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2010 NFL Draft - The CFN Top 250 (7th Round)
Western Michigan QB Tim Hiller
Western Michigan QB Tim Hiller
Posted Mar 5, 2010

The 250 best NFL prospects in the 2010 Draft - The Seventh Rounders and Top Free Agent Prospects

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7th Round & Top Free Agent Talents

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What happens when you combine the real, live, on-field production of the college careers of all the top NFL prospects with raw workout numbers and practices? The CFN Top 250 players for the 2010 NFL Draft. Please note, this isn't a prediction or a projection of where the prospects will go. Instead, it's a ranking based on apparent talent, safety, risk, and the potential to be a bona fide NFL starter. These are the best 250 prospects regardless of position.

193. WR Stephen Williams, Toledo 6-5, 210
Post-Combine Skinny: One of the deep sleepers blew up the workouts. Not only was he big, looking every bit his 6-5 and 210 pounds, but the 4.48 had eyeballs popping. He was explosive, quick, and did a nice job in the catching drills. He's too good in workouts to not get a longer look.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 41
Positives: Tremendous size. Throw it up in the air and he should be able to outjump anyone for it. … Good speed. He’ll be able to get deep without a problem. He has the raw tools. … A great athlete for his size. Adjusts to the ball like a smaller player.
Negatives: Needs work. He’s not nearly a polished enough route runner to be used as a No. 2 target. … Far better when the ball is in the air than he is with the ball in his hands. … Doesn’t always use his size well.

194. QB Sean Canfield, Oregon State 6-4, 223
Post-Combine Skinny: The lefty was coming off a mediocre run at the Senior Bowl and didn't do anything to improve his stock. He didn't show a big enough arm, the ball didn't explode out of his hand, and he was inconsistent.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: He has the size and the look. He’s one of the few pro-style passers in the draft. … He’s used to being under center and doesn’t need a ton of work on his mechanics. … Smart enough to handle himself well under Mike Riley and handle all that was thrown his way.
Negatives: Doesn’t have the arm to match the size. The arm is fine, but hardly special. … Sort of a one-year wonder. He was a big-time prospect who took a little while to pan out. … Had shoulder problems as a junior.

195. TE Cody Slate, Marshall
Not Invited To The Combine

196. OG Brandon Carter, Texas Tech 6-6, 329
Post-Combine Skinny: It was an interesting workout with a bad vertical and a fantastic broad jump. He was big and long, but he didn't move well lumbering to a 5.36 in the 40 and struggling to look the part.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
Positives: Nasty and big. Is the type of blocker who wants to throw a defender into the second deck. … Experienced. He held his own at a high level against some special Big 12 linemen. … Great hitter. A fantastic run blocker who worked in a passing attack.
Negatives: Not an athlete. Isn’t going to move well enough to be moved outside but doesn’t necessarily have an NFL guard’s frame. … A hot-head. Nastiness works both for good and bad. … Will have big problems with quicker interior linemen.

197. DE/OLB Brandon Lang, Troy  6-4, 266
Post-Combine Skinny: Disastrous. Considering he's going to be considered a tweener as a possible linebacker while also working as an end, the glacier-slow 4.96 40 was a problem and the 20 reps on the bench weren't enough. Basically, he doesn't have the raw tools to be a special player.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 14
Positives: Quick. Great range and moves extremely well. … Will likely be an outside defender in a 3-4 but can be used as a pass rushing specialist in a 4-3. … Always produced. A great player who made things happen even when keyed on.
Negatives: Not really a linebacker. If he’s not used as an end, he’ll need time. … No real pass coverage skills. Will need to start from scratch. … Has to get even stronger. Was fine at the collegiate level but needs to get bigger to hold up.

198. DT Boo Robinson, Wake Forest
Not Invited To The Combine

199. DT Andre Neblett, Temple
Not Invited To The Combine

200. QB Tony Pike, Cincinnati 6-6, 223
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't really help himself when it was his chance to shine. His passes fluttered and sailed, but he showed a decent arm. He wasn't all that athletic and did nothing to suggest that he can be someone's franchise quarterback. However, he wasn't so bad to fall completely off the map. He's just a developmental prospect now.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 9
Positives: The X factor. He has the size and the accuracy. … Fantastic short-to-midrange passer and a nice decision maker. … Ultra-productive under Brian Kelly.
Negatives: Durability. Got banged up way too much and missed way too much time. … Questionable deep arm. The arm is decent, but hardly elite. … Possibly a system passer. He threw to open receivers and didn’t have to force it to make things happen.

201. ILB Kion Wilson, South Florida 6-0, 239
Post-Combine Skinny: A good athlete, he was flying around the drills and looked like a natural. However, he was a bit small and wasn't fast with a 4.85 40. It wasn't a bad enough workout to hurt his stock, but he didn't boost himself in any way.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 21
Positives: An excellent playmaker on an athletic defense. Stood out all the time. … Mega-hitter. Hits with a bad attitude. … Tough as nails. A heart-and-soul type of linebacker who never disappoints with effort.
Negatives: Smallish. Not a lot of room to get bigger and has a hard-ceiling on what he can be physically. … Not great at shredding blocks. Not slippery. … Not a pass rusher and has to be used in a 3-4. Not a MLB and not an OLB.

202. ILB Mike McLaughlin, Boston College 6-0, 242
Post-Combine Skinny: Strong and slow. He lifted 225 pounds 29 times and he didn't have a problem doing it. He was agile through the short drills and broad jumped 9'6", but the 4.82 40 cemented himself as just an inside prospect.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 12
Positives: A good, sound player who picked up the leadership slack with star Mark Herzlich out for the year. … Tough against the run. Holds up well and does a good job of sniffing out plays. … Good size and excellent in short areas. Eats up everything that comes his way.
Negatives: Recently suffered an Achilles heel injury. Played the season, but durability question marks. … Not an athlete. Little NFL caliber range. Inside LB only. … Not a pass defender. Might only be a two-down player.

203. OLB Simoni Lawrence, Minnesota 6-0, 232
Post-Combine Skinny: Expected to be a good athlete, he didn't disappoint with a 40" vertical and smooth as silk feet through the short drills. He wasn't tall, the six-foot barrier might be an issue, but the 21 reps were fine for him and the 4.68 40 will keep him on the radar.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 24
Positives: Excellent athlete. Extremely smooth with great range. … Good at getting to the ball. Doesn’t get shoved around without a big block. … Strong in pass coverage. Can turn and cover like a safety.
Negatives: Isn’t big. Doesn’t have the bulk or the physical ability to handle himself when everything is coming his way. … Not a playmaker. Doesn’t do enough to blow plays up. … Mediocre against the run.

204. CB Brian Jackson, Oklahoma 6-1, 202
Post-Combine Skinny: The rep on him was that he'd be big, strong, and fast, and he turned out to be big, strong, and quick. His 4.58 40 wasn't a positive but the 20 reps on the bench were only three fewer than his former teammate, Gerald McCoy. He was among the best of the bunch in the short drills moving extremely well for a player of his size. He made some money with the workout.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 19
Positives: Big, strong, and very fast. Moves well. Great weightroom strength. … Supports like a safety and can hit. … Versatile. Could be moved to a variety of positions.
Negatives: Big like a safety, but also covers like one. … Faster than quick. Not all that fluid. … Needs to be in a zone and needs help. Not going to stick to a man at an NFL level.

205. TE Jeron Mastrud, Kansas State 6-5, 256
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't work out and will need to show some sort of running ability to get anyone excited about drafting him. He didn't measure all that well with average size among the tight ends.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 12
Positives: A smart player and a reliable route runner. He doesn’t make mistakes. … Soft hands. Eats up everything that comes his way. … A strong, willing blocker and is great a getting downfield to make a hit.
Negatives: Not fast. Was able to get open at the college level, but he won’t have the same luck in the NFL. … Not an elite athlete. Might be used mostly as a blocker. … Wasn’t nearly as good without Josh Freeman throwing to him.

206. WR Brandon Banks, Kansas State 5-7, 149
Post-Combine Skinny: Fast, but not fast enough. He was supposed to come in and be a blazer, and while he was fast, the 4.43 wasn't anything special. Of course, he's quick and he actually looked like a real, live wide receiver, and not necessarily just a kick returner.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 21
Positives: Phenomenal speed. Put him on the outside and let him run deep, deep, and deep again. … A tremendous returner who could have a good career as a specialist. … An uncoverable route runner. Too quick.
Negatives: Wee. Way too small. .. Character problems. Was arrested this offseason. … Will need the ball to find him. He’s not going to fight off anyone to get to it.

207. QB Tim Hiller, Western Michigan 6-4, 229
Post-Combine Skinny: Hiller proved to be an even more intriguing prospect after a good, interesting Combine. He has the size, he's smart, and he always impresses in person, and then he came out and exploded with a 9'10" broad jump (beating out Tebow's 9'7") and was shockingly quick for his size. He was one of the few quarterbacks who lifted with 18 reps.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 16
Positives: Extremely smart. Possibly the book-smartest player in the draft. … A pro-style passer who doesn’t need a lot of mechanical work. … Excellent arm. Can make all the throws.
Negatives: Suffered an extremely bad knee problems early in his career and might be living on borrowed time if he takes any big shots on it. … Not mobile in the slightest. … Needs a better release. Mechanics are fine, but he needs to get rid of the ball faster.

208. WR Donald Jones, Youngstown State 6-0, 214
Post-Combine Skinny: Known as a deep threat, he had to step up and show he could be a home run hitter, The 4.47 proved he had the speed, but the surprising 20 reps on the bench and the impressive 41" vertical leap gave him the baseline numbers needed to prove he has the necessary raw skills.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 42
Positives: A productive deep threat at the lower level. Has an intriguing mix of decent size and good speed. … Adjusts well to the ball when it’s in the air. Fights for it. Strong blocker. … Might be a deep sleeper and is scratching the surface of his talent.
Negatives: Might look the part physically but doesn’t appear to have any special NFL skills. … Was awful in Senior Bowl practices. Didn’t look like he belonged on the practice field. … Not polished in any way. He’ll require a ton of work and a lot of patience.

209. OLB Cameron Sheffield, Troy 6-2, 257
Post-Combine Skinny: He wasn't nearly athletic enough to be considered a special outside linebacker in any way, and he was was too light to be a defensive end. It was a tough workout with a brutal 4.90 40 and lumbering athleticism in the drills. He looked light, he didn't look fast, and now it'll be tough to find a spot for him.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 15
Positives: An excellent defensive end who has the raw skills to become a dangerous all-around defender at the next level. A good pass rusher. … Smart. Sniffs out plays and has great instincts. … Has the tools to quickly grow into a game-changing linebacker.
Negatives: Needs to learn a new position. Not an NFL pass rusher to try to develop as an end. … Needs a ton of work to grow into an OLB. Might need a year. … Tremendous upside, but someone will have to be really, really patient and has to find someone who wants to find a spot for him.

210. DE/OLB O’Brien Schofield, Wisconsin 6-2, 221
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't work out, as expected, because of his knee, but he measured as a linebacker, and a smallish one, at just 221 pounds.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 19
Positives: Peerless pass rusher with speed, moves, and want-to as a college end. … Excellent athlete who had few problems with bigger blockers. Too quick for almost all tackles. … Has the athleticism to move to OLB without much of a problem.
Negatives: Knee. He tore his ACL in the Senior Bowl after initially looking like the player everyone would’ve been buzzing about. He’ll need time to get back to 100%. At least a year. … Not big, even for an OLB. Forget about end at the next level. … Can get erased when locked on. Erased when a blocker’s hands are on.

211. CB Walter McFadden, Auburn
Not Invited To The Combine

212. QB Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State 6-2, 214
Post-Combine Skinny: A bit of a nice surprise, Robinson threw extremely well with the ball flying out of his hands crisply and accurately. He ran extremely well, as expected, tearing off a 4.71, and he jumped an impressive 35" in the vertical. It was a good enough workout to make teams think he could be a longtime backup with just enough skill to step in and produce at a moment's notice.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 18
Positives: Very mobile and is good at throwing on the move. … A baller. Makes things happen when nothing is there. … Good release and is good at getting the ball out of his hands in a hurry.
Negatives: He doesn’t have the arm. There’s a limit on what he can do. … More of a runner than a passer. … Benefitted from playing behind a fantastic, underappreciated line.

213. CB Sherrick McManis, Northwestern 5-11, 195
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't run and he needs to show everyone his 40 time before he can be in the mix, but he's big and has the look of an NFL corner on the eyeball test.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 22
Positives: Moves well and cuts nicely. … Great instincts. Gets by on knowing what he’s supposed to do and being in the right position. … Decent against the run in the open field.
Negatives: A mediocre athlete. Likely a cover-2 corner who’ll need help. … Not explosive. Doesn’t fly around. … Gets blocked easily. Can’t slip through.

214. OG Andrew Lewis, Oklahoma State
Not Invited To The Combine 

215. TE Michael Hoomanawanui, Illinois 6-4, 264
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't run, which was disappointing considering he's considered a top receiving tight end prospect. The 25 reps, though, kept in line with the good lifts by the Illinois players. He measured well with great size and long arms.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 15
Positives: A wide receiver in a tight end’s body. … Moves well for his size with great agility. … Isn’t afraid to block. Worked well for the Illinois rushing attack.
Negatives: Dinged up a bit too much. Had ankle problems in what was supposed to be a big final year. … Not great at getting separation considering his quickness. … Not a blazer. Fast enough to get by, but he needs to be covered by a linebacker and not a safety.

216. CB A.J. Jefferson, Fresno State, 6-0, 193
Post-Combine Skinny: It was one of the biggest workouts of the Combine for a player who needed to shine to make a bigger name for himself. He had to be athletic, and he blew everything off the charts with a 4.43 40, a whopping 44" vertical, and lightning quick times in the short drills. He only came up with seven reps on the bench, but no one cares.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: Not Ranked
Positives: Tall and has NFL athleticism. Has the raw skills. Very fast. Functional fast. … A great returner who can be a special teams playmaker. .. Great upside. Is just scratching the surface.
Negatives: Needs time. Raw, raw, raw. … No instincts whatsoever. Needs to see the field far more to be even close to being thrown on an island. … A workout warrior. All measurables.

217. WR Seyi Ajirotutu, Fresno State 6-3, 204
Post-Combine Skinny: There was a hope for a Fresno State-like time from the big target, and the 4.53 wasn't awful. He's big, physical, and looked like he should be an NFL receiver, but his workout didn't open any eyes.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 23
Positives: Nice blend of size and speed. Looks the part. … While not a blazer, he could become an effective deep threat. A glider who gets down the sidelines in a hurry. … When he’s on, he can dominate mediocre corners.
Negatives: More fast than quick and seems like it takes a day and a half to get moving. … Not nearly as productive as he should’ve been. Not consistent. … Needs overall work and doesn’t run a full route tree.

218. RB Javarris James, Miami 6-0, 212
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't do anything to make him a star, but he had a nice Combine with a 4.53 40 and 21 reps on the bench. He was quick through the drills and looked the part, but there was nothing he did to make anyone change any preconceived notions.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 17
Positives: Excellent at cutting back when he finds the hole. When he has an opening he gets into the secondary in a hurry. … Slippery. Finds a way to work for more with a quick cut. … A baller. He’ll make himself into a player doing whatever he has to.
Negatives: Not a natural running back and doesn’t set up his blockers well enough. … Not enough power. He needs a hole to produce. … Didn’t always produce up to his talent or potential.

219. QB Mike Kafka, Northwestern 6-3, 225
Post-Combine Skinny: Was surprisingly decent. He's big, threw well, and showed decent quickness and agility. He's not going to be anyone's starter, but he was good enough and has been strong enough to get a decent look in a camp.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 10
Positives: Known as a runner before coming up with a great passing senior season. … A smart, fearless player who might grow into a long-time No. 2 (and that’s not a knock). … Tall. He has the size needed.
Negatives: The spread. He has to prove he can be a consistent player under center. … Not enough of an arm. Forget about anything deep on a regular basis. … A hard-ceiling on what he can do. The basic skills are lacking.

220. C/OG Erik Cook, New Mexico  6-6, 318
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't lift and he didn't show enough to prove he could be a guard. He wasn't afraid to get on the move, and he was balanced for a player of his size. He's worth getting into a camp and being tried out in several different spots.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
Positives: Extremely versatile. Can fill in anywhere on the line with the frame of a tackle and the strength of an interior blocker. … Big. An NFL-sized body that doesn’t need a ton of work. … A good pass blocker with the arms to keep defenders at bay.
Negatives: He’s best as a center but is too tall for the position. … Not all that athletic. Has tackle size but doesn’t have the feet to be on the outside in the NFL. … Needs to be a more consistent run blocker and needs to be more of a punisher.
221. DT/DE John Fletcher, Wyoming  
Not Invited To The Combine

222. TE Andrew Quarless, Penn State 6-4, 254
Post-Combine Skinny: He needed to show that he could move well, and while he wasn't explosive, the 4.69 wasn't too bad. The 23 reps were disappointing, but he made his money by getting in under 4.7.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 16
Positives: The receiving talent has always been there. He could be a much better pro than a collegian. … Decent athlete. No problems getting around on the field. … Terrific hands. Extremely reliable when the ball is in his range.
Negatives: Issues. He had off-the-field problems and character questions are going to be a knock. … Not exactly a gym rat type. Might need a fire lit under him. … Not a drive blocker and won’t give anyone a shove in the running game.

223. RB Keiland Williams, LSU 5-11, 223
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't work out, but he's on the radar of several teams with late draft picks, like Chicago. He has the size and the athleticism isn't the question, but he's still nothing more right now than a late-round flier.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 18
Positives: Looks like the prototype. He has the size, the speed, and all the tools to be exactly what you’d look for. … Can work inside or out. He has the combination of quickness and power to do both. … Good hitter. Not afraid of contact.
Negatives: Wasn’t able to do much or play up to his skills. Always overshadowed and never stood out. … Not a receiver and won’t be used as a third down back. … Not decisive enough. He has to find a hole and make something out of it.

224. DE/DT Brandon Deadrick, Alabama  6-4, 314
Post-Combine Skinny: Measured huge and long looking like a possible rock of a 3-4 end. He didn't do much to show he can be much of a pass rusher, and he didn't lift.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 20
Positives: Eats up the run. Takes out everything that comes his way. … Finally grew into his job. It took a while, but he became dependable. … Big. Doesn’t get moved around.
Negatives: Not a pass rusher in any way. Doesn’t get off the ball well. … Character issues early in his career with a variety of missteps. … Needs to be in a phone booth. No shiftiness.

225. DT Jay Ross, East Carolina 6-3, 313
Post-Combine Skinny: He looked big, he measured big, and he did a good job of showing he could be a space-eating, run swallower on the inside. He moved well for a player of his size and the 30 reps on the bench were solid. He helped himself by being quicker and more fluid than expected.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 22
Positives: A big presence on the inside. A space-eater. … Active. Did a nice job of getting into the backfield. … Strong. Can work as an anchor and a backup two-gap defender.
Negatives: Not quick. Gets into the backfield on strength and bull rushing. … Needs technique work. Not always consistent. … Had some nice players around him. Didn’t do it alone and got plenty of help.

226. CB Chris Hawkins, LSU 6-0, 187
Post-Combine Skinny: If you can run a 4.4 you'll get drafted. The former LSU CB blazed a 4.43 and lifted an excellent 16 reps on the bench. Quickness was never an issue, but he didn't stand out as expected with his cutting ability.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 24
Positives: A strong player who was overshadowed by flasher Tiger defenders. … Fast. Moves well and recovers easily. … Great against the run. Always willing to come up and pop.
Negatives: Not instinctive. Doesn’t sniff things out. … Not sound. Was able to make up for mistakes by being athletic, but that’s not going to fly at the next level. … Was helped by having a ton of talent around him.

227. S Kam Chancellor, Virginia Tech 6-3, 231
Post-Combine Skinny: Very big and very strong for a safety, he lifted well with 22 reps, ran a good 4.62 in the 40, and he did enough to improve his stock. It was the type of workout he needed to open up a few more eyes.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
Positives: Huge. Has linebacker size with defensive back range. … Always made plays. A key star to a great Hokie defense. … Tough as nails. As reliable as they come and is the type of player coaches love.
Negatives: Not instinctive. Makes too many mistakes. … Not necessarily built for any scheme. Better against the run and in short range than deep. … A hard ceiling. Doesn’t quite have the upside to assume he can be special.

228. WR Kerry Meier, Kansas 6-2, 224
Post-Combine Skinny: It's now confirmed; he's an H-Back/tight end, maybe. He's just not big enough and he's just not strong enough. While he'll catch everything thrown his way, the 4.62 was awful combined with the mere 13 reps on the bench. The raw skills are so bad that he might be undraftable.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 24
Positives: A former quarterback who knows where he has to be at all times. Is always open. … Excellent size and could be used as an H-Back with a few more lifts. Physical and knows how to use his size. … Great hands and reliable. Makes every grab that comes his way.
Negatives: Is built more like a safety than a wide receiver. No NFL speed whatsoever. … He won’t beat anyone deep. If he’s not effective on short to midrange passes, he won’t do much. …. A tweener. He might not even be fast enough to be an H-Back.

229. RB Andre Anderson, Tulane
Not Invited To The Combine

230. TE Clay Harbor, Missouri State 6-3, 252
Post-Combine Skinny: He took advantage of the opportunity and ran with it. He needed to blow up the drills, and while he wasn't special, he was more than good enough to get on the lists of top tight ends with a nice 4.69 40, an amazing 30 reps on the bench, ad tremendous 40" vertical, and he looked the part by cutting well and looking smooth.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: Not Ranked
Positives: A pure H-Back who moves extremely well. … A solid blocker who’s good enough to be used as a fullback as well as a tight end. … Great hands when in traffic. Isn’t afraid to get popped.
Negatives: Takes a while to get moving. Not speedy off the blocks. … Not big. Built like a fullback and not a tight end. … Fine against athletic speed rushers, but not special laterally in pass protection.

231. WR Kyle Williams, Arizona State 5-10, 188
Post-Combine Skinny: He had a really, really nice workout. Not only was he catching everything, but he was flying around through the drills and came up with a 4.49 40. The 11 reps didn't really matter considering how well he moved.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: Not Ranked
Positives: Speed, speed, speed. He can move. … Good hands. Makes the tough catch and is good on the move. … Sharp route runner. Breaks in and out of his cuts with ease. Could be a returner.
Negatives: Way too small. Doesn’t play big and is a finesse receiver. … Will try to block and isn’t soft in any way, but he doesn’t have the bulk. … Hamstring concerns. He’ll likely blow a gasket once in a while.

232.OG/C Eric Olsen, Notre Dame  6-4, 306
Post-Combine Skinny: A standout among the centers, he also showed enough quickness to be tried out at guard to expand his possibilities. The 35 reps were fantastic, but he was a bit stiff and had an inconsistent workout.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 20
Positives: Was a solid center and could play any position on the inside. … Decent size for a center and has enough of a tough streak to will his way onto a roster. … A good run blocker. A good hitter.
Negatives: Not an athlete. Doesn’t move well enough to be counted on to be a big factor inside. … Not quite bulky enough to be a guard unless he adds a little weight. … Needs technique work. Will need time to grow into a guard role.

233. WR Alric Arnett, West Virginia 6-2, 188
Post-Combine Skinny: The 40" vertical was excellent and he exploded out of his breaks. Considering he's not supposed to be a flier, a 4.52 40 isn't bad. There's upside here, but he still needs a lot of polish.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 26
Positives: Tall and fast. While not a blazer, he has the wheels to hold his own at the next level. … A solid receiver with good hands. He makes up for mistakes with great plays. … Looks the part on the field. Moves extremely well.
Negatives: Not physical. He’ll never get off the line in the NFL. … Fast, but not elite fast. He’s not going to rip past anyone at the next level. … Not a good route runner and needs a ton of work.

234. S Kurt Coleman, Ohio State 5-10, 192
Post-Combine Skinny: He wasn't able to run and will need to come up with a big other workout to be on everyone's radar. The 19 reps and smallish size were all anyone were able to see, but his strength should be his athleticism and he needs to show it off.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 9
Positives: A playmaker. Great ball skills and a leader who makes things happen. … Does a lot of the little things right. Makes up for others’ mistakes. … A good enough athlete to fit just about any system. Moves around well.
Negatives: Too small and not an elite athlete. Doesn’t have the size to be a regular thumper against the run. … Mediocre range. Has to be assigned a zone and will struggle with special receivers. … Not particularly fast on the field. It helped to be surrounded by several top-shelf athletes.

235. S Nick Polk, Indiana 5-11, 211
Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't lift well with only 14 reps on the bench, everything else was impressive showing off more athleticism than expected. The 4.56 40 helped his cause and he was smooth and fluid when he was cutting. He wasn't explosive, but he looked like he belonged.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 27
Positives: A veteran who has logged plenty of time and knows what he’s doing. A crafty veteran. … Nice athleticism with good ball skills. … Good against the run. Willing to sacrifice his body and is tough as nails. … Can work in nickel and dime packages and not make mistakes.
Negatives: A good tackler, not a great one. Not a huge hitter. … Doesn’t have elite range and will have problems with quicker receivers. … Never progressed into anything special. Was a very good player but not a special one.

236. TE Colin Peek, Alabama 6-5, 254
Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't run and the 19 reps on the bench were no big deal. He was able to show off at the Senior Bowl and didn't need to do much, but getting more numbers on him will be a must for him to move out of the late rounds.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 13
Positives: Clutch around the goal line and built a reputation for making big plays at big time. … A solid blocker. Not elite, but good enough to be a plus. … Fights his way to get open. Is always working.
Negatives: Inconsistent as a receiver. He has soft hands but tends to drop too many catchable balls. … A stick in the mud. He’s not going to run by anyone. … A decent athlete, but hardly a special one.

237. WR Marcus Easley, Connecticut 6-3, 210
Post-Combine Skinny: For a player of his size, the 8.5" hands are tiny by NFL receiver standards. The 4.46, though, was far more important as now he has confirmed the raw skills with the bulk, He moves like a much smaller player and is worth developing.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 28
Positives: Looks the part with size, strength, and speed. Should be a workout warrior. … Willing to sacrifice himself to make a play. A try-hard type who’ll do whatever is needed. … Willing to do what’s asked. He’ll block and will play special teams at a high level.
Negatives: Really, really raw. He’ll work hard, but he needs time to progress into a more polished player. … No hands. He’ll make a highlight reel play on one ball and will drop the next pass that hits him in the numbers. … Did absolutely nothing until his senior year.

238. RB Andre Dixon, Connecticut 6-1, 205
Post-Combine Skinny: He showed off excellent quickness in the shuttle and 60-yard drills, but he's not big enough or beefy enough to overcome a 4.64 40. He's more of a tape guy than a workout warrior, and he'll need to fit a specific system. He needed to be faster.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 20
Positives: Excellent size and runs strong. … Not a lot of tread on the tires. Has sleeper potential. … High motor. Will do what’s needed to succeed.
Negatives: Not a power back at an NFL level. … Off-the-field issues getting suspended a few times including a drunk driving arrest. … Not a speed back. He’s not going to explode through a hole.

239. RB Brandon Minor, Michigan 6-0, 214
Post-Combine Skinny: Considered a late-round pick coming into the Combine, he did nothing to change that. He didn't work out but he measured relatively big.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 22
Positives: Excellent athlete who has the raw skills to be good. … Excellent wheels and functional football speed. … He has the mix. He’s big, strong, fast, and when he’s on, very good.
Negatives: A disappointment in college. A very good player at times, he never became a superstar. … Durability questions after getting hurt late and suffering a torn rotator cuff. … He might have to make a splash on special teams to stick. He’ll never be a workhorse runner.

240. OG Kurtis Gregory, Missouri 6-4, 305
Post-Combine Skinny: While he didn't run or do anything to stand out, the biggest problem was the mediocre pop he showed in his legs. He's not big enough to not be a better athlete.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 14
Positives: A great worker and a leader who was a mainstay on a good Mizzou offensive line. … Has room to grow a bit. Still has room to get bigger and stronger. … Great motor. Never takes a play off.
Negatives: Not athletic for his size. Not bulky enough to be a power blocker and not quick enough to handle the speed defenders. … Not the best technician. Limited skills. … Will get bullied by stronger defenders.

241. OG Jeff Byers, USC 6-3, 301
Post-Combine Skinny: The 33 reps were good and he measured to be a big center or an undersized guard. He didn't move and was limited to the basics, but he was just good-looking enough to be a late-round pick for someone's interior.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 15
Positives: Versatile and experienced. Seemed like he was at USC forever working both as a center and a guard. … Busts his tail. Goes all out every play. … Tough. Always looking to be more physical and brings an attitude.
Negatives: Not athletic enough to handle the quicker NFL tackles and not big enough to bowl over anyone. … Durability concerns after a slew of hip problems. … Doesn’t move well for his size.

242. RB MiQuale Lewis, Ball State
Not Invited To The Combine

243. DE Lawrence Wilson, Ohio State
Not Invited To The Combine

244. DT Ekon Udofia, Stanford
Not Invited To The Combine

245. DT Linval Joseph, East Carolina 6-4, 328
Post-Combine Skinny: He's too big and the workout was too interesting to not get a strong look from several teams at some point past the fourth round. Not only is he massive, but he's strong benching 39 reps to go along with an impressive 40 run of 5.09. He showed off the basic skills to make someone want to coach him up.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: Not Ranked
Positives: Huge. A massive player who’s tough to get around. … Not bad at getting into the backfield. Great at bull-rushing his way through and has the quickness of a smaller player. … Gets off the ball in a hurry. When he’s on the move he’s tough to stop.
Negatives: Doesn’t play nearly strong enough for his size. Can be blocked way too easily. … Not a three-down player only because he can’t last. Weight is an issue. … Needs to be more physical.

246. CB Devin Ross, Arizona 5-10, 183
Post-Combine Skinny: The slowish 4.56 40 time hurt, but was expected, but the 40" vertical helped to make up for the problems a bit. He worked out relatively well and looked like he belonged, but he doesn't have elite raw skills.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 25
Positives: Had an extremely good season and was better than he got credit for. … A baller. Is good enough to wrap up in run support and is quick. … Closes quickly. Good athleticism and wraps up well.
Negatives: Not a natural with his technique. Needs a lot of work. … A try-hard type who works hard and has athleticism, but doesn’t have it all together as an NFL prospect. … Not instinctive and makes to many wrong decisions.

247. OG Thomas Austin, Clemson
Not Invited To The Combine

248. RB Joique Bell, Wayne State 5-11, 220
Post-Combine Skinny: If you're going to come from Wayne State, you had better be special. Considered a speed back coming into the Combine, that all stopped with a 4.65 in the 40. However, he was extremely quick in the drills and jumped ten feet. He looked smooth and wasn't awful, but he didn't run fast enough.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 24
Positives: The mix of skills are intriguing with excellent speed to go along with his compact size. … Can run with power and has the bounce to get to the outside. … Great at getting the extra yard needed with a nose for the goal line.
Negatives: Wayne State. He has to prove he can consistently play with the big boys after a decent outing in the post-season circuit. … Fumbles, fumbles, fumbles. It’s enough of a concern to knock him down a few rounds. … Not a receiver and will need work in pass protection.

249. DE Jan Jorgensen, BYU
Not Invited To The Combine

250. DT Malcolm Sheppard, Arkansas 6-2, 285
Post-Combine Skinny: Smallish at under 300 pounds, and while he wasn't fast with a 5.09 40, and the 19 reps were a disaster, he moved quickly and efficiently thorough the drills. He's not necessarily a 3-4 without the bulk, but he could be a decent one-gap tackle in time if he gets a bit stronger. He's not going to eat up anyone against the run.
Pre-Combine Position Rank: 21
Positives: Always moving and always working. Great motor. … A nice prospect as a pass rushing tackle. Could work well in a 4-3. … Always produced at a high level against top competition.
Negatives: Not big. Will get beaten up on the inside. … Not quite quick enough to be dominant as an outside pass rusher. … Not a bulky run stopper. Needs big players around him at the next level.