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2010 NFL Draft - Houston Texans
Alabama CB Kareem Jackson
Alabama CB Kareem Jackson
Posted Apr 24, 2010

Houston Texans - AFC South, 2010 Draft Selections & Prospects

Houston Texans

2010 NFL Draft Analysis
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First Round 
Kareem Jackson, CB Alabama 5-10, 196 
Overall Pick No. 20 CFN Overall Ranking: 66

High on several draft boards despite being more of a hard-worker than a big-time talent, he’ll be a limited pro who’ll need to have other good players around him. He’ll always give a team an honest day’s work, and he’s not going to bust for the Texans, but he’s not a game-changer.

A solid all-around corner who doesn’t have special skills or elite talent, he’s a tail-busting worker who always rose to the big occasion. Ultra-reliable, he was an excellent cog in the system who always did the little things asked of him. However, he wasn’t a top high school prospect for a reason. He’s not the greatest of athletes, especially at an NFL corner level, and he gambles a bit too much. Surrounded by great players in a strong scheme, he flourished. Put him on an island in the NFL and it’s uh-oh time.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Second Round (from Arizona from New England)

Ben Tate, RB Auburn 5-11, 220
Overall Pick No. 58 CFN Overall Ranking: 56

Fantasy football players, get ready to spring this name in the middle of your draft. Tate was okay at Auburn, but he should explode in the Texan offense and be the back the offense needs to balance out Matt Schaub and the passing attack. He could be a touchdown machine.

All the pieces were there to be special, but he wasn’t able to put it all together as he didn’t quite fit into what Auburn did offensively. He looks the part of a prototype NFL back, has phenomenal 4.4 speed for a 220 pound runner, and he’s not afraid to get physical. There’s a great chance that he could be a far better pro than a collegian if only because he’ll be used differently and can be more of a pure runner. While he’s not a natural back and will more likely take a hit than he will find a hole to cut back through, the raw skills are there to be special if he gets to work behind a good line.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Third Round 
Earl Mitchell, DT Arizona 6-2, 296
Overall Pick 81 CFN Overall Ranking: 109

The Texans needed a defensive tackle, and they got one. A quick interior presence, he’s not necessarily going to be an anchor to build around, but he’s a good enough talent to thrive with the attention paid to Mario Williams and the outside pass rusher.

An okay prospect after the season ended, his stock shot up after some terrific workouts including a shocking Combine tearing off a 4.7 40 and he moved well in the short drills. He’s still a work in progress, he isn’t huge, and he’ll likely be limited to being a two-gap tackle, but his athleticism is intriguing and his quickness, character, and work ethic are enough to earn him a spot in someone’s rotation.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round  (from Kansas City)
Darryl Sharpton, ILB Miami 5-11, 236
Overall Pick No. 102 CFN Overall Ranking: 127

The Texans could use a safety, but they’re beefing up the middle of the front seven with a run stopper from the Canes to go along with the pick of Earl Mitchell in the third. The defensive picks won’t stop here.

Short and very compact, he gets good leverage and is a strong tackler who battles well and fights hard in a limited space. A big hitter, he packs a wallop when he gets to unload. Even though he’s a mediocre athlete with limited range, he’s versatile enough to play in any style and any linebacker spot, but there’s a hard-ceiling on what he can do and how good he’ll be. He got by on talent way too often at Miami, and that’s not going to work at the next level.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round 
Garrett Graham, TE Wisconsin 6-3, 243
Overall Pick 118 CFN Overall Ranking: 86

The Texans hit it big with another Badger tight end, Owen Daniels, before he got hurt, and Graham could be a steal here considering Dennis Pitta and Aaron Hernandez were taken a few picks earlier. Graham is a Chris Cooley type who’ll put up nice numbers with Matt Schaub throwing to him.

While he’s a bit thin and he’s not all that big a blocker, he’s a great receiver with savvy route running ability and the talent to find the seam and make the tough grabs. There were times when he was the only viable target in the Badger passing game, everyone knew it, and he still produced. He needs to be stronger, is only around a 4.75 runner, and he’ll be limited in what he can do, but he can be like another Wisconsin product, Owen Daniels, and can be a cheap draft pick who’ll hang around for a long time.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round (from Kansas City from Carolina)
Sherrick McManis, CB Northwestern 5-11, 195
Overall Pick 144  CFN Overall Ranking: 205

A strength in numbers pick, McManis is a smart, tough corner who helps bring yet another good corner prospect to a secondary that sorely needs help. The Texans invested in Kareem Jackson in the first round, and now they got a nice, athletic prospect to develop .

Very smart and very quick, he moves suddenly and decisively getting by on knowing what he’s supposed to do. Strong against the run, he’s not afraid to step up and be physical enough to come up with big stops in the open field. However, he’s just not a good enough athlete and he doesn’t quite look the part. He tries to be physical, but when he gets blocked he stays blocked. While he might not be a perfect prospect, he’s a good football player who can stick on a roster as a key, versatile reserve.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Sixth Round 
Shelley Smith, OG Colorado State 6-3, 300
Overall Pick 187 CFN Overall Ranking: 194

A great fit for Houston, Smith isn’t going to shove anyone around, but he’s great on the move and will be great for the zone scheme. This might not be the sexiest pick around, but he’s one of the rare late round picks who really might make a roster and be a functional pro.

Size matters. If 6-3 and 300 pounds can be considered small, then that’s Smith, who’s one of the most athletic guards in the draft. He came up with an amazing 9’4” broad jump at the Combine and a 34” vertical. He’s strong on the field and holds up extremely well against the big, strong linemen. While he won’t blow anyone off the ball, he can work well in a scheme where he can get on the move.
CFN Projection: Sixth Round

Sixth Round (from San Diego)
Trindon Holliday, WR/KR LSU 5-5, 162
Overall Pick 197 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A luxury every coaching staff would love to have, the 5-5 Holliday will instantly be one of the fastest players in the NFL and will be used in a variety of ways. While he’s being seen as only a kick and punt returner, he can get the ball on end-arounds and could even be used as a receiver from time to time. He needs the ball in his hands in space.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round 
Dorin Dickerson, TE Pitt 6-1, 226
Overall Pick 227 CFN Overall Ranking: 105

Houston didn’t need more tight ends after grabbing Garrett Graham earlier, but the value is way too much to pass here. While he’s way too small and he’ll never block anyone, the 4.4 speed at the Combine and the 43.5” vertical overcomes a ton of problems. A field-stretching H-Back who can be used in a variety of ways as a receiver, he can make deep plays, work in the slot, or line up as a tight end from time to time. However, he doesn’t use his speed well enough on the field and he doesn’t block anyone. Someone will fall in love with his athleticism and his potential, but he could turn out to be flashier than consistently good. He needs the right fit.
CFN Projection: Third Round