2010 NFL Draft - Cleveland Browns
Texas QB Colt McCoy
Texas QB Colt McCoy
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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Cleveland Browns

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First Round 
Joe Haden, CB Florida 5-11, 193
Overall Pick No. 7 CFN Overall Ranking: 25

There's no truth to the rumor that it took him ten minutes to get up to the podium. Yeah, he ran better in his Pro Day than he did at the Combine, but his excuse was that he had a back strain in Indy and that's why he ran so slow. Fortunately, he'll never be dinged up in the NFL and will always be 100%. However, he's a great football player and will be great as long as he's in a secondary with other good players. Cleveland needed a safety and might have to someday explain why it passed on Earl Thomas.

After a peerless college career, he was everyone's sure-thing, no question about it No. 1 corner off the board. And then he ran. With a brutal 4.57 at the Combine, all of a sudden, his stock as a shut-down defender dropped like a rock. He jumped well and was quick through the short drills, but the timed speed was too miserable to think he can ever be the type of NFL corner who can erase half the field. Even with the workout issues, his tape overshadows almost everything and he should be a functional pro with little bust potential. He's strong, had no problems staying with some of the best receivers in college football in some of the biggest games, and is terrific at stopping the run. On an elite defense with great players around him, he was allowed to take plenty of chances and get away with it, so it could be buyer beware if he gets put on a mediocre secondary where he has to be a standout.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round  
T.J. Ward, SS Oregon 5-10, 211
Overall Pick No. 38 CFN Overall Ranking: 71

The Browns had Colt McCoy and Jimmy Clausen right there for the taking, but instead they beefed up their secondary even more after taking Joe Haden in the first round. However, like Haden, Ward isn't all that fast. There's no truth to the rumor that the hobbling Jim Brown could still come up with a faster 40 time.

While not tall, he's a thick, tough defender who'll throw his body all over the place. The walk-on plays like he has something to prove on every snap. Always around the ball, he's great when the ball is in the air and he isn't afraid to get as physical as he needs to be. Holding up at an NFL level against the run will be a problem after suffering two bad knee injuries and has always played dinged up. A good athlete, he's not a great one and will be limited. He might not have a long shelf life, but he'll be ultra-productive during his time.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Second Round (from Dallas from Philadelphia)
Montario Hardesty, RB Tennessee 6-0, 225
Overall Pick 59 CFN Overall Ranking: 36

God help Mike Holmgren if Colt McCoy can actually play. The Browns need a quarterback and passed on the Texas legend, but they got a very good, very sound back who should be fantastic if he can stay on the field. Obviously, Holmgren doesn't think the running game should be handled by Jerome Harrison 30 times a game. Hardesty will be ranked 25th on everyone's fantasy draft board but will go in the second round in drafts in 2011.

With good size, solid speed, and excellent production, he should be one of the best all-around packages of any of the running backs. While he's not nearly as flashy as a Jahvid Best or a C.J. Spiller, he has the potential to be more useful with the inside running ability that those two speed backs don't have and has decent power. On the down side, he'll have a short shelf life and will take a lot of big shots, and he has had problems staying healthy throughout his career. He's not going to be a sexy pick, but he'll produce and could be a nice piece of someone's running back puzzle.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Third Round   (from New England)
Colt McCoy, QB Texas 6-1, 216
Overall Pick 85 CFN Overall Ranking: 38

FINALLY … McCoy might have slid about 60 picks more than he might have liked to, and Cleveland might have rolled the dice waiting it out to get a passer with this sort of upside, but it's a great fit. Mike Holmgren gets to help tutor (at least from the front office) a fantastic talent who might be needed right away with Jake Delhomme expected to start (and no, he didn't throw a pick yet).

It's all going to be about what's asked of him. If he's going to be expected to bomb away, he's going to struggle. If it'll be his job to play in a West Coast attack where he's able to dink and dunk with short-to-midrange timing passes, he could be special. No, he's not Joe Montana, but he has similar size and mobility and can be used in the same sort of way. He throws great on the move, is tough-as-nails when he has to take a shot, and most of all, he has impeccable character and is the type of leader the rest of the team will follow into the fire and the coaching staff will love to have on the field. On the down side, he's not all that big, doesn't have a live arm, and he has a ton of wear on the tires after getting beaten up over the last four years. He'll need some time and some work in a pure pro-style offense, but he's a quick study. There might not be a high ceiling, but there's almost no downside. At the very least he could be a good backup who hangs around the league for more than a decade.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round (from NY Jets)
Shawn Lauvao, OG Arizona State 6-3, 315
Overall Pick 92 CFN Overall Ranking: 173

The Browns made some fun picks with Colt McCoy and Montario Hardesty, and Lauvao is fun in a different way. He'll be a way-strong run blaster for the Brown ground game.

Extremely strong, he came up with 33 reps on the bench and he has the athleticism and quickness to match. The only positive on some awful ASU lines, he's tough, shuffles well, and is terrific at getting to the second level. However, he's not really a mauler and isn't really built to be an NFL guard. Even so, if he gets to run and move, he'll be a starter.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round (from NY Jets)
Larry Asante, SS Nebraska 6-0, 212
Overall Pick 160 CFN Overall Ranking: 147

The Browns are building through the secondary getting Joe Haden in the first round and taking two safeties. Asante is a far better value here than T.J. Ward was in the second round. Asante isn't going to cover anyone, but he can pop.

Very tough and very physical, he's an intimidating force who looks like a strong safety. When he gets to the ball, he doesn't miss a tackle and he'll be one of the toughest workers on any team. However, he doesn't move all that well and isn't great in pass coverage. It would be nice if he could play like a smallish linebacker and he could shine if he's in the right scheme and doesn't have to hang around with the speedier receivers. Put him in a box and he'll make every play, but his raw skills just aren't there to be hope for any big upside. He is what he's going to be, and while that's not bad, he'll be limited.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round 
Carlton Mitchell, WR South Florida 6-3, 215, (Jr.)
Overall Pick 177 CFN Overall Ranking: 49

One of the best value picks in the draft, Mitchell has better measurables of any wide receiver in the draft. Considering his size, speed, and upside, he's an absolute steal considering the Browns were targeting a receiver coming into the draft. Now if only Colt McCoy had the arm to get it deep.

It's all there and he's a chance worth taking. With 6-3 size, 4.49 speed, and the home run hitting ability to become a matchup nightmare, he's a tremendous athlete with the best raw skills of any receiver in the draft. While he looks a bit too much like a track guy playing football, and he needs to do far more to use his size to take advantage of smaller corners, the upside is limitless if he's given a year to work on his technique and given a free pass until he gets the right coaching. Someone out there is going to make him a priority and a key to the draft.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Sixth Round (from Carolina)
Clifton Geathers, DE South Carolina 6-7, 299 (DT)
Overall Pick 186 CFN Overall Ranking: 144

As a pure prospect, Geathers is among the most talented prospects in the draft. He has the size, the speed, and the versatility to play tackle or end. But he's a dog with fleas on the field. Taken late in the sixth round, he's not a sure thing to get time to develop. He needs it.

An phenomenal physical specimen, he's huge, long, athletic, and strong enough to be moved to tackle at times if needed. A prototype 3-4 end measurable-wise, he looks the part and has unlimited potential. However, he was a mediocre, disappointing college player who plays too high and gets knocked around way too easily. Not a tough tackler, he'll struggle to wrap up a bit too much and he's an unrefined pass rusher. If someone wants to go through the work of trying to mold the wad of clay, there could something special down the road.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round