2010 NFL Draft - The CFN Top 250
Notre Dame WR Golden Tate
Notre Dame WR Golden Tate
Posted Mar 5, 2010

What do you get when you combine the on-field college production with the numbers and appearances at the workouts? The CFN 250 best prospects for the 2010 Draft, with former Notre Dame WR Golden Tate among the best of the bunch. Here are the first round-worthy prospects.

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What happens when you combine the real, live, on-field production of the college careers of all the top NFL prospects with raw workout numbers and practices? The CFN Top 250 players for the 2010 NFL Draft. Please note, this isn't a prediction or a projection of where the prospects will go. Instead, it's a ranking based on apparent talent, safety, risk, and the potential to be a bona fide NFL starter. These are the best 250 prospects regardless of position.

1. DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska 6-4, 307
Post-Combine Skinny: He looked terrific. He did every drills and impressed on every level. The 32 reps on the bench were fantastic, he ripped it in the bad drills, and he showed explosion in everything he did. The 4.98 40 didn't hurt, either. There's no question now that he's a guaranteed top three pick, and many will second-guess if he's not No. 1 overall.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: Has all the skills. Big, strong, quick. Can do it all. … Phenomenally productive. Chased down and ate up everything against the run and is a supreme interior pass rusher. … Too quick off the ball. Demands double and triple teaming on every play.
Negatives: It took a little while for the light to go on. Was a disappointment early on in his career and took a while to become a worker. … Some concerns about his knee after suffering a few early injuries. … Used to being able to rag-doll offensive linemen and chase down ball-carriers. Not going to be stronger than everyone else at the next level and will have to get used to being cut.

2. S Eric Berry, Tennessee 6-0, 211
Post-Combine Skinny: Perfect. Everything about the workout was perfect with a fast 4.47, a solid 19 reps on the bench, and phenomenal leaping ability with a 43" vertical and a 10'10" broad jump. Essentially, he showed off all the athleticism and raw skills to match the amazing college career.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: Ultra-productive playmaker who was always making things happen. Tough against the run and superior when the ball is in the air. … Great range who can work perfectly in any system. Exactly the type of safety NFL teams need now. … Will be a shock if he's not a perennial Pro Bowl performer. Has it all.
Negatives: A bit dinged up at times. Played through problems, but is so physical he has to keep himself from getting banged. … Not huge. Has decent size but isn't a big thumper. … Has he peaked? He was so good at Tennessee that there's not too much room to grow.

3. DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma 6-4, 295
Post-Combine Skinny: He was every bit as quick as expected and the 4.96 40 was fast for his size, but for all the good things he did and all the impressive moments he had, the mere 23 reps on the bench were eye-opening. In the race between him and Ndamukong Suh, he slipped a bit because of the bench. Suh was every bit as athletic.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
Positives: An anchor for his size. Can't be moved off his base. … Tremendous athlete. Too quick through the gap and demands full attention from a blocking scheme. … High quality player and high character guy. The type of player to build an entire defense around.
Negatives: Not huge and isn't going to get much bigger. Likely a one-gap only tackle at the next level. … Underwhelming stats. That's mostly because of the way OU runs its defense (Tommie Harris didn't make a ton of tackles, either), but the hard numbers just aren't there. … Likely has to be in a 4-3 scheme.

4. OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
6-5, 307 Post-Combine Skinny: Only a groin pull kept his Combine from being fantastic. If you liked him as the No. 1 OT before, you love him now after 38 lifts on the bench and a tremendous 5.17 40. He was big, strong, and athletic. In other words, the raw skills matched the college production. Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1 Positives: Tremendous size with the length to be a solid pass blocker. … Experienced. Was a rock on the OSU line for four years. … Terrific technique and sound in all phases. Doesn't have one glaring negative. Someone's left tackle for ten years. Negatives: Not a pure finisher and doesn't play nasty. Won't throw his guy into the third row. .. Plays a bit high at times. Doesn't quite lock on as much as needed. … Not special fast for his size. Athletic, but gets by on technique more than quick feet.

5. OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma 6-5, 315
Post-Combine Skinny: Terrific. Everything about his Combine was terrific with a fantastic 4.88 run in the 40 to match the quickness in the agility drills and the wide receiver-like 9'5" broad jump. The 23 reps were a bit light, but the movement proved he should be solid in pass protection.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: The best player on, arguably, the nation's best offensive line in 2009. … A devastating run blocker who can play either tackle position and succeed. … A decent pass blocker. Not a weakness.
Negatives: Not an elite pass protector. Was helped by OU offense that got the ball out of the quarterback's hands in a hurry. … Needs to get a bit stronger. He's not going to bury defenders like he did in college. … Could use some technique work. Needs a good line coach to go from great to special.

6. OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa 6-5, 314
Post-Combine Skinny: A sure-thing top 20 pick before, now there's talk of him being top five overall after looking technically sound. He wasn't phenomenal in the basic drills with a decent, but not special 26 reps and a solid 5.26 in the 40, but he looked the part in the mirror drills and showed that he might not be even close to reaching his potential.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: Is being looked at as a tackle but is more than likely a guard. He might be a right tackle only. … Has decent quickness against everyone but a lightning-fast speed rusher. … Doesn't make dumb mistakes. Errors are physical and never mental.
Negatives: Lunges and grabs a bit too much. Needs to get physical to be effective and will have problems with the quicker ends. … Isn't a left tackle but someone will likely draft him hoping he'll be one. … A bit too hyped up. He was great, but he wasn't quite as good as the reputation.

7. WR Golden Tate, Notre Dame 5-11, 199
Post-Combine Skinny: He had a nearly-perfect Combine. Questions about his speed: check. He tore off a 4.42. Questions about his overall athleticism: check. He broad jumped ten-feet and was smooth as glass during drills. Questions about his size: problem, but there isn't anything to do about that and he made up for it a bit with a strong 17 reps on the bench.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
Positives: Ultra-productive. Played like a man among boys making big play after big play. … Reliable. He doesn't make mistakes and is a near-flawless route runner. … Tough. He'll fight for the ball and catches everything thrown his way.
Negatives: Small. At under six feet and under 200 pounds, he doesn't look the part. … While fast, he's not considered a blazer. He doesn't have elite wheels to make up for his lack of size. … Might be pigeon-holed as a No. 2 possession receiver. He likely isn't going to be an NFL No. 1.

8. WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State 6-2, 225
Post-Combine Skinny: Didn't work out because of a hamstring issue, but he impressed with his size. The 6-2, 225 pound body, to go along with the production, will make his Pro Day something special on March 10th. There are a slew of character issues to go along with his suspension, but all that matters right now is his 40. If he rips off a sub-4.5, he's a sure-thing top ten selection.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: Big, fast, and productive. He's extremely physical and demands double teaming. … While not a blazer, he has the deep speed to be a home run hitter. … Great at fighting for the ball and makes things happen in the open field. The ball is his when it gets to the end zone.
Negatives: Character concerns after getting suspended for the season for lying to NCAA officials. … Major questions about work ethic and consistency. Will he bring the effort every week and every day in practice? … Oklahoma State. It might not be fair, but Rashaun Woods and even going way back to Hart Lee Dykes might sour some on Bryant's upside. There's bust potential here.

9. S Earl Thomas, Texas 5-10, 208
Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't test like Eric Berry or Taylor Mays, he ran like a corner with a 4.44 40 and lifted a solid 21 reps. The problem is the eyeball test compared to the other top safeties; he just didn't look big. But everything else was there and he showed he could move to corner if absolutely needed.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: Possibly the most instinctive defensive player in the draft. Always, ALWAYS is where he's supposed to be and is a step ahead of everyone else. … Versatile enough to play any position in the secondary. Could move to corner if needed. Crazy strong for his size. … Terrific ball skills and dangerous when on the move.
Negatives: Small. Has corner size but to move him would be a problem. He's a safety. … Big concerns if he can hold up at safety. Doesn't look the part. … Not a big hitter. Won't intimidate anyone with his popping ability.

10.  C Maurkice Pouncey, Florida 6-4, 304
Post-Combine Skinny: He showed what he needed to. Along with the size, he jumped well and was good enough on the move to solidify himself as the No. 1 center. The Pro Day should make him even more dough.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: By far the best center in the draft, but he could end up spending most of his career at guard. He's too good not to start somewhere for a long time. …. Very quick. Fantastic on the move for a player of his size. … Smart. Doesn't make mental mistakes.
Negatives: Some potential concern about a shoulder. Durability could be an issue. … Not a mauler. Isn't going to bury too many defenders. … Not nasty. Could use a little more of a mean streak.

11. DT Dan Williams, Tennessee 6-2, 327
Post-Combine Skinny: It would've been nice if he did a bit more on the bench after lifting 27 times, and the 40, not a big deal, was slow, but he was still good delivering a strong punch in the drills and looking just smooth enough and quick enough to be still in the mix for the No. 3 tackle spot off the board.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: An ideal two-gap tackle. Extremely quick and can hold his own as an anchor. … Not a bad pass rusher for his size. Can fit in any scheme. … Can't be moved. Has a strong base and doesn't get shoved around.
Negatives: A bit of a one-year wonder. Didn't blow up until Monte Kiffin took over the defense. … Doesn't fire off the ball. Needs to labor to get into the backfield. … Isn't going to do anything in pursuit.
12. CB Joe Haden, Florida 5-11, 193
Post-Combine Skinny: As awful as any workout a sure-thing, top-ranked prospect could possibly have. He was glacier slow for a No. 1 corner running a 4.57, and while he jumped well and was quick through the short drills at times, he wasn't fluid, stumbled a little too much, and had everyone scrambling for the tape to make sure he really was as good as he looked throughout his career.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: A tremendous playmaker who does everything well. Is a lockdown defender against the pass and is strong against the run. … Very strong and has the necessary speed and quickness to be left on an island. … Arguably the best player over the last few years on one of the nation's elite defenses.
Negatives: Not always consistent and doesn't have impeccable instincts. … Made up for mistakes by simply being better and more athletic than everyone else and was helped by having an elite group of players around him. … Isn't afraid of taking chances. Will get beaten deep by craftier NFL targets.

13. OLB/DE Sergio Kindle, Texas 6-3, 250
Post-Combine Skinny: If the goal was to shed the tweener tag, he didn't do it. He planted and cut well and he was smooth in and out of his breaks, but the 4.71 40 might make him just fast enough to move to outside linebacker while the 25 reps on the bench weren't quite enough to make him a sure-thing, full-time end. He's a 3-4 outside linebacker and he had the explosiveness to keep the scouts excited.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: A natural 3-4 OLB but could work as a 4-3 speed rushing end. … Forces everyone to key on him. Demands a double team or a chip on every play to keep him from sitting on the quarterback's head. … Quick. Flies off the ball in a hurry.
Negatives: Not all that big. Not large enough to be a regular end. … Was erased too often when he tried to fill the Brian Orakpo role. Everyone had to try to explain why he wasn't coming up with big sack totals. … Not an elite athlete for the position and needs weight room work.

14. ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama 6-3, 254
Post-Combine Skinny: Disappointing because of a tweaked hamstring. It would've been nice if he had been able to run, and the 24 reps weren't all that impressive, but he's still everyone's top inside linebacker prospect even though he's tall and rangy.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: Ultimate leader. A quarterback on the defensive side and knows what everyone is supposed to do. … Just a great football player. The type of guy every coach wants somewhere in the mix. … Fantastic tackler. Always in the right position and always holds up well against the run.
Negatives: Overhyped. A great player, but wasn't as good as all the college attention. … Benefitted from having a big line in front of him. Didn't always have a lot of trash to work through…. Not elite in pass coverage. Good range, not great range.

15. OLB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri 6-1, 239
Post-Combine Skinny: From the white body suit to the always upbeat chatter, he stood out like he always does. The 34 reps on the bench were amazing and the 4.68 40 was nice, while the quickness and fluidity in the rest of the basic drills secured him a spot on the outside of someone's defense. He can play in any system.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
Positives: Great tackler and playmaker. Extremely active and always around the ball. … Extremely strong. Holds up well against blockers of all size. … A vocal leader. The type of player the rest of the defense feeds off of. Plays with a high level of emotion.
Negatives: A yapper. Rubs some the wrong way. … Doesn't have great range for a top NFL OLB. … Has to be sharper with his reads. Is out of position a bit too much but was still able to get in on the play. Needs to do more at the point of attack.

16. DE Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida 6-5, 270
Post-Combine Skinny: Could he be a top five overall pick, if not No. 3? That's what many are talking about now after a whale of a workout. He's big, has defensive back fluidity, and was fast looking smooth on the way to a 4.64. His hips were nice and loose, his feet were moving effortlessly, and he had the look of a pure NFL speed rusher. The 19 reps on the bench were a tad light and there might not be much room to beef up.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: Phenomenal all-around prospect. Great quickness and supreme athleticism for his size. … Potentially great all-around player. Can stop the run and rush the passer equally well. … Fast on the snap. Looks like he's shot out of a cannon at times.
Negatives: One-year wonder. Came from the JUCO ranks and had a nice year and was helped by having George Selvie on the other side. … Not a big body of work to go by. Hasn't had to be The Man. … Has to show he can be a bit stronger against the more physical blockers.

17. OLB/DE Jerry Hughes, TCU 6-2, 255
Post-Combine Skinny: He did a terrific job to up his stock and showed he could be an defensive end and isn't a lock to be just an outside linebacker. The 255-pounder came up with a solid 26 lifts on the bench and ran a terrific 4.69, but he really stood out in the short drills flying around the shuttle with a DE-best time of 4.15. He helped himself in a big way.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
Positives: Pass rusher extraordinaire. Has a high motor, a variety of moves, and a closer's ability to lock on a quarterback and drop him. … Strong against the run. Can't just be hammered on by bigger linemen. … High character. Coaches rave about him as a person and a worker.
Negatives: Not really an OLB and not really a pure DE. Needs to find the right fit. … Didn't take plays off, but was spurty at times. Disappeared for stretches. … Not elite strong. Could stand to hit the weights a bit.

18. DE Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech 6-3, 266
Post-Combine Skinny: He did what he needed to do for all of those looking for the raw skills to go along with the upside and production. He measured well and was quick enough in various drills. The 4.72 40 was a bit slow, but it was hardly anything to worry about. Basically, whatever you thought of him before, positively, shouldn't change now.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: Has all the raw tools to grow into a superior NFL pass rusher. … Great size with the room to get a little bigger and stronger. … Was great even with everyone keying on stopping him.
Negatives: Can be erased for long stretches by the elite offensive tackles. … Is only an end. Anyone thinking about moving him to outside linebacker might be extremely disappointed. … Not necessarily an NFL run stopper. Could quickly grow into a specialist.

19. Taylor Mays, USC 6-3, 230
Post-Combine Skinny: 4.43. There have been several disputes about just how fast Mays was, but all that matters is that he was the fastest defensive back at the Combine and had everyone buzzing about how a player 230 pounds could be that fast, that smooth, and that impressive. Everyone knew he'd test well, but this was still something amazing. The 41" vertical, 24 reps on the bench, and 10'5" broad jump only helped his reputation.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
Positives: The prototype. Fast, strong, big, he has everything you could ever dream about in a safety. … A knockout hitter, for good and bad. Is an intimidating force. … Can play any safety spot and fit in any system.
Negatives: Not nearly productive enough for his skills. Was fine, but wasn't special. … Strangely poor instincts. Gets fooled way too easily and usually makes up for it with his athleticism. Won't be able to do that all the time in NFL. … Rubs people the wrong way. Comes across as aloof. Entitled.

20. CB Patrick Robinson, Florida State 5-11, 190
Post-Combine Skinny: The 4.42 was fast enough and the 16 reps on the bench were fine. The 40" vertical highlighted the explosiveness he displayed throughout the workout. If you liked him before, you'll really be a fan now.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
Positives: A ball-hawk who destroys quarterbacks who make mistakes. A game-changer. … Not a bad tackler. Isn't afraid to get dirty. … Great instincts. Great at anticipating the breaks.
Negatives: Reputation kept him from doing much as his career went on. No one wanted to throw at him. … Banged up too much but isn't going to stop being a hitter. … Doesn't have elite quickness. Gets by on instincts and work. G

21. DE Brandon Graham, Michigan  6-1, 268
Post-Combine Skinny: Coming off the monster Senior Bowl, he helped himself further with the impressive 31 reps on the bench. He moved fine, but his football, tape speed and quickness is better than what he showed in the drills. For his size, though, the 4.72 40 was good enough to keep his positive momentum going.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: Destroyed the Senior Bowl. Stood out on a field full of all-stars both in practices and the game. … Excellent size and could work fine as a quick pass rushing defensive end. Extremely quick off the ball. Ridiculously strong. … Always working and always screwing things up. Blows up game plans.
Negatives: Not an elite athlete and a bit of a tweener. Will explode as a part of a great defense, but will be erased at the next level as The Guy. … Not tall enough to be a defensive end. Sort of squatty. … Doesn't necessarily have a sure-thing position.

22. RB Ryan Mathews, Fresno State 6-0, 218
Post-Combine Skinny: The big question mark was whether or not the football speed translated to workout speed, or vice versa, and if he's really as fast as he appeared. One 4.45 later, the 218 pounder has made himself one of the top three running backs in the mix and could be the first one off the board if someone wants a bigger back than C.J. Spiller or Jahvid Best.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: A home run hitter who's gone with a lane to blow through. … Give him a cut-back lane and it's a sure-thing five yards. … Ultra-productive when on the field. Was the best of a great lot of recent Fresno State backs.
Negatives: Durability. Forget about having him for a full season. … Needs technique work and will take way too many big shots. … More fast than quick and isn't much of a blocker for his size.

23. CB Kyle Wilson, Boise State 5-10, 194
Post-Combine Skinny: In one of the most disappointing aspects of the Combine, Wilson had a chance to blow up and be seen by some as the possible No. 1 corner overall but didn't run. However, the 25 reps on the bench for a 5'10", 194-pound player were amazing. The film on him is fantastic, and the lifting set the stage for what will be a key workout in a few weeks.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: Tremendous skills. Took away half the field and has arguably been the WAC's best defensive player for the last few years. … Strong. Can erase receivers by shoving them around. … Ultra-reliable. Almost never made big mistakes.
Negatives: Not quite the all-around athlete of some of the other corners. … Not the greatest of tacklers. Okay, but not a sure-thing in the open field. … Not tested much and will have to learn what its like to get beaten. Hasn't faced much on-field adversity.

24. RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson 5-11, 196
Post-Combine Skinny: He gave everyone exactly what they were looking for showing explosion, quickness, and raw speed with a 4.37 40 that more than proved he could be the game-breaker to be on the top of most draft boards. His workout doesn't have anything to do with his durability questions, but he helped himself and ensured a spot in the top 15, if not much higher.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
Positives: Ultra-productive all-around playmaker. A game-changer who took the Tigers on his shoulders. … An elite kick returner and a strong receiver. … A home-run hitter. If he's not a No. 1 back, he'll be a devastating No. 2.
Negatives: Durability. He won't last 16 games. He won't even be close. … While he warmed up to Clemson, he was close to bailing early on when things got tough. … Not a power runner at an NFL level.

25. QB Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame 6-3, 222
Post-Combine Skinny: Didn't throw at the Combine as he tried to rehab his injured toe. He measured well with good height, but for those who care about these sort of things, and several teams do, he has smallish, 9" hands.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: Played in a pro-style system and was productive under trying circumstances … Very, very tough. He played through a bad toe injury and still made things happen. It's a stretch to call him "magical," but he pulled off several close wins last season … A good enough arm to get by. He doesn't have a cannon, but the arm is NFL good.
Negatives: Not huge by NFL standards and he has to work on his throwing motion a bit to be more effective … Brady Quinn. There's a concern that Charlie Weis quarterbacks might be more hype than substance (at least the ones from Notre Dame). … The toe. He's not able to do any Combine drills trying to get healthy.

26. QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma 6-4, 236
Post-Combine Skinny: Didn't throw at the Combine to continue to rehab his injured shoulder, but his stock rose nonetheless with the mediocre performances from the rest of the quarterbacks. He hung around and generally came across as fine as he participated in all the periphery activities. Because of contracts and the position he plays, there's talk about him possibly going No. 1 overall, even if he's not considered a better prospect than Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
Positives: Excellent height and solid arm … Tremendous accuracy when given time and is willing to take a shot when it comes to hanging on to the ball until the final moment … Looks the part and is a smart leader.
Negatives: Played behind a great line and had great talent around him. Fantastic when he didn't get touched, made his mistakes against teams with a pass rush. … Can he consistently play under center or is he a product of the Oklahoma offense? … Shoulder, shoulder, shoulder. There's going to be a cringe from coaches and fans every time he lands on his throwing shoulder.

27. RB Jahvid Best, California 5-10, 199
Post-Combine Skinny: Everyone knew he was going to be fast, but a 4.35 proved that he's the home-run bolt of lightning that could be a game-changer. He was tremendously quick in the agility drills, and most importantly considering his bad neck injury, was was strong with 18 reps on the bench. Someone will be ecstatic to get him in the first round.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
Positives: Electrifying with an extra gear when he has a sniff of the goal line. … A home-run hitter who can strike from anywhere on the field. … An excellent running back with NFL-ready skills. He doesn't need a lot of work.
Negatives: Durability. He can't take a pounding for long stretches and will have to be a part of a rushing tandem. … No power whatsoever at the NFL level. … Forget about pass protection. Minimal blocking ability.

28. TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma 6-5, 261
Post-Combine Skinny: All questions about the bad knee were answered with a decent 4.73 in the 40 and good mobility in the agility drills. No one ever questioned his pass catching ability and all that mattered if he could move. He did, but he wasn't explosive. The one negative was the mere 20 reps on the bench. He really won't ever block anyone.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: A fantastic receiver who can be used as a deep threat or a reliable playmaker across the middle. … Has tremendous tools. Is like a big wide receiver. … Terrific hands and will fight for the ball.
Negatives: Knee injury that kept him out of the 2009 season will be an ongoing concern. … Not an elite blocker. Purely a receiver. … Benefitted from a hurry-up, high-octane offense that had plenty of talent around him.

29. OG Mike Iupati, Idaho 6-5, 331
Post-Combine Skinny: While he did his part and did a good job of moving well and showing balance, he wasn't quite as impressive as expected. The 27 reps were fine, but not special for a No. 1 guard, and he didn't show the feet to be a tackle. However, he zipped around the cones and the 5.29 wasn't too bad. It would've been nice if he had been more special, but he was decent enough not to scare anyone away.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
Positives: A mauler who destroys defenders and then looks for another guy to hit. … Huge with the size and skill to get a look at tackle. … Just scratching the surface. The upside is limitless.
Negatives: Sloppy. Mega-technique issues. Made way too many mistakes against inferior opponents. … Not an elite athlete. Some might think about putting him at tackle, but he's right tackle only if not a guard. … Not a sure thing. The potential is there but he has to prove he can do it at a high level at a consistent basis.

30. DE/DT Tyson Alualu, California  6-3, 295
Post-Combine Skinny: Some team is going to fall in love with the possibilities. He's a bit more of a tackle prospect than an end, but he flew through the cone drill and looked tremendously quick for a tackle. However the 21 reps might keep him outside, but he should be a dream of a 3-4 end with stronger players around him.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
Positives: A 3-4 end or a 4-3 one-gap tackle. He'll destroy one-on-one blocking and will get into the backfield. … Strong. Not elite strong, but doesn't get pushed around. … Always working and always hustling. Great motor.
Negatives: A bit of a tweener. Not bulky enough to be a sure-thing tackle and might be a better fit on the end. … Not a top athlete. Gets by most of the time on hustle. … Needs to be paired up with a good lineman next to him. Not an anchor.

31. DT/DE Brian Price, UCLA 6-1, 303
Post-Combine Skinny: An ideal end in a 3-4, he shuffled well and was smooth through the drills. He wasn't all that fast laterally and he ran a 5.13, but he didn't hurt himself in any way with 34 reps on the bench and with just enough quickness to be fine. He looked a little smallish because of his lack of height, but it wasn't that big a problem.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: Makes plays. Always active, always working, always making something happen. … A nice interior pass rusher. He can be a regular one or two-gap tackle. … Slippery. Doesn't stay blocked.
Negatives: A bit short and squatty. A bowling ball. … Relied on motor in college but isn't a top athlete. … Not an anchor despite his base. Needs a bigger body next to him.

32. DT Jared Odrick, Penn State 6-5, 304
Post-Combine Skinny: He moved extremely well for a player of his size and getting under 5 (a 4.98) in the 40 was a big help. The 26 reps on the bench were fine, and he got around well enough to keep his stock high. It was a positive Combine.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
Positives: Tremendous producer who earned unquestioned respect from his team and opposing coaches. … A strong run stuffer who was the key to some elite run defenses. … Gets a great push into the backfield. Beats up linemen.
Negatives: Not necessarily an interior pass rusher. Doesn't have the quickness to be expected to make a ton of big plays. … A bit of a tweener and might struggle to find a defined role. Not a nose tackle. … Can be erased. Doesn't always need a double team.