2010 NFL Draft - The CFN Top 250 (4th Round)
SMU WR Emmanuel Sanders
SMU WR Emmanuel Sanders
Posted Mar 5, 2010

The 250 best NFL prospects in the 2010 Draft - The Fourth Rounders

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What happens when you combine the real, live, on-field production of the college careers of all the top NFL prospects with raw workout numbers and practices? The CFN Top 250 players for the 2010 NFL Draft. Please note, this isn't a prediction or a projection of where the prospects will go. Instead, it's a ranking based on apparent talent, safety, risk, and the potential to be a bona fide NFL starter. These are the best 250 prospects regardless of position.

97. CB Donovan Warren, Michigan 5-11, 193
Post-Combine Skinny: It wasn't the Combine he probably wanted. He only ran a 4.59 in the 40, came up with a paltry 12 reps on the bench, and didn't look the part of a top-shelf corner. He'll have to try to make amends with a better, stronger workout.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
Positives: Very quick and does several things really well. Can play a variety of positions. … Nice sized and versatile with the athleticism to play any safety spot in a pinch if he doesn't work out at corner. … Physical. Likes to push around receivers.
Negatives: Doesn't have elite corner wheels. Might not have the skills to be a No. 1 corner. … More of a baller than a top athlete. … Needs film work. Doesn't sniff out plays well enough.

98. S Barry Church, Toledo 6-1, 222
Post-Combine Skinny: The pet prospect of many insiders, he had an interesting workout. He was big, but he flew around the short drills like a much smaller player. However, the 19 reps weren't that big a deal and the 4.68 40 was slow. He might be like a smallish linebacker, but he wasn't bad enough to drop too far.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 15
Positives: A standout from day one. Always played bigger, stronger, and faster than everyone in the MAC. … Tough. Great against the run and has the size to be NFL productive. … Can be used in a variety of ways. Strong enough to possibly be a smallish linebacker.
Negatives: Player like a man among boys at times in the MAC, but doesn't have top-shelf NFL skills. … Little range. Not a star in pass coverage against speed receivers. … Not quick enough. Needs to be surrounded by athletes.

99. RB Anthony Dixon, Mississippi State 6-1, 233
Post-Combine Skinny:  The pre-Combine knock was that he didn't have any straight line speed, and he proved it with a 4.65. However, he showed explosion with a 40" vertical and a 10'1" broad jump. He's big and looked the part of a thumper.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: The only positive on an occasionally miserable MSU offense. Produced when everyone was focused on stopping him. … Ultra-tough. Won't go down with just one tackler. … Quick for his size and power. More elusive than he gets credit for.
Negatives: Little speed. He's not going to bust off many big dashes. … There's little bounce. He's a between-the-tackles runner. … Character and concentration concerns. Lacks focus.

100. WR Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech 6-3, 224
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't work out as he was still recovering from a broken foot, but he measured to be every bit as big as hoped for. Built like a smallish tight end, he still needs to run at some point to up his stock.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: Very big and very physical. Dominated in one-on-one coverage down the field. … A deep threat. He knows how to hit the home run and is great at fighting for the ball and making it his. … Will make the spectacular catch. Throw it up and give him a chance.
Negatives: A one-trick pony. He isn't any sort of a route runner and does one thing well: go deep. … He'll make the circus catch one play and drop the routine the next. … Injury issues suffering a broken foot this offseason.

101. S Darrell Stuckey, Kansas 5-11, 205
Post-Combine Skinny: It was fantastic considering he wasn't all that big and needed to show off a bit. He ran extremely well cranking out a 4.49 and was fluid through all the drills. He showed the 30.5" leaping ability to help make up for his size, and he looked the part of a cover-2 safety. However, his 17 reps didn't help his reputation for not being physical.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 11
Positives: A nice athlete who was a major playmaker for KU. Always stood out. … Nice helper against the run. Isn't afraid to get his nose dirty. … A baller. He'll do what's needed to play.
Negatives: Not huge. Won't be able to be all that physical at an NFL level. … Not great when the ball is in the air. Better in run support. … Quicker than fast. Doesn't have top-end range.

102. CB Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State 5-11, 195
Post-Combine Skinny: There's a mixed bag of views on him from the tape, and he didn't do quite enough to overcome the concerns. The 4.53 40 wasn't good enough and he wasn't quite quick enough to shine.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
Positives: Extremely productive. Was a playmaking key to the Cowboy defense. … Stepped his game up against the better receivers. Knows how to raise his effort at the right time. … Goes after the ball well. Picks off everything he has a chance at.
Negatives: Doesn't bring it each and every week. Takes plays off against weaker teams. … Inconsistent technique. Lazy in his footwork way too often. … Not a form tackler. Needs to use his size a bit better.

103. DT Jeff Owens, Georgia 6-1, 304
Post-Combine Skinny: He was short, he was a bit beefy in places, and he looked like a barrel-chested inside defender, but it all came together in a phenomenal run on the bench-press with a whopping 44 reps, or five more than the next best tackle lift. He moved well, too, with a 5.00 40 and decent quickness. It was a good raw-skill workout that should help him become a part of someone's nose tackle rotation.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 28
Positives: A strong bull. Stout and can't be moved. … Potentially a great backup nose tackle. Can be fantastic with limited work. … Want-to never a problem. Will be ready to go the second he's needed and will always bring the effort.
Negatives: A knee. He struggled two years ago with a knee injury and wasn't quite the same. … Not a pass rusher. Doesn't have the quick burst. … Mediocre athlete. He makes things happen by hustling but doesn't have the raw tools.

104. WR Danario Alexander, Missouri 6-5, 215
Post-Combine Skinny: The knee injury kept him from working out. On the plus side, he measured very tall and very long with huge ten-inch hands.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 9
Positives: Very, very big. He has the look of a No. 1 receiver to revolve a running game around. … Extremely productive. Was arguably the best receiver in the nation over the second half of last year. … Isn't afraid to hit. He's a tremendous downfield blocker and loves to outmuscle his way to the ball.
Negatives: Major red flag with a knee problem. He hurt his knee this offseason and struggled through injury problems throughout his career. … Doesn't run the whole route tree well. He needs a ton of polish. … Has good speed but is hardly a blazer.

105. S Kyle McCarthy, Notre Dame 6-0, 205
Post-Combine Skinny: Terrific. It was the exact workout he needed to come up with as one of the most athletic safeties in Indy. The 4.63 in the 40 didn't matter with the way he was moving around the cones and the short drills. the 24 reps on the bench only helped him more, and even though he wasn't that big, he was fantastic on the move.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 17
Positives: Terrific playmaker. Easily the top producer on the Irish D. … Great tackler. Aggressive enough and instinctive enough to get around the ball all the time. … Top character. Will run through a wall to produce and will be tough to cut.
Negatives: Way too small. Will have problems holding up. … An okay athlete but not a great one. Not enough speed to make up for the lack of size. … Will get beaten up. No chance of getting through next-level blocks.

106. DT Mike Neal, Purdue 6-3, 294
Post-Combine Skinny: AN undersized tackle prospect, he needed to be athletic and strong for his size, and he was. He ran well with one of the best 40s of the tackles, a 4.86, and he came up with 31 reps on the bench. He'll work well as a one-gap tackle and did a lot to help himself by showing off the raw skills.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 15
Positives: A good interior pass rusher. Did a great job of getting around the quarterback. … Was terrific at times in offseason workouts. Impressed with every practice. … Moves well. Always working and always hustling. Makes things happen.
Negatives: Smallish and limited to the scheme. One-gap only. … Not an elite athlete. Produces by trying hard and hustling. … Not quite strong enough to be a 3-4 end.

107. ILB Joe Pawelek, Baylor
Not Invited To The Combine

108. S Morgan Burnett, Georgia Tech 6-1, 209
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't show enough. The size wasn't bad, but the 16 reps were a little light and he didn't show nearly enough to make a big move. He's still way outside the elite safety prospects.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: Great against the run. When he has a bead on a ball-carrier, he makes the play. … Has good all-around skills. A solid athlete. … Good range. Can stay with quicker receivers and is great at helping out.
Negatives: Way, way, way too inconsistent. He'll make a brilliant play one down and seem lost the next. … Makes too many mistakes. A bit overaggressive. … Gambles on the field. Takes several risks. 

109. CB Dominique Franks, Oklahoma 5-11, 194
Post-Combine Skinny: It wasn't good enough. The 4.52 wasn't exactly blazing and he didn't blow up the short drills. He didn't do anything special and needs to show something else to prove he's worthy of being a starting corner.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
Positives: A great all-around mix of skills. Good size and nice quickness. … Very brash and very confident. Isn't afraid to get in the opponent's head. … Can be moved around where needed. Could end up starring as a nickel or dime defender.
Negatives: Doesn't play up to his talent. Talks a great game but doesn't always play it. … Not a form tackler. Needs to be even more physical. … Lots of technique work needed.

110. RB James Starks, Buffalo 6-2, 218
Post-Combine Skinny: Off the radar after missing last year with a shoulder injury, he came up with a strong Combine running a 4.5 40 at 218 pounds. It would've been nicer if he had lifted more than 15 reps to prove the shoulder is 100%, but that's not that big a deal. He worked out well enough to warrant a top 100 pick.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 13
Positives: Ultra-productive despite playing on a bad team. Terrific combination of size and speed. … A powerful back with a good nose for the goal line. Gets the hard yards. … Good enough speed to turn good runs into great ones.
Negatives: His shoulder. He was supposed to come up with a big 2009 season but missed the year with a shoulder injury. … There's little wiggle. He's not going to make many miss. … While he always produced, he was at his best in the MAC. He still has to prove himself against top-shelf competition.

111. CB Kareem Jackson, Alabama 5-10, 196
Post-Combine Skinny: He was fast, and that made up for everything else. The 4.48 40 was good in this class of corners, but the quickness wasn't exactly there compared to the other top corners in the short drills. He was fine on the move, but not spectacular.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: A good, sound, all-around corner. Can handle a variety of tasks and assignments and fits any system. … Works hard. Likes to be challenged and rises to the moment. … Nice footwork and quickness. Smooth.
Negatives: Not a great tackler. Willing, but not great at it. … Has had problems staying healthy suffering shoulder problems. … A gambler. He'll make his share of plays, but he'll get torched at times at the next level.

112. CB Alterraun Verner, UCLA 5-10, 189
Post-Combine Skinny: Very, very quick. The 4.53 40 was a bit slow, but the 11 reps on the bench weren't awful. He made his money with a superior performance in all the short drills flying around as well as any corner. It was a great workout that will move him up.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 13
Positives: Terrific athlete who moves easily and well. Cuts on a dime and can be explosive. … Can be shot out of a cannon into the backfield. Is a strong closer. … Instinctive. Sniffs out plays well.
Negatives: Okay against the run. Not great. … A better athlete than technician. Makes up for his mistakes with his quickness. That won't work at the next level. … Needs to be more consistent. Missed a few too many plays.

113. QB Jarrett Brown, West Virginia 6-3, 224
Post-Combine Skinny: Tremendously athletic. If you didn't know how inconsistent he was on the field, and if you didn't know how average he was he'd be the buzz of Indy. He's big, had a rocket arm, and ran extremely well with a Combine best for the QBs 4.54. He showed enough physical tools to be taken as a developmental prospect.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: Possibly the best arm in the draft. He doesn't have a problem putting the ball wherever he wants to. … Extremely mobile and isn't afraid to make things happen with his feet when things break down. … When he's on, he's tremendous.
Negatives: An average college quarterback when he got his shot … Not the most accurate arm. Too erratic. … Is more of a thrower than a passer. He's smart, but he relies on his arm over his head.

114. WR Taylor Price, Ohio  6-0, 204
Post-Combine Skinny: He's one of the new high risers after a great offseason. The great workouts continue with a 4.41 40 and great work done in the ball drills. He looked like a fast, talented NFL receiver.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 18
Positives: Speed. On his wheels alone he'll make someone's roster. … A good producer on a team that struggled to throw for long stretches. … Fluid. He's an athlete who will have no problems quickness-wise against any NFL corner.
Negatives: Needs work and lots of it. He's not a finished product by any stretch and could use time to refine the basics. … Was good, but not great despite going against inferior competition. Didn't dominate as much as he should've. … A bad blocker.

115. RB Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss 5-9, 172
Post-Combine Skinny: A nightmare. He was supposed to show off his quickness and his explosiveness, and while he cut well and looked strong on the bench with an impressive 20 reps, none of it mattered after his 4.58 40. He was supposed to be a poor man's Chris Johnson, but the sun dial timed 40 should make him a stock tumbler.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
Positives: A game-changer with flash speed. It's over when he gets into the open field. … Multi-skilled. Can be lined up wide, used as a receiver, and can line up under center in a Wildcat formation. … A player. He wants the ball in his hands in crunch time.
Negatives: Was treated like a delicate flower. Was limited by the coaching staff to make sure he didn't get hurt. … Way small. No power whatsoever and can't be a workhorse in any way. … He's not Chris Johnson. He's not Chris Johnson. He's NOT Chris Johnson.

116. OT Sam Young, Notre Dame 6-8, 316
Post-Combine Skinny: Huge, checking in at just under 6-8, and he ran well with a 5.19 40 and came up with a good 29 lifts, but he was way too stiff and seemed to labor. He didn't appear to be comfortable.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 11
Positives: Got better under tremendous pressure. Made a big improvement each year. … Tall with a big frame. Tough to get around. … Knows how to handle himself in the pro system. Can be plugged in from Day One.
Negatives: Good, but didn't live up to the hype that made him a superstar recruit. … Not a good enough run blocker and too tall to play guard. … Not a killer. More of a finesse blocker.

117. TE Ed Dickson, Oregon 6-4, 249
Post-Combine Skinny: Didn't disappoint catching the ball, but he struggled with his raw speed and quickness numbers. The 4.67 isn't going to impress anyone and he sputtered around the agility drills. He wasn't as quick as he needed to be.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
Positives: A natural receiver. Makes the play when the ball comes his way. … Quick. He cuts well and can find an opening without a problem. … Works hard and isn't afraid of hitting.
Negatives: Not really fast enough to be a dangerous receiver against the more athletic linebackers. … Not consistent. Will disappear at times. … Not a blocker. He'll try and is willing, but he's not going to shove anyone around.

118. WR Eric Decker, Minnesota 6-3, 217
Post-Combine Skinny: As expected, he didn't work out having to undergo a second surgery to remove the screws in his foot. He benched an okay 15 reps and he measured big, but teams are going to want to see him run at the last second before the draft.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 12
Positives: Big and tough. Not afraid to go across the middle and is great at making the big play. … A No. 1 target. Produced even when everyone was focusing on him. … Athletic for his size. Looks the part.
Negatives: Durability. He was knocked out each of the last two seasons. … Not a blazer and not necessarily a deep threat. … Baseball. He could have options if he doesn't want to deal with football.

119. WR Freddie Barnes, Bowling Green
Not Invited To The Combine

120. WR Emmanuel Sanders, SMU 5-11, 186
Post-Combine Skinny: Fast. The knock that he didn't have the wheels to overcome his smallish size, but he proved to be not that small and he was far faster than expected with a 4.41. The 10'6" broad jump was among the best in the Combine and he was one of the quickest players in the short drills.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 27
Positives: Extremely quick to the point of being all but uncoverable on short routes. … Fast and productive. He didn't blow up in the June Jones system, but he was more than fine and was a leader. … Excellent hands. Adjusts well.
Negatives: Not quite fast enough to make up for his lack of size. He might be a shade too small and a step too slow to be a deep threat. … Not a good enough route runner. He needs to be more precise. … Might only have a shot as a returner.

121. OT Tony Washington, Abilene Christian 6-6, 311
Post-Combine Skinny: He needed to show he was special considering he came from Abilene Christian, and he was with an impressive 33 reps and tackle-best 9'6" in the broad jump. The 5.19 40 at 311 pounds only made his week stronger.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 18
Positives: Strong. Embarrassed weaker linemen at the lower level. … Decent combination of raw skills. Good size with the room to add a big more heft. … Smart. Doesn't get caught out of position.
Negatives: Abilene Christian. Crushed it at the D-II level. … Not a great athlete. Relies more on his strength and hasn't had to deal with an elite, athletic pass rusher. … Not going to be great on the move. Needs to work in a phone booth.

122. RB Joe McKnight, USC 5-11, 198
Post-Combine Skinny: Had a good day, but was hardly special enough to move the needle too much. He didn't turn into a blazer for his size, but the 4.47 wasn't bad and he ran well in the drills. If anything, his stock stayed at a dead even.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 11
Positives: Flashy. Quick with the ball in his hands with the ability to make any defender miss. … Slippery. He gets by defenders who don't wrap up. … Unexpected power. Isn't afraid of contact.
Negatives: Disappointing USC career. He was supposed to be another Reggie Bush and wasn't close. … Not an inside runner and can't be a workhorse. … There will be times when he disappears completely. Major bust potential.

123. QB Levi Brown, Troy 6-3, 229
Post-Combine Skinny: Could he be another Tony Romo? That's who he's being compared to with his live arm and gunslinger mentality. He's not a great athlete, but he's strong, ripping off 20 reps, and he threw just well enough to get longer look because of his upside and his potential.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 17
Positives: A bomber who was fantastic at the Sun Belt level. … Excellent size with a good combination of strength and quickness. … Shakes off pass rushers well.
Negatives: An unproven commodity. He's still a bit raw. … Got plenty of time to work behind a brick wall of a Troy line. … Needs a lot of work on reading defenses.

124. OLB/DE Antonio Coleman, Auburn  6-1, 255
Post-Combine Skinny: The workout wasn't anything special for a defensive end, but for a 255-pound linebacker prospect it was decent. He didn't run the 40 and the 18 reps on the bench were awful, but he measured well and looked the part. He needs another workout to generate any sort of a buzz.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 11
Positives: A hard-working, high-motor pass rusher who was a key player at a high SEC level. … Plays bigger than his size. Doesn't get pushed around easily. … Polished as a pass rusher. Doesn't show just one thing to get into the backfield.
Negatives: Not really an NFL pass rusher and will have to prove he has the athleticism to be a regular three-down linebacker. … Not a pass defender. Needs a ton of work. … Doesn't fly around as expected. Isn't going to have sideline-to-sideline NFL range.

125. OLB Rico McCoy, Tennessee
Not Invited To The Combine

126. DT Vince Oghobaase, Duke 6-5, 303
Post-Combine Skinny: He wasn't fast with a glacier slow 5.43, and the 27 reps on the bench didn't make up for it. On the plus side, he has long arms, measuring more than 35". Lumbering a bit in the drills didn't help, and now he's nothing more than a cog on the inside, not an anchor.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 11
Positives: Held up despite getting beaten on as the main man up front for the Duke D. … Good base. Tough and strong. … Nice combination of size and strength. The basics are there.
Negatives: Didn't really progress as much as expected. Was a big-time recruit for Duke and was good, but not phenomenal. … Banged up. Fought through injuries, but has tread on the tired. … Not much of a pass rusher.

127. OLB/DE Koa Misi, Utah  6-3, 251
Post-Combine Skinny: He's a tweener, and the workout wasn't a bad one to make him a tweener for a variety of formations. He was tremendously quick for an end running a 4.69 in the 40 and flying around in the shuttle and cone drills. . He didn't lift, but he looked like he has the potential to beef up and get to an end sized 260 to 265 pounds without a problem.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 13
Positives: Is he a DE or a LB? He has the strength and the athleticism to be moved around where needed. … High motor disruptor. Screws up offenses. … Will work his way into a lineup and a role. He'll do whatever he must to make a team.
Negatives: Not an NFL DE. Will have to spend plenty of time working on making the transition. … Not a pass defender. This could take forever to come around. … Not great in space and will have to show he can read and react to plays.

128. OLB Keaton Kristick, Oregon State 6-3, 234
Post-Combine Skinny: The 16 reps on the bench were lousy and he didn't look all that strong and didn't look the part at 234 pounds on a rangy 6-3 frame, but he was athletic enough to move himself up several notched on a few draft boards. The 4.21 in the shuttle was terrific and the 4.68 40 was good enough. The ten-foot broad jump was wide receiver impressive.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 26
Positives: A nice all-around athlete who can do a little of everything. Could be a special teams superstar at the next level. … Busted his tail to get better. The coaches rave about him. … Strong for his size. Isn't going to be erased by blocks.
Negatives: Not big enough. A tall, rangy player who lacks the bulk. … Often banged up. Never afraid to sacrifice himself to a fault. … Not the surest tackler. Misses a bit too much.