Florida And Its Two Quarterback Change-Up

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Posted Apr 6, 2010

LSU's Les Miles dedicated his spring to the Tigers return of rushing the football. Suddenly Florida's Urban Meyer is looking back as well.

By: BE Coleman

LSU's Les Miles dedicated his spring to the Tigers rushing the football with prowess in his quest to return to back to the national title game. Suddenly Florida's Urban Meyer is looking back as well.

Meyer is returning to parts of his 2006 attack, but with a slight twist. Just when it looked like Florida would return to a conventional offensive system, finds Meyer is returning back to the two-player system under center for 2010.

Former O-Coordinator Dan Mullen, now Mississippi State head coach used QB Chris Leak to pass the football and used QB Tim Tebow to run the pigskin in short yardage situations during ‘06. Meyer wants to return the Florida attack back to that mode of operandi ... with a change up.

This time the Wild Gator will focus on freshman Jordan Reed, a former tight end that made a senior season prep changeup as a dual threat quarterback in place of Tebow.

"Whatever it takes to win a game," says Meyer upon what the Gators game plan will revolve around this fall. Meyer plans to use two, possibly multiple players from under center.

The 6-3 235 LB. Reed brings size that Tebow possessed in both short yardage and goal line situations that Meyer notes.

With starters Jeff Demps and Emmanuel Moody missing spring practice, Meyer and Steve Addazio are using freshman Trey Burton and Reed in short yardage and goal line packages.

Last week Meyer duly noted the offense would pass the football an awful lot with Josh Brantley during the 2010 campaign, then talked about utilizing the Power-I formation with the fullback leading the way for rushers as added options.

Meyer noted too many teams last season were trying to run out of the I Package without an O-Line capable of producing numbers, and feels his fullback prowess will be one of the better ones come game day.

Obviously Meyer's thinking is by returning to the single wing attack, now called the spread, will be the Gators best ticket for success. It worked once before producing a national title, why not try it again.

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