2010 NFL Draft - Miami Dolphins
Penn State DT Jared Odrick
Penn State DT Jared Odrick
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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First Round (from a trade with San Diego)
Jared Odrick, DT Penn State 6-5, 304
Overall Pick No. 28 CFN Overall Ranking: 25

Bill Parcells loves his linemen, and while there are several good pass rushers on the board and there are several other splashy prospects still available, Odrick is a dominant tackle with no downside. He should be a great interior pass rusher and an active star for the inside of the line.

While there was an off-the-field incident and there are going to be some question marks about his character and his maturity, he's fine. There's no knucklehead factor here. He's strong and athletic with the quickness to close a hole in a heartbeat. An anchor and a leader, he's the type of lineman that other players work around. He's a bit thin for his size and will likely get pushed around a wee bit at the next level, but he can be used just about anywhere on the line and he'll produce.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round (from Seattle)
Koa Misi, OLB Utah 6-3, 251 (DE)
Overall Pick 40 CFN Overall Ranking: 142

The Dolphins wanted a pass rusher at some point, and they got their hybrid who can do a little of everything. Combining with the pickup of Jared Odrick in the first round, Bill Parcells is looking to hit the quarterback early and often, but the real question will be if Misi is worth it after passing on Jerry Hughes on Thursday. 

He'll be good in a variety of ways and might end up being a defensive end if he can bulk up a little bit; he has the room on his frame to do it. With the strength to be on the line and just enough speed and quickness to be a linebacker, his versatility alone will boost him up many draft charts. However, he's not an NFL defensive end lacking the pass rushing ability to be used as a Rush End. He'll work his tail off to become a solid pro and he should grow into the job on the outside, but it'll probably take a little while.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Third Round 
John Jerry, OG Ole Miss 6-5, 328
Overall Pick No. 73 CFN Overall Ranking: 87

Is he going to be a guard or a tackle? Either way, for a team that took Jake Long No. 1 overall a few years ago, he's going to be considered a major part of the line right away. If you're a lineman and Bill Parcells is drafting you, you're good.

He made himself a lot of money at the Combine by showing up in shape and looking quick enough to be used at tackle if needed. He's a bruising, physical blocker who's great for the running game and has a nasty way of pushing linemen into the fifth row. His weight is going to constantly be an issue and he might need a coach to keep on him about it. There's nothing fancy about him. See lineman, hit lineman.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fourth Round  (from Dallas from New England)
A.J. Edds, OLB Iowa 6-4, 246
Overall Pick 119 CFN Overall Ranking: 231

A reach. Miami traded up to get a nice player, but not an elite linebacker prospect. After going athletic early with DT Jared Odrick and DE/LB Koa Misi, the Dolphins are hoping Edds can grow, literally, into a football player needing to hit the weights hard.

Surprisingly quick for a tall, rangy player, he struggled on the bench at the Combine (16 reps) and wasn't fast enough, but he has room to grow into his frame and could be used in a variety of ways. He's not the flashiest player around, but he's tough and makes a ton of plays. He needs to get a lot stronger, he isn't a pass rusher, and he gets by more on want-to than on raw skills. There's a hard ceiling on what he can become, but he could be a functional backup.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Fifth Round  (from San Francisco)
Nolan Carroll, CB Maryland 5-11, 204
Overall Pick 145 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

The Dolphins didn't necessarily need a corner, but they're trying to find as many defensive upgrades as possible and are trying to boost up the depth. Four of the first five picks are for the defense. He slid because of a leg injury and he wasn't able to work out, but when he's 100% he's an interesting prospect.

He didn't run as he's still trying to get past a broken leg, and he didn't lift either. However, he was big and looked like a short safety. … Good size and great athleticism when healthy. … A good hitter. Very physical and is willing to push receivers around. … A strong tackler. Wraps up and pops like a safety. … He suffered a broken leg. Missed too much time hurt. … Not all that fast. Quicker than speedy. … No instincts. Projects to be more like a safety.
CFN Projection:
Free Agent

Fifth Round  (from Washington from St. Louis)
Reshad Jones, S Georgia 6-1, 214
Overall Pick 163 CFN Overall Ranking: 44

Now the Fish are thinking. After reaching with A.J. Edds and Nolan Carroll, Miami gets one of the best values in the draft. Jones is a second round talent with big hitting ability, and while the defense will have to live through some big mistakes, the upside is limitless. With five defensive players taken, the Dolphins are doing a great job of addressing their needs.

Overshadowed by the star power among the top of the safety pole, Jones doesn't take a backseat to anyone. He's the best pure strong safety in the draft with great range, defensive lineman strength (with 24 reps on the bench), and great all-around athleticism. While he's not a blazer, he's fast enough to fit in any system and he's one of the biggest hitters in the draft. He's not all that thickly built and he misses a few too many plays by trying to make the special stop when the routine would do. There are several questions and concerns about his consistency, but there's a chance he could be among the most special players in the draft if he can put it all together.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Seventh Round (from Kansas City)
Chris McCoy, LB Middle Tennessee 6-3, 251
Overall Pick 211 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A very tough, very productive Sun Belt star, he's the type of try-hard battler who can be used as an outside linebacker and a pass rushing specialist in the Miami 3-4.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round 
Austin Spitler, LB Ohio State 6-1, 242
Overall Pick 252 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Only a special teamer, the Dolphins are always in search of decent linebacker prospects who could run through a wall to make the squad. He's not for the outside, but he could become a fill-in on the inside against the run.
CFN Projection: Free Agent