oct. 23 UAB
Oct. 30 Kentucky
Nov. 13 at Alabama
Nov. 20 Arkansas
Nov. 27 at Ole Miss

Ole Miss

Games Against The East: Vanderbilt, Kentucky, at Tennessee
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 8-4

Summary: Ole Miss has the ultimate tale of two seasons. The first half is a joke with four relatively easy home games and a road trip to Tulane, and then it's payback time for getting all the big SEC games at home last year. After a week off to catch their breath the Rebels get this fun ride to go on: At Alabama, at Arkansas, Auburn, a scrimmage against Louisiana-Lafayette, at Tennessee, at LSU. And, of course, there's the always-tough Egg Bowl rivalry date against Mississippi State to close things out. There's no Florida from the East to deal with, and it doesn't get much easier than getting Vanderbilt, Kentucky, and Mississippi State at home, but four SEC road games in a six-week span will test the team's stamina and heart.

Sept. 4 Jacksonville State
Sept. 11 at Tulane
Sept. 18 Vanderbilt
Sept. 25 Fresno State
Oct. 2 Kentucky
Oct. 16 at Alabama
Oct. 23 at Arkansas
Oct. 30 Auburn
Nov. 6 Louisiana-Lafayette
Nov. 13 at Tennessee
Nov. 20 at LSU
Nov. 27 Miss State