2010 NFL Draft - Buffalo Bills
Clemson RB C.J. Spiller
Clemson RB C.J. Spiller
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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First Round
C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson 5-11, 196
Overall Pick No. 9 CFN Overall Ranking: 27

No, Spiller didn't pull his hamstring on the way up to the podium. The Bills needed a quarterback, a defensive tackle, and an offensive tackle, but instead of going for Jimmy Clausen, Dan Williams, or Bryan Bulaga they went for a guy who'll be out in Week 11 with a full body sprain. When he's on the field he'll be pure electric … when he's on the field.

Extremely fast, extremely explosive, and extremely dangerous, if the goal was to draft a potential game-changer who can come up with one or three big plays a game, but will only play for ten games, then Spiller is the guy. His 4.31 at the Combine showed the flash that everyone needed to see to get the juices flowing, but he's not an inside runner and he's always, always, always hurt. It's not like he has a slew of major injuries, but he always has a pull, a strain, or a ding of some sort. He could be another Reggie Bush and be used in a variety of ways, including as a receiver and a returner, but he can't be the focal point or centerpiece of an attack and he can't be counted on for a full season.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round 
Torrell Troup, DT UCF 6-3, 314
Overall Pick 41 CFN Overall Ranking: 106

Buffalo needed a defensive tackle and it got one who'll be plugged in the middle of the line as a potential anchor. After going splashy with RB C.J. Spiller in the first round, the Bills got a rock who won't take more than five steps. Weight is an issue, and being in the same city as Ted's hot dogs won't help.

Very big and very strong, he's a physical interior presence who can be plugged in on the nose and hold his own. Double teams aren't a problem for him and he's always working and he always has the motor going full tilt. However, he's not going anywhere. There's no mobility and he'll never get into the backfield. There's a limit on where he can play and what he can do, but he should hang around the league for a long time as a nice piece of a puzzle.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Third Round
Alex Carrington, DE Arkansas State 6-5, 285
Overall Pick 72 CFN Overall Ranking: 90

The Bills are obviously looking to upgrade their line and they're looking to do it really, really big. First they grab Torrell Troup in the second round, and then they go with a tall, talented end who should be a good fit personality-wise.

Very tall, very long, and very hard working, he's a silky-smooth 285-pounder with the strength to match his quickness. Able to play either end position, he's cut, tough, and can get off the ball in a hurry. He'll need to learn to play up to his tools a bit better and he needs to put together a better group of pass rushing moves to count on, but he was more than great in offseason workouts and should be a rock-solid long time pro. There isn't a high ceiling, but there's little bust potential.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fourth Round 
Marcus Easley, WR Connecticut 6-3, 210
Overall Pick 107 CFN Overall Ranking: 177

After going with C.J. Spiller in the first round, the Bills are adding even more flash and dash to the offense with a receiver who can absolutely fly. He needs time to learn how to be a receiver, but 4.4 deep fliers with 6-3 size don't come around very often. The raw skills are there.

All the measurables are there with tremendous size and 4.42 speed. He might have smallish hands and he might be extremely raw, but the upside is so great that he's worth a flier. He'll need a little time, but until he gets a year of pro coaching in him he can be used as a deep threat and a big-play game-changer. However, he's just not a natural wide receiver and is more prospect than player. A walk-on with a walk-on mentality, he'll run through a wall to make himself a player and is worth the flier.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round  
Ed Wang, OT Virginia Tech 6-5, 314
Overall Pick 140 CFN Overall Ranking: Top Free Agent

After coming up with a few interesting picks and some flash, the Bills took a potential cornerstone for the running game. Wang isn't a thrilling pick and he's not going to be a fan favorite, but he has the potential to start right away as a run blocking guard.

Extremely productive, he also showed up well in workouts running a great 5.21 at the Combine to go along with 29 reps. He has the size and he knows how to use it with good drive as a run blocker and is versatile enough to see time at several spots. He needs to get a bit bigger, but he might have maxed out on his bulk without getting puffy. He's inconsistent and he doesn't destroy defenders, and he might need time to find the right position. He's just good enough to play almost anywhere on the line, but he's not great enough to start.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Sixth Round 
Arthur Moats, LB James Madison 6-0, 246
Overall Pick 178 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Buffalo is making a habit out of taking strange picks. With Dan LeFevour and Tony Pike on the board, the Bills reached for an athletic pass rusher who needs a ton of time in the weight room. He's a defensive end who needs to learn how to play linebacker.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Sixth Round  (from Philadelphia)
Danny Batten, DE/LB South Dakota State 6-4, 250
Overall Pick 192 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A veteran who has a ton of experience and is the type of try-hard, all-around player Buffalo loves, he's not really a defensive end and he'll have to work on being a linebacker. If he doesn't star on special teams, he's not going to stay around. He'll have to prove he can adjust right away to playing with his hand off the ground.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round (from Detroit)
Levi Brown, QB Troy 6-4, 229
Overall Pick 209 CFN Overall Ranking: 149

Tremendous late upside pick, Brown is a bomber who could be a steal if he's given a year or three to correct his mechanics. He could've gone in the fourth and no one would've blinked.

It took a little while, and a transfer from Richmond, but Brown turned into a whale of a playmaker for a great Sun Belt team. Once the light went on, he was a cool, steady bomber who made all the throws and showed a great command of the offense. A baller, he's the type of player who's going to work his tail off to become a good player and has the intensity and focus lacking among many prospects in this draft. He'll need mechanical work, and lots of it, needing to come up with a more compact throwing motion, and he has to get used to working up under center, but he has the makeup to be a solid starter if given the chance to work through his mistakes.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round 
Kyle Calloway, OT Iowa 6-7, 323
Overall Pick 216 CFN Overall Ranking: 83

He's really big, is tough to get knock off his base, and has great length making him tough to get around. However, he has the dreaded Right Tackle Only tag. He's one of the slowest offensive linemen in the draft and doesn't have the raw skills to cover a quarterback's blind side, but he has a great attitude, is experienced, and he should be able to step in and play from Day One.
CFN Projection: Third Round