2010 NFL Draft - Baltimore Ravens
Texas DE/LB Sergio Kindle
Texas DE/LB Sergio Kindle
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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Baltimore Ravens

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Second Round
43. Baltimore (from Miami)
Sergio Kindle, OLB Texas 6-3, 250 (DE)
Overall Pick No. 43 CFN Overall Ranking: 18

Merry Christmas. New England passes on Kindle at the 42 and the Ravens snarf him up at 43. He's another Terrell Suggs and will flourish as a pass rusher now that he won't be the focus of every blocking scheme. He might be the best value pick in the draft if his questionable knee holds up.

A tweener, he's not an elite athlete and isn't sure-thing dominant as an outside linebacker, and he's not an NFL defensive end. Very strong looking with the right body and the right look, he's a good worker who can play in a variety of spots and plays much faster than he times. There have been a few off-the-field issues, but there's nothing to get into a big twist over. If he's in the right system, he could become a devastating pass rusher who's far better in the pros than he was as a collegian when he was the focus of every blocking scheme. However, he has to prove it. Everyone bent over backwards to make excuses why he wasn't producing at a high level.
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Second Round 
Terrence Cody, DT Alabama 6-5, 354
Overall Pick 57 CFN Overall Ranking: 42

Considering Mike Neal out of Purdue went one pick ahead to Green Bay, this was a nice value pick as long as Cody doesn't even look at a Dunkin Donuts on the way to mini-camp. After taking Sergio Kindle for the outside, the Ravens have their space-eater for the inside. Mount Cody will make life ten times easier for Haloti Ngata … good luck trying to move the Raven tackles.

You know exactly what you're getting. Cody isn't going to touch a quarterback, he's going to have weight problems and will have a ton of bad fat that won't go away, but he'll also sit in the middle of a line and won't move. He's the textbook definition of an anchor with surprising lateral quickness for a player of his size. While he's not a three-down lineman and he isn't known for being the hardest worker around, if you want a pure run stuffer, he might be the best in the draft if he can keep his weight around 350.
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Third Round (from Seattle)
Ed Dickson, TE Oregon 6-3, 245
Overall Pick 70 CFN Overall Ranking: 113

Not a bad value pick here, the Ravens have another Todd Heap and another weapon for Joe Flacco to work with. He won't have to be physical for the Raven attack and he can just be a top target. Being a tight end and getting selected by Ozzie Newsome is like being Dave Grohl's drummer … Dickson has to be good to get this call.

A natural, talented receiver with fantastic hands and smooth wide receiver-like ability, he'd be a star prospect if he could only run a little bit faster. A 4.8 runner, he doesn't have the separation speed to blow past too many NFL defenders and he doesn't block well, but he's a fighter who'll go after the ball and could be a very nice, very safe backup who sticks in the league for a long time.
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Fourth Round  (from Denver)
Dennis Pitta, TE BYU 6-5, 245
Overall Pick No. 116 CFN Overall Ranking: 114

The right pick at the right time, it's also an interesting one considering the Ravens already spend a pick on Ed Dickson to upgrade the tight ends. It'll also be interesting to see how Pitta compares to Aaron Henderson, who went a pick earlier to New England. Joe Flacco has to be happy.

A naturally pure pass catcher, he helped himself at the Combine and in workouts by running well, clocking in under 4.7, while coming up with 27 reps on the bench. He also showed surprising agility. So what's the problem? He doesn't really use his strength as a blocker, doesn't have enough suddenness to get in and out of his cuts quickly enough to give an NFL defender problems, and there's little upside for a player who'll be 25 when he starts his career. He is what he is, and that's not all that bad.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Fifth Round 
David Reed, WR Utah 6-0, 191
Overall Pick 156 CFN Overall Ranking: 166

A good player who went at the right time, the Ravens continue to try to upgrade the passing game to give Joe Flacco some help. He's almost like another Derrick Mason type who might not be spectacular, but he should be a solid No. 3 target.

A JUCO superstar, he came to Utah and put together a nice career. While he isn't all that fast, running a 4.56, for a player of his size, he looks faster on the field and fights for the ball when it comes his way. He adjusts well and he's a quick cutter on his routes. However, he needs to get stronger and doesn't have the top raw skills to be anything more than a complementary player, even though he quickly became the main man for the Utah passing game.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Fifth Round  (from Arizona)
Arthur Jones, DT Syracuse 6-3, 301
Overall Pick 157 CFN Overall Ranking: 104

The rich get richer. If having Haloti Ngata and drafting Terrence Cody wasn't enough, the Ravens get yet another tremendous defensive tackle to add to the rotation. This is perfect. Jones doesn't have to be an anchor and can be a part of a rotation. He'll thrive.

The only positive on a bad Syracuse defensive front, he was often a one-man gang as an underappreciated star on a struggling team. Strong and great against the run, he's tough when he needs to be and he's quick enough to get into the backfield from time to time. There's a problem with his conditioning and he'll break down from time to time unless he ramps up his workouts a few levels. The potential is there to be a long-time contributor, but he has to want it and he has to be cool with getting kicked around a bit by the coaches.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round
Ramon Harewood, OT Morehouse 6-6, 353
Overall Pick 194 CFN Overall Ranking: 255

How many huge players can the Ravens get? If nothing else, it'll be worth the price of admission in practices to see the 700+ pounds of man-blub between Harewood and Terrence Cody connect. While Harwood will be tried out at tackle, his future will be at guard where he's a nice prospect for the ground game.

New to the game, he didn't pick it up until late after being raised in Barbados. Even though he's extremely raw and needs a ton of technique work, he's very, very big, moves extremely well, and hits like a ton of bricks. He was simply bigger and stronger than everyone else at the lower level, but if he's given a few years with the right coach, he could be a late-round find.
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