2010 NFL Draft - Denver Broncos
Florida QB Tim Tebow
Florida QB Tim Tebow
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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First Round (from a trade with New England)
Demaryius Thomas, WR Georgia Tech 6-3, 224
Overall Pick No. 22 CFN Overall Ranking: 80

He can run deep, but he doesn't have the hands or the skills to instantly replace Brandon Marshall. The Broncos have been extremely active and are trying to make things happen, but they might forever been known as the team that passed on Dez Bryant. Thomas had better be really, really good.

It all depends on how quickly he can show he can run a full route tree. A one-trick pony, he was the only receiver who did anything for the Georgia Tech passing game over the last few seasons, and that one thing was to get deep and use his size and strength to make big plays. When he had to run the short routes or the consistent catch, forget about it. He drops way too many passes and seems to go out of his way to fight the ball, but his bigger problem could be dealing with a corner who isn't lulled to sleep. He was fantastic when defenses were sucked in by the Tech running game, but he'll have to prove he won't be erased by NFL corners. Is he faster than his projected time? He broke his foot and is still recovering, but once he's right, he'll have all the raw physical skills. Now he'll have to show he can be a receiver.
CFN Projection: Second Round

First Round (from a trade with Baltimore)
Tim Tebow, QB Florida 6-3, 236
Overall Pick No. 25 CFN Overall Ranking: 67

A stupid pick by a stupid team. This is a franchise that thought it could do something with Maurice Clarett (granted, that was the Mike Shanahan era), gave away a proven franchise quarterback in Jay Cutler just as he was entering his prime, traded for Brady Quinn, passed on Dez Bryant for Demaryius Thomas, and then traded up to get a player WHO CAN'T THROW AT AN NFL LEVEL. He proved that in his pro day, and even if you think he can be a starting quarterback with a lot of work and a few years, this is a huge chance to take at the 25. Congratulations, Denver. You just spent the 25th pick in the draft on Jim Jensen.

Tebow could be the call of the draft as opinions fluctuate wildly on what he can and can't do and what he can and can't become. A peerless leader with all the intangibles, every coaching staff will love him. However, he's not for everyone and his rah-rah, let's-go! style, along with his open preaching and showing of faith, will wear thin immediately if he tries to be Joe College when surrounded by grown men at the highest level (this was an issue for some at the NFL Combine). What made him so great, besides the leadership, was his running ability, which doesn't translate in any way, shape, or form for the NFL; he's not going to run over any NFL linebackers. Of course, the biggest issue is his throwing motion that he has had to break down and create from scratch over a few short weeks. However, he never received enough credit for being one of the most accurate, efficient passers in recent college football history, and if you go back and watch the 2008 SEC Championship game against Alabama, he was throwing darts to covered receivers (unlike, for example, Sam Bradford, who almost always threw to a wide open target). He'll never be Peyton Manning as a passer, but if he's allowed to be Tim Tebow as a short-to-midrange thrower out of the shotgun, he can succeed and thrive. He might turn out to be the ideal backup.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Second Round
Zane Beadles, OT Utah 6-4, 310 (OG)
Overall Pick 45 CFN Overall Ranking: 188

If you're looking around the room and you can't figure out who the sucker is … Beadles isn't an NFL tackle and this is way too high to take a project of a guard considering the Broncos need lots of help in several areas. There are going to be more than a few teams who are extremely happy to see a mid-round prospect go off the board so early.

Very experienced and very productive, he was a great blocker for a fantastic Utah offensive line. He was a great leader and he's always working with a great motor. However, he's not quick, needs to get a bit bigger, and doesn't quite have the power to dominate any end with size. He'll likely make his money at guard and could stay in the league for a while because of his intangibles and versatility, but he needs more talented players around him.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Third Round 
J.D. Walton, C Baylor 6-3, 300
Overall Pick 80 CFN Overall Ranking: 97

It might not be a fun, wacky, ticket-seller pick like Tim Tebow, but he's by far the second best center prospect in the draft and an excellent building block for the Josh McDaniels offense.

A good athlete for his size, he moves well and gets up and engaged in a hurry. A standout in Senior Bowl workouts, he more than showed he can handle himself at a high level and can be an NFL starter. However, he doesn't have special skills like Maurkice Pouncey, needs to work on his technique (he's too straight up and has to get lower), and isn't going to flatten anyone.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Third Round (from Philadelphia)
Eric Decker, WR Minnesota 6-3, 217
Overall Pick 87 CFN Overall Ranking: 128

Denver's second day might be better than the first. Decker could be a better, far cheaper receiver than Demaryius Thomas, and now Josh McDaniels has the look of his passing game of the future with Tebow, Thomas, and Decker. The Gopher star is a reach worth taking here with the hope that he and Thomas can somehow ease the loss of Brandon Marshall.

If it could be guaranteed that he'd stay healthy, he'd be one of the top four receivers taken. Despite being the focus of every secondary, he still found ways to make big plays time and again was great against the better corners. But he can't stay healthy. His physical and fearless style gets him in trouble as he suffered a concussion, a shoulder injury, and two season ending injuries over the last two years including a torn ligament in his foot that kept him from working out for teams this offseason. A baseball player who could've kicked around the minor league system, he's a ball player who'll fight to become a good NFL performer. But he might have a short shelf life considering he can't stay on the field.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fifth Round  (from Cleveland)
Perrish Cox, CB Oklahoma State 5-11, 195
Overall Pick 137 CFN Overall Ranking: 64

Denver did some stupid things in this draft (like taking the first ever first round Mr. Irrelevant), but it got a steal here. Cox is a phenomenal value in the fifth round, and even though there's major bust potential, it doesn't matter this late in the draft. He could've gone in the second round and it wouldn't have been considered that much of a reach.

A boom-or-bust as they come, he was an extremely productive collegian who was the playmaking key to the Cowboy defense, but he's also inconsistent. When the lights are on, he's fine, but he didn't step up and bring the A effort each and every week. With decent size and great return skills, he's versatile enough to hang around a roster for a while, but he'll only stay around and be a key player if he can get the motor running. He'll have a few bad plays, and then he'll come up with a big play to make up for the problems. Too slow to be a No. 1 corner, he'll have to be a cog in the secondary.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Sixth Round 
Eric Olsen, OG Notre Dame 6-4, 306 (C)
Overall Pick 183 CFN Overall Ranking: 252

Just when it seemed like Denver was smartening up with picks like Eric Decker and Perrish Cox, it completely ignores the defensive front seven that needs a boost. Olsen isn't really a center and will end up seeing time at guard, but he's not a top NFL blocker. He's mega-strong and is a fit for the good-guy theme, but the Broncos have other needs.

While he was a standout among the centers at the Combine, at least on the bench with 35 reps, he doesn't have enough athleticism to overcome his lack of pure bulk. He's a tough, nasty blocker who isn't afraid to hit anyone, and he's the type of high-character leader who coaches love to have. However, he just doesn't move well enough. He might be fine in a phone booth, but that's it. If he makes it, it'll be because of his versatility.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

Seventh Round (from Tampa Bay from Pittsburgh)
Syd'Quan Thompson, CB California 5-9, 186
Overall Pick 96 CFN Overall Ranking: 225

An interesting prospect who doesn't play like his frame, he's a strong hitter for a 5-9, 186-pounder and he's faster on the field than his 4.55 40 time. He's a short, squatty defender with great quickness and can cut on a dime, and considering he isn't afraid to hit, he could become a dangerous safety. The raw measureables aren't there, but he can play and could be a very nice starter on the right defense. There's a ceiling on what he can do and what he can become, but he'll hang around the league for a long time.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round (from Tampa Bay from Baltimore)
Jammie Kirlew, DE Indiana 6-1, 260
Overall Pick 224 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A fantastic pass rusher who grew into the job over the last few years, he makes up for his lack of size with a high-powered motor that doesn't stop. He might not do much against the run, but he's always active and can always produce. He's not Adewale Ogunlye, but he's a lot like the former Hoosier who also dropped like a rock.
CFN Projection: Free Agent