2010 NFL Draft - Washington Redskins
Oklahoma OT Trent Williams
Oklahoma OT Trent Williams
Posted Apr 24, 2010

Washington Redskins - NFC East, 2010 Draft Selections & Prospects

Washington Redskins

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First Round 
Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma 6-5, 315
Overall Pick No. 4  CFN Overall Ranking: 8

Williams is an extremely athletic tackle and is the type of blocker Mike Shannahan will love, but he's also a big risk. Will he bring the effort game in and game out and will he get stronger? A lot stronger? If nothing else, he's great on the move, but the hope has to be that he's just scratching the surface. The Skins desperately need someone to protect Donovan McNabb, so there's no grace period. He needs to be great right away, and he needs to be a superstar considering Russell Okung and Bryan Bulaga were passed over for him.

Already a good prospect before Indianapolis, he blew it up at the Combine running a 4.88 in the 40 and was extremely athletic. In 2008 he was the best all-around blocker on the nation's best offensive line, and he has all the traits needed for a left tackle. He's a quick and effective pass blocker, a devastating bulldozer for the ground game, and can succeed on either the left or right side. He needs to get stronger, he only came up with 23 reps on the bench, but he plays stronger. Does he have the make-up to be an anchor? There are questions about his attitude.
CFN Projection: First Round

Fourth Round 
Perry Riley, OLB LSU 6-1, 239
Overall Pick 103 CFN Overall Ranking: 224

The Redskins needed to address the defense, but the secondary was a bigger glaring problem. Instead they went for a great run stopper who'll be good if everything comes his way, but he won't be a star. He's a good cog for a system who was way too high on most draft boards.

A big hitter who can fly to the ball when he's in the open, he doesn't miss a stop and is great when dealing with a ball-carrier one-on-one. However, he's not going to be special in space at an NFL level lacking the athleticism to be a top outside linebacker. He might move inside to take advantage of his toughness, but he'll have to get a lot bigger. While he'll never do much in pass coverage, he's used to playing on the weakside and can at least be tried out there. However, he'll probably be overdrafted considering he doesn't have elite skills in any one area for a top linebacker.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Sixth Round (from Miami from Washington)
Dennis Morris, TE Louisiana Tech 6-2, 266
Overall Pick 174 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

An interesting late round flier who could've been had as a free agent, Morris is a big blocker with good hands and interesting tools. He was a high school sprinter who never played up to his skills, but he didn't have anyone throwing to him. There's a chance he could be a whale of a pro with time to find the fire to want to be one.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round (from Miami)
Terrence Austin, WR UCLA 5-11, 176
Overall Pick 219 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Austin isn't going to stretch the field, but he's extremely quick and is the type of receiver who could slip into a role as a short-range target who makes things happen on third downs. If he can show something as a returner, he has a chance.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round (from New England)
Erik Cook, C New Mexico 6-6, 318 (OG)
Overall Pick 229 CFN Overall Ranking: 210

An extremely productive starter for the Lobos for a long time, he can fill in anywhere needed on the line with tackle size and the push of a guard. He might not be a master of any trade, but he could do anything just well enough to be a godsend of a backup. He needs to get stronger and he's way too much of a tweener without the feet to be a tackle for a long period of time, and he needs to hit the weights hard.
CFN Projection: Seventh Round

Seventh Round (from New England from Philadelphia)
Selvish Capers, OT West Virginia 6-5, 308
Overall Pick 231 CFN Overall Ranking: 76

The Redskins gobbled up one of the biggest free-fallers in the draft. A terrific athlete was has good explosion in his legs, he now needs to get stronger and prove to be a better run blocker. He's great for a zone-blocking scheme, but he only came up with 19 reps on the bench and he has to hit a weight room to fill out his tall, skinny frame. A former tight end, he moves well and could be just scratching the surface of how good he'll become. Compared to a few of the other athletic tackle prospects, he should be a cheaper, safer pick outside of the top 50.
CFN Projection: Second Round