2010 NFL Draft - Cincinnati Bengals
Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham
Oklahoma TE Jermaine Gresham
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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Cincinnati Bengals

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First Round 
Jermaine Gresham, TE Oklahoma 6-5, 261 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 13 CFN Overall Ranking: 21

An easy fit and a godsend for Carson Palmer. The Bengals needed more receiving weapons and finally gave its franchise quarterback a safety valve tight end to work with. The Bengals might need other things, like a safety and a defensive tackle, but Gresham is too good to be passed up at 21.

The most talented receiving tight end in the draft, Gresham runs and moves like a big wide receiver, is almost uncoverable by linebackers, and has tremendous hands with great route running ability. Not just an H-Back target, he can also block and isn't afraid to get a little dirty for the running game. The only question mark was an injured knee that cost him the entire 2009 season, but those concerns are gone after looking great at the Combine. He benefitted from a hurry-up offense that was loaded with talent but he's a tremendous talent with room to get even better.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round 
Carlos Dunlap, DE Florida 6-6, 277
Overall Pick No. 58 CFN Overall Ranking: 58

If you're a knucklehead with off-the-field issues, what better place than the Cincinnati Bengals! This was the right time for Dunlap to go considering he's a top prospect with the fire and passion of a Bic lighter, but this would've been a great pick for ANY other team.

On talent and skills he might be a top five talent. The epitome of the million-dollar-talent, ten-cent head cliché, he has the size and the explosive quickness to become a devastating NFL pass rusher, but can he get the engine revved up to play full-time? A ghost way too often on the field, and with some issues off of it (including a DUI), there's major bust potential. Not helping his cause were, according to several insiders, a poor showing in various interviews. However, he's a tremendous all-around talent with Pro Bowl skills, and there's a chance he could be far better in a pro setting than a college one. Of course, when it comes to having a fire lit under him, if Urban Meyer couldn't get it done …
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round 
Jordan Shipley, WR Texas 5-11, 193
Overall Pick 84 CFN Overall Ranking: 167

If it's possible to get the exact opposite of a Chris Henry-type, Shipley could be it. He's not going to be a No. 1 target for Carson Palmer, but he'll work well on the other side of Ochocinco. However, Henry, even now, might be faster.

A better playmaker than a prospect, he's not big, he's only 4.62 fast, and he's not all that athletic. However, he's quick, runs great routes, is a great returner, and he always rose to the occasion. He was tremendous on short-to-midrange routes and knows how to get separation in short spaces. While there's a limit on what he can do and he'll never get past any NFL corner, he could be superior in the Wes Welker-like role on a team like the Patriots.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Third Round 
Brandon Ghee, CB Wake Forest 6-0, 192
Overall Pick 96 CFN Overall Ranking: 57

Phenomenal value this late in the third round. He's not going to pick off any passes and he's not a top playmaker, but he's a great athlete who has the speed and the athleticism that Joe Haden, Kareem Jackson, and Kyle Wilson (the corners taken in the first round), don't.

Extremely quick, he had some great offseason workouts showing off tremendous raw skills running a 4.45 at the Combine and later a 4.38. He destroyed the short drills exploding around the cones and in the shuttle, while the 10"7" broad jump was among the best of the corners. It's all there skills-wise, and he proved to be coaches' favorite at the Senior Bowl and in interviews. He's not going to flatten anyone and he gets pushed around way too much, and he's a better prospect than a football player, but someone will fall in love with the measurables.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Fourth Round 
Geno Atkins, DT Georgia 6-1, 293
Overall Pick 120 CFN Overall Ranking: 88

The Bengals didn't really need a defensive tackle, and they addressed the front with Carlos Dunlap in the second, but this is a great value pick. Atkins can bench press the house and could be a stick in the mud run stopper who turns into a top producer from the day he hits camp.

While he's a little bit light and he doesn't have any room to get bigger, he's extremely strong, extremely quick, and has tremendous upside for the right defense. He won't be for everyone, he can't play on the nose and will likely flourish as a 3-4 end, but after a Combine with 34 reps on the bench and an eye-popping 4.75 40, someone will be extremely happy to get him and turn him loose. Now he needs to play up to his talent and potential and has to show that he wants to be a real, live player after getting benched for a stretch last year.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fourth Round 
Roddrick Muckelroy, OLB Texas
6-2, 246
Overall Pick 131 CFN Overall Ranking: 227

The Bengals are making a big push to upgrade the defense getting Carlos Dunlap and CB Brandon Ghee on Friday and loading up with DT Geno Atkins and now Muckelroy. The former Texas star might not be a star prospect, but he's a player who always goes full-tilt and will be the type of high-character player the Bengals could always use.

A pure outside linebacker, he's a good worker, moves well, and he has a high-end motor, but he's not nearly athletic enough to be a regular on the weakside and isn't functionally strong at an NFL level. While he might not have the top skills, he's a great producer who's a better football player than a workout warrior. He's the type of player coaches love to have since he'll bust his tail in practices, but he simply doesn't have the raw NFL necessities to be anything more than just a guy.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round  
Otis Hudson, OT Eastern Illinois 6-6, 312
Overall Pick 152 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A mega-reach for the Bengals, they're going after a big, bulky tackle to potentially challenge Andre Smith, or at least push last year's first round pick. He's not athletic and projects to be a better guard, but on sheer size he'll be an interesting run blocker.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Sixth Round 
77. Dezmon Briscoe, WR Kansas 6-2, 207 (Jr.)
Overall Pick 191 CFN Overall Ranking: 77

If there's a wide receiver who fits Cincinnati, it's Briscoe. While it's a push to call him troubled, he does have his issues that made a player of his talent fall down to late in the sixth. He has the skills and is used to being a No. 1 target, but he's way too slow. He could find a role, though, as a top third target in the rotation.

This is why the personnel directors get the big money. Briscoe could be a star in the right system with the right coaches and with the right support system around him, but he could also be a mega-flake who quietly busts out of the league in a hurry. With great size and the ability to use it, he'll muscle his way for the ball between double teams, and despite his lumbering 4.61 40, he finds ways to get open. The knucklehead factor can't be ignored and could end up being his downfall if he doesn't produce right away. If he's not great in camp and if he can prove to be matured, a coaching staff will have no interest in waiting him out.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round 
Reggie Stephens, OG Iowa State 6-3, 322
Overall Pick 224 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A very big, very strong run blocker, Stephens played at a high level for the Cyclone line and turned into the anchor up front. While he's not going to run much and he can only play in a phone booth, he can lean on linemen and force the pile a bit. He'll get an honest shot.
CFN Projection: Free Agent