2010 NFL Draft - St. Louis Rams
Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford
Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford
Posted Apr 24, 2010

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St. Louis Rams

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First Round
Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
6-4, 236 (Jr.)
Overall Pick No. 1    CFN Overall Ranking: 7

He threw the ball awfully well in shorts and with no one putting any pressure on him in a much-ballyhooed Pro Day workout, and that was enough to get St. Louis all hot and bothered. The recent historical statistics don't lie; there's roughly a 37% chance that Bradford will end up being worth the selection and there's roughly a 3% chance that he'll lead the Rams to a Super Bowl title. He has the raw talent to be an NFL star if he's not touched, but everyone is spending a LOT of time making excuses for him and appear to be overlooking all the obvious warning signs. The Rams are going to spend $50 million to find out if Bradford is worth the price.

The 2008 Heisman winner has excellent size, a good arm, and smart decision-making ability, but there are major question marks. While he has the pure passing skills to be a No. 1 overall pick type of franchise quarterback, he might have to be in the right system. First, he has to prove he can be consistently effective under center after working mostly in the shotgun for the Sooners. Second, he has to show he can handle a steady pass rush. Playing behind a tremendous line, he got all day to throw. While he didn't struggle when under pressure, he wasn't nearly the same passer when he was getting hit. Can he throw to a covered receiver? He didn't have to do it too often at OU. And third, and the biggest problem, can he take a hit? He was rarely touched in 2008 and crunched his shoulder early in 2009. Average arm strength was a knock before, and his bad shoulder isn't going to help the cause. As good a college player as he was, he doesn't have sure-thing, standout NFL skills. If he can stay healthy he's not going to be a bust, and if he gets time and is allowed to be in the shotgun (and gets time), he could be special. But the concerns are simply too great to take a big risk on him when next year a star quarterback might come far, far cheaper.
CFN Projection: First Round, Top Five Overall

Second Round
Rodger Saffold, OT Indiana 6-5, 316
Overall Pick No. 33  CFN Overall Ranking: 75

The Rams need someone to protect their new franchise quarterback, and Saffold, while a bit limited intensity-wise, is a strong athlete and a nice pass protector to keep Mr. Bradford clean.

A nice athlete who did a fantastic job in workouts and at the Combine. He was quick, smooth, and athletic enough to prove he could be a rock-solid left tackle with great balance and good body control. Very productive and good against the better Big Ten pass rushers, he has the film to back up his workouts. The one problem is his meanness. He's a good blocker, but he's not going to throw a defender up into the fifth row. While he worked out well as a tackle prospect, he'll probably spend the second half of his career at guard.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Third Round 
Jerome Murphy, CB South Florida 6-0, 196
Overall Pick No. 65   CFN Overall Ranking: 59

For a team that needs a little of everything, Murphy represents a Best Player Available pick. A 1-15 team can't be too choosy about specific spots, and while corner isn't a huge problem, Murphy will still be an upgrade even though he can't fly.

He has a very nice, very solid package of skills. Not a blazer, he's not going to be anyone's No. 1 corner and projects to be more of a nickel or dime defender, but he's a good football player who'll find a spot somewhere. While he got ripped up from time to time and he struggled a bit last year, he's big, physical, and there could be a big payoff if someone wants to wait for a year or so.
CFN Projection: Second Round

Fourth Round  
Mardy Gilyard, WR Cincinnati 6-0, 187
Overall Pick No. 99 CFN Overall Ranking: 73

While he might not be a perfect receiver prospect, he's a light's on player who steps up when he has to. Will he be Sam Bradford's No. 1 target? No, but he'll be a key cog if the Ram offense ends up being great again.

Considering his lack of size, he needed to time well and work out better, but that was a problem at the Combine running a 4.61. However, he showed excellent quickness and will be one of the more intriguing players on many draft boards. He has the attitude of a No. 1 receiver and isn't afraid to step up and produce when everything is on the line. Smart, savvy, and willing to work harder than everyone else, he'll make a coaching staff happy. The slight frame is going to be a problem, but his lack of deep speed will put a ceiling on what he can become. He'll play better than he worked out.
CFN Projection: Third Round

Fifth Round 
Michael Hoomanawanui, TE Illinois 6-4, 264
Overall Pick 132 CFN Overall Ranking: 197

The Rams were building up the talent base over the first two days, and now it's really about upgrading the offense taking a wide receiver-like tight end in Hoomanawanui. He's not going to block anyone, but he'll be Jermaine Gresham-like for Sam Bradford.

A tweener who doesn't do anything at a particularly high level on a consistent basis. He should be a matchup problem as a receiver, but he's not fast enough (running around a 4.85 40), and he should be a good blocker with his size, but he doesn't finish his blocks. Just good enough to get a long look as a full-time, three-down tight end, but he doesn't have special skills and he hasn't stayed healthy.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

Fifth Round (from Atlanta)
Hall Davis, DE Louisiana-Lafayette 6-4, 271
Overall Pick 149 CFN Overall Ranking: 185

One of the best value picks, Davis has great size and excellent upside to be used in a variety of ways. While he didn't always play up to his potential in the Sun Belt, he's the first defensive lineman the Rams took and he could be developed into a great backup.

Not really a speed rusher, he's a great athlete with the work ethic to camp out in a weight room and make himself far stronger. He's a bit too light to be a 3-4 end and even with his athleticism he's not quick enough to be a dominant outside linebacker. He's already maxed out on his size bulking up to get to his current weight, and with his raw skills he can be a versatile defender who'll get used in a variety of ways. His production in Sun Belt play didn't match his talent, and he'll have to show he can become a football player and not just a top prospect.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Sixth Round 
Fendi Onobun, TE Houston 6-6, 250
Overall Pick 170 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

A tremendously athletic H-Back, the former hoopster moves well and has field-stretching speed. With his size and wheels he could be a late steal, but he needs lots and lots of time. He won't block anyone and he didn't exactly set the world on fire catching just two career passes.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Sixth Round (from Atlanta)
Eugene Sims, DE/LB West Texas A&M 6-4, 247
Overall Pick 189 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Is it possible to cut a player on the ride to mini-camp? Sims is a pure speed prospect who is way too thin, way too upright a player, and way too much of a project to stay around the Rams for more than a bowl of cereal. He's purely a developmental squad prospect.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round (from Washington)
Marquis Johnson, CB Alabama 5-11, 192
Overall Pick 211 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Purely a prospect based on his athleticism and not for anything he did on the field, he's fast, quick, and was worth a late throwaway pick just to see if he's worth keeping around in a camp. Just because he didn't do much at Alabama doesn't mean he can't play.
CFN Projection: Free Agent

Seventh Round (from Atlanta)
George Selvie, DE South Florida 6-3, 252 (OLB)
Overall Pick 226 CFN Overall Ranking: 145

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Selvie was considered a Jerry Hughes-like first rounder last year around this time, but he timed sloe, and slid to the Rams late. After dominating at a high level, he had a disappointing final season and was overshadowed by freakish lineman Jason Pierre-Paul. While his stock has dropped as no one can quite figure out what he is, he's a good football player with the potential to be a much better pro than a collegian. He's not quite big enough to be a regular defensive lineman, and he's not necessarily an outside linebacker, he's fluid, strong, and is a fantastic pass rusher who plays better than he times. While he'll play tough, he just won't have the bulk to not get buried at times.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

Seventh Round  
Josh Hull, LB Penn State 6-3, 237
Overall Pick 254 CFN Overall Ranking: Free Agent

Very quietly, Hull was a terrific player on a linebacking corps with Sean Lee and Navarro Bowman. A tremendous tackler with almost no athleticism at an NFL level, he's active enough to be a regular in the rotation and he's tough enough to be more than a special teamer.
CFN Projection: Free Agent