Bryce Brown Is Down And Out

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Posted Mar 18, 2010

Bryce Brown has decided playing football at Tennessee has set in deep concerns for the Kansas native.

By: BE Coleman

Highly touted Bryce Brown has decided playing football at Tennessee might not be in the plans for the Kansas native. At least not yet. When spring practice under Derek Dooley kicked off in Knoxville on Thursday, found Brown was a no show.

The Vols 22nd head coach had held little concern that rumors of Brown transferring were true, just - rumors.

On Wednesday, Dooley said that he "had several discussions with Brown prior to the opening of spring camp, also noting "Bryce had never come to me indicating that," he would transfer.

Dooley added, "I've talked to Bryce about how we can help him in the run game - as a runner - my experience with runners and Jim's (Chaney) experience with runners. But he has never indicated that to me."

Less than 24 hours later, when Thursday rolled around, the storyline was different. Dooley told the awaiting news media that things had changed when jersey number eleven was not present.

"As of right now, he's not a part of the team," noted Dooley. "It doesn't mean we've kicked him off by any means. We want Bryce here and he's going to be here through the rest of the semester."

"Bryce Brown came to me today and indicated he's dealing with a lot of personal and family problems right now," added Dooley. "But our focus really is on the 85 guys who are here."

In 2009, Brown had signed on with the NFL tenured coaching staff of Lane Kiffin, who just signed Scout's number five class with Southern Cal.

The stalwart rusher from Wichita had met Dooley Thursday morning to discuss his decision. Brown had completed all mid winter team conditioning activities.

"Concerns that I believe stem from, and what he told me stem from, No. 1, some of the reasons why he came here, and No. 2, his experience over the first six months when he was here," said Dooley of the meeting.

Brown's impressive stature is not photographic in uniform. Brown sports no tattoos, earrings and is pure sculpted muscle. He attends class and works out religiously from daylight to dark.

It is unknown if he will leave school and sit a year. Vol AD Mike Hamilton, who would handle a player's release along with a coach, is in Rhode Island at the NCAA Tourney.

"Any time a player leaves the program, it presents an opportunity for somebody else," added Dooley.

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