2010 NFL Draft - The CFN Top 250 (3rd Round)
Cincinnati WR Mardy Gilyard
Cincinnati WR Mardy Gilyard
Posted Mar 5, 2010

The 250 best NFL prospects in the 2010 Draft - The Third Rounders

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What happens when you combine the real, live, on-field production of the college careers of all the top NFL prospects with raw workout numbers and practices? The CFN Top 250 players for the 2010 NFL Draft. Please note, this isn't a prediction or a projection of where the prospects will go. Instead, it's a ranking based on apparent talent, safety, risk, and the potential to be a bona fide NFL starter. These are the best 250 prospects regardless of position.

65. DT Geno Atkins, Georgia 6-1, 293
Post-Combine Skinny: He measured a bit short at just 6-1, and he was smallish, but everything else about his workout was fantastic. The explosion in his legs popped out with a 9'9" broad jump, and he came up with a 33" vertical, but he really made a name for himself on the bench with a solid 34 reps and in the 40 with an end-like 4.75.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 13
Positives: Active. Quick to make things happen and moves as well as any tackle in the draft. … A pure one-gap defender. Might be too fast off the ball for many guards. … High character. Works hard and is reliable.
Negatives: Smallish. Not bulky. … Needs to have a big butt next to him and can't be an anchor in any way. … Short. Just over six-feet tall.

66. ILB Micah Johnson, Kentucky 6-1, 258
Post-Combine Skinny: The workout wasn't good. The 31 reps on the bench were excellent, but he was bulky and looked like it when he tried to move. the 4.99 40 was lumbering and slow, he wasn't smooth through the quickness drills, and he looked like nothing more than a run stuffer who has to play in a box.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
Positives: A tough leader. Always making plays, always working, always producing. … Strong against the run with great size and strength. Holds up well against bigger blockers. … Terrific motor. Never takes a play off and never gives up. Has enough hustle to play on the outside if needed.
Negatives: Not an elite athlete. Has decent range, but not a flier. … Tries hard in pass coverage, but is limited. … Will need to have good athletes and lots of speed around him. You want a Micah Johnson in your linebacking corps, but an NFL team can't have three of them.

67. ILB Jamar Chaney, Mississippi State 6-1, 242
Post-Combine Skinny: Very big and with the bulk to fit anyone's system, he stepped up with a 4.54 in the 40, the fasted among the true inside linebacker prospects, and he exploded with a 39" vertical and sipped around in the drills. It was a terrific workout to show off the raw skills, but it wasn't enough to overshadow the negatives on the tape.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: Great size. Has the bulk and the body to be more than fine inside against bigger NFL blockers. … Always working. Doesn't take a play off and hustles to get to everything. … Surprising range and quickness for a player of his size. Can play in a 3-4 or a 4-3.
Negatives: Good in all phases but not great in any one particular area. … Not quite as good as he should've been against the run on a regular basis considering his sze. … Just okay against the pass. Isn't going to erase any receivers.

68. OLB Dekoda Watson, Florida State 6-1, 240
Post-Combine Skinny: The guy looked like one big, bulging muscle. The phenomenal physique was also functional on the field running a blazing 4.56 and flying through the short drills. And then came the broad jump which he destroyed with an eye-popping 11'2" leap. On the down side, he's not getting any bigger. There's no more room for another muscle.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 9
Positives: Carved out of stone. The typical Florida State type of prospect with a perfect physique. … Good quickness and great at using it to get into the backfield. … Not just an athlete. Tough and works to make things happen.
Negatives: Limited in pass coverage. Doesn't seem to have a feel for it. … Could stand to get a bit bigger. Has good size, not great size. … A bit dinged up at times. Works through injuries, but won't ever be 100% at the next level.

69. QB Colt McCoy, Texas 6-1, 216
Post-Combine Skinny: Didn't do much to impress. Measured under 6-2, but he ran relatively well with a 4.79 in the 40. Wasn't able to throw as he continued to rehab his shoulder, but he benefitted from lousy weekends from the rest of the quarterbacks.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: Extremely accurate short-to-midrange arm with a quick release … Very smart, very likeable. A guy you root for and teammates want to play hard for. … Mobile. Good football speed for a quarterback and can get out of tough situations and make things happen on the move.
Negatives: Chad Pennington. McCoy has everything you'd want in a quarterback but elite size and a pure deep arm. Brett Favre he's not. … Concern about the shoulder and his durability. He was dinged up way too much throughout his college career. … Might be pigeon-holed as the ideal No. 2 QB, but not a No. 1 who can win a Super Bowl.

70. ILB Sean Lee, Penn State 6-2, 236
Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't look big and didn't quite look the part, he lifted well with 24 reps and he moved like his banged up knee was never a problem. The 4.72 40 was way too slow for an outside linebacker, but he moved around well enough to be in the hunt for an early second round pick.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
Positives: Tremendously productive with the right attitude and mentality. A pure football player. … Sniffs out plays. Always is in the right place at the right time. … Always around the ball and always producing. A good stat-sheet filler.
Negatives: His knee. He is a year off the pace after tearing up his ACL just before the 2008 season. Was great when he returned, but wasn't quite the same. … Smallish and not an elite athlete. Not a huge hitter and not as physical as he might be to be an intimidating force.

71. WR Brandon LaFell, LSU 6-3, 211
Post-Combine Skinny: Not good. For a player who was supposed to be a top 15 caliber pick and possibly the No. 1 WR taken (at least that was the thought last year at this time), he didn't look the part. The smallish hands are an issue (really, they are), but they aren't as bad as the pedestrian 4.59 and the struggles in the agility drills. Throw in a horrible (for a WR) broad jump of 9'5", and he's a second rounder at absolute best.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
Positives: Size. He looks the part of a true No. 1 target and has more than enough speed to be special. Of all the receivers in the draft, he has the best tools. … Uses his body well. He's not afraid to outphyscial smaller defensive backs. … Tough. He'll turn into a great downfield blocker with a little more work.
Negatives: Fine, but never played up to a special level. Too inconsistent for a player of his caliber. … Not a pure route runner and needs refinement. Sloppy at times. … He'll have problems at times getting jammed at the line by the more physical NFL corners.

72. WR Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati 6-0, 187
Post-Combine Skinny: No one  expected him to be a blazer, so the 4.56 wasn't anything to get in a twist over. As expected, he was quicker than fast, measured out to be close to six-feet, and he was able to hold firm as a rock-solid mid-second to third rounder.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
Positives: Acts the part of a No. 1 target. He demanded to make the big play in clutch situations, and he often did. … Quicker than fast. He's great at making people miss. … A true baller. He plays bigger than his size and he loves the game. Effort won't ever be an issue.
Negatives: Not fast. He'll have major problems getting deep on decent NFL corners. … Not a blocker. It's not that he's not willing, but he's just not big enough to be effective. … Thinks he's better than he probably is (for good and bad).

73. TE Garrett Graham, Wisconsin 6-3, 243
Post-Combine Skinny: Not considered an elite athlete, he wasn't bad as he moved well and looked like a natural. He didn't lift all that well with just 20 reps, but he's not supposed to be much of a blocker. Overall, the workout confirmed what everyone knew, he's a solid prospect.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
Positives: A nice receiver. Was the only thing going for the Badger passing game at time throughout his career. … A natural target who always finds a way to get into the holes in the secondary. … Excellent hands and is willing to take a big shot.
Negatives: Might be moved around to find the right position, and that's not a plus. … Will be seen by some as a fullback even though he's not an elite blocker. … Doesn't have an NFL burst and isn't all that fast.

74. TE/WR Dorin Dickerson, Pitt   6-1, 226
Post-Combine Skinny: He's not a tight end and he's not a receiver, but he showed that he's a player who has to find a spot somewhere. He blew away all the tight ends with a blazing 4.4, and he was solid on the bench with 24 reps (one more than star DT prospect Gerald McCoy). The vertical of 43" was out of the stadium and he moved effortlessly and smoothly.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: Versatile. He'll be used like a tight end and an H-Back, but he has wide receiver skills. … Fights for the ball and is great at fighting off defenders to make plays. … Hard worker. Has the motor and the try-hard ability to make himself into a player.
Negatives: Too short. He's built like a fullback but isn't a good enough blocker to be one. … Used as a receiver but was called a tight end. He's not an NFL wide receiver. … Doesn't have special raw skills. Can't be a full-time blocker and might not find a place as a receiver or tight end.

75. ILB Pat Angerer, Iowa 6-0, 235
Post-Combine Skinny: It was a good workout for a short, squatty defender who lifted well with 26 reps and was quick through the short drills. He did enough to be considered a good inside prospect, and the 4.69 40 was a big help.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
Positives: Big-time producer. Didn't get nearly enough credit for a sensational 2009 when he might have been the best linebacker in America. … Great range and disruptive. Screws things up for offenses. … Ultra-tough. Good hitter and doesn't back down from anything.
Negatives: Too small. Will get caught up in the trash at the next level. … A try-hard type who might be a pure inside defender. Not necessarily an NFL outside prospect. … Fine against the pass, but not great.

76. ILB Darryl Sharpton, Miami 5-11, 236
Post-Combine Skinny: A bit short and very compact, he lifted well for an inside defender with 24 reps and the 4.73 40 wasn't bad. It wasn't a great workout, but he had good feet and looked the part, However, he didn't stand out.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: Excellent tackler. Good at getting into the backfield with the quickness to make something happen when the opportunity is there. … Great inside. Works extremely well in a limited space. … Big hitter. Packs an intimidating punch.
Negatives: Smallish. Not bulky for an NFL inside defender and will have issues against the run. … Not a sideline-to-sideline playmaker. Decent range, not great. … Got by on raw talent way too often and had to make up for mistakes a bit too much. Not going to be able to get away with that at the next level.

77. OT Selvish Capers, West Virginia 6-4, 308
Post-Combine Skinny: The 19 reps on the bench showed just how far he has to go to reach his potential. He proved to be a good athlete for his size, and he showed good explosion in the jumping drills, including a 8'10" broad jump.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
Positives: Might be just scratching the surface. He is still improving and could blossom further once he hits the pros. … Athletic. He moves extremely well and can get to the second-level in a hurry. … Tall and long. Has the frame to become a top pass protector.
Negatives: Needs work. He's hardly a finished product and might still be two years away from reaching his potential. … He isn't a devastating run blocker. He's a big more of a finesse player. … Needs to hit the weight room. He's not a mauler.

78. OLB Rennie Curran, Georgia 5-11, 235
Post-Combine Skinny: While he was a bit small and didn't look big enough to hold his own as a regular three-down linebacker, he did everything well enough to not hurt himself. The balance and the pop in the drills confirmed that his on-field functional quickness is for real, while the 25 reps were a plus. However, the 4.72 40 for a player of his size wasn't great.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: All over the field and extremely productive. If it's possible, he was an underappreciated and underrated SEC star. … Works hard. Always hustling to get to the ball and to make things happen. … A tough leader. Is the type of player a whole defense works around.
Negatives: Not all that big and could have problems getting flattened by bigger NFL linemen. … Not an elite athlete. Decent quickness and good strength, but not at a high level. … Not a pass defender. Will have problems with quicker backs and receivers.

79. OT Kyle Calloway, Iowa 6-6, 323
Post-Combine Skinny: Not great. He wasn't expected to be a great athlete, and he wasn't with little quickness and no explosion. He was sluggish, didn't lift, and now he might be tagged with the dreaded Right Tackle Only stamp.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: Tremendous size. He has the height, the frame, and the length. … Great attitude. He goes all out to bury his man. … When he gets his hands on a defender, it's over.
Negatives: Not a great athlete. Gets by on work ethic and size. He'll get destroyed by NFL speed rushers. ... He might be a right tackle only. He just doesn't have the raw skills to protect a star QB's blindside. … He's not a guard and some might think he could play there in a pinch.

80. OT Rodger Saffold, Indiana 6-4, 316
Post-Combine Skinny: Terrific. After working out well in offseason drills, he was athletic and sharp in Indy with an impressive 5.22 in the 40 and running smoothly in the quickness drills. The broad jump of 9'5" was good enough to earn him a few dollars, while his balance and control were peerless.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 16
Positives: Quick enough off the ball to make up for other issues. … Good technique. Doesn't make a lot of mistakes. … Not a dominator, but he's the type who can be plugged in on an NFL line and disappear (in a positive way).
Negatives: Not a good enough athlete to get any sort of a look at left tackle. … Might be seen by some as a guard only, but he's not quite a physical enough player to be great on the inside. … Will get blown past by smaller, quicker ends.

81. OG Jon Asamoah, Illinois 6-4, 305
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't run and he didn't do anything on the move. He just got measured and came in a wee bit light for a top guard prospect.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
Positives: Excellent athlete. Was great for the Illinois spread attack and was great on the move. … Good overall strength. Can get nasty when he has to, not a finesse player. … Will work to get better. He'll make himself an NFL player.
Negatives: Not big. Not going to be able to maul NFL DTs without putting on a bit more weight. … Not an elite pass protector. Can't be tried out at tackle. … Might be the best fit in a zone-blocking scheme and isn't going to be for everyone.

82. TE Jimmy Graham, Miami 6-6, 260
Post-Combine Skinny: For everyone interested in seeing what the basketball prospect could do in the football drills, he came through big with a fantastic 4.56 in the 40 and blew away all the tight ends by jumping out of the stadium with a 10'8" broad jump. The vertical, for a hoops player, was a surprisingly okay 38".
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: One of the most intriguing players in the draft. Very raw but with a limitless upside. … TALL. A former basketball player with 6-7 height and the athleticism to get even bigger on jump balls. … A great athlete with good hands considering his limited experience.
Negatives: Needs a ton of work. He's a technique mess. … Not a blocker. Too tall and doesn't get low. … Tempting to use names like Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales because they were former basketball players. Graham isn't Gates or Gonzales.

83. DT D'Anthony Smith, Louisiana Tech 6-2, 304
Post-Combine Skinny: It would've been nice if he had run and worked out more, but he measured big and needs to come up with a great individual workout to get up in the first three rounds. He's still a question mark, but an intriguing question mark.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: Excellent all-around tackle. Quick into the backfield. … Can be a 3-4 end or a 4-3 tackle. … Was always on the field. Held up well despite being the focus of every opposing blocking scheme.
Negatives: A few technique issues. Was successful by simply being more athletic than just about everyone else up front. … Needs a bit more of a motor. When he was on, he was special. Wasn't always on. … Not an anchor. Can't be used on the nose.

84. OLB Thaddeus Gibson, Ohio State 6-2, 243
Post-Combine Skinny: He was what you'd expect out of an athletic Ohio State defender. At his size he's not a defensive end in any way, but he led all ends at the Combine with a 6.84 cone drill time and blazed through the shuttle in 4.27. That was nothing compared to his bench press with 32 reps to tie for the best of the ends. He has the tools.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: Used as a smallish defensive end at OSU and held up well. A veteran who has been through it all. … A great athlete who moves extremely well. Is a natural NFL OLB. … Has no problem with big blockers by simply going around them. Extremely quick.
Negatives: Didn't produce as well as he should've. Was supposed to be a pass rushing terror and wasn't. … Not a great pass defender despite all his athleticism. … Could be a better pro than a collegian, but is hardly a sure thing with high bust potential.

85. OT/OG Vladimir Ducasse, Massachusetts 6-4, 322
Post-Combine Skinny: While he moved well enough, he proved once and for all that he's a guard and can't even think about playing tackle. The 29 reps were solid and the 5.21 in the 40 was solid.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
Positives: Intriguing mix of size and athleticism. Big guys like this who can move don't come around every year. … Can be tried out at tackle, where he played his entire college career. … Powerful. He'll barrel over someone he gets his mitts on.
Negatives: A major project and needs a ton of work. Not even close technique-wise. … Not an NFL tackle and will have to learn how to be a guard. Didn't look the part in offseason practices. … Still a work in progress. Ceiling is sky-high, but he's hardly a sure thing. However, because of his raw skills someone might overpay to get him.

86. OLB Dexter Davis, Arizona State 6-1, 244
Post-Combine Skinny: Fast for an end, tearing off a 4.64 40, and he was among the quickest end prospects looking balanced and fluid. Throwing up 24 reps on the bench didn't hurt the cause, and now he's able to try out as a situational end in a 4-3 as well as on the outside as a linebacker.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 18
Positives: Has the tools to quickly make the transition from end to OLB. Great straight-line speed. … A good, smart veteran who produced well on the line for a good defense. Fantastic pass rusher. … Holds up well against the run despite his size.
Negatives: Has to get bigger. Doesn't have bad size but would be better with a bit more bulk. … Has to learn the position. Will have to grow into an in-space playmaker. … Not really fluid for a linebacker. Might struggle with the transition.

87. QB Tim Tebow, Florida 6-3, 236
Post-Combine Skinny: It was Tebow being Tebow. He was tremendous in the interviews, he ran well enough with a 4.72 in the 40, and he was an uber-athlete with the best QB times in the shuttle, cone, and 60-yard drills, and he set a Combine record for a QB with a 38.5" vertical. However, he didn't throw as he chose to wait for his Pro Day, and the buzz keeps building. He's on the radar as a quarterback, but the workout showed he could be used elsewhere.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
Positives: Leadership. No matter what you might think about him, his teammates followed him blindly. He was the unquestioned leader of the Gators. … Tremendous short-to-midrange accuracy. He'll throw darts if given time. … A better arm than he gets credit for. He didn't throw too many deep balls because he didn't have to, and now that's being seen as a negative.
Negatives: Throwing motion, throwing motion, throwing motion. He needs at least a year, maybe two, to get his mechanics right. … College strengths don't translate to the NFL. He won't be able to run by or over anyone. … Concussion concerns. The shot he took against Kentucky was more than just getting his bell rung.

88. DT Arthur Jones, Syracuse 6-3, 301
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't work out but he measured the right size. He was a good-looking 301 pounds and it'll be interesting to see what he can do on the move.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 9
Positives: Underappreciated star who toiled on a bad team. Never gave up and was the one everyone worked around. … Strong. Great against the run and can shove some people around. … Decent size. If he gets any stronger he'll be a fantastic two-gap defender.
Negatives: Not a pass rusher. If he's not stuffing the run, he's not useful in the NFL. … Needs to be in a phone booth. … Durability a bit of a concern. Wore down as a senior.

89. DT Torrell Troup, UCF 6-3, 314
Post-Combine Skinny: He did a nice job as a mid-level tackle prospect. He checked in at a beefy 314 pounds, and he moved relatively well and surprised with nice lateral movement. The 34 reps on the bench were great and he came up with a good 5.1 in the 40. It was a good workout.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 27
Positives: Strong and physical. An anchor who can be plugged in on the nose. … Can swallow up the double team without a problem. … Always working. Hustle and effort never a problem.
Negatives: Not quick. Not going to be much of a pass rusher. … Not fast off the ball. Will have a tough time getting into the blocker. … Needs to play in a phone booth. Isn't going to move much.

90. QB John Skelton, Fordham 6-6, 243
Post-Combine Skinny: No one helped himself more. He showed a big-time live arm to go along with his tremendous size and stunning athleticism. His name is being thrown around as another Joe Flacco, but he's even bigger and could be one of the high risers over the next few weeks.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 13
Positives: Huge. Built like a defensive end. … Elite arm, possibly the best in the draft. … Excellent upside. Not a Joe Flacco who can shine right away, but someone will fall in love with his potential. … Great on the move. Not a runner, but he makes plays on the move.
Negatives: Fordham. The level of competition is in question. … Was fine at the Senior Bowl but didn't stand out. … Needs lots of work on reading his progressions and his mechanics. An unfinished product.

91. WR Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas 6-2, 207
Post-Combine Skinny: He just wasn't fast enough. The lumbering 4.61 wasn't good enough to make any sort of a splash, and he didn't do anything to open up anyone's eyes. However, he looked big and strong with the size needed.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: Big and tough. Uses his body well to shield off defenders. … Shiftier than he might appear for a player of his size. Crafty in the open field. … Bails out the quarterback. Throw it up and let him go get it. Tremendous one-on-one.
Negatives: Not a polished target. Made too many key mistakes for a player of his talent. … Attitude a question. Had a few problems at KU. … Not physical enough as a blocker.

92. OT Ed Wang, Virginia Tech 6-5, 314
Post-Combine Skinny: Ran extremely well and was moving around well. The 29 reps were good, the 5.14 40 was better, and he confirmed that he has the athleticism to be tried out at both tackle spots.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 10
Positives: Excellent size and knows how to use it. A big hitter. … A good veteran who has been through the wars. He knows what he's doing. … Good athlete for his size. If he doesn't work out at tackle he'll be a fantastic guard.
Negatives: Not consistent. Had some puzzling performances. … Needs to get nastier. He has to be more of a destroyer. … Athleticism to play left tackle, but not good enough. He'll have to be a right tackle.

93. C J.D. Walton, Baylor 6-3, 300
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't lift, but the athleticism for a 300-pound player was impressive. He came up with a great 8'5" broad jump and moved like a much smaller player around the cones. This was his chance to shine, and he did.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
Positives: Strong and physical. Did a great job in Senior Bowl workouts. … A tough run blocker who beats up defenders on the inside. … Quick off the ball. Great at getting his hands on the defender immediately.
Negatives: Not great on the move. Doesn't have much mobility. … Didn't do a ton of power run blocking at Baylor. … Will have problems with bigger, strong defenders.

94. DT Earl Mitchell, Arizona 6-2, 296
Post-Combine Skinny: There wasn't a real buzz about him, but he came up with a fantastic workout with a 4.7 in the 40 on a 296-pound frame. The 25 reps weren't that great, but they were better than Gerald McCoy, and he moved well in the drills.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 16
Positives: Athletic for his size. Gets into the backfield without much of an issue. … Can be used anywhere on the line. Is more than capable of playing a big end when needed. … Made himself good and keeps on working. Effort isn't a problem.
Negatives: A bit raw. Still a work in progress and could be more consistent. … Not polished with his techniques. Gets by on hard work and athleticism. … Not really a big-time run defender. Not an anchor.

95. S Nate Allen, South Florida 6-0, 207
Post-Combine Skinny: Everyone knows he's fast and athletic, so it wasn't that big a deal that he didn't move. The 16 reps on the bench didn't show off great strength, but he still needs to run a 40 to prove he belongs among the top 50 players.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
Positives: Quick. Moves fluidly and has little problem closing on the ball. … Instinctive. Knows where he's supposed to be and is always there. … Doesn't need a whole bunch of work. Polished enough to roll from day one.
Negatives: Not really a playmaker. Good, but not a difference maker. … A good tackler, not a great one. … Not an intimidator. Not huge and not a big hitter.

96. DT Corey Peters, Kentucky 6-3, 300
Post-Combine Skinny: He punched well in the bag drills and showed good lateral movement for a player of his size. The 5.02 40 was just good enough to get by, and he moved well with good fluidity. On the down side, he didn't lift.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 18
Positives: Very productive and very good for a long time. Improved throughout his career. … Nice athlete for his size. Moves around like a far smaller player. … Smart. Knows what he's doing, doesn't make a lot of mistakes, and is the type of player who can be plugged in at several spots.
Negatives: Needs to be more creative. Got by on a few moves. … Tread on the tires. Held up reasonably well, but was beaten up by the SEC. … Not slippery. When he's blocked, he stays blocked.