SEC Offseason Lookback & Lookaheads
Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Terrance Toliver
Julio Jones, A.J. Green, Terrance Toliver
Posted Mar 10, 2010

The SEC might not have the national star power of past years (outside of Mark Ingram), but there's plenty of talent, as always, led by top receivers A.J. Green, Terrance Toliver, and Julio Jones. Check out the 2009 Lookback & 2010 early spring Lookahead for each SEC team.

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Florida  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
Shhhhhh. No one likes to say it because it's sacrilegious to do anything but throw rose petals and praise at the SEC, but the conference isn't going to be a killer. There's only one monster on the schedule, the date at Alabama, and it'll be a shock if the Gators aren't favored in every other game. That's not to say they're not above a clunker or two, as they always seem to come up with year in and year out, but anything less than another SEC East title will be a major disappointment.

Georgia  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
The expectations aren't going to be all that high, and while there's a little bit of a hot seat on Mark Richt to produce and get the program back to an SEC title level, flying under the radar is rarely a bad thing for the Dawgs. The rest of the conference isn't going to be jaw-dropping good and the East is going to be as light as it's been in years. If Georgia can take advantage of Florida in its transition period (which might only be one year) and can pull off the Cocktail Party win, it might really be just good enough to play in the SEC title game.

Kentucky  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
Joker Phillips was a nice hire. For a program that was able to pull off minor miracles to get to a bowl game last year, the cupboard was left stocked by Rich Brooks with most of the key players returning on offense and seven starters back on defense. In the hands of Phillips, the program might get to another level in a hurry with a quarterback like Morgan Newton and several good players to work around.

South Carolina  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
Marcus Lattimore. While the superstar running back recruit isn't being handed the job, it'll be a shock if he's not the focal point of the running game from Day One. The Gamecocks have a slew of decent backs to battle for the No. 1 spot with Brian Maddox, Kenny Miles, and Jarvis Giles good runners who just need a few holes to run through. If the South Carolina rushing attack can take the pressure and the heat off of Garcia, this might finally have a balanced offense after doing nothing on the ground over the past few seasons.

Tennessee  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
It's still Tennessee and there are still great athletes all over the place. There might not be as many as in the past with the coaching changes and recruiting issues over the last few years, but there's enough speed and enough talent to hang around with anyone if the coaching is strong. The expectations will be ground level low, so the Vols should be able to sneak up on everyone. Anything positive the team does this year will be a step forward, but the expectations will be tempered.

Vanderbilt  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
After years of being horrendous offensively, the potential is there to finally be productive. At least things can't be worse. The nucleus of offensive players might be the best the team has had in a while from running backs Warren Norman, Zac Stacy and Kennard Reeves, to a strong No. 1 target in John Cole, to a line that will likely be better than expected considering it losses NFL-caliber left tackle Thomas Welch.


Alabama  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
If Bama isn't everyone's preseason No. 1, it'll be in the top three with all the top skill players back, including Mark Ingram, and the holes on the line should be patched immediately with several good prospects waiting to step in. It's a Nick Saban defense, so while there are concerns with so many key losses, the system and the talent level will work out more than fine, while the offense should be more explosive and more effective.

Arkansas  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
Ryan Mallett is coming back. That gives Arkansas as fighting chance against everyone with an offense that's loaded and should finish in the top five in scoring and top ten in yards. If the team can survive the first half of the schedule and get to October 30th against Vanderbilt with two losses or fewer, this could be a special year with the second half of the season not looking all that bad. It's asking a lot for this to be a championship year, but ten wins aren't out of the question.

Auburn  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
There's no reason whatsoever for the Tigers to not be 7-0 with a schedule that couldn't be more favorable early on with all the big games at home. While Auburn won't be good enough to run the table over the first 11 games before going to Alabama, if there's any improvement whatsoever the team should be in the hunt for the SEC West title late into November. With so much returning talent and a coaching staff that has a year under its belt, Auburn could be a sleeper team in the conference race.

LSU Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
If the Tigers can beat a good North Carolina team in the season opener in Atlanta, they're going to be 5-0 before going to Florida for a big showdown that should show just how the overall SEC pecking order should shake out. Throw in home games against Alabama, Tennessee, and Ole Miss and most of the big games are in Death Valley. Considering the skill players should be terrific and with the hope of the line being better, this is a team good enough to win the big home games and pull off a win or two at Auburn and Arkansas.

Ole Miss Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
This might be one of those teams that starts to rock and roll when the pressure and expectations are gone. The Rebels were way overrated going into last year, and while they weren't killers, they weren't nearly as bad as many made them out to be. This season, no one will be looking for much but this is still a team full of good athletes up and down the board that could rise up and pull off a win over anyone on the slate.

Mississippi State  Click for the Lookback & Lookahead
By all accounts, Dan Mullen is a terrific head coach and one of the young rising stars in the SEC. While he doesn't have the horses to make too much noise, he has just enough decent talents to hope to be one game better than last year and become a bowl eligible 6-6 if several big breaks go the team's way. Very quietly, the defensive back seven could be special with K.J. Wright and Chris White forming the foundation for a potentially strong linebacking corps. The offensive line was the team's strength last year and gets four starters back.