2010 NFL Draft - Philadelphia Eagles
Michigan DE Brandon Graham
Michigan DE Brandon Graham
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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First Round
Brandon Graham, DE Michigan 6-1, 268 (OLB)
Overall Pick No. 13 CFN Overall Ranking: 17

The Eagles made a big move to trade up to get a tremendous, relentless pass rusher. With a need to upgrade the defense, Earl Thomas might have made more sense because of his versatility in the secondary, but Graham is the type of game-changer who can instantly upgrade the Philly D.

After destroying everyone in the Senior Bowl and the practices leading up to the game, he stepped up even more in the Combine with 31 reps on the bench and a nice 4.72 40. Always working and always looking to crank out the big play, he's explosive, has great closing ability, and is all over the field. He's not an elite athlete and is a bit of a tweener, and there will be times when he gets erased by talented tackles. While he worked out well, he's an even better football player even though he's not as tall as many would like and he doesn't have the perfect look.
CFN Projection: First Round

Second Round (from Washington)
Nate Allen, FS South Florida 6-0, 207
Overall Pick 37 CFN Overall Ranking: 45

By the way, Donovan, thanks … here's the pick the Eagles got for their former franchise quarterback. The Eagles needed to replace Brian Dawkins, and while Allen isn't the same sort of big hitter, he's a very quick playmaker who be moved around where needed. Combining with Brandon Graham, the Eagles are looking to make their defense faster and even more aggressive.

There's no questioning his quickness on the field and his athleticism, and he's fluid for a player of his size, but he needs to get functionally stronger and has to commit himself to the weight room, and he has to become more of a playmaker. He's not an intimidating force in any way and could end up being better as a nickel or dime defender if he doesn't eventually move to corner. He's smart enough to play any spot in the secondary and roll from Day One.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round  (from Green Bay)
Daniel Te'o Nesheim, DE Washington 6-3, 263
Overall Pick 86 CFN Overall Ranking: 218

A reach for just about anyone else, Philadelphia has a way of making undersized pure pass rushers work out. One of the Pac 10's greatest pass rushers, he'll combine with Brandon Graham to give the Eagles more threats to hit the quarterback.

While he looks like a linebacker and doesn't have the bulk or size to be an end, he's quick, fast, and strong with the look of a speed rusher in the short drills. A great college producer on some bad teams, he had to do everything himself at times and still came through. The problem is his ceiling; he might have hit it already. The character is a plus and he could be turned loose in the right defense that wants to maximize his skills, but he's not for everyone.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

Fourth Round (from Cleveland)
Trevard Lindley, CB Kentucky 5-11, 183
Overall Pick 105 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Philadelphia obviously doesn't care much about size. Lindley isn't big, but when healthy, he's a playmaker. The Eagles are going after playmakers for the defense, and while Lindley isn't a great athlete and he struggled to stay on the field, he made things happen when he was on the field.

Extremely productive when healthy. Was a terrific all-around playmaker at a high SEC level. … All over the place. Runs well and gets around the ball. … A nice athlete who won't have any problems hanging around with most NFL receivers. … Very slight. Thin. … Durability concerns after being banged up in an extremely disappointing senior season. … Will get beaten up by the more physical receivers. Won't do much in run support.

Fourth Round  
Keenan Clayton, LB Oklahoma 6-1, 229
Overall Pick 121 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

The Eagles keep reaching for players who don't necessarily have NFL talent. Trevard Lindley was a reach earlier in the fourth round, and Clayton is a HUGE stretch taken roughly two rounds too early. It has been all defense all the time with the first five picks going for the D, and this is one that's going to likely be a miss.

While he has good speed and tremendous leaping ability, he's not all that big and will have to fill a role as a special teamer. He doesn't play nearly as well as his speed and athleticism, but he could be turned loose as a pass rushing specialist on third downs.

Fourth Round (at Green Bay)
Mike Kafka, QB Northwestern 6-3, 225
Overall Pick 122 CFN Overall Ranking: 163

The Eagles are looking for their long-term backup solution to Kevin Kolb, and Kafka has the upside to be a good bomber once he learns how to stop throwing interceptions. He's not a starting prospect, but he's a smart career No. 2 with upside.

An interesting prospect with enough game to be a long-time backup with starting potential in a few years. He only started for one season at Northwestern and was considered more of a runner than a thrower until last year, and then he bombed away with no ground game to help him out. He needs reps and he needs more live action as his immaturity on the field showed with way too many bad reads and way too many bad throws. However, he's smart, will work his tail off, and won't have any problem with any playbook. He's not going to throw a grape through a brick wall, but he has enough of an arm to push the ball down the field, and the mobility to make things happen on the move. After looking great in offseason workouts and practices, he's worth developing.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fourth Round (from Dallas)
Clay Harbor, TE Missouri State 6-3, 252
Overall Pick 125 CFN Overall Ranking: 178

High on many draft boards, this is a solid value pick considering the other tight ends who went earlier in the fourth round. He'll fit in immediately in the Andy Reid two tight end set with Brent Celek on the other side. Athletically, he's as good as any tight end in the draft. Philly got a starter late in the fourth round … that's never a bad thing.

A decent prospect going into the offseason, he helped himself immeasurably with a good Combine showing decent 4.69 speed with a tackle-like 30 reps on the bench and a 40" vertical. He looks the part and moves extremely well, and he's a strong enough blocker to be used on all three downs. While he hasn't played anyone of note and needs coaching, he played like he belonged in workouts and has fantastic upside. If there is such a thing, he's a safe flier to take in the middle rounds.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Fifth Round  (from Cleveland from Tampa Bay)
Ricky Sapp, OLB Clemson 6-4, 252 (DE)
Overall Pick 134 CFN Overall Ranking: 50

After reaching for picks like Trevard Lindley and Keenan Clayton, the Eagles got a great value pick for its defense. Sapp was considered a possible first rounder a few months ago, and he's a fantastic prospect for the fifth round. A top-end pass rusher with the 134? Philly got a steal.

Originally considered a possible defensive end, he proved at the Combine that he's a linebacker … maybe. A tweener with tremendous upside, he has the tools to be used in a variety of ways as a pro including a pass rushing specialist (he was a superstar high school sprinter). He's not a run defender and he needs to get bigger, but he moves well, is athletic, and can be the type of player who blows up on a defense with other good players who'll do the dirty work. He might not be the best all-around defender, but he could be a Pro Bowler on sack total.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Fifth Round (from San Diego)
Riley Cooper, WR Florida 6-3, 222
Overall Pick 159 CFN Overall Ranking: 146

Tim Tebow's roommate and favorite target will now get chummy with Kevin Kolb. The Gator has good deep speed and tremendous size, and he should thrive with all the attention paid to DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. The Eagles are loading up with weapons for both sides of the ball, and Cooper should stick. He'll make the team.

Very big and very athletic, he's the size of a smallish tight end with the talent to be a top baseball prospect as well. He's not going to be the quickest target, but he has decent 4.52 speed for a player of his size. Speed isn't his game, though. He's a big, tough target with big hands and good strength, and he'll be the type of receiver who does a little of everything well from blocking to being a third down target to making things happen in the red zone.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Sixth Round (from Indianapolis)
Charles Scott, RB LSU 5-11, 238
Overall Pick 200 CFN Overall Ranking: 169

The problem is that he doesn't really fit. Scott's a nice player and a good prospect who could be great if given the workload, but the Eagles like backs who can catch and that's not Scott.

He had a strange career and should've been able to do a lot more behind a line that underachieved, but had size. A thick, strong runner without a lot of speed, he's a pure inside back who can move the pile and make things happen by always going forward. While he doesn't time fast, he gets through a hole in a hurry and beats up tacklers. He'll take some huge hits, isn't a receiver, and has little creativity or wiggle, but he could find a role as a goal line/short yardage back.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Seventh Round (from Denver from Detroit)
Jamar Chaney, ILB Mississippi State 6-1, 242
Overall Pick 220 CFN Overall Ranking: 101

A big, hard inside presence with great size and bulk to hold up just fine as a tough run stuffer, Chaney is built for the middle but can turn and move easily in pass coverage. While he wasn't always known for being a top athlete, he made eyes pop at the Combine with a blazing 4.54, a 39" vertical, and fluid quickness around the cones and the shuttle. Along with the size and the raw skills, he's a butt-buster who's always working and always trying to get better. With all his talent, though, he didn't do quite enough against the run that he probably should've and is just okay against the pass. The Eagles have to like him on pure potential more than the game tape.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Seventh Round 
Jeff Owens, DT Georgia 6-1, 304
Overall Pick 242 CFN Overall Ranking: 143

The Eagles have done plenty of wacky thing on draft day, but this is just plain smart. This could work. Not big, not all that beefy, and he doesn't look the part, but he's insanely strong, coming up with 44 reps on the bench at the Combine, and he moves well. The raw skills are there to be bull of a run stopper in a rotation, and he'll always give a full day's work with a non-stop motor. However, he's a better prospect than a football player, has had problems getting past a knee injury suffered a few years ago, and there's no athleticism.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round 
Kurt Coleman, SS Ohio State 5-10, 192
Overall Pick 244  CFN Overall Ranking: 174

Yet another small, active defender picked by the Eagles, Coleman's a good athlete with decent strength and good ability to go out and be a baller. He might not look the part, but he's a pure football player who seems to always find ways to make things happen. A good enough athlete to fit just about any system, he can find a home for someone. However, he's not an elite athlete and he's not going to hit anyone with any sort of an impact. He needs to play in a zone and will get beaten badly when matched up one-on-one with anyone with speed. There's a hard ceiling on what he can become, but he should be a decent player who bounces around the league for a while.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round