2010 NFL Combine - Defensive End Analysis
South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul
South Florida DE Jason Pierre-Paul
Posted Mar 5, 2010

Who's Jason Pierre-Paul? He's the one-year wonder from South Florida who's climbing up the charts and might be a top five overall pick. Check out the post-Combine analysis of him and all the top defensive players.

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1. Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech 6-3, 266
Post-Combine Skinny: He did what he needed to do for all of those looking for the raw skills to go along with the upside and production. He measured well and was quick enough in various drills. The 4.72 40 was a bit slow, but it was hardly anything to worry about. Basically, whatever you thought of him before, positively, shouldn't change now.
Pre-Combine Rank: 1
Positives: Has all the raw tools to grow into a superior NFL pass rusher. … Great size with the room to get a little bigger and stronger. … Was great even with everyone keying on stopping him.
Negatives: Can be erased for long stretches by the elite offensive tackles. … Is only an end. Anyone thinking about moving him to outside linebacker might be extremely disappointed. … Not necessarily an NFL run stopper. Could quickly grow into a specialist.

2. Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida 6-5, 270
Post-Combine Skinny: Could he be a top five overall pick, if not No. 3? That's what many are talking about now after a whale of a workout. He's big, has defensive back fluidity, and was fast looking smooth on the way to a 4.64. His hips were nice and loose, his feet were moving effortlessly, and he had the look of a pure NFL speed rusher. The 19 reps on the bench were a tad light and there might not be much room to beef up.
Pre-Combine Rank: 3
Positives: Phenomenal all-around prospect. Great quickness and supreme athleticism for his size. … Potentially great all-around player. Can stop the run and rush the passer equally well. … Fast on the snap. Looks like he's shot out of a cannon at times.
Negatives: One-year wonder. Came from the JUCO ranks and had a nice year and was helped by having George Selvie on the other side. … Not a big body of work to go by. Hasn't had to be The Man. … Has to show he can be a bit stronger against the more physical blockers.

3. Everson Griffen, USC 6-3, 273
Post-Combine Skinny: The combination of size, speed, and strength were impressive. While he wasn't always speedy through the agility drills, he looked the part in the basics, ran a blazing 4.66, and lifted 32 times. As everyone knew, though, the raw skills were never a question. Can he harness them and use them every Sunday? Someone will say yes and will want to coach him up.
Pre-Combine Rank: 4
Positives: Excellent combination of strength and speed. Looks the part. … Eats up everything that comes his way. Holds up well against the bigger tackles. … When he's on, he's a dangerous pass rusher and can change a game.
Negatives: Wasn't nearly as impressive as he was supposed to be. Was good, not great. … Needs to get his butt kicked. Will he be more motivated once he gets paid? Questionable. … Is a ghost at times. Disappears way too often.

4. Carlos Dunlap, Florida 6-6, 277
Post-Combine Skinny: He's big, and that was confirmed with both the eyeball test and the weigh-in, and he ran well for his size with a 4.71, but there were way too many problems. The buzz was that he bombed his interviews and did nothing to come across as contrite for off-the-field problems or sincere when it came to questions about his lack of commitment and focus. Might be the epitome of the million dollar body with the ten-cent head.
Pre-Combine Rank: 2
Positives: Tremendous all around talent with Pro Bowl skills and size. … Great against the run. Knows how to use his bulk. … Strong, big, and can fit in any system. Has all the tools.
Negatives: Underwhelming as a collegian for all his talent. Was good, but wasn't special like he should've been. … Knucklehead streak. Had off-the-field issues. … Needs a fire lit under him. If Urban Meyer couldn't do it … .

5. Alex Carrington, Arkansas State 6-5, 285
Post-Combine Skinny: All that mattered was how strong he was and how smooth he looked. He was good enough moving around, and the 4.89 40 isn't all that big a deal considering he's 285 pounds and came up with 26 reps on the bench. He's a 3-4 end and he might have proved that.
Pre-Combine Rank: 12
Positives: Phenomenal size. A massive body who fits as a 3-4 end and is athletic enough to play in a 4-3. Smart enough to handle any scheme. … Dominated at the Senior Bowl. Was tremendous in practices and had everyone buzzing. … Engulfs ball-carriers against the run. Can play end as a run defender alone.
Negatives: Underwhelming last year after a great junior season. … Doesn't fly off the line. Not a great burst into the backfield against better linemen. … Needs to get more moves. Isn't a polished pass rusher.

6. Greg Hardy, Ole Miss 6-4, 281
Post-Combine Skinny: He was supposed to be billed as an athletic speed rusher, but he didn't show off the flash he needed to. The 4.81 was painfully slow, and for his size the 21 reps didn't impress. If his rep was as an athletic playmaker, he didn't help himself.
Pre-Combine Rank: 5
Positives: Pass rusher extraordinaire. Possibly the best pure pass rusher in the draft. … Tremendous athlete. A former basketball player with the quickness and speed to be special. … Good size and moves fluidly for his weight. Could even be a bit bigger and still be fine.
Negatives: Durability, durability, durability. Hasn't been able to stay on the field. … Character questions. Not a high-intensity player on every snap. … Can be erased against the run way too easily.

7. Corey Wootton, Northwestern 6-6, 270
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't do a lot of the drills even though he played the year on his rehabbed knee. Very big and very long, he looked like a big end who could play any end position, but the 20 reps on the bench were way light. He supposedly has the raw skills, but he didn't show them off.
Pre-Combine Rank: 6
Positives: Excellent size and quickness. Has the prototype look and raw skills. … When he was healthy he was just coming into his own. The light had gone on and became special. … Long. Can match up well with any offensive tackle.
Negatives: His knee. He might have come out last year had he not suffered a bad knee injury in the Alamo Bowl loss to Missouri. He's just now starting to get back to 100%. He also had a neck injury earlier. … By his own admission he didn't put out over the first few years. … A good athlete, but not elite and lost range with the knee injury.

8. Jason Worilds, Virginia Tech 6-1, 254
Post-Combine Skinny: The concern was that he was going to measure smaller than expected, and while he wasn't tiny, the 6-1 height and 254 pounds will limit his positions and options. The 4.72 40 didn't help, but he worked well through the shuttle and cone drills and was quick enough to have a shot at working as a 3-4 linebacker.
Pre-Combine Rank: 7
Positives: A nice athlete with a high motor. A former linebacker, he could play OLB in a 3-4 or be a pass rushing specialist in a 4-3. … Fights hard. Doesn't back down against bigger blockers. … Extremely productive even when keyed on.
Negatives: Small. Not big enough to be a regular defensive end and won't last. Durability concerns. … Needs more moves. Not a variety of bells and whistles to his pass rushing ability. … Not necessarily an NFL linebacker. Was used mostly as an end.

9. Lindsey Witten, Connecticut 6-4, 250
Post-Combine Skinny: Unless he hits the weights harder, he's an outside linebacker without the bulk. For a player with his lack of size, the 4.71 40 was painful, but he showed some explosion with a 36.5" vertical.
Pre-Combine Rank: 8
Positives: Grew into a solid pass rusher. Great attitude and made himself into a playmaker. … Strong for his size. Should be able to hold up well and be more than just a pass rusher. … Tall with room to add more bulk. He'll eventually play at around 265 and won't lose a thing.
Negatives: Not necessarily a special athlete. Quick, but not a speedster considering his lack of bulk. … Limited upside. He could get better, but there's a hard ceiling. … Doesn't cut well enough. Fine, but doesn't have the moves to blow past the more athletic offensive tackles.

10. Willie Young, NC State 6-5, 251
Post-Combine Skinny: Measured tall with a frame to get far bigger and add more bulk, but he's going to likely see most work as an OLB. While the 38" vertical showed some pop in his legs, and he moved well for his height, the 4.82 40 was a deal-breaker. He's just not athletic enough for his size.
Pre-Combine Rank: 9
Positives: Can play in any scheme. A good enough athlete to be an OLB and strong enough to be an end in a 4-3. … Was better than he got credit for at NC State. A good producer. … Has the frame to get bigger. Could easily add 10-to-15 pounds without a problem.
Negatives: Needs to get bigger. He hasn't reached his potential yet and isn't a finished product. Could be a chancy pick. … Not consistent. Good for stretches but disappears for too long. … Might be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Has to find one thing he does well at an NFL level.

11. George Selvie, South Florida 6-3, 252
Post-Combine Skinny: 4.89. For a supposed speed rusher with the size of an outside linebacker, a 4.89 40 was devastating. While he moved fluidly and he had few problems in the basic drills, the lack of foot speed cost him some money. On the plus side, the 24 reps on the bench weren't all that bad.
Pre-Combine Rank: 10
Positives: A superior pass rusher. Has tremendous speed and quickness when he gets around the corner. A fantastic closer. … Great in space and great on the move. At his best as a run defender when the play is away from him. ... Ready to roll as a pass rusher. Could be a better pro than collegian.
Negatives: Not big. Not quite bulky enough to be a sure-thing in a 4-3. … Is he an OLB in a 3-4? He might have to be a player a defense finds a job for. … Can be erased by a bigger, stronger lineman. Disappeared a bit too much last year.

12. C.J. Wilson, East Carolina 6-3, 290
Post-Combine Skinny: Huge. The 290 pounds will assure him of a 3-4 end and could be used as a tackle if desperately needed. The 4.83 40 showed off decent speed for a player of his size, but the biggest key to the workout was the impressive 32 reps. He made himself a lot of money with some of the most versatile raw skills of any lineman in the draft.
Pre-Combine Rank: 13
Positives: Good size and should be strong as a 3-4 end. … Athletic for his size. Moves well in pursuit. … Always on the move. Never stops working.
Negatives: Not a top pass rusher. Won't do too much to get to the quarterback at the next level. … Might not be quick enough to be an end in a 4-3 and isn't strong enough to be a tackle. … Not totally polished. Needs technique work.

13. Jermaine Cunningham, Florida (OLB) 6-3, 266
Post-Combine Skinny: The Pro Day will mean everything to his stock after not running or lifting. Considered a bit of a tweener, the 6-3, 266-pound size will help give him options. The measurements confirm that he's able to work on the end with a little more weight.
Pre-Combine Rank: 11
Positives: Makes plays. Works his way into making something happen. … Tough. Holds up well and fights though bumps and bruises. … Good motor. Has the athleticism and the want-to to play as a DE or an OLB.
Negatives: Sort of a tweener. Not a sure thing as a DE or an OLB. … Battles well and tries hard, but isn't always physical enough. … Was helped by having a ton of great players around him.

14. Daniel Te'o Nesheim, Washington 6-3, 263
Post-Combine Skinny: Looks like a linebacker instead of an end. He was smooth when running and lifted well with 29 reps, to go along with a 4.76 40, but he made his most money in the cone and shuttle drills blazing around like a speed rusher. Someone will see something big out of this workout.
Pre-Combine Rank: 23
Positives: Great leader and producer even when seasons turned sour. … Doesn't take a play off. Always working and always trying to make something happen. … Hung tough even when he was a one-man gang at times up front.
Negatives: Not big enough to be a regular lineman and not athletic enough to even be considered as a linebacker. … A try-hard type with a hard ceiling. … Needs to get stronger at the point of attack. Could be run over.

15. Clifton Geathers, South Carolina (DT) 6-7, 299
Post-Combine Skinny: He ran a painfully slow 4.96, but that was about the only unimpressive aspect of the raw talent. He's long, really, really long with almost 38" long arms and 11" hands. He jumped well, moved well enough, and showed the upside to get some coach really, really excited.
Pre-Combine Rank: 24
Positives: Fascinating mix of skills. Unlimited potential and upside with great size and good quickness. … Strong against the run. Can move to tackle or be a 3-4 end. … Very long. Tough to run around.
Negatives: Never played up to his potential in college. The classic looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane. … Needs a ton of technique work. Got by on his physical skills. … A project who needs time and a coach willing to do some butt-kicking.

16. Rahim Alem, LSU 6-3, 251
Post-Combine Skinny: Okay, not great, and the workout confirmed his tweener position. He ran well with a decent 4.75 and he moved around with good balance and looked the part, but he didn't lift and he seems a bit too rangy to be an every down end.
Pre-Combine Rank: 15
Positives: Worked his way into becoming a player. Not the typical sure-thing LSU athlete. … Doesn't miss a tackle. Eats up everything that comes his way. … A nice pass rusher. Could be used as a specialist.
Negatives: Doesn't have an NFL position. Too small to be an end and not quick enough to be a linebacker. … Forget about it against an NFL-caliber tackle. He'll get erased. … Motor has to be even higher to become a regular player. He might have to be a specialist.

17. Brandon Lang, Troy (OLB) 6-4, 266
Post-Combine Skinny: Disastrous. Considering he's going to be considered a tweener as a possible linebacker while also working as an end, the glacier-slow 4.96 40 was a problem and the 20 reps on the bench weren't enough. Basically, he doesn't have the raw tools to be a special player.
Pre-Combine Rank: 14
Positives: Quick. Great range and moves extremely well. … Will likely be an outside defender in a 3-4 but can be used as a pass rushing specialist in a 4-3. … Always produced. A great player who made things happen even when keyed on.
Negatives: Not really a linebacker. If he's not used as an end, he'll need time. … No real pass coverage skills. Will need to start from scratch. … Has to get even stronger. Was fine at the collegiate level but needs to get bigger to hold up.

18. Lawrence Wilson, Ohio State
Not Invited To The Combine

19. Jan Jorgensen, BYU
Not Invited To The Combine

20. Jeffrey Fitzgerald, Kansas State
Not Invited To The Combine

21. Austen Lane, Murray State 6-6, 276
Post-Combine Skinny: It would've been nice if he showed something special, but he didn't. He has great size, but the 4.83 40 wasn't good enough and he didn't show much explosion when working around. The knock on him is that he's not great against the run, and the 20 reps on the bench didn't help that.
Pre-Combine Rank: 19
Positives: Nice combination of skills and size. Looks the part. … Held his own in Senior Bowl practices. Looked like he belonged when he had everything to prove. … Moves extremely well. Gets around like a much smaller player.
Negatives: Not a rock against the run. Will have to hit the weights hard to get even tougher. … Can get shoved around a bit too easily. … Won't push anyone around.

22. Greg Middleton, Indiana 6-3, 268
Post-Combine Skinny: With good explosion and a nice burst, he packed a not-that-bad workout in with his decent size. However, the 4.98 40 was tackle-like and he didn't lift, so he still needs a good workout somewhere to boost his stock.
Pre-Combine Rank: 20
Positives: Big and quick. When he was on a few years ago, he was among the nation's best ends and top pass rushers. … Strong enough to shove back a blocker. Gets a good push. … A prospect as an end in any scheme.
Negatives: Didn't maintain the production throughout the course of his career. … Needs to bring the motor every practice and every game. Didn't improve. … Not quite strong enough to be a 3-4 end and not quite quick enough to be in a 4-3.

23. Auston English, Oklahoma
Not Invited To The Combine

24. Hall Davis, Louisiana-Lafayette 6-4, 271
Post-Combine Skinny: The 28 reps on the bench were good, but he didn't look all that smooth and he didn't look like any sort of a speed rusher. He's a bit light to be a 3-4 end and he's not quite quick enough to be in a 4-3. Basically, this workout was his max out.
Pre-Combine Rank: 22
Positives: A hard worker. Made himself into a player and has just enough raw skills to be in a rotation. … A decent pass rusher who works his way into the backfield. … Weight-room warrior. Grew into a bigger body a bulked up big-time.
Negatives: Not quite quick enough to be expected to be a consistent NFL pass rusher. … Hit his ceiling. There isn't any more room to grow. … Got most of his college production against Sun Belt teams.

25. John Russell, Wake Forest
Not Invited To The Combine

26. Douglas Pilcher, Illinois
Not Invited To The Combine

27. James Ruffin, Northern Iowa
Not Invited To The Combine

28. Eric Moncur, Miami (OLB)
Not Invited To The Combine

29. Barry Turner, Nebraska
Not Invited To The Combine

30. Frank Zombo, Central Michigan
Not Invited To The Combine

31. Lorenzo Washington, Alabama 6-4, 291
Post-Combine Skinny: Very big, his weigh-in confirmed he's a 3-4 end. The 5.16 40 ended any discussion of seeing him as a pass rusher, but the 25 reps were enough to suggest he could grow into a tackle if needed.
Pre-Combine Rank: 31
Positives: Big enough to be a 3-4 end. … Quick. Moves well for his size. … Versatile and willing to do what's needed. Played nose tackle for a stretch.
Negatives: Not a pass rusher. If he gets an NFL sack it'll be because the quarterback ran into him. … Not an NFL tackle and doesn't have the pass rush moves to be a regular 4-3 end. … Didn't make a ton of tackles for the time he played. Spent most of his time occupying blockers, not making things happen.

32. Albert McClellan, Marshall 6-1, 247
Post-Combine Skinny: The 4.7 40 wasn't explosive, but it was good enough to potentially move him to outside linebacker. He's not really an end, but he showed the quickness in the short drills to hope to make him into a speed rusher and the 26 reps were impressive. He helped himself big-time, and now he's draftable.
Pre-Combine Rank: 34
Positives: Pass rusher. When he was healthy, he was special in all phases. … Good against the run. Could hold up well if ever put at linebacker. … Active. Works to make things happen.
Negatives: Never the same after a bad knee injury. Never able to recapture the 2006 season. … WAY too small. Not an NFL defensive end even with the frame to add more weight. …

33. Steven Stone, Vanderbilt
Not Invited To The Combine

34. E.J. Wilson, North Carolina 6-4, 286
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't do anything at a special level. The 23 reps were fine, but no big deal, and his size was more like a smallish tackle than an end. He wasn't nearly quick enough to be seen anything more than a 3-4 end.
Pre-Combine Rank: 33
Positives: Try-hard type who was a key part of the tough UNC defensive puzzle. Reliable. … Big. Will have to be a 3-4 end. … Pushes hard into the backfield. Drives blockers well.
Negatives: Not an athlete and not a 4-3 end. … Hit the ceiling. The raw skills are what they are. … Can't get around anyone. Only goes through blockers.

35. Alex Daniels, Cincinnati
Not Invited To The Combine

NR. Kevin Basped, Nevada 6-4, 258
Post-Combine Skinny: Okay, not great. He has the long frame to hope to add a few more pounds, but he's going to make his money on quickness. The 4.72 40 wasn't bad, but the 29" vertical was a bit disappointing. He didn't do anything to change any preconceived notions.
Pre-Combine Rank: Not Ranked
Positives: Extremely athletic for an end with a great burst. … Great motor and is always working. Doesn't quit when blocked. … A pure pass rusher. Gets off the ball in a hurry.
Negatives: Raw skills. He's not polished in any way. … Needs a while to find a home. Athletic enough to take a flier on, but he's not an outside linebacker right now. … Technique needs a ton of work. Made a living off his athleticism.