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2010 NFL Combine - Off. Tackle Analysis
Oklahoma State OT Russell Okung
Oklahoma State OT Russell Okung
Posted Mar 4, 2010

Take a look at the offensive tackles and their strengths and weaknesses after the NFL Combine.

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1. Russell Okung, Oklahoma State 6-5, 307
Post-Combine Skinny: Only a groin pull kept his Combine from being fantastic. If you liked him as the No. 1 OT before, you love him now after 38 lifts on the bench and a tremendous 5.17 40. He was big, strong, and athletic. In other words, the raw skills matched the college production.
Pre-Combine Rank: 1
Positives: Tremendous size with the length to be a solid pass blocker. … Experienced. Was a rock on the OSU line for four years. … Terrific technique and sound in all phases. Doesn’t have one glaring negative. Someone’s left tackle for ten years.
Negatives: Not a pure finisher and doesn’t play nasty. Won’t throw his guy into the third row. .. Plays a bit high at times. Doesn’t quite lock on as much as needed. … Not special fast for his size. Athletic, but gets by on technique more than quick feet.

2. Trent Williams, Oklahoma 6-5, 315
Post-Combine Skinny: Terrific. Everything about his Combine was terrific with a fantastic 4.88 run in the 40 to match the quickness in the agility drills and the wide receiver-like 9'5" broad jump. The 23 reps were a bit light, but the movement proved he should be solid in pass protection.
Pre-Combine Rank: 3
Positives: The best player on, arguably, the nation’s best offensive line in 2009. … A devastating run blocker who can play either tackle position and succeed. … A decent pass blocker. Not a weakness.
Negatives: Not an elite pass protector. Was helped by OU offense that got the ball out of the quarterback’s hands in a hurry. … Needs to get a bit stronger. He’s not going to bury defenders like he did in college. … Could use some technique work. Needs a good line coach to go from great to special.

3. Bryan Bulaga, Iowa 6-5, 314
Post-Combine Skinny: A sure-thing top 20 pick before, now there's talk of him being top five overall after looking technically sound. He wasn't phenomenal in the basic drills with a decent, but not special 26 reps and a solid 5.26 in the 40, but he looked the part in the mirror drills and showed that he might not be even close to reaching his potential.
Pre-Combine Rank: 7
Positives: Is being looked at as a tackle but is more than likely a guard. He might be a right tackle only. … Has decent quickness against everyone but a lightning-fast speed rusher. … Doesn’t make dumb mistakes. Errors are physical and never mental.
Negatives: Lunges and grabs a bit too much. Needs to get physical to be effective and will have problems with the quicker ends. … Isn’t a left tackle but someone will likely draft him hoping he’ll be one. … A bit too hyped up. He was great, but he wasn’t quite as good as the reputation.

4. Anthony Davis, Rutgers 6-5, 323
Post-Combine Skinny: A bit disappointing. He wasn't nearly as quick or as fluid as many were hoping he'd be, and the mere 21 reps on the bench hurt his cause. He didn't do much of anything to suggest that he deserves sure-thing top ten consideration, but he wasn't bad enough to fall too far. Basically, he wasn't the freak of nature he needed to be.
Pre-Combine Rank: 2
Positives: An elite prospect who didn’t disappoint at Rutgers athleticism-wise. … Moves tremendously well and will be fine against any NFL speed rusher. … Talent-wise, he’s a left tackle to build an NFL line around.
Negatives: A doorknob. Not disciplined. … Gets by on raw talent more than technique. Will be sloppy from time to time. … Has to stay away from the table. Could balloon up in a big hurry.

5. Bruce Campbell, Maryland 6-6, 314
Post-Combine Skinny: An all-timer of a workout. All questions and concerns about his mediocre college career were pushed aside as he came up with one of the greatest workouts in Combine history. Not only did he run a 4.85, but he came up with a strong 34 reps and moved effortlessly in the agility and mirror drills.
Pre-Combine Rank: 4
Positives: The prototype in raw skills. He has fantastic size and moves well. … Solid technique. Doesn’t need a ton of refinement. … Engulfs speed rushers. Tough to get around especially when he has a step.
Negatives: Has had health problems and can’t be counted on for a full season. … Reaches a bit too much and doesn’t always used his feet. … An okay run blocker, but not elite.

6. Charles Brown, USC 6-5, 303
Post-Combine Skinny: A bit disappointing. He didn't move all that well, didn't show much foot quickness, and the 21 reps weren't good. He measured well and he looked the part, but he doesn't have NFL left tackle athleticism.
Pre-Combine Rank: 5
Positives: Veteran who has seen it all and been through big game after big game. … Fantastic athlete. A former tight end who moves well. … Ready to go. Doesn’t need a lot of work and can be plugged in at either tackle spot.
Negatives: Not a mauler of a run blocker. More of an athlete than a hitter. … Not consistent. Will take too many plays off and fails to bury blockers. … Not necessarily an anchor of an NFL line. More of a piece of a puzzle.

7. Selvish Capers, West Virginia 6-4, 308
Post-Combine Skinny: The 19 reps on the bench showed just how far he has to go to reach his potential. He proved to be a good athlete for his size, and he showed good explosion in the jumping drills, including a 8'10" broad jump.
Pre-Combine Rank: 6
Positives: Might be just scratching the surface. He is still improving and could blossom further once he hits the pros. … Athletic. He moves extremely well and can get to the second-level in a hurry. … Tall and long. Has the frame to become a top pass protector.
Negatives: Needs work. He’s hardly a finished product and might still be two years away from reaching his potential. … He isn’t a devastating run blocker. He’s a big more of a finesse player. … Needs to hit the weight room. He’s not a mauler.

8. Kyle Calloway, Iowa 6-6, 323
Post-Combine Skinny: Not great. He wasn't expected to be a great athlete, and he wasn't with little quickness and no explosion. He was sluggish, didn't lift, and now he might be tagged with the dreaded Right Tackle Only stamp.
Pre-Combine Rank: 8
Positives: Tremendous size. He has the height, the frame, and the length. … Great attitude. He goes all out to bury his man. … When he gets his hands on a defender, it’s over.
Negatives: Not a great athlete. Gets by on work ethic and size. He’ll get destroyed by NFL speed rushers. ... He might be a right tackle only. He just doesn’t have the raw skills to protect a star QB’s blindside. … He’s not a guard and some might think he could play there in a pinch.

9. Rodger Saffold, Indiana 6-4, 316
Post-Combine Skinny: Terrific. After working out well in offseason drills, he was athletic and sharp in Indy with an impressive 5.22 in the 40 and running smoothly in the quickness drills. The broad jump of 9'5" was good enough to earn him a few dollars, while his balance and control were peerless.
Pre-Combine Rank: 16
Positives: Quick enough off the ball to make up for other issues. … Good technique. Doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. … Not a dominator, but he’s the type who can be plugged in on an NFL line and disappear (in a positive way).
Negatives: Not a good enough athlete to get any sort of a look at left tackle. … Might be seen by some as a guard only, but he’s not quite a physical enough player to be great on the inside. … Will get blown past by smaller, quicker ends.

10. Ed Wang, Virginia Tech 6-5, 314
Post-Combine Skinny: Ran extremely well and was moving around well. The 29 reps were good, the 5.14 40 was better, and he confirmed that he has the athleticism to be tried out at both tackle spots.
Pre-Combine Rank: 10
Positives: Excellent size and knows how to use it. A big hitter. … A good veteran who has been through the wars. He knows what he’s doing. … Good athlete for his size. If he doesn’t work out at tackle he’ll be a fantastic guard.
Negatives: Not consistent. Had some puzzling performances. … Needs to get nastier. He has to be more of a destroyer. … Athleticism to play left tackle, but not good enough. He’ll have to be a right tackle.

11. Sam Young, Notre Dame 6-8, 316
Post-Combine Skinny: Huge, checking in at just under 6-8, and he ran well with a 5.19 40 and came up with a good 29 lifts, but he was way too stiff and seemed to labor. He didn't appear to be comfortable.
Pre-Combine Rank: 11
Positives: Got better under tremendous pressure. Made a big improvement each year. … Tall with a big frame. Tough to get around. … Knows how to handle himself in the pro system. Can be plugged in from Day One.
Negatives: Good, but didn’t live up to the hype that made him a superstar recruit. … Not a good enough run blocker and too tall to play guard. … Not a killer. More of a finesse blocker.

12. Tony Washington, Abilene Christian 6-6, 311
Post-Combine Skinny: He needed to show he was special considering he came from Abilene Christian, and he was with an impressive 33 reps and tackle-best 9'6" in the broad jump. The 5.19 40 at 311 pounds only made his week stronger.
Pre-Combine Rank: 18
Positives: Strong. Embarrassed weaker linemen at the lower level. … Decent combination of raw skills. Good size with the room to add a big more heft. … Smart. Doesn’t get caught out of position.
Negatives: Abilene Christian. Crushed it at the D-II level. … Not a great athlete. Relies more on his strength and hasn’t had to deal with an elite, athletic pass rusher. … Not going to be great on the move. Needs to work in a phone booth.

13. Adam Ulatoski, Texas
6-5, 300
Post-Combine Skinny: Not great. He didn't show much pop in his legs, wasn't fast, wasn't particularly strong, and didn't do anything of note to stand out. He's only a right tackle and could end up moving to guard.
Pre-Combine Rank: 12
Positives: Has the right size with room to get bigger. He could add 15 pounds without a problem. … A good veteran who has been in the biggest games and was more than fine. … Quick. Gets off the ball in a hurry.
Negatives: Not bulky enough. He has to get bigger to handle himself against the bull rushers. … Not athletic enough for his size. He doesn’t have any raw skills that are special. … A hard ceiling. He’ll be a guy on the line. Nothing more.

14. Ciron Black, LSU 6-4, 327
Post-Combine Skinny: Disastrous is a bit too strong a word, but he didn't show up. He's a guard after showing now athleticism, no quickness, and only coming up with 23 reps on the bench. He didn't look smooth in any way.
Pre-Combine Rank: 13
Positives: A long-time starter at a high level. He was a top tackle for an elite team for four years. … A mauler. In a draft full of technicians, he’s the physical dominator. … A decent pass protector. Good enough to get a shot on the left side.
Negatives: Not an athlete. He might make his money as a guard if he doesn’t work out on the outside. . … Keeping weight in check. He has it down now but could quickly balloon if he’s not careful. … More of a reputation player than production. Didn’t progress into an all-timer.

15. Zane Beadles, Utah (OG) 6-4, 310
Post-Combine Skinny: He's a guard. He measured well but he didn't work out. After an awful Senior Bowl, he might get a look at right tackle, but he'll move inside.
Pre-Combine Rank: 9
Positives: Very experienced and very productive. Was the key blocker for a strong Utah offense for a long time. … Versatile. Could end up playing guard if needed. … Tremendous motor. Finishes off his blocks well.
Negatives: Was a disaster at the Senior Bowl. Didn’t look like he belonged. … Might have to be a guard. He’s just not athletic enough to handle NFL speed rushers. … Might struggle going from a spread attack to an NFL offense.

16. Jason Fox, Miami
6-7, 303
Post-Combine Skinny: An interesting prospect who didn't do much to show off. He didn't run, only lifted 23 times, and didn't do anything to show off. However, he measured long and has upside because of his frame.
Pre-Combine Rank: 14
Positives: A good athlete with the frame to get bigger. Great in space. … Will get a look on the left side but will be an athletic right tackle. … When he has a lock on a defender, it’s over. A nasty blocker.
Negatives: Coming off a knee injury. Might not be ready to be his full self right away. … He has to add weight to his frame. Has to get up to 325 to be more effective. … Not going to be a left tackle. Not quick enough off the ball.

17. Chris Scott, Tennessee 6-4, 319
Post-Combine Skinny: Uh oh. He didn't move well, he didn't jump with any pop, and the 19 reps on the bench were lousy. He might have to move to guard after not moving well enough to be an NFL tackle.
Pre-Combine Rank: 15
Positives: Eats up defenders when he locks on. A mauler. … A solid veteran who produced at a high level in the SEC. … Has the body type and the ability to be a star guard.
Negatives: Not a left tackle and will have to work to be a right tackle. … Not an elite athlete and not natural on the move. … Needs technique work. For all his experience he’s still needs coaching.

18. Chris Marinelli, Stanford (OG)
Not Invited To The Combine

19. Derek Hardman, Eastern Kentucky
Not Invited To The Combine

20. Kevin Haslam, Rutgers
Not Invited To The Combine

21. Will Barker, Virginia
Not Invited To The Combine

22. Michael Tepper, California 6-5, 324
Post-Combine Skinny: He's now probably going to be viewed only as a guard even though he ran relatively well. He wasn't all that smooth, didn't show any explosion in his legs, and didn't appear natural against the better athletes.
Pre-Combine Rank: 22
Positives: A veteran who should be ready to contribute right away. … A tough blocker when he gets his hands on a defender. Should push some people around in the running game. … Has the body and the makeup to play guard if needed.
Negatives: Right tackle only. Forget about the left side. … Injury concerns. Missed a year with a broken leg and another with a torn pectoral muscle. … Not all that quick. Only mobile in a limited area and not against speed rushers.

23. Thomas Welch, Vanderbilt 6-6, 307
Post-Combine Skinny: Lumbering. It'll be tough to find a spot for him as he doesn't have a guard's body and he didn't move all that well. He lifted well with 29 reps, but he wasn't athletic on the move.
Pre-Combine Rank: 23
Positives: Talent isn’t a question. He’s a good all-around blocker who handled himself well at a high level. … Physical. He’s a tough blocker who isn’t afraid to mix it up. … Good enough to get a look at left tackle and could be a bit of a surprise when he gets into an NFL camp.
Negatives: Ankle. Staying healthy is going to be the big concern after missing a bulk of time with an ankle injury. … Needs to bulk up a bit. Can’t be moved to guard without adding more bulk. … Will get a look on the left side but might only have the skills to work on the right.

24. Kyle Jolly, North Carolina 6-6, 311
Post-Combine Skinny: The 20 reps didn't help him standout, and while he showed decent balance and moved well enough, he didn't come up with the athleticism to shine. However, he was a bit more athletic than expected and might have moved up a few notches.
Pre-Combine Rank: 31
Positives: A good veteran. Was a steady mainstay on the Tar Heel offensive line for years. … Great technique. Polished. … A big hitter who isn’t afraid to mix it up.
Negatives: Not an athlete. Forget about him handling any pass rusher with speed. … Will lunge and grab to make up for poor feet. … Might have to move to guard if he doesn’t make it as a right tackle.

25. Cole Pemberton, Colorado State 6-7, 315
Post-Combine Skinny: 18 reps ... thanks for playing. He didn't jump well but ran a decent 5.39 in the 40. After all the problems during East-West Shrine week, this didn't help his cause.
Pre-Combine Rank: 24
Positives: Excellent size. Has a long frame and keeps defenders away with a good punch. … Productive. Was a good blocker for a few years for the Rams. … Long. Has good arm extension to buy a bit more time.
Negatives: A disaster at the East-West Shrine practices. Didn’t look like he belonged. … Doesn’t have the athleticism to handle speed rushers and doesn’t have the strength to be a power blocker. … Not a guard in any way and is only a right tackle at the next level.

26. Jeff Linkenbach, Cincinnati
Not Invited To The Combine

27. Alonzo Durham, Nevada
Not Invited To The Combine

28. Nick Stringer, Kansas State
Not Invited To The Combine

29. Dennis Landolt, Penn State
Not Invited To The Combine

30. Marlon Winn, Texas Tech
Not Invited To The Combine

31. Drew Davis, Alabama
Not Invited To The Combine

32. Austin Howard, Northern Iowa
Not Invited To The Combine

33. Casey Knips, South Dakota State
Not Invited To The Combine

34. Ali Villanueva, Army
Not Invited To The Combine

35. Jim Cordle, Ohio State
Not Invited To The Combine