2010 NFL Draft - New York Giants
LSU S Chad Jones
LSU S Chad Jones
Posted Apr 24, 2010

New York Giants - NFC East, 2010 Draft Selections & Prospects

New York Giants

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First Round 
Jason Pierre-Paul, DE South Florida 6-5, 270
Overall Pick No. 15 CFN Overall Ranking: 17

The Giants love their pass rushers and they had a few good ones on the board, but they went for the moon with the freak-of-nature type of talent who doesn't need to be a superstar right away, but he can be used as a pass rushing specialist. He might be the sexy pick, but a big run plugger like Dan Williams likely would've made more sense.

It could be argued that he's the biggest X factor in the entire draft. There isn't a big body of work to go on, he was a JUCO transfer who only did it for one year at USF, but the raw skills are Hall of Fame level even if they don't match his ability as a football player. Very big with the prototype look, he's also extremely fluid moving around the short drills at the Combine like a safety and running a solid 4.64. Able to fly off the ball, he has the skills to become an elite pass rusher while also showing the upside to do far more. If he hits the weights hard he could become even better as he has to get his weight room strength up a bit. A major, MAJOR risk, there's mega-disaster potential if he's taken high and eats up a ton of salary cap dough.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round
Linval Joseph, DT East Carolina 6-4, 328
Overall Pick 159 CFN Overall Ranking: 46

After going with a flashy, boom-or-bust pick with Jason Pierre-Paul for the outside, the Giants got their anchor for the interior. He's not going to be fun or exciting, but he should sit in the middle of the line for the next ten years once he figures out what he's doing.

A very big stick in the mud, he can be put in the middle of the line and everyone can work around him. He's massive with long arms and phenomenal strength coming up with 39 reps at the Combine. While he has good tools, he's really, really raw and will need time to develop into his size and strength. More of a prospect than a sure thing, he'll be taken by someone who'll see a big wad of clay that could be molded into a superstar. The upside is limitless and he could be a top nose tackle who allows everyone else to shine.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round 
Chad Jones, SS LSU 6-2, 221
Overall Pick 76 CFN Overall Ranking: 99

Rarely do you get to go back in a draft and directly compare picks and know what worked and what didn't. The Giants took Jones one pick after Chicago took Major Wright, and while Jones doesn't have the same athleticism, he might be the better football player.

His biggest problem? He's too good … at baseball. The big-hitting strong safety is a special outfielder and could even be looked at as a good reliever prospect, but he's just as good a football player. Is he into baseball more? That's going to be the issue for any NFL team wanting to use a draft pick on him, and there will need to be plenty of homework done to find out his true intentions. He's not nearly strong enough with a miserable nine reps on the bench at the Combine, but he played a lot bigger on the football field as a game-changer who always seemed to come up with the big plays. However, he's not physical enough play in and play out and wasn't nearly consistent enough. It'll be a buyer-beware draft pick since he's really a baseball player giving football a look.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round
Phillip Dillard, ILB Nebraska 6-0, 245
Overall Pick 115 CFN Overall Ranking: 223

This is a defensive draft for the Giants, and they're stockpiling prospects. Call this a strength in numbers pick for the Giants. Dillard might not be a top-shelf athlete, but he's a big hitter and the type of run stopper who could fit in well with better players around him.

A great hitter who packs a wallop, he has good size and excellent straight-line speed running a 4.64 at the Combine. With a great motor and good character, he's the type of player who'll run through a wall to make plays, but he's not always in the right position and he misses too many plays by being overly aggressive. It took a while before the light went on, but he was great in his one year as a high-end playmaker. He could play inside or out, but after a little bit of time he should shine as an inside linebacker … again, after a little bit of time.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round 
Mitch Petrus, OG Arkansas
6-3, 310
Overall Pick 147 CFN Overall Ranking: 160

Certain to be an instant favorite among the Giant fans, Petrus is strong enough to lift the new stadium and could become a devastating road grader in time. He'll be great on the move, but he has take his weight room strength and apply it on the field.

Freakishly strong, he came up with a whopping, too-good-to-be-true, 45 reps of 225 pounds on the bench at the Combine. The former tight end and fullback also moved relatively well considering the show he put on in the weight room. However, his strength isn't functional, he's not a dominant run blocker, and he needs a ton of technique work. With the right coaching he could be decent in the right offense.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round 
Adrian Tracy, LB/DE William & Mary 6-3, 248
Overall Pick 184 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Another typical NY Giants pick, Tracy fits the team's mold of wanting aggressive, smart tweeners. A hybrid pass rusher, he's a pure athlete who needs to get stronger and he needs to get bigger. He'll need time to learn how to play linebacker and will start out his career as a special teamer, if he sticks.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round  
Matt Dodge, P East Carolina 6-2, 224
Overall Pick 221 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Arguably the best punter in the draft, or at least on par with Zoltan Mesko, who was taken earlier by New England, Dodge is a blaster who shouldn't have an issue with the swirling winds the Giants always have to deal with.